The Sims 4 Best Stuff Packs [Best And Worst Stuff Packs Revealed]

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18. Nifty Knitting

The Nifty Knitting stuff pack brings a new hobby for your sims to perfect – knitting! With a yarn basket, sims of all ages can make clothing and decorations from scratch.

Elder sims will also have a new “Reminiscence” interaction, which allows them to recall the days of youth and gives them a happy moodlet. There are four new rocking chairs also, so everyone can relax.

With the all-new online crafting marketplace, “Plopsy”, you can buy crafted items or sell your creations for some extra simoleons! This is a great way to earn some money and create space for new projects. 

Nifty Knitting full details:

Nifty Knitting score: 4/10


17. Laundry Day

With this stuff pack your sims can gather laundry, ready to be washed in the washing machine. If your sims enjoy a country lifestyle, you can ditch the washing machine and hand wash their laundry for a cheaper alternative.

Laundry Day also brings rustic décor, from wooden tables to wicker chairs to colourful flowers and succulents. You can also dress your sims in country-themed attire, which will complement their comfortable style.

Laundry Day full details:  

Laundry Day score: 4/10


16.  Moschino

If you love fashion, this stuff pack is for you. Dress your sims in the latest Capsule Collection inspired by The Sims or choose styles from iconic Moschino collections. Your sim can even become a freelance fashion photographer!

In the freelance fashion photographer career, your sim will curate a collection and shoot for a huge campaign or cover. You’ll have the chance to bring your own studio to life, where you can accessorise and add personalised touches.

Moschino full details:

Moschino score: 4/10


15.  Fitness

Improving your sims’ fitness skills and physique has never been more fun! You can now ascend the all-new rock-climbing treadmill, completing challenges and reaching a high score. You’ll learn advanced techniques and make everyone watch in awe!

New athleisure apparel was needed in the game, and here it is! Wear your trendy looks to reach your fitness goals, or just to lounge around. You can even decorate your own fitness studio using all-new items and décor.

Fitness full details:

Fitness score: 5/10


14.  Tiny Living

This stuff pack brings a brand-new residential lot type that provides super fun challenges and benefits to your sims’ lives! Your sim will have to navigate living in a tiny home, using space-saving furniture like the Murphy bed combo and all-in-one appliances.

This cosy pack also brings comfy new CAS items, which represent their low-key lifestyle. Living in a tiny house comes with benefits like reduced bills and relationship gains, but it can be tricky if your sim is someone who values their space!

Tiny Living full details:

Tiny Living score: 5/10


13.  Movie Hangout

Everyone loves a movie night, including sims! With the new projector screen, they can invite their friends over and watch a selection of ten different films wherever, whenever! 

You must have popcorn with a movie, so of course this stuff pack brings a popcorn popper that you can add your favourite toppings to!  Complete the ambience of the night using new lighting and colourful décor.

Just because your sim is having a night in, doesn’t mean they can’t look their best! A new collection of boho-chic clothing awaits.

Movie Hangout full details:

Movie Hangout score: 5/10


12. Bowling Night

This stuff pack allows you to create your own bowling hang out! You can customise its look with retro-modern furniture that looks awesome, wherever it may be. Dress up your sim in retro clothes and hairstyles, perfect for a bowling night out.

Challenge your sims with the all-new bowling lane object and help them to increase their skills. If they get good enough, they may even unlock impressive trick shots!

Bowling Night full details:

Bowling Night score: 5/10


11. Kids Room

This stuff pack brings tons of new items and colourful furniture so that you can decorate your children’s bedrooms in a fun way! On top of that you get trendy clothing and hairstyles so that you can be far more hands-on when it comes to your child sims.

It’s never been more fun to be a child! Now you can collect and trade monster cards full of magical creatures and use them in the electronic battle station to challenge friends to a duel. With the all-new puppet theatre, sims can entertain and delight others with a puppet show performance!

Kids Room full details:

Kids Room score: 5/10


10.  Perfect Patio

Your sim truly will have the perfect patio with this stuff pack! You can add a hot tub with built-in stereos and aromatherapy, create an open-air pool and serve up refreshments at the new patio bar. 

The all-new décor and furnishings will help you to create the perfect ambiance for relaxing outside on your patio.  There are also lots of new, comfortable clothing and swimsuits, topped off with hairstyles.

Perfect Patio full details: 

Perfect Patio score: 5/10


9.  Backyard

With this stuff pack comes lots of fun in the sun! You can let your sims cool off with the lawn waterslides, performing tricks for your audience and even add bubbles!

Add your personal touch with décor, plants, and lights and give your guests a lovely place to relax! You can even add a set of wind chimes or a bird feeder for that extra relaxation. With laid-back clothing, your sim will have their own personal retreat.

Backyard full details:

Backyard score: 5/10


8.  Spooky

If Halloween is your favourite holiday, this is the stuff pack for you. There is a brand-new pumpkin carving station, so that your sims can create an artistic pumpkin design. They can even put a lit pumpkin on their heads!

Reach into the all-new spooky candy bowl for a trick or a treat – which will you get? If you want to get even spookier, invite sims over for a scary party! Decorate with tombstones, eerie paintings, and edible treats for an awesome party.

Halloween wouldn’t be possible without costumes! Dress up with all new cute and creepy costumes and make your sims look great.

Spooky full details:

Spooky score: 6/10


7.  Luxury Party

Throw the most lavish party in town with this pack! The furniture and décor is flashy yet elegant, creating a luxurious feel. Your sims will be the best dressed at any event, with a glamorous new wardrobe.

From sequin dresses to three piece tuxedos, your sim will enjoy a life of luxury with this pack.

Luxury Party full details: 

Luxury Party score: 7/10


6.  Toddler

Dress your toddlers up in cute clothing with new fashion and hairstyles for both boys and girls. Some outfits are whimsical, some colourful, and some trendy!

This pack also brings a fun collection of playground objects that your toddlers can enjoy. A ball pit, slides, tunnels are now for you to explore. You can host play dates so that your toddlers can socialise, too!

Toddler full details:

Toddler score: 7/10


5.  Cool Kitchen

This pack brings you an ice cream maker! Grab a cone for some gelato, soft serve, or regular ice cream. Add your favourite toppings for an ice-cold treat.

With new doors, appliances, cabinets and tables, your kitchen will soon be worthy of a master chef. Decorate for a gourmet, luxury feel! Your sims will look the part too with a variety of new hairstyles and apparel. 

Cool Kitchen full details:

Cool Kitchen score: 8/10


4.  Romantic Garden

This beyond-stunning garden set will transform your garden into a Victorian delight. Use lots of flowers, statues, arches and more to create a beautifully romantic space for your sims.

With a new wishing well, your sim can toss in a coin and make a wish. With a little luck, Sims could be granted eternal youth, riches, or even true love! But they don’t always get what they wish for…

Add some floral fun to your sim’s wardrobe with romantic fashions and hairstyles, and then take a dip in the water fountain! The possibilities are endless. 

Romantic Garden full details:

Romantic Garden score: 9/10


3.  Vintage Glamour

With this incredible pack you can hire a live-in butler! They’ll cook meals, tidy, greet guests and fulfil your every request. Praising them will also give your sim quicker service.

An all-new vanity table means your sim can primp to their heart's content, with the help of their new wardrobe! With brand-new Hollywood-inspired vintage fashion your sim will look elegant, timeless, and are sure to sparkle like the star they are.

Vintage Glamour details:

Vintage Glamour score: 9/10


2.  Paranormal

This creepy pack brings several new Haunted House lots! Appease the spectres or let them run amok – the choice is yours.

If you want to cleanse your home, Guidry the Ghost is happy to advise you. Remove accursed objects, perform a séance, commune with the dead, and receive gifts! You can even summon Bonehilda the skeletal maid.

Master the new Medium skill in order to get a Paranormal Investigator licence (If you impress Guidry, that is), and you’ll be able to take on freelance gigs to expel visitors for others.

Paranormal full details:

Paranormal score: 10/10


1. My First Pet

Now for my favourite stuff pack of all – My First Pet! It allows you to do exactly that; get a new miniature pet to take care of. You have the choice of a hamster, rat, pygmy hedgehog, or miniature Bubalus! You name them, add a habitat, and keep them clean and healthy.

You can dress them up too, so that they match your sims. Your sim and their pet will create an amazing bond together! Decorate with pet prints so that your home is perfectly suited to your new pet.

My First Pet full details:

My First Pet score: 10/10


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