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The Sims 3

Although The Sims 3 simulates a pretty fantastic life, some players need that extra touch of realism in their gameplay. Keep reading to find out more about 15 of the best realism mods to give your game that extra edge.

15. Let’s get real

the sims 3 CAS

The Sims 3 franchise is known to create sims that look quite unrealistic. They appear quite rubbery, but luckily for you, there are mods to make your sim appear more realistic. Let me tell you more:

  • Realism mods remove the rubbery look from your sims. 
  • You can add facial texture and different hairstyles to create a more realistic look. 
  • This mod works well with any mods that can add or modify traits. That way you will have a 100% custom-made sim.
  • Realism mods are available for all age groups. 
  • You can even download realistic designer outfits for your sims!

You can look at some realism mods here:


14. PG 13

the sims 3 romance

The Sims 3 has some realistic features, but players wanted more. Let me tell you about realistic mods that can make your gameplay as close to real life as possible:

  • This mod allows romantic relationships to evolve between different age groups. 
  • There is a more realistic sense of violent interactions.
  • You can even have your sims use illegal substances!
  • This mod also allows the “Woohoo” interaction to have the ability to get your sim pregnant. This way you don’t have to “Try for baby”. 

To download these mods, click here:


13. Realistic Living

the sims 3 house

When sims move into a house, it seems pretty unrealistic when looking at rent and appliances breaking. Luckily there is a mod that creates a more realistic living experience. 

  • This mod makes your sim a proper renter.
  • You will have a landlord and he will be notified when something is broken in the house or apartment. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that you won’t have to pay rent until broken appliances in your home are repaired!
  • This mod also allows your sim to have a career as a landlord. 

Click here to download this mod:


12. Functioning Kiddies

the sims 3 kids

Have you ever been annoyed with the limited amount of things that children can do? Now you can fix that!

  • This mod allows children to do a whole lot more!
  • They can help with gardening and cooking.
  • They are even able to make purchases at the grocery store and other retail stores included in expansion packs. 
  • This mod even allows your children to experiment with magic!

Download this mod here:


11. Ultra-Plain Eyes 

the sims 3 eyes

Have you ever looked into your sim’s eyes and realized that there is no life? Yeah, me too. Luckily there is a mod to fix that problem:

  • The Ultra-Plain Eyes mod is used in Create A Sim.
  • It allows you to customize your sims eyes to look much more realistic than the eyes available in the base game. 
  • This mod is a lot of fun to play with and you can make your sims look completely natural or like freaks of nature. It all depends on you!
  • This mod gives you a ton of options to choose the perfect eyes for your sim.

Download this mod here:


10. Ultra-Plain Faces

the sims 3 faces

This mod builds onto the previously-mentioned mod as it creates more realistic-looking faces for your sims:

  • With this mod, the faces as well as the facial expressions of your sims are modified to appear more realistic. 
  • It builds onto the faces in the base game and gives it a more realistic look. 
  • This mod serves as an overlay for every face type found in the base game. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it can be used for all age groups in the game. 

Look at this mod here:


9. More Traits 

the sims 3 traits

To build a sim, you will need traits. Most players felt like the traits in the base game were not enough to build a custom and realistic sim, but luckily for them, there is a mod for every problem:

  • This mod allows you to pick more traits for your sim than the base game allows. 
  • You can pick more traits for sims of a younger age group, which will then allow you to choose more traits as they grow up. 
  • The fun thing about this trait is that you can give your sim a much more realistic personality by not being limited to only a few traits. 

Download this mod here:


8. It’s a teen world

the sims 3 teens

Teenagers in The Sims 3 are quite limited when it comes to relationships, but you already know that I have a mod for you to solve that problem:

  • The Woohooer mod allows your teen sims to have a lot more capabilities when it comes to romance. 
  • With this mod, your teen sims can even fall pregnant!
  • This mod even allows your male sims to become pregnant. Talk about equality!
  • This mod allows romantic relationships to evolve between teenagers and young adults/adults/elders and it does not limit the romantic interactions between the age groups. 
  • If you want to spice up your teenagers’ lives with a bit of realistic romance, then this mod is for you!

Download this mod here:


7. Realistic Buying

the sims 3 buy mode

The build/buy mode in The Sims 3 is something that most players complain about. Read more about a mod that can take away your stress when you enter build/buy mode:

  • This mod reorganizes items in build/buy mode to create a more realistic view of where everything should have been placed.
  • The amazing thing about this mod is that it reprices items to a more accurate price! 
  • Most items in the build/buy mode will be priced differently and more realistically than in the base game. 
  • This mod also eases the browsing experience of the build/buy mode and it makes it easier for you to navigate. 

Check this mod out here:


6. Attraction

the sims 3 attraction

Romantic relationships in The Sims 3 are not as realistic as players had wished. The Retuned Attraction System mod is perfect for creating more realistic relationships:

  • This mod prevents sims from falling in love if one has a trait that the other despises. This only makes sense. 
  • It also lessens the chance of a sim who was rejected flirting with that sim again.
  • This mod creates more realistic relationships between sims who would be compatible, instead of allowing sims to fall in love who have nothing in common. 
  • This amazing realism mod creates that extra layer of realism when it comes to dating. 

Download this mod here:


5. Progressive Growing

the sims 3 growing

One of the most unrealistic parts of The Sims 3 is the non-progressive aging. Luckily this mod changes all of that!

  • The Progressive Aging mod allows aging to take place over time, instead of milestones. 
  • It affects the way that teens and children age and this creates a much more realistic timeline when your child or teen sims are moving into adulthood. 
  • With this mod, you can see how your children and teens progressively grow up. 
  • This mod adds a perfect layer of realism to your gameplay and I would recommend it to any player.

Check out this mod here:


4. Banking

the sims 3 banking

Your sims need some financial management too, you know. 

  • This mod creates a fully-functioning online banking organization.
  • Your sim can now take loans and send money to friends. 
  • You can even set up a direct deposit method for when your sims need to get paid from work. 
  • This mod is very realistic as you can check your balance and even close your account if you’ve had enough. 

Download this mod here:


3. Kinky World

the sims 3 romance

Be warned: this mod is for mature audiences only!

  • This mod brings a whole new realistic perception to romance in The Sims 3. 
  • It adds a feature that makes Woohoo much more realistic with some graphic images. 
  • Images incorporated in this mod have been created by very talented artists and they appear when romantic interactions take place between sims. 
  • There isn’t much more to say about this mod, except that you should try it out if you want your gameplay to have a more mature aspect to it. 

Check out this mod here:

Once again, mature audiences only!


2. Progress

the sims 3 progress

When you are playing with a certain household, the rest of the households in the sims world will be inactive. I have just the mod to fix that!

  • This mode allows the rest of the unplayed households to continue with full autonomy. 
  • While you are taking care of one household, the rest of the households will carry on with their lives as if you are playing them. 
  • They can perform realistic activities such as getting jobs, marrying, and having children. 
  • This mod is perfect if you want a realistic experience when playing The Sims 3. 

To download this mod, click here:


1. I want to talk

the sims 3 talking

Some players of The Sims 3 seem to get bored with the normal social interactions available to sims. They can become quite repetitive, therefore this amazing social mod is perfect if you face the same issue with these players:

  • The Deeper Conversation mod allows your sims to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • It offers an option where you can type a phrase into a dialogue and your sims will say that to the sim they are in conversation with. This adds a significant layer of realism to your gameplay. 
  • You can have meaningful conversations with other sims to improve their friendship level faster. 
  • This mod also allows an “Improved Get to Know” option that will enable you to learn other sims' traits much faster. 

Click here to download this mod:

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