[Top 50] The Sims 4 Best Challenges That Are Fun

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50.  The History Challenge

Players must guide their sims through a series of linear eras in this challenge. It's an entertaining history lesson, and the costumes are even better! If you want to make use of mods that would otherwise go to waste, this is a fun challenge. 

The rules: Your sims must follow the rules of the time period. This could include hunting for food, living outside, and not having a job! 


49.  100 Baby Challenge

The goal of this challenge is straightforward: you must have 100 children in as few generations as possible! Cheating is not permitted. 

The babies cannot be aged immediately, and females must become pregnant naturally. This is a thrilling, fast-paced challenge. 


48.  The Legacy Challenge

You begin with a single sim with very little money and assets in this challenge. The goal is to see if you can play the same family without cheating for 10 generations! 

To play, make a sim and place it on a 10,000 lot. This sim must amass a fortune and a family in order to pass on to the next generation, and you must do so for as long as possible. Congratulations after ten generations! 


47.  The Homeless Challenge

This is an extremely difficult one, so if you're looking for a true challenge, try the Homeless Challenge! 

Your sim will begin with no money and no home and will have to work their way out of homelessness. The catch is that you must live off the land with no job or home! 

Amass §5000 and construct a house to win - this can be accomplished by busking or collecting items.


46.  Build a City Challenge

This is a difficult task that requires commitment! The ultimate goal is to reach 50,000 points and control all of the households in your world by expanding your sim base and opening more lots. 

To begin, select your starting sims using a randomiser. Then you simply need to expand your empire and keep track of all of your sims until you reach 50,000 points!


45.  10K Starter Home Challenge

If you enjoy building and want a budget challenge, this is the challenge for you. All you have to do is build a starter home with all basic amenities for under $10,000. 

This is a quick challenge that doesn't take long to complete!


44.  The Decades Challenge

With this challenge, you begin your sims in the 1890s and must follow the rules of the time. These rules include (but are not limited to) the prohibition of using electricity or indoor plumbing. 

You move on once you have completed all of the goals of that generation. The rules then change in accordance with the times. You keep going until you reach modern times!


43.  Apocalypse Challenge

Your Sims will face an apocalypse in this challenge! You'll build a bunker for them to live in, and if they die from causes other than old age, you'll lose! 

Place your sim in a single room with only the necessities to make a "bunker." Under any circumstances, they are not permitted to leave!


42.  Asylum Challenge

This intriguing challenge explores how powerful and game-changing your sims' traits can be! 

Make a family of eight Sims, each with the "Insane" personality trait. Choose one sim to control throughout the challenge and assist them in achieving their goals and escaping the insane asylum!


41.  Rags to Riches Challenge

This challenge requires you to place your sim on an empty lot with no money or possessions. They will have to sleep in public places and at friends' homes until they can afford their own place. 

It's a difficult task, but it's a lot of fun!


40. Live The Farm Life Challenge

This challenge necessitates the purchase of The Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion pack. It essentially incorporates the aforementioned "Rags to Riches" challenge into the Cottage Living gameplay. 

Your sims will have to endure the most intense form of off-the-grid living, but it's definitely doable!


39. Globetrotter Challenge

This is thought to be one of the most difficult challenges in the game, but it is extremely rewarding! Your sim will be relocated to a new neighbourhood as the seasons change. 

Players must complete their main goal by the end of the first round. This process is repeated eight times, resulting in your sim living in every world imaginable.


38. Happy Sim Challenge

In this simple yet difficult challenge, players must ensure that their sim does not become sad during their entire life! 

No negative moodlet should ever be allowed to enter the sim during gameplay, which is not always within our control!


37. ISBI Challenge

Basically, in this challenge, you’ll need to go through 10 generations of a family while only choosing one sim to actively control.

This is known to be one of the hardest Sims 4 challenges, and will bring huge satisfaction to anyone who manages to complete it.


36.  Big Brother Challenge

This is a great challenge based on the popular reality TV show "Big Brother." You can even build your own Big Brother mansion! 

The goal is to put a variety of sims in a single household and evict one every week. The evicted sim will be the one with the fewest friends among their housemates. 

Giving them opposing personalities or even randomising them makes this even more entertaining!


35. Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Based on the popular TV show, in this challenge you create one male or female sim and give them five potential love interests. Move them all into the same house, and once per week evict the sim who has the lowest romance with the main sim.

This cute challenge is great if you love building romantic mansions, too!


34.  Masterchef Challenge

This challenge, based on the TV show Masterchef, will test the cooking abilities of 5 different sims. With three judges, each with a cooking skill of level 5 and above, one sim will be eliminated a week.

The contestants begin with no cooking skill, and can only cook on competition days. The player with the lowest quality dish will get eliminated, and they’re allowed to improve their skills by researching. They can also grow their own herbs!


33.  Black Widow Challenge

This challenge is all about romance and money! A young adult female (with materialistic, snobbish, romantic, and Serial Romantic aspirations) must be placed in a house and is not permitted to work. Her money must have come entirely from suitors. 

The challenge requires you to find and marry a male sim, throw a dinner party, be caught cheating, and murder your husband! Continue the cycle through ten paramours to win!


32.  Dumpster Challenge

This dirty challenge is straightforward. Purchase a dumpster, set your household budget to zero, and live off of this! All food, furniture, and items from personal or community dumpsters must be claimed. 

Everything you use must come from a dumpster - no showering or eating on public property! (Note: The Eco Lifestyle expansion pack is required for this challenge.)


31.  Big Sister Challenge

This challenge entails putting a teen girl on a lot with any child as a younger sibling. The big sister's ultimate goal is to raise the child while fulfilling the Big Happy Family aspiration.


30.  Runaway Teen Challenge

This challenge will tell the story of a mischievous adolescent who flees from home. Interactions are only permitted with other teenagers; no adults or children are permitted! 

They must earn money wherever they can and find work once they reach adulthood. This is a story of rags to riches!


29.  Berry Challenge

Every generation in this colourful take on the Legacy Challenge represents a different colour and personality. Your sim's hair, clothing, skin colour, make-up, and décor all reflect the colour they have chosen. 

Each generation and race has its own set of personality traits and objectives to achieve. The Not So Berry Challenge, which does not involve changing your skin colour, is an option. If you don't want your Sims to be bright pink or blue, this version of the challenge may be more appealing.


28. Disney Princess Challenge

This is also similar to the Legacy Challenge, but brings a fun twist! Each generation tells the story of a different Disney princess.

Working through ten generations allows you to go through a myriad of princesses such as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty! This will make for some amazing gameplay.


27.  Off the Grid Challenge

Living off the grid entails cutting off all electricity and water supplies, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Although you will have fewer bills to pay, showering, eating, and everything else in between will be difficult!


26.  The Zodiac Challenge

This challenge states that you must play 12 generations of sims, each with a different zodiac sign! You have to do this in the right order, starting with Aquarius and finishing with Capricorn.

Each sign comes with different traits and behaviors, which makes this challenge super fun if you’re interested in astrology!


25.  The Career Legacy Challenge

With similar themes to the rags to riches challenge, this is a fun challenge in which you work your way to the top of a career. You start with an empty lot and between §0 and §1800, and a random number of babies.

Each generation works around one specific career and the skill, so it’s a great opportunity to enhance these for your sims.


24.  The Bloodline Challenge

In this challenge your main sim, the ruling king or queen, wants to hold onto the crown by whatever means possible. The next child who is a candidate for the throne always mysteriously disappears…freaky!

The ultimate goal is to make the ruler live for ten generations, and youth potions can only be used the day before the monarch’s birthday.


23.  The Island Challenge

In this challenge, two Sims are stranded on a desert island and must withstand the wrath of an angry god in order to survive! When you have eight Sims living on the island, each with a level 4 in fishing, fitness, and gardening, you will be successful. 

You fail if all sims die. Best wishes!


22.  Vampire Legacy Challenge

The concept behind this challenge is simple: start with a family of Sims who want to turn as many Sims into vampires as possible! 

If you do this for as many generations as possible, you might just win.


21.  The Alien Adoption Challenge

According to the story, an alien ship crashed nearby, killing 100 babies and leaving a mother dead. Your sim is now in charge of mothering one of these babies! 

To win this challenge, you must carefully study it and raise it as your own.


20. The Flipping House Challenge

The idea in this challenge is to rebuild and redecorate houses and make a profit from them. You will begin with §20,000 and increase your budget as you become more and more successful.

This is the challenge for you if you love building and decorating houses in The Sims 4!


19.  The Free Will Experience Challenge

With this challenge you must create a family of sims at completely random. You then essentially let them run free, doing whatever they want!

You earn points when your sims do positive things such as cooking meals, and lose points from negative things such as starting fires. Let’s see what those pesky sims get up to!


18.  The Astrology Legacy Challenge

You must play as many generations as there are planets in our solar system in this challenge. Each generation is assigned to a different planet, each with its own set of rules and regulations. 

You must follow the rules as they are given to you, achieving the goals and careers required to win.


17. The Alphabet Legacy Challenge

This enjoyable challenge takes some time and a few hours of gameplay! You will begin with a sim whose name begins with the letter "A," followed by an heir whose name begins with the letter "Z." 

You keep going until all of the letters have been worked through!


16. The Wonder Child Challenge

This is one of the few challenges made specifically for children, and it’s great fun! The starting idea is that your sim gets selected by the government for a secret project.

They will receive §22,000 and be given a mate. Thus, your wonder child will be born! Your goal is to raise them the best you can, and create a wonderful life for them.


15. The Whimsy Stories Legacy Challenge

For this challenge, you must play 10 generations of Sims, each with a different story prompt. Each generation will contain new gameplay, making this a fun challenge to spice up your game!


14. The Bad To Good Legacy Challenge

In this challenge, you begin with a family beset by issues and problems. You must progress through the generations, maximising a career and an aspiration within each. 

As long as you follow the rules, it will completely transform your family!


13. The Secret Garden Challenge

This generational challenge is inspired by a variety of flowers! Each generation will be assigned a flower, which will provide them with a set of rules, a career, and a goal to strive for. 

Each generation will live in a different world and neighborhood, adding a lot of variety to your game.


12. The Celebacy Challenge

If you want to be famous, this is a great challenge to take on! You'll need to play 5 generations of a sim's family, starting with a famous sim and continuing until the final generation. 

Each generation must be known for a unique talent, whether it is singing, acting, social media, or something else!


11.  The Greek God Legacy Challenge

This challenge is similar to the others on this list, but it is based on Greek Gods and Goddesses! If you enjoy Greek mythology, you should definitely give this a shot. 

You must play through ten generations of a family, with each generation being assigned specific skills and aspirations based on a different God.


10.  The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

This challenge takes your Sims through the seven deadly sins: sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and greed. 

Each generation is associated with a different sin, such as envy in the fourth generation.


9.  The Family Dynamics Challenge

You'll enjoy this challenge if you enjoy playing entire families in The Sims 4. It's another ten generation challenge, and each generation brings a new set of rules and goals to follow and achieve!


8.  The Dreamhouse Challenge

The idea is to create or download a dream house and then place it in your sim's world. You begin with your sim living in a different house and fantasising about owning this dream house! 

Your goal is to work your way up until this sim can afford the dream house by following certain rules!


7.  The Townie Life Challenge

This is a low-stress, no-pressure challenge that is ideal for unwinding! The idea is to visit your neighbours and learn everything you can about them, from their dreams to their likes and dislikes.


6.  The Mermaid Legacy Challenges

In this challenge, you start with a human sim who transforms into a mermaid and progress through 10 generations until you have a complete mermaid family tree! 

Each generation has its own set of rules, careers, goals, and aspirations to work toward and achieve. This challenge is a lot of fun!


5.  The Collectors Museum Challenge

With this enjoyable challenge, you will become a fantastic collector! Every collectible item you find in-game will be kept and displayed in your home. 

This will transform your home into a museum; make sure to invite your neighbours over to see your sweet collection!


4.  The Simtation Island Challenge

In this challenge, four couples of Sims with relationship issues are placed on an island together. This has the potential to make or break their relationship! 

They might end up working things out, or they might fall in love with someone else! This challenge is a lot of fun, and it has the potential to change the dynamics of your sims' lives.


3. The ‘Outta This World’ Legacy Challenge

If you enjoy playing with aliens in The Sims 4, this is the challenge for you. You must play through ten generations of sims who are abducted and impregnated by aliens - each generation must be created in this manner. 

Each generation has its own set of rules to follow and play by.


2.  The Human Enough Challenge

In this challenge, you must begin as an alien sim who does not want to live on Sixam. You must smuggle them into a human world and teach them how to live as humans. 

The difficult part is that you can't tell anyone you're an alien - you have to keep your cover at all times!


1.  The Sims 4 Foster Challenge

In this challenge, your task will be to foster 50 babies and raise them all as your own, creating one big happy foster family! 

The rules of this challenge have three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Choose whichever rules you can manage, but keep in mind that it will not be easy!


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