The Sims 4: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

sims 4 best paying jobs
Rolling in the Simoleons

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a fan of this awesome game franchise.

Now, if you’re like me and aren’t exactly into cheating in your game (that’s right, I’m looking at all you players using the motherload cheat code) but still want to succeed, then this is the list for you. This list will break down in simple terms which career paths will make your Sim be the envy of all others.

This list includes careers that you can only achieve by buying certain expansion packs since there are only 10 careers to choose from in the base game. The careers are ranked by how much money you make in a week. Even if another job pays more by the hour, it’s not necessarily going to leave your Sim rolling in Simoleons. Sure, it might pay an extra hundred an hour, but you might only work three hours for three days a week, which couldn’t give you the big bucks like the other careers on this list.

Now, enough with the chit chat. Time for the nitty gritty.

1. Interstellar Smuggler: $14,868 a week

This career takes you through the stars and across the galaxy. You accept any mission that comes your way, even if you have to skirt the lines of what is morally acceptable.

In order to go obtain this career, you have to choose the astronaut career branch starting as a level 1 intern working your way up the ladder.

It can be one of the hardest careers to be promoted in because your Sims must be in a happy mood all day. Your Sim also needs to train outside of work to level up their logic and fitness skills. It is all worth it in the end, though. Not only do you get a free spaceship, but the ship can be retro themed, and your Sim gets Han Solo-style clothes.

When you are promoted to level eight, you choose which career track you want to follow, either Space Ranger or Interstellar Smuggler. If you want the most cash and fun I think you know which to choose.

2. Botanist: $14,700 a Week (Seasons expansion needed)

Botany is a science, an art, and a knack. Want to see if your Sim has the ability for all three?

To begin your journey into botany you need to choose the gardening career, go to work energized, and complete daily tasks. Since the seasons affect plant growth, you may not be able to harvest things right away. Just be sure to have a greenhouse for the winter months and plant sage. Sage is a hardy fast-growing plant that grows year-round, so your Sim will always have something to harvest.

Keep in mind that the Logic skill is required for the Botanist branch. Since you choose which branch you want to pursue rather quickly at level 4, the sooner you begin working on that skill the better.

In this branch you not only get rewarded with many cool seeds and fertilizers, but at level 10 you’ll already be at the top of your field, so you can make extra money by applying for grants. You’ll probably need that money for hospital bills anyway since you’ll be working around cow plants.

3. Investor: $12,992 a week

This career is exactly what it sounds like: being an investor working in the stock market.

For this job you choose the business career branch. To become promoted to the investor branch you should make sure your Sim is focused before they go to work, which can be easily done by contemplating a chess move right before leaving for work.

Also having your Sim acquire the programming and logic skills can help your Sim achieve the investing career.

Going into this career brings many perks, such as giving your Sim the ability to invest in stock. If you have extra cash,it’s worth the risk for possibly doubling the money you invest.

This video is for both the manager and investor branches:

4. Villain: $12,875 a Week

This career is only for the truly evil, those who like to make money by causing havoc. If being evil on Sims is the best way to keep you from being evil IRL, well, we’ll take it.

The best way to advance in this career is to have your Sim be focused, possible by playing chess as stated earlier.

You should also work on your mischief trait. That will be needed to advance in your villain career. The best way to start on that path is by buying a computer, and choosing “Troll teh forums.” From there you can progress your Sim’s mischief trait in different ways.

You first choose the Secret Agent career, but come level 8 you can choose to either be a villain or spy captain. Villain pays more and has a pretty funky outfit, but both are fun and pay pretty well.

5. Diamond Agent: $12,780 a Week

Are you not into being a villain? Want to be more like James Bond? Well, even though this may not pay as much as villain, it is still an excellent choice.

Enter the Secret Agent branch where you start off as an agency clerk. Make sure that your Sim’s mood is focused. As you can tell by now, many of the careers want you to be focused to advance. But I suppose with any job we should want to be focused no matter what it is, right?

All of the rewards you gain in the Diamond Agent career are pretty great, like getting to wear a snazzy suit. Can you become any more like James Bond? Actually, yes. The furniture you get rewarded gives you the confidence aura. This helps with your charisma and, of course, romance, both of which Bond oozes.

6. Boss: $12,460 a Week

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Not The Sims creators, that’s for sure. When you become a boss you become the top dog in the criminal field, sure, but how do you get there? Well, I’m glad you asked.

You first choose the criminal career. When you first start out, the best thing is to have aspirations as a public enemy or chief of mischief. Both help you get started in the career.

In the early stages of your career to become a criminal, it’s best to go to work in a playful mood. Twisted, I know, but it helps you advance.

Working on your mischief skill can easily be done by “Trolling teh forums” on your computer. You also need to up your handiness skill, which can be done by purchasing a woodworking table. Doing these things should make your Sim into an excellently horrible Sim.

Of course, you are rewarded for all your hard work. You get to wear a mobster suit and get different rewards for completing your evil deeds. My favorite would have to be the stolen ATM.

7. Management: $12,000 a Week

Do you want to be a different kind of boss? One that isn’t so illegal? Well, this may be the job for your Sim.

To start off in this field your Sim’s mood should first be energized, but down the road at level 5 your Sim should instead be confident.

Skills that are needed for this are Logic and Charisma..

An easy way to level up your Logic skill is by buying your Sim a chess board and having them contemplate their next move. You can also buy them books to read on logic.

For Charisma, have your Sim hype themselves up in the mirror. Having more friends can boost that Charisma skill as well.

The management career offers furniture that is fit for a CEO, all of which give off confidence auras, which can help your Sim in many aspects of their life.

8. Space Ranger: $11,816 a Week

Do you want to protect this planet? Or does your Sim at least want to protect their virtual planet? If so, huzzah! This is the perfect career for your Sim.

The process to become a Space Ranger is a lot like Intergalactic Smuggler. You need to really focus on your Logic and Fitness skills. In the early stages there isn’t much of a difference between the two branches.

At level 8, be sure to pay attention to which career you are choosing. For all the levels after that it is best to go to work energized, which is easily obtained by taking a brisk shower before work.

Rewards include the sleek Apollo space rocket and a Space Energy drink recipe.

Even though you may not make as much a week as a smuggler, you work less hours, allowing more time for your Sim to be grounded with their family.

9. Doctor: $11,200 a Week (Get to Work expansion pack needed)

The Sims creators did a great job with this expansion. As they get high enough in this career, your Sim can do things like perform surgeries and deliver babies.

It is not an easy job to start with. Your Sim should be focused when going into this career. We don’t need any surgeons getting distracted, now.

You will start from the very bottom with janitorial duties, and even after you will have to do many menial tasks. Those menial tasks mostly start after you upgrade to level 2. The tasks include objectives such as administering medication and checking temperatures. No matter how menial, be sure to complete these objectives. Do not waste time.

After going through all of this you get rewards such as the Styled General Hospital room, along with being able to do things such as delivering babies and treating sick patients. To me this is one of the best careers.

10. Scientist: $11,115 a Week (Get to Work expansion needed)

Now last, but certainly not least, the Scientist career!

If your Sim loves to tinker and learn new things, this career is perfect for them. This career allows Sims to invent things and make serums. Basically, being a good mad scientist.

Many random things can happen at this job. Without spoiling too much, just know that aliens do exist in the game. Who knew?

There are no traits that help you in this field, but having a Sim in a happy mood never hurts.

Going into detail about this job can really give away some cool spoilers and make the game too easy. Allow me to just say that you need to be determined and have a creative way of thinking. You will be rewarded many clothes and cool room décor, so just remember that.

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