The Sims 4 Best Stuff Packs [Best And Worst Stuff Packs Revealed]

Best and Worst Stuff Packs for The Sims 4
Personalize The Sims 4 with stuff that suits your style!

Stuff packs have always helped simmers build upon the world within their game, giving them an environment that perfectly fits their gameplay. In the Sims 4, there are plentiful stuff packs that shape The Sims 4 each in their own way; with some having amazing strengths and others lacking in many areas.

Some of these packs allow Sims to experience more with their friends and family or build in a higher vision, while others simply give your Sims new clothes to work out in or new decorations to place around their homes. All of these packs do have their unique qualities, but before making a choice on which one to buy next, check out all 18 of them ranked from worst to best in this epic list. 


18. Fitness Stuff 

Get fit and stay fasionable. 

Although the Sims 4 Fitness stuff pack does offer a new rock climbing wall and an option that allows your Sims to do jazzercise from their televisions, it is lacking in gameplay as well as it is in create-a-Sim.

There are little outfit choices, only two hairstyles, and a load of modern decorative equipment with items that are similar to base game items. Unless your Sim is a fitness lover who requires jazzercise to live, this pack is mostly inessential to gameplay.

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Fitness Stuff Pack Score: 2/10


17. Kids Room Stuff

Give your children Sims more to do in their bedrooms.

There are plenty of packs that expand upon gameplay based around family and children for the Sims 4, especially with the new Growing Together expansion pack being released.

The Kids Room stuff pack offers players the opportunity to decorate their child Sims room with bright decor and adds a puppet theater as well as a couple new toys, along with a couple new outfits and hairstyles. The content is enjoyable but sparse, as the best feature in this pack is the interactive puppet theater that allows Sims of all ages to gather around to watch. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Kids Room Stuff Pack Score: 3/10


16. Cool Kitchen Stuff

Make some ice cream and have fun in the kitchen.

Cool Kitchen Stuff gives the players the ability to decorate their kitchens with a modern fashion, gives Sims new outfits and hairstyles, and even allows Sims access to an ice cream maker that will affect the moods of your Sims. Although there isn’t too much new cool kitchen stuff in this pack aside from the epic ice cream maker, there are plenty of outfits that are offered with this stuff pack.

If this pack ever gets an update that adds more kitchen gadgets it will be much better, but for now, it is amazing for its outfits, hairstyles, and ice cream machine. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Cool Kitchen Stuff Score: 3/10


15. My First Pet Stuff

Entertain your pets or dress them up with new pet stuff.

My first pet stuff is loads of fun, if you have the Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack; which is required to allow this addition to work in your game. This stuff pack gives players access to brand new pet clothes and pet furniture, as well as the option to get a pet hamster.

There are also a few decorative objects that come in this pack as well, such as an amazingly creative aquarium coffee table. Be careful of the pet hamster though; if it bites your Sim, they can die. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

My First Pet Stuff Score: 3/10


14. Spooky Stuff

Celebrate spooky season year round.

The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff is an amazing pack for players who do not want to get the Seasons expansion pack in order to celebrate Halloween. This pack allows Sims to throw a spooky party, wear a variety of costumes, or to carve a pumpkin.

There is also some creepy decor that comes with this pack, such as tables with ripped cloth and a candy bowl that has a grabbing hand. Try the Spooky Stuff Pack, if you dare!

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Spooky Stuff Score: 4/10


13. Toddler Stuff

Make playtime more fun than before for the little ones. 

A pack that expands upon gameplay for toddlers, Toddler Stuff brings plenty of new outfits and hairstyles for your little ones as well as new items for them to play with. There are also a few new decorative items that can brighten up any child’s space, such as pillow cushions for the floor and some new cozy lights.

The best aspect about this stuff pack is how it brings plenty of new wardrobe for your toddlers and the ability to build a tot-friendly park with a massive ball pit. If your little Sims need more entertainment, this is the perfect pack for your game.

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Toddler Stuff Score: 4/10


12. Laundry Day Stuff

Decorate in a rustic style and keep your linens clean.

Although it is a simple concept, the Laundry Day stuff pack adds plenty of gameplay for Sims who choose to buy a washer and dryer. If they want to go a little more old fashioned, they can also choose to get a wash bucket and a clothesline, which goes perfectly with the rustic decor that is offered with this pack.

There are also a few new hairstyles as well as some new clothing options that come with this rustic inspired collection, making it the perfect fit for any player who enjoys playing with farm life. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Laundry Day Stuff Score: 4/10


11. Perfect Patio Stuff

Enlighten your outdoor space.

Perfect Patio Stuff offers a collection that is sure to please outdoor and party enthusiasts alike. This pack comes with a set that helps your Sims build their very own outdoor kitchen while adding some new garden decorations, as well as a couple new hot tubs where your Sims are able to hang out.

There are also a few new summer looks that come in create-a-sim, allowing you to give your Sims a wardrobe that is sure to beat the heat on their fashionable new patio. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Perfect Patio Stuff Score: 5/10


10. Romantic Garden Stuff

Spend time in a vivid garden with your lover.

Another pack that is perfect for nature lovers, the romantic garden pack brings the Sims into a world filled with colorfully inspiring gardens and stunning new looks, along with some new fun and interactive items that enhance gameplay.

Romantic Garden Stuff brings a wishing well to the game, where Sims could wish for a variety of wants to help them reach their goals with ease. This pack also brings a fountain that Sims can sit at or play in while sporting a romantic new look alongside their lover. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Romantic Garden Stuff Score: 6/10


9. Backyard Stuff

Have some fun under the sun in the backyard. 

The Backyard stuff pack brings plenty of new interactions that are sure to get your Sims out of the house, from bird feeding to using a slip n’ slide on a hot summer day. There are also new decorations such as wind chimes and other garden themed furniture, giving your Sims the most of their time outside.

There are also a few new styles from create-a-sim that give your Sims a relaxed and comfortable look, as well as several new hairstyles. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Backyard Stuff Score: 6/10


8. Vintage Glamour Stuff

Be classy and sassy with the vintage styles from this pack. 

If you have a 1920s taste of fashion and design, then the Vintage Glamour Pack is definitely for you. This pack allows your Sims to dress fancily, with several new clothing designs and hairstyles. The Vintage Glamour pack includes plenty of new wallpapers and decor items that can be used to make your Sims home have a more art-deco style, as well as the ability to hire a live-in butler who will complete a large variety of tasks, or even tend to children.

Another cool item included in the Vintage Glamour Pack is the vanity, where your Sims can sit to do their makeup in a variety of pre-set styles.

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Vintage Glamour Stuff Score: 7/10


7. Luxury Party Stuff

Any event can be a luxurious one.

The Luxury Party pack allows Sims to spice up any party with a wide variety of new looks and several new party enhancing items. Try one of the bold new makeup looks or bright new dresses while taking full advantage of the chocolate fountain and buffet table that is next to the curtain of lights while socializing with other elegantly dressed Sims.

This simple pack adds plenty of fashion and background for Sims who are all about a lifestyle full of partying.

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Luxury Party Stuff Score: 7/10


6. Movie Hangout Stuff

Bring your favorite Sims together for an unforgettable movie night.

Live the bohemian life with this amazing pack that allows you to build a home theater for your Sims, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Watch a variety of movies with your friends and family around the big screen, taking in all of the effects offered by the large screen and high quality speakers.

Decorate your Sim’s home with a boho-chic style that is bright and comforting before making use of the popcorn machine and starting a movie night, but don’t forget to wear your favorite 70s inspired attire!

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Movie Hangout Stuff Score: 8/10


5.  Nifty Knitting Stuff

Pick up your threading needles and get to knitting!

 If you have always dreamed of making a Sim that is a knitting fanatic, this stuff pack will help those dreams come true. Nifty Knitting gives players the ability to learn knitting and sell their new goods online.

The items that they knit are wearable, and they can do all of their knitting from the safety of their new rocking chair that also comes in this pack. There are a few new styles that can be worn for males and females in create-a-sim as well, making this pack have plenty of additional gameplay.

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Nifty Knitting Stuff Score: 8/10


4. Moschino Stuff

Become a fashion photographer and style Sims as you please.

If your Sim wants to become a fashion icon, then the Moschino pack will allow them to do exactly that. Providing a variety of new looks inspired by the well known fashion brand, The Moschino Stuff pack lets your Sims live a lifestyle that is full of fashion and photography.

This pack comes with a freelance fashion photographer career, which can help your Sims build relationships and advance their photography skill level while giving nearly every Sim in town a makeover. Pick up the camera and clean your lens, it's time to build a photo studio!

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Moschino Stuff Score: 9/10


3. Paranormal Stuff

Live in a haunted house and dress in 70s style.

Another Stuff Pack that brings additional gameplay and a new freelance career, the Paranormal pack is one of the best additions to the game for horror lovers, as well as anyone who likes to spook their Sims. This pack brings a new lot type, the haunted house, where you may encounter spooky dolls, adorable apparitions, or maybe an evil ghost. Sims can gain the medium skill to make the hauntings less prominent and more manageable, and once they reach the top of their skill, can join the paranormal investigator career.

The intensity level of the haunted house can also be adjusted, giving the players an option to take on more challenges than before. This pack also comes with plentiful new fashion that is inspired by the bohemian vibe of the 70s, pairing perfectly with the mysterious and spooky premise of the pack. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Paranormal Stuff Score: 10/10 


2. Bowling Night Stuff

Take your Sims out on the town for a night of bowling!

Take your Sims out on the town for a night of bowling with this bright pack inspired by bowling looks and the retro vibe of the 1960s. Dress your sims up in their bowling shoes and striped t-shirt and bring them to the lanes, where they can play solo or with others, allowing them to learn the new bowling skill that comes with this pack.

Make an unforgettable venue where Sims of all ages are sure to flock to, bringing a new aspect of fun into the game. 

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Bowling Night Stuff Score: 10/10


1. Tiny Living Stuff

Make a cozy space for your minimalistic Sims.

If you have felt as if your Sim has been living above their needs, they likely have. With this fun and challenging pack, Tiny Living becomes available to Sims, bringing the new tiny home lot type into the game. Sims who live in a tiny home can choose a home of three sizes, each of which grant different benefits to Sims.

Builders will also have a great time with this pack since there are so many different ways to make a tiny home, especially with so many new decorations. Tiny home living is safe and cozy as long as you keep one thing in mind; beware of the murphy bed!

Purchase from EA’s official website:

Tiny Living Stuff Score: 10/10

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