Top 10 Most Fun Sims 4 Challenges (How Many Have You Done?)

Most Fun Sims 4 Challenges
Runaway Teen is one of the most difficult and fun challenges!

Top 10 Most Fun Sims 4 Challenges (How Many Have You Done?)

The Sims 4 is such a popular game on YouTube that there are various “Simmers” who have various series’ such as speed builds, let’s plays of new packs and expansions, and storytelling through the Sims’ lives. However, the one thing that Simmers do that are the most fun to play even for those who do not stream their plays is the challenges. It is so easy to play Sims with the numerous cheats and perks that are included in all the extra packs that you can buy. However, challenges bring a new light into gameplay. It forces the player to play in a special way with certain rules according to which challenge is being played.

The best part about these challenges is that if you finish them up, the fact that you had finished by following all the rules is rewarding. You will feel accomplished after trying these very complicated, yet fun challenges. Since there are so many rules that change or are altered by added content, only the base game will be mentioned here.

10. 100 Baby Challenge

Follow Hannah as she tries to have a family of 100 babies!

The goal of this challenge sounds easy; have a total of 100 babies from one sim. The hard part is the fact that each child has to have a different “doner.” It only ends once the 100th child is born or you are disqualified by breaking the rules. The first sim is called the “matriarch.” They must be a young adult (with the ability to have children) and they are able to have any traits, perks, and appearance the challenger wants. The easiest way to get through the challenge is to make sure that the sim is always pregnant. After having one child, they will have another “doner” lined up to impregnate them.

This is a fun challenge for anyone who wants to challenge their ability to manage many sims at once. Especially toddlers and children who are some of the hardest sims to manage. The Matriarch must take care of all of them themselves, and afford the bills and whatnot by skills rather than a job. If you enjoy taking care of sim children than this is the perfect challenge for you!

9. Big Brother House Challenge

Enjoy the entertaining sight of famous YouTubers playing in the Big Brother House!

Just like the hit TV reality show, The Big Brother house is where you have a full house of houseguests and one is evicted each week. Each week there is a “Head of Household” who will be the one to nominate two houseguests for elimination by the end of the week. Each one is chosen by winning a challenge that the simmer gives them. At the end of the week, those marked for elimination are chosen by the social stats and friendship percentages of the HoH, and then later on the two are chosen by the percentage of the rest of the household. One guest must be evicted at the end of that week. The simmer is not allowed to control any of the sims except for certain challenges or claiming beds.

This is a fun and challenging challenge. The best part of it is you do not have to worry about the needs of the sims at all and you get to watch hilarious or tragic things unravel right in front of your eyes. Entertain yourself with the drama, romance, and comedy that is Big Brother right in your own sims game.

8. The Apocalypse Challenge

Can these sims survive the apocalypse?

In this challenge, tragedy has befallen the sim community. Your job is to do your part to restore the town. You start with a house, either prebuilt or built on your own. They all have certain restrictions, such as not being able to shower, and they can only be lifted after reaching level 10 or 11 of the career they are in. Everything in the house has to be at the lowest quality and price from electronics to furniture. Electronics can only be used for work purposes only.

This challenge is a very complicated one with a lot of rules. However, what makes it fun is simply the lore of it. Who doesn’t like apocalyptic stories? Makeup stories to go with the drama and challenging things that come with this challenge. Just make sure that you keep reproducing in order to keep the community thriving!

7. The Four Immortal Sisters Challenge

Four sisters who vow to live forever together.

You start out in a household of four young adult sisters. Each sister is represented by a different element (fire, earth, air, water.) Each sister has a different role. Fire is the only one able to leave the lot and develop relationships enough to bear children. Water is the caretaker for the children, and the housewife pretty much for the entire house. Air is the one who is knowledgeable and teaches the children and tutors them when they are old enough for school. Finally, Earth is the gardener and fitness master who is able to be the hunter and gatherer who is allowed to leave the lot for fishing in places where she can find a cowplant berry. The cowplant is important because their job is to lure people to them so that they can produce the “essence of life” which allows them to maintain immortality. You win the challenge once most of the town has been eaten by the cowplant and replaced by the children of the fire sister.

This is always a fun challenge. Immortality is a concept all of us wish for. It is difficult to keep track of who does what, but color coding is always a good way to remember who does what. If you enjoy the idea of your sim living forever, this is the perfect one for you!

6. The Decades Challenge

A new spin on the “Legacy,” this Let’s Play shows how to live through decades.

The Decades challenge is interesting because you need to stay in one “decade” per generation. This means that once the children have all become adults (or teenagers if you prefer.) In the 1890s, sims can only marry the same ethnicity and only to the opposite sex. There is no electricity and sex can only be for childbearing. In the 1910s, there is war so male children have to go to “war” once they reach adulthood, which means you roll a dice. Even means they survive while odd means they die by being fed to the cowplant or some other way the simmer suggests. The 1920s bring jobs to women, but 1930s force the jobs to be lost due to the great depression. Each decade can be found online for a more in-depth look.

This is perfect for history buffs. It lets you force the sims to live in a simulated life that is similar to an actual decade of American history. It’s fun to see how each sim reacts to each situation and how the next generation deals with the new rules and regulations.

5. The Amazon Challenge

Watch as these women create their own Amazon tribe!

For the buffs of Greek Mythology, this challenge is for you. You can let your female young adult sim live as a brave Amazon woman. Force men to be slaves and breeding while the women rule the “tribe” Start out with one young adult woman who becomes the Creator. They need to be beautiful, athletic, and genius. Start with a large, empty lot and begin your journey. There are various rankings that can be given. The heiress is just below the creator and is the first girl born from the Creator. Next is the Warrior, Gatherer, Scholars, Providers, Newcomers and Tribe Family, and elders. Males are only given sons of the tribe and slaves.

This game is so fun for the lovers of Greek Mythology and ancient history lovers. You get to learn a lot about how the Amazons could have lived and if you want to get back at an ex-boyfriend or something you can always make them a sim that you enslave.

4. Rags to Riches

This woman starts from nothing and works to make a living for herself!

In this challenge, the object is to literally have a sim start from nothing and work your way up to becoming a millionaire. You bring your young adult sim to an empty lot in any of the neighborhoods. Use the money cheat to bring the household funds to 0. As you play, you can go around town to fish, dig through patches and stones to get collectibles, get frogs, and harvest from wild plants. Once you gather these materials, you can sell them in your inventory in order to gain Simoleans. You can also go to community lots such as the gym to take care of the sim’s needs such as showering and going to the toilet. Going to the library, the sim can use the computer for writing or programming and to museums for painting. Once you have enough, you can either build a small home or move them into an already done lot. The challenge is over once you have a full house (living space, kitchen, bathroom) and a happy family.

The idea of coming out from nothing is a great thing. Everyone hears so many stories of people coming from nothing and becoming successful. This is why this challenge is so fun to do. It brings out that ideal through the sims. It’s a lot of work without the use of any cheats. The fact you cannot have a job until you have a legit job makes it even harder to do. The end result is refreshing when the challenge is finished successfully.

3.13 Souls Challenge

Watch as Paige kills 13 souls in order to make a pact with the Reaper!

The goal of this challenge is simple. KILL 13 SOULS! You start with a young adult or adult for “easy as cheese” mode but Elder if you want “hard as a rock.” They can have any trait, with aspirations of the creative bestselling author. No other aspirations are allowed. The sim lifespan must be on short with auto-age on. The first thing you have to do is complete the bestselling author aspiration. The sim must purchase and consume potions of youth, or essence of life from cowplants. Once the sim has completed this, they must master the essence of the soul; heart, mind, and body. The three aspirations are joke star, nerd brain, and bodybuilder to do this. The next part is the main challenge. You have to hunt down 13 souls with certain traits in order to finish the challenge. In the end, you will need to take a screenshot of all 13 ghosts in one spot.

This is fun for any simmer who enjoys torturing and killing their sims. For so long it has been the most fun part of Simming. Killing off sims in various ways of entrapment is the best part of the game to most people and this game just gives you the excuse to do it (at least) 13 times!

2. The Asylum Challenge

Watch as Destiny finds a way to survive the Asylum.

You need a large “asylum” to do this challenge. 8 “insane” sims live under one roof and you only control one. You must complete five aspirations in order to have your sim leave the Asylum. If they travel, they can only travel with the entire group. If someone dies, they must be replaced by another sim. Each sim is given the previously called “insane” trait which is now “erratic.”

This is a fun challenge because you only control one while you watch the crazy things that happen in the Asylum. You are not allowed to put out fires or save sims. You are only responsible for one and only one. Relationships are allowed, but you cannot have any children or get married. You can only make money from the limited skills around the place so it’s going to be time-consuming to keep up with without cheats, but that’s the fun of it!

1. Runaway Teen Challenge

Let’s see how Poppy can survive after running away from home!

Finally, this challenge is similar to the rags to riches challenge with added twists and turns. You play as a teenager who has “run away” from home. They are not allowed to socialize with anyone but other teens and children. They are not allowed to go to school, and the goal is to raise enough funds to build your own home (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.) As with the Rags to Riches, they can earn Simoleans by foraging, fishing, and skills that sell. However, they cannot directly sell things because that would mean that adults might come by and “turn them in.” An additional consequence is that 10 Simoleans must be taken off each time the sim travels away from their home lot.

This is a fun one for someone who loves homeless challenges with an added twist. The idea of a teenager living on their own in the wilderness is fun, but with certain expansions like seasons, it can create added difficulty. As with the Rags to Riches, it is always rewarding when the sims successfully win this challenge with no cheats to help them out.

The Sims 4 has so many wonderful perks to each expansion making all of these challenges more and more fun or difficult as they go along. Which ones have you played or want to play now? There are so many wonderful ones its hard to choose just one.

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