The Sims 4 Best Aspirations [Top 10]

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Everyone has a goal in life. Even your Sims.

Aspirations in The Sims 4 are sets of goals that your Sims want to achieve. By achieving these goals, you earn Aspiration points, which can be used to purchase powerful potions or new traits for your Sims. It's the only way to make your lazy sim a Gym Rat. Not all aspirations are created equal, so we broke down the top 10 best aspirations that will give you maximum aspiration points. 

10. Fabulously Wealthy

Fabulously Wealthy is an easy aspiration to complete due to the ability to Motherlode your way to riches. The goals are centered around making money and having money in reserve. Using Motherlode is one way, but you can also work your way up through the aspiration by working and making money.

Makin' it rain!

  • Sims who complete this aspiration gain the “Shrewd” train, which means they will receive a deposit each week based on their Household Funds
  • If you’re not cheating, it’s best to pick one of the careers that gains money quickly, like the Astronaut or Secret Agent careers. 
  • Pairs well with the Tiny Living stuff pack, in order to keep your bills down, and more simoleons in your Household Fund

9. Chief of Mischief

This aspiration is a fun one if you don’t mind your Sim being disliked by the entire neighborhood. Cause mischief by pulling pranks, clogging toilets, and performing Voodoo.

I feel bad for whatever Sim she's about to torture.

  • Completion of this aspiration grants your Sims the trait of “tormentor,” which means they can sabotage anything, including the rock climbing wall from the Fitness Stuff pack. 
  • Torment your enemies that you’re bound to make with the voodoo doll, unlockable by raising your Mischief skill. 
  • Become a master internet troll along the way

 8. Bestselling Author

The Bestselling Author aspiration is an easy one to complete without cheating. Teenager Sims can pick this aspiration and quickly build up their Writing skill and may complete the aspiration before they become Young Adults.

Writing the next bestseller, or a total flop

  • This aspiration is an easy way to make a lot of extra money from publishing Bestselling books, through earning royalties.
  • Depending on the Sim’s skill level, they can write and publish several books in a day. 
  • Receive the Poetic trait, which can allow the Sim to capture life in a book, and use it to bring back someone from the dead.

7. Body Builder 

Body Builder is an aspiration that gets your Sim super buff and tone and helps your Sim reach their maximum body potential. They can punch the punching bag, run on the treadmill, use the weight machine, or jog to reach this goal.

Two Sims working their way to their maximum body potential

  • Sims who complete this aspiration receive the Long-Lived trait, which allows them to live a much longer life, barring any unfortunate accidents, of course. 
  • When idle, your Sim is more likely to work out on their own. 
  • This aspiration works  well with the Gym Rat trait from the Aspiration rewards store

 6. Nerd Brain

Upgrade all the objects in your house and blast off into space with the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Heading off into the final frontier

  • Quickly max out the Rocket Science skill while upgrading your rocket ship
  • Explore space and bring back cool objects and visit an alien world (a much more efficient way to have an alien baby than waiting to be abducted)
  • Receive the Handy trait, which allows a Sim to instantly fix and upgrade any object

5. Beach Life

The Beach Life aspiration is the most laid back and casual aspiration, requiring your Sim to spend hours lounging at the beach and uncovering buried treasure.

The closest some of us will ever get to swimming with dolphins

  • Sims receive the Laid-Back trait, which means they never get tense from work. 
  • Use the new barbeque pit to make new dishes to share with your family and friends
  • Uncover buried treasure in the ocean by scuba diving
  • While you’re at it, make friends with a dolphin, or discover a mermaid!

4. World-Famous Celebrity

Becoming a World-Famous Celebrity is a bit more difficult, but is still a fun aspiration to complete while working in the Acting career.

A blue-haired beauty accepting her award

  • Win awards, gain fans and earn new traits while climbing the celebrity ladder.
  • Deal with paparazzi and host meet and greets for your fans
  • Receive the Unstoppable Fame trait, which means your Sim becomes immortalized as a celebrity, and will not experience fame decay if they step out of the limelight for a time.

3. Academic

The Academic aspiration comes from the Discover University expansion pack. Work your way to academic success, but don’t forget to take time to relax and have fun.

College graduates having one last hurrah by playing juice pong

  • Develop your Sim’s Research & Debate skill while enrolling in University
  • Work your way towards those perfect grades through skill-building, homework, projects, and term papers. Don’t forget to pay attention in class. 
  • Get a head start in a career that matches your degree, and make money much quicker than without a College degree.

2. Strangerville Mystery

The Strangerville Mystery aspiration guides your Sim through an adventure to save Strangerville from a strange plant that has been growing in the neighborhood. The plants produce strange spores that are causing the townies of Strangerville to act very oddly.

Two Sims who have been affected by the spores released from a mysterious plant

  • Investigate the secret lab in Strangerville
  • Collect samples to create an antidote
  • Ask other infected people to help you take on the cause of the plants
  • Receive the Hero of Strangerville trait, allowing your Sim to recount their adventure to other Sims
  • Beware: If you are in the middle of the mystery and have a certain item in your inventory, your Sim will become possessed and wander the city with jerky, robot-like motions.

1. Painter Extraordinaire

Painter Extraordinaire is the easiest aspiration to complete, and the best way to earn a lot of money with little effort. You can even become a celebrity artist if you have the Get Famous expansion pack.

Your Sim could be the next Van Gogh

  • Spend hours painting to max out your skill
  • Earn money selling your paintings to Art Galleries or Collectors
  • Paint a few paintings a day once the aspiration has been fulfilled to keep your Sim rich
  • Earn the Expressionistic trait, which allows your Sim to create highly emotional paintings, regardless of their actual mood

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