[Top 5] The Sims 4 Best Genres To Write

The Sims 4 - Title Page
The Sims 4 - Title Page

  • The writer career on The Sims 4 is many simmers’ favorite career. It has the potential to earn a vast amount of money, with relatively little effort! And, even if your sim is in a different career, you can still write books which can earn large royalties every day for 10 days after they are published. Here are the best genres to write.


5. Children’s Books

While Children’s books aren’t the best earners, they are great for new, aspiring writers! Your sim only needs to have Level 1 writing skill, so Children’s books are a great way to begin climbing that ladder to the big earners.

What’s great about Children’s books:

  • Only requires level 1 writing skill
  • Gain skill so that you can write better-earning genres!

Children’s book details:

  • Reach level 1 Writing skill
  • Choose “Children’s” from a computer

4. Screenplay

Screenplays require your sim to have level 6 writing skill. They tend to generate the most royalties, despite their mid-range level requirement.

Publishing this book can earn you as much as §200 - §300 more than other book genres, making writing a Screenplay well worth your while!

What’s great about Screenplays:

  • Make lots of money
  • Only need level 6 writing skill

Screenplay details:

  • Reach level 6 Writing skill
  • Choose “Screenplay” from a computer


3. Mystery

The mystery genre, much like the biography genre, can earn you a lot of money due to the high skill level. To write mystery books your sim must have reached Level 9 Writing skill.

Selling this book genre to a publisher will make more money in royalties than lower level book genres.

What’s great about Mystery books:

  • Make lots of money!

Mystery details:

  • Reach level 9 Writing skill
  • Choose “Mystery” from a computer


2.  Biography

Biography books are one of the highest-paying books in The Sims 4. They require Level 10 writing skill, putting them at the top of the writing skill pyramid.

Biographies take the same amount of time to complete as lower-level books, but they pay far more. This makes it one of the best books genres to write.

What’s great about Biography books:

  • Earn lots of money
  • Interesting book genre

Biography details:

  • Master the Writing skill (level 10) 
  • Choose “Biography” from a computer


1.  The Book of Life

The Book of Life is a book that your Sims can write and use to resurrect dead Sims. It works similarly to the Voodoo doll; the player can bind Sims to the object and use it on the bound Sim.

Each book can only be used on one Sim, but there is no limit to how many Books of Life can be written by a sim. Sims with the Book of Life can resurrect any Sims from their relationship panel.

What’s great about the Book of Life:

  • Resurrect sims
  • Fill Sims’ need bars
  • Make lots of money

Book of Life details:

  • Master the Writing skill (level 10) and complete the “Bestselling Author” aspiration
  • Once they have done this, there is an option to write The Book of Life on the computer
  • Sims can then use the book to “Capture Epic Saga" of a Sim who has not died
  • After a Sim dies, the owner of the book can “Summon” the Sim who died
  • If the book is used on a Sim that is alive, the book “invigorates” the Sims, by completely filling all their need bars
  • You can also publish the Book of Life for simoleons


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