[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Vampire Mods (2021 Edition)

The Sims 4 Best Vampire Mods
Bask in the sunlight, drain other Sims to death, and more in these Top Ten Vampire Mods.

Expand on your vampire lore with these ten mods. 

Vampires are a staple occult type in the Sims Universe. While we love our beloved blood-sucking creatures of the night, there can always be more content when playing the Sims. Enter in the modding community, which makes expansive and creative mods for us everyday Simmers. These top ten vampires mods are sure to expand on your gameplay and make your Sim stories more engaging. 

10. Blood Not Plasma Mod by Letisiya

Turn plasma into blood with this mod from Letisiya. Image Courtesy of Letisiya on Mod The Sims

We love the Sims for their innocent ways. Even when dealing with more adult content there is an added touch of comedy to keep it thematically light. However, this is why a lot of Simmers seek out mods to elevate their gameplay and to add a layer of authenticity to their game. While vampires aren’t real by any means, The Sims’ version can come off campy especially when compared to more frightening iterations. Enter in the Blood Not Plasma Mod which is a simple, non-invasive mod that changes your Vampiric sims from drinking plasma to blood, but still leaves out the gore for those not looking to delve too much into the realistic side of things. 

  • The drinking blood option just adds the touch of realism to your Sim’s vampire lifestyle.
  • Still allows you to make Blood Fruit Salad, just like with the plasma.

You can download the Blood Not Plasma Mod on https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=595115

9. Daywalker Mod by Twisted Mexi

Twisted Mexi's mod lets you eliminate accidentally crisping up your Vampire Sims. Image Courtesy of Twisted Mexi on Mod The Sims

There are quite a few variations of this mod, but I’m going to choose the Daywalker Mod by Twisted Mexi to represent in this list. A bit self-explanatory, this is a must-have mod for anyone looking to extend the playtime with their Vampire Sims (daytime is far too long for our undead families). Your Vampire Sims can now be invited to daytime pool parties in the summer without frying to a crisp.

  • While there is a reward for immunity to sunlight in the Sims 4, it's only for high-ranking vampires and takes a while to unlock, this lets you skip all the work associated with ranking and earning points and get straight to the benefit of day-walking.
  • You no longer run the risk of accidentally killing your Vampire Sim because they didn’t make it inside in time.

You can download the Daywalker Mod on https://modthesims.info/d/589559

8. Kill Other Vampires Mod by Temerion

Beware of death in Vampiric Duels in Temerion's mod. Image courtesy of Temerion on Mod The Sims

This mod raises the stakes for vampires in vampire duels, as a win for your Sim will result in the death of the challenger. When your Sim wins, they will get a Mourn Enemy Moodlet and a tombstone will automatically generate. Give your vampire sims a boost of power and confidence in this quick and easy mod. 

  • Even though the mod will kill the other vampire in a duel, your vampire is safe if they lose and the mod will not run autonomously, making this a risk-free mod.
  • Maybe someone will finally kill Vlad since no one seems to like his insistent pestering.

You can download the Kill Other Vampires Mod on https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=594070

7. Vampirify by r3m

Give your Spellcasters the power to turn Sims into vampires. Image courtesy of r3m on Mod The Sims

Getting a vampire to turn your Sim into one of the undead can be difficult. Vlad is of course always up for the task but you have to befriend him first and he’s also evil, which is inconvenient at times. The Vampirify spell takes away the hassle of becoming a vampire and lets your Spellcaster turn any Sim into a vampire. Gaining this power comes with a price: it cannot be taught by sages or through duels, the Sim can only learn it once they have reached level 13 of the vampire lore skill, and only after they have unlocked the hidden chapter of The Ultimate Vampire Compendium.

  • Once you turn a Sim into a vampire you'll become their master, despite not being a vampire yourself. This gives a unique perspective and could be a fun storyline to play out.
  • When learning the Vampirify spell you'll also learn the De-Vampirify spell, which will turn vampires (both playable and NPCs) into humans. You can easily clear out your neighborhood of vampires if you so choose, and bring peace and quiet back to Willow Creek. 
  • If a Sim is already an occult, such as a Mermaid or Alien, the Sim will expose their true form to your Spellcaster and the spell will be unsuccessful. 

You can download Vampirify and start casting spells on https://modthesims.info/d/633696/vampirify-vampire-creation-spell.html

6. Vampire Initiation Ritual by IlkaVelle

Throw a "turning party" for your new Vampire Sim! Image courtesy of IlkaVelle on Mod The Sims

Speaking of turning vampires, becoming a vampire is a significant moment in your Sims life. They’ll move from their short life spans as humans to their new immortal lives as vampires. So why not throw a party? The Vampire Initiation Ritual is just that, a new type of social event where you Sim can celebrate turning into a vampire with those closest to them. You’ll be required to have a Vampire Novice (your unturned Sim), a Senior Vampire, Vampire Guests, and Normal Guests to successfully host the party. Become the life (or death) of the party in this creative add-on to your game.  

  • This is a goal event like most Sim gatherings and earning different medals will offer different payouts including plasma bags and fruit, the ultimate vampire tome, and a coffin. 
  • This could be a fun party to host with both human and vampire Sims, as the event requires you to invite both. Quickly turn the guests of your past life into dinner for the guests of your new life.

Download the Vampire Initiation Ritual on https://modthesims.info/d/634536/event-vampire-initiation-ritual.html

5. Child Vampire Manifestation Mod by Dipper

Give Vampire Children more powers in the mod from Dipper. Image courtesy of Dipper on Mod The Sims

What’s scarier than a vampire? Vampire children of course. While vampire Sims can have babies in the Sims 4, the vampire traits and abilities only begin to show up when your Sims are in their teenage years. This mod corrects that issue and now your Vampire children can feed on other Sims, making it a family affair!

  • Vampire children with high enough skill sets can turn other Sims, making for a creepy effect.
  • This mod also adds the thirst need while removing the hunger, bladder, and energy need, so your child Sims will have to drink plasma to stay alive.
  • Aging comes with this mod so your vampire Sim will now reach the elder stage and eventually die of old age.

You can download the Child Vampire Manifestation mod on https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=589300

4. Vampires Can Kill Mods by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods&Comics

Turn your Sims into human cattle and drain them to the death. Image courtesy of Zero’s Sims 4 Mods&Comics on Patreon

The introduction of Vampires, duels, and XP gains was a much-needed and welcomed addition to the Sims world. While the new features are expansive from previous versions, vampires still lack part of what makes them appealing: draining people dry. That missing aspect is what separates them from being the true night stalking creatures we know and love. The Vampires Can Kill Mood adds this option while also giving you the option to turn human Sims into cattle, which is basically a mindless blood bank for your vampire Sim to feed off of. 

  • With different drinking options, you can control how much or little you take from the Sim; while Deep Drink will run minimal risk of fatality, drinking uncontrollably will always result in death.
  • This mod is not autonomous, meaning there is no risk of your Sim becoming the victim of an NPC Vampire’s ravenous night out.
  • The more you drink from the cattle and drain their life source, the more out of touch with humanity they will become and will be dependent on their masters for emotional support. It's a nice touch that adds a little something extra to this mod. 

You can download the Vampires Can Kill mod on https://www.patreon.com/posts/vampires-can-30005501


3. Vampire XP Mod Gains by Chaavik

Make it easier...or harder to gain XP in this mod from Chaavik. Image courtesy of Chaavik on Mod The Sims

While the XP and ranking in The Sims 4 was an overall great upgrade to the Vampire lifestyles, it can still be time-consuming and challenging to reach the rank of Master Vampire. The Vampire XP Mod Gains by Chaavik decreases the time it takes to gain XP by raising the amount of experience your Sim can gain from performing various vampire activities. There are a couple of variations and options to choose from in this mod. There’s the Vampire Inherited Experience, which affects the amount of experience you inherit from the vampire who turned you. And the regular Vampire Experience, which changes the experience gained from the different vampire interactions. Both options come with three tiers of adjustments, letting you tailor this to your overall desired pace. 

  • You can download the Vampire Inherited Experience and Vampire Experience together or separately, but may only pick one of the three adjusted levels (double, triple, or quadruple speed).
  • The hard and harder version of this mod cuts the experience gain in half, making it far more challenging to level up. 

You can download the Vampire XP Mod Gains on https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=589709

2. Darkside Vampire Career by TiaraM

Choose your fate in the vampire world in this new career mod. Image courtesy of TiaraM on Mod The Sims

In the vast lore of vampires, vampire hunters and groupies are a staple feature but are aptly missing from The Sims 4. Mod Creator TiaraM invites these missing elements into the game with her Darkside Vampire Career mod. Darkside is a new nightclub in your Sims town where vampires of course like to frequent. Become a regular at the nightclub and be presented with three beginnings that will lead your Sims down very different career paths that include Vampire Hunter, Vampire Groupie, and Master Vampire.

  • This mod has a strong story aspect with an accompanying backstory for each career branch. Giving your character a natural story arc to play off of when they are “off duty” from their jobs.
  • The Vampire Groupie option is in and of itself, hysterical (just read the career description for it) and a worthy career for any human Sim (the pay is honestly pretty good).
  • The three different career branches give this mod a multiple-play factor as you will want to see how each and every one of them turns out.

Download this mod and choose your path on https://modthesims.info/d/622736/darkside-vampire-career.html

1. Bloodborne Aspiration by Sresla

Trace your Vampire's Bloodline back to ancient times. Image Courtesy of Sreslai on Mod The Sims

I am always a fan of more fleshed-out mods that offer a good amount of content and expand on your gameplay. With this consideration, I must choose the Bloodborne Aspiration as my number one pick for the top vampire mods in The Sims 4. As implied, this mod comes with a new aspiration that will allow you to learn the blood origins of your Vampires and their place in the Vampire world. This new aspiration is a blend of aspirations: Sims will be gaining knowledge, ranking up in multiple careers, exploring different love interests, and of course engaging in vampire affairs. After your Sim has completed all four milestones they will earn one of eight unique traits that assign them to a vampire house. Each house comes with a base mood (this can range from sad to flirty, so beware), an additional bonus trait, and custom whims and social interactions.

  • Since Vampire Sims are immortal this is an excellent follow-up aspiration to choose after your Sim has completed one of the original vampire aspirations, furthering your Sims storyline and backstory. 
  • The traits and vampire bloodlines are thoroughly thought out and developed; discovering what trait your Sim will have is half the fun of this mod and the vampire equivalent to being sorted into your Harry Potter house. 
  • The variety of goals inside the aspiration offers a fresh take, as the current aspirations can be repetitive between milestones. 

You can download the Bloodborne Aspiration Mod on https://modthesims.info/d/631516/bloodborne-aspiration.html

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