[Top 15] Sims 4 Korean Mods and CC Every Player Should Have

Colorful and FANtastic things await.

What Korean Mods and CC are the best to have in game?

Whether you want to have a piece of home, to be inspired by Korean culture, or reenact K-pop or K-dramas in the Sims 4, you need to have the ability to do so. From the creative  minds of the modding community, you have a mass supply of Korean CC and Mods. 

Personally, Korean culture, as a whole, is fascinating and should be in the Sims 4 in a highly respectful manner. There are a couple of issues with gathering this amazing content to add to the game. 

How can you choose between all the CC and mods that there is out there? Which ones are the most fun? These questions are difficult to answer but not impossible. 

Korean CC/Mods are very fun because they bring a new culture to the Sims 4. Choosing what to add is a bit of a harder question, but figuring out which ones are more fun for you is the first step. 

After much research, I gathered the top 15 Korean Mods/CC that are amazing to have in your game. Tell you what, narrowing down the CC and Mods to just a few can be rather tough because everyone is so super talented.

15. Emori Hair

Cute and stylish all at the same time. Photo from Simpliciaty.

In popular K-dramas, the bob haircut can be seen a lot, and to be honest, that would be cute in the Sims 4. Emori Hair is a piece of CC styled in the cute bob haircut and brings it to your game. 

The Emori hair is available for all genders and is usable for toddlers to adults. Once downloaded, you can go into the hair category and pick the hair color you want your sim to have. 

Pair this haircut with a cute school uniform and reenact your favorite scene for a k-drama. Emori hair looks amazing in-game and great for any photos you want to take. 

What's Fun About Emori Hair:

  • Alpha - This CC is an alpha CC and brings a bit of realism to your sim's style. 
  • Adorable - The hairstyle looks adorable on toddlers and children, especially in a little uniform, dress, or suit. 
  • 36 colors - There is no shortage of colors for your sims to try with this hair. 

Emori Hair details: Download

14. Kpop Girls Groups Dance Postures Set V.1

You got the right moves. Photo by Flower Chamber.

K-pop has been on the rise in popularity, and many have been seeking to put it into their game. With the mod Kpop Girls Groups Dance Postures Set V.1, you will have poses that can make your girl group into the K-pop girl group you have dreamed about. 

For this mod to work, you'll need to make sure that you have Andrew's pose player. The teleport statue will help as well to make sure all your K-pop idols can be in sync. 

What's Fun About Kpop Girls Groups Dance Postures Set V.1:

  • Girl Group - Start your very own girl group with dance poses.
  • Dance time - Dance your heart out and make a dance video or take tons of photos.
  • K-pop - Bring K-pop to your game to give it a pop of life. 

Kpop Girls Groups Dance Postures Set V.1 details: Download

13. OBSESSION Lip Chain Piercing

Piercings are where it's at. Photo from Pralinesims.

From the creative mind of Pralinesims comes the OBSESSION Lip Chain Piercing for both male and female sims. Pralinesims was inspired by EXO's Chen and made the lip chain piercing with three versions for your sim to choose from. 

There are versions for left and right in each version that your sims could enjoy. The OBSESSION Lip Chain Piercing works with sliders, morphing, and movement of the face. 

What's Fun About OBSESSION Lip Chain Piercing:

  • Three versions - This CC has a double chain, single, and long chain that is long. 
  • Colorful - You have the choice of ten colors to wear with different outfits. 
  • Versatile - Made to use with teens to elders and can be for more than K-pop idols. 

OBSESSION Lip Chain Piercing details: Download

12. Hair 01_Sage Cut

Cute, yet very versitale. Photo from MoooD.

Watching music videos from K-pop groups, specifically male groups, you will notice their amazing hairstyles. The Hair 01_Sage Cut gives your sims one of those great hairstyles. 

Hair 01_Sage Cut is a short hairstyle with many swatches for you to use for your male sims. This CC also is a new mesh, meaning that you do not need anything else but this CC to work. 

What's Fun About Hair 01_Sage Cut:

  • Colors - There are many colors that you can use to show off many styles. 
  • K-pop - Recreate your favorite K-pop idol or even remake the entire group. 
  • HQ Compatible - Works with the HQ mod if you want high-quality pictures. 

Hair 01_Sage Cut details: Download

11. Ghost Face Chain

Recreation and perfection; just keeps getting better. Photo by Pralinesims. 

Inspired by EXO comes another great CC from Pralinesims. Ghost Face Chain was inspired by Baekhyun from EXO's Obsession music video, and Pralinesims also included the scar. 

The Ghost Face Chain and Warning Scar all have five swatches for each style. The scar itself has three variations with five swatches each. 

What's Fun About Ghost Face Chain:

  • Goodlooking - The chain is beautifully created and looks good on both male and female sims. 
  • Long and Short - The chain comes in two lengths; long and short. 
  • K-pop - CC such as this can help you create your own K-pop idol or help you recreate a specific one. 

Ghost Face Chain details: Download

10. Saebae pose by Daisylove126

Traditional should be observed and respected. Photo from Daisylove126.

Some traditions should be celebrated and shared, such as the traditional way of greeting in Korea, the Saebae. The mod Saebae pose by Daisylove126 brings the traditional greeting to your sims to experience. 

This contains three pose files, two for CAS and one for in-game. It is recommended to play with Korean traditional clothes, such as the Hanbok. 

What's Fun About Saebae pose by Daisylove126:

  • Greetings - Brings to life the traditional greeting and gives you a chance to take pictures with the said greeting. 
  • K-drama - Reenact your favorite K-drama that goes back in time. 
  • Historical - You will be able to show a bit of history in your sims game. 

Saebae pose by Daisylove126 details: Download

9. Finger Heart Posepack - Kpop

Adorably cute and sweet. Photo from channel4sims.

The little finger hearts have been taking the world by storm alongside K-pop. With the Finger Heart Posepack - Kpop, you can have your sim pose with one of the poses to show off more than just one heart pose. 

With a total of 20 poses, the Finger Heart Posepack comes into play for photos of your creation. You'll have the pose player and the teleporter for access to this mod. 

What's Fun About Finger Heart Posepack - Kpop:

  • Selfie - Perfect for those cute selfies where you can show love. 
  • K-pop - Recreate posters, selfies, and more with your favorite K-pop idol. 
  • Adorable - The finger heart has always been adorable, and now you get that with your sims.

Finger Heart Posepack - Kpop details: Download

8. Doryeong Hanbok

Modern twist ib traditional wear. Photo from Magpiesan.

Some traditional styles get an updated modern look. The Doryeong Hanbok from Magpiesan is a beautiful modern hanbok for your male sims. 

This is a new mesh and has 16 swatches that you can utilize for your sim's look. You can also get the Doryeong Shoes, Doryeong Gat, and the Doryeong gat strap to have a complete look. 

What's Fun About Doryeong Hanbok:

  • Age - This is available for teens to elders, and would be great to take a group photo with the men in the sim's family. 
  • Detailed - This CC is amazingly detailed and looks great with Alpha or even Maxis Match CC. 
  • HQ compatible - Compatible with the HQ mod for the highest quality.  

Doryeong Hanbok details: Download

7. Female Hanbok Durumagi

Traditionally beautiful for outerwear. Photo from Simna Sims World.

Looking at traditional Korean clothing, you have the hanbok and its variations. From creator Simna Sims World, we have the Female Hanbok Durumagi, which is a type of outerwear or overcoat for the traditional hanbok. 

This lovely CC has new mesh, so you don't have to worry about hunting down the mesh for it. You can find this outfit in the long dress section of the clothing for the body, and it is for teens to elders. 

What's Fun About Female Hanbok Durumagi:

  • No random - No random bizarre outfits on townies; you control who wears this amazing hanbok. 
  • Outerwear - This is considered an overcoat, which is amazing for outwear. 
  • Colorful - Comes with 18 swatches that you can utilize for your sim's outfit. 

Female Hanbok Durumagi details: Download

6. Ayam (hanbok hat)

Always make sure you have the full set. Photo from Simna Sims World.

The Female Hanbok Durumagi is shown with a hat, an ayam. Simna Sims World created the Ayam (hanbok hat) to complete the look of their Female Hanbok Durumagi. 

This CC gives you 13 options for colors but doesn't go well with all hairstyles. The Ayam (hanbok hat) is a new mesh, as is its counterpart, the Female Hanbok Durumagi.  

What's Fun About Ayam (hanbok hat):

  • Complete - This completes the Female Hanbok Durumagi and gives you the full outfit that looks amazing. 
  • Traditional - The ayam is usually worn by females in Korea and is a traditional hat. 
  • Colorful - It comes in several colors to match your sim's durumagi.

Ayam (hanbok hat) details: Download

5. [Lena Sims & Simma] Korean Traditional Furniture Set

Come sit for awhile and let me tell you a fantastic story. Photo from Aterlier Lena. 

There are a lot of clothing CC and Mods, but what about furniture for Korean CC? From two amazing creators, they have created the [Lena Sims & Simma] Korean Traditional Furniture Set.

This collaboration between Atelier Lena and Simna has ten items for you to bring Korea's traditional culture to life in your sims game. Make sure you follow the link from Atelier Lena's page to Simna for their half of the set. 

What's Fun About [Lena Sims & Simma] Korean Traditional Furniture Set:

  • Tradition - Bring traditional furniture from Korea to your game and enjoy the culture. 
  • New Mesh - No worries about having to have the mesh located for these objects, as they are all new mesh. Just download, add to your game and play to your heart's desire. 
  • Setting - Great for setting up the perfect scene for a story you have planned for your sims. 

[Lena Sims & Simma] Korean Traditional Furniture Set details: Download

4. Fandom Masks

Masks are more than a percaustion in some places. Photo from Pralinesims. 

Every group of fans has merch of some kind, especially with the logo or characters of that fandom, and K-pop is no different. From the creator Pralinesims comes the Fandom Masks with the logos of your favorite K-pop groups. 

You will find that there are logos for BTS, Black Pink, Monsta X, and many more as swatches for these masks. Ten swatches are solid colors with things like a mustache, smiles, and even a little bear mouth. 

What's Fun About Fandom Masks:

  • K-pop - Great for those who love K-pop and want their sims to show it off. 
  • Style - Wearing a mask is a style of clothing and not just for when you are sick. 
  • Cute - There are swatches for cute looks, such as teddy bear mouth and different smiles too. 

Fandom Masks details: Download

3. BarbarrojaSims - Dreamcatcher

We all need posters of our favorite groups. Photo from Matin Barbarroja. 

K-pop is full of talented artists, and with CC/Mod creators, we can add posters with these wonderful artists on them. One group, in particular, is called Dreamcatcher, and the CC BarbarrojaSims - Dreamcatcher gives you two posters to use in-game. 

Creator Martin Barbarrooja has several posters with Dreamcatcher on them for download, but this one has two swatches and showcases the lovely ladies altogether. He also shares information about the group and what their mission is. 

What's Fun About BarbarrojaSims - Dreamcatcher:

  • All members - These posters showcase all the members of the group Dreamcatcher. 
  • Positive message - The group itself wishes to bring positivity and get rid of the negative energy through their music. 
  • Soft colors - The posters are easy to look at with the pinks, purples, and black outfits. 

BarbarrojaSims - Dreamcatcher details: Download

2. Arenaria Eyelids N01

Realism matters, right? Photo from Pralinesims. 

Everyone has different kinds of eyes, and Koreans are no different. Every person deserves to be able to make accurate sims in their game, and Praline helps do that with their Arenaria Eyelids N01.

This CC is available for all sims, no matter their age and gender. You can find it in the skin details section. 

What's Fun About Arenaria Eyelids N01:

  • Realistic - Bring some realistic eyelids to your sims and make them truly look like you want them to. 
  • 105 swatches - No shortage of styles for you to use and create different looks for your sims. 
  • Three variations - There are three different variations that you can use to change the look according to what you need. 

Arenaria Eyelids N01 details: Download

1. [Atelier Lena] New Dangeui Hanbok Embroidery version


Beautifully designed for yiour sim in mind. Photo by Atelier Lena.

If you are looking to play in a royal setting, then you may want to find a Korean hanbok that is just right for the occasion. Atelier Lena created the [Atelier Lena] New Dangeui Hanbok Embroidery version, which is perfect for that setting. 

This CC has amazing details and several colors you can choose from for that right look. Other versions of this are not as detailed as [Atelier Lena] New Dangeui Hanbok Embroidery version. 

What's Fun About [Atelier Lena] New Dangeui Hanbok Embroidery version:

  • Feel royal - If you are a storyteller and are looking for a royal look, your sim will feel the part in this dress. 
  • 40 swatches - You will have a multitude of colors to choose from. 
  • HQ version - If you use the HQ mod, there is a version of this CC for you to download. 

[Atelier Lena] New Dangeui Hanbok Embroidery version details: Download


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