[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Apartments

Jang Household Apartment, 121 Hakim House, San Myshuno
WOW! Some of these apartments are absolutely stunning!

10. 19 Culpepper House

If you’re looking for a wonderful starter apartment that’s a bit of a fixer-upper, this one's for you! The apartment has two decently large bedrooms and a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the city. It’s perfect for our number ten spot!

What Makes 19 Culpepper Amazing?

  • The best part about this apartment is the big balcony. This is the only starter place that has an outdoor area, and it is a wonderful place for pets, gardening, reading, or whatever your sim loves to do to relax! You could even turn it into an outdoor party spot and really go ham with some townies.
  • It’s very affordable. The downpayment isn’t too high, and it’s very manageable for two roommates or a small family. The apartment has the ‘Needs TLC’ lot trait, so you’ll probably want to work on your handiness skill, but it’s a great buy!

9.  121 Hakim House - Jang

You can just tell the builders put in so much time, thought, and energy into this build. It’s so lively, the theme is incredible, and it’s certainly very unique!

What Makes 121 Hakim House Amazing?

  • The style of this house is absolutely stunning, and the color scheme is exciting and interesting to play in. It’s an awesome build for any artsy sim, and it’s fun to play as the ‘Jang’ family that lives here.
  • This has one of the best and coolest children’s rooms I’ve seen in this game. There is so much to do in this house, and the amount of hobby and skill building items is impressive. The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is it isn’t as playable as some of the other houses. Still, anyone that lives here is sure to fall in love with their home!

8. 122 Hakim House

Beautiful color scheme, chic design, and excellently laid out, this is one of the best apartments in the game. The black, white, teal, and yellow looks gorgeous in this build, and it’s got a very high-end feel to it.

What Makes 122 Hakim House Amazing?

  • This apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is one of the better designed apartments. It is spacious, has a layout that is efficient, and it’s perfect for a somewhat wealthy family!
  • The gameplay for this apartment could be very interesting. It has the ‘Historical’ lot trait, but looks very modern, so it could be an apartment that was owned by a very traditional elderly person and renovated by a new, hip family. It also looks like it came straight out of a magazine, which could be good for someone with a career in the arts! 

7. Fountainview Penthouse

Okay, I know this apartment doesn’t look like much, (and it’s not), but it is an excellent apartment for simmers who love to build, renovate, and furnish! The apartment is great real estate considering it’s a penthouse, it just needs a little love.

What Makes Fountainview Penthouse Amazing?

  • The inside is completely customizable. This lot comes with essentially the bare minimum requirements for residential lots - a bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom. There is so much potential!
  • This patio is to die for. It’sis really the only thing furnished fully, and it still has a ton of room to customize and spruce up. When playing in this apartment, you can use the patio for parties and events. If your sim isn’t really a party person, you can also sit and brood on your penthouse patio as you paint a masterpiece worth thousands of dollars. So ~fancy~. 
  • There are no bad lot traits! The two lot traits for this build - Great Soil and Natural Light - are great traits, but they can also be removed! No ghosts, or fireplaces you can’t remove. If you want this place, you better be ready to shell out a fortune though. The lot value without all of the furnishings you need is already $83,188. Yeesh!

6. 920 Medina Studios

This house is so goth. The dark colors, the victorian flare, the dim lighting - it’s all so unique and interesting. There are several reasons this apartment is the 6th best in the game.

What Makes 920 Medina Studios Amazing?

  • The aesthetic of this apartment is just so awesome. It’s like the Goth house, but apartment style and a little more affordable. This house has two bedrooms and one bathroom, making it great for a small family or for some really weird roommates. You could even have the Goth family move here and try out city living!
  • I love lots, packs, and DLC that makes for some interesting gameplay, andthis apartment does just that. When I see this lot, I get excited to try out so many different households. I could play as some really weird roommates who are all vampires! I could play as a weird old couple with two super creepy twin daughters! When you look at this lot, ideas and storylines just spring to life. Plus, the lot traits - Quiet and Haunted - really add to the feel of the apartment. Spooky!

5. 1312 21 Chic Street - Pizzazz

Penny Pizzazz’s apartment takes spot number five in our top ten. This place is so vibrant, so uplifting, and it just looks happy! I love playing with this lot, and I’m sure you will too.

What Makes 1312 21 Chic Street Amazing?

  • This is the only apartment in the game with the bed and living space in the same room! It feels so realistic for city living, and is excellent for playing a sim who isn’t super wealthy, but likes to live nicely. 
  • Style-wise, Penny’s apartment is very unique and extremely fun. The pretty teal theme, the interesting art and decor, the statement rugs, and the wallpaper/flooring all work together to bring together this fun art-deco look on a budget. It’s fantastic, and the lot value is an affordable $17,935. Kick Penny out and play away!

4. 701 Zenview - Karaoke Legends

This apartment brings me to tears. The beauty of this build is just absolutely overwhelming and I am obsessed with it. Zoom in and look around - with every second you look it becomes better and better!

What Makes 701 Zenview Amazing?

  • The kitchen in this house is phenomenally cute and sweet. The baby blue walls, the light colors, and the gorgeous flooring make me so very happy. The entire bottom floor is incredible, and that karaoke machine makes for an awesome party! Many house parties have been thrown here (and the lot traits are Quake Zone and Party Place!!!). 
  • This house was designed for the Karaoke Legends, but it’s a great build for tons of different households. Playing small families here, strange roommates, or three sisters that are super different is tons of fun, and the layout upstairs has plenty of room for four sims. 
  • I love the additions that make this place feel more homey. The backpack on the floor of the girls room, the clothes in their bathroom, and the fruit on the counter in the kitchen just makes me smile. I love these little clutter items that make houses look more realistic! 

3. 910 Medina Studios - Benali

This apartment is so disgusting. That’s why I love it! This is probably one of the worst looking apartments if not the worst apartment in the game. I still put it as third. Read below before you result to calling me a psychopath and disregarding my opinion entirely.

What Makes 910 Medina Studios Amazing?

  • Rags to riches has never been more fun. Kicking out Salim Benali (or just moving in with him) and trying to go from dirt poor to Landgraab level is just a blast and a half. The absolute horribleness of this lot really starts your sims at rock bottom. How fun!
  • Look at the exposed piping, the gross old carpet, the horrid wallpaper, the computer in the corner… it’s so nasty! I could go on for a good while about the nastiness of this apartment. The weird green theme to the furniture, the tiny kitchen, the bubbletron bong machine against the wall, the tv on the stack of luggage, the super cheap bed next to the nightstand that is literally just a crate - EA spent so much time making this look revolting, and I am so glad. 

2. 1010 Alto Apartments

The biggest build in the game, the fourth most expensive, and the most playable apartment takes the second spot on our list. I adore the alto apartments, and I am more than happy to tell you why.

What Makes 1010 Alto Apartments Amazing?

  • Out of all of the apartments in the game, this most comfortably and naturally fits a full household. Playing with 8 sims is pretty difficult, but if you have a storyline that requires it, you want to be able to spread out and enjoy the home. This apartment would be great for a multi-generational family of 8, four wealthy roommates, or a successful couple with six boujee children! I love using this lot for my full households. How wonderful it is to have four bedrooms and two bathrooms. 
  • This. kitchen. is. magnificent. Zoom in a minute and just check out that huge, professional, gorgeous kitchen in the middle of the apartment! Playing as a five star chef with a wife who’s a doctor is just too much fun in this house. 10/10 would recommend. 

1. 1313 21 Chic Street

I’m certain you’re confused. Why does this tiny weird apartment fall in first place above these other incredible builds? You ask. Is that water damage I see in the bathroom? Yes, that is water damage, and I am so glad you asked! Let’s talk about this last one for a minute. 

What Makes 1313 21 Chic Street Amazing?

  • I can not stress enough how much I love this build. .  The water damage on the wallpaper, the wear on the fridge, the tiny television in front of a small sofa, and the blue tile floor in the bathroom makes this house look low quality. I love how the exposed piping is so in-your-face and every room is so small! The build is intriguing, no doubt, but let me explain what landed this apartment top spot.
  • Single parent with one child, creepy psychopath with a tiny guest room, woman that murdered her husband, old man that has… seen some stuff - there is just so much room for the imagination here! Take a careful look at the living room. Under the coffee table is an exhilarating outline of a body! GASP! The description for this apartment says the landlord is selling it for very cheap as if he can’t seem to give it away! Someone was definitely murdered here, and that just starts the ideas firing in my head. 
  • This apartment is super cheap (for obvious reasons), so it is an epic rags to riches challenge. I adore playing as a struggling single parent with one child who is desperately trying to make a better life for themselves. Working them up in their career and watching them get on their feet is so sweet and uplifting. I also love playing as an extremely creepy murderer with a guest room and a door that mysteriously disappears! Whatever your gaming style, this takes the number 1 spot for its story potential!

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