[Top 5] The Witcher 3 Best Feline Builds

The best Feline builds in Witcher 3

If you hadn’t pieced it together already, Geralt is a member of the school of the Wolf. However there’s no denying that the feline armour gear provides you with some interesting perks. The Cat School focuses on Addan Anye (The Fiery Dancer), a fast fighting style created by the elf Nissail, which favours speed, precision, and agility.

Their gear is designed specifically to maximise flexibility and range of motion. If you’re looking for a melee build that allows quick and deadly strikes, Cat school might be the perfect fit. I’ve compiled a list of the strongest Feline builds I've come across so that you can dive right into the Witcher’s action packed narrative. 

God Tier 

Become unstoppable

Kicking off the list with a bang, like a true witcher, the build utilizes combat, alchemy and signs. Created by content creator ‘FightinCowboy’, not only is it one of the most powerful builds in the entire game, it is also incredibly fun to play; giving you a variety of different ways to approach fights. 

What the God Tier build excels in: 

  • Close combat becomes a walk in the park as you receive hefty attack power bonuses. 
  • Very high sign intensity as the Euphoria mutagen grants you an increase by 0.75% for each point of Toxicity. 
  • With tissue transmutation and endure pain Geralt achieves almost 14000 vitality. 

Build details: 

  • Six combat skills (+120% attack power), seven alchemy skills (+1575 vitality), one general skill. 
  • Toussaint steel sword and Aerondight silver sword
  • Four pieces of feline armour. 
  • Troll, Ekhidna and Archgriffin decoctions.

Fatal Feline 

The Homme Fatale

Another strong contender for the Witcher 3’s best build spot. The brain child of youtuber ‘Huxian Gaming’. A great build for those who love to play with swords but don’t want to get bogged down by the logistics of alchemy skills or the glamour of magic use. 

  • What the Fatal Feline build excels in: 
  • Amped up sword fighting as both fast and strong attack skill trees have been maxed out. 
  • Increased tolerance to chug back any combination of potions and decoctions. 
  • Hefty bonuses resulting in a relatively high damage output for a Feline build.

Build details:

  • Ten combat skills (+140% attack power), two alchemy skills, one sign skill, one general skill.
  • Grandmaster Wolven steel sword and Aerondight silver sword.
  • Four pieces of feline armour.
  • Ekimmara, Ekhidna and Water hag decoctions. 

Combat Purist

What the Combat Purist build excels in: 

  • A combination of Killing spree and Euphoria allows you to dispatch large groups of enemies very quickly. 
  • Critical hit chance and critical damage bonus is increased significantly due to the skills and swords used. 
  • Adrenaline point gain is incredibly high giving you all sorts of advantages during combat. It's also paired well with rage management as you’ll most likely always be low on stamina. 

Build details:

  • Nine combat skills (+195% attack power), four alchemy skills, two general skills. 
  • Belhaven steel sword and Gesheft silver sword.
  • Four pieces of feline armour.
  • Troll, Ekhidna and Water Hag decoctions. 

God Mode Melee

God mode

Although similar to the Combat purist build, what makes Apex of War’s build stand out are the enchantments applied to his weapons and armour. If you’re someone who loves to wreak havoc and cause as much carnage as possible, this is the build for you. Requires 81 ability points which makes it sublime for NG+.

What the God Mode Melee build excels in: 

  • The blizzard potion briefly slows down time whenever you get a kill, which means chaining kills will give you plenty of opportunity to destroy your opponents. 
  • The invigoration enchantment on the swords turns vitality regeneration at maximum health into added damage. When paired with the Ekimmara decoction your damage output really stacks up. 
  • You’re always prepared to fight as the protection enchantment on the armour gives you a Quen shield when entering combat.

Build details:

  • Nine combat skills (+195% attack power), four alchemy skills, two general skills. 
  • Squire’s steel sword and Aerondight silver sword.
  • Four pieces of feline armour.
  • Ekimmara and Water hag decoctions.

Grandmaster Feline 

Made for the professional witcher.

Last but not the least, youtuber Augiesaint changes direction and moves away from strong attacks completely. Instead shifting the focus to alchemy and adrenaline point gain. The build uses the same enchantments as the God Mode Melee build, which earns it a spot on my list. 

What the Grandmaster Feline build excels in: 

  • Extra ability points in battle trance turns adrenaline into vitality when Geralt is on death’s door. 
  • Using all six feline gear pieces allows you to do 50% more damage from behind and stun opponents for the cost of one adrenaline point. 

Build details:

  • Seven combat skills (+150% attack power), five alchemy skills (+900 vitality), two general skills. 
  • Grandmaster feline steel and silver sword.
  • Four pieces of feline armour.
  • Ekimmara, Water hag, Arachas and Forktail decoctions. 

Even though The Witcher 3 is my personal favourite game of all time, I do admit that the combat can eventually get a bit stale. By the end of the game, Geralt is a juggernaut regardless of what armour or weapons you have. 

However if you’re not ready to leave the witcher universe behind just yet, these builds will make you feel even more badass. Instead of being stuck in a vicious cycle of popping Quen and dodging enemies, you’ll be able to bulldoze your way through. Be warned, no matter how overpowered a build is, it can't protect you from fall damage.


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