15 Best Witcher 3 Weapons and How To Get Them

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As a Witcher, you carry two swords upon your back: one for humans, one for monsters.

Be Sure To Get These Best Witcher 3 Weapons That Will Aid You In Your Monster Hunting Adventure

The Witcher 3 began to win awards two years before its release, and rightfully so. Considered to be one of the greatest RPG’s of all time, the game is routinely applauded for its immersive story, stunning graphics, and of course, intuitive combat. With the ability to carry bombs, hatchets, swords, and a crossbow, there are tons of weapons to arm yourself with throughout the course of the game, and this guide will not only run down 15 of the best weapons you can acquire, but how to get them.

Part 1 - Silver Swords

15. Viper Silver Sword

Follow this video to discover the location of the Viper Silver Sword.

Weapon Specs

125 Slashing Damage

Aard Sign intensity +10%

Chance to poison +10%

Bonus experience from monsters +20%

Materials Needed

1x Leather Straps

2x Silver Ingot

1x Venom Extract

1x Emerald Dust

Required Level: 1

While certainly not the most powerful sword in the game (it’s actually far from it), the Viper Silver Sword has a special place in any player’s inventory thanks to the low level requirement needed to add it to one’s collection. With the bonus given to slashing damage, a 10% chance to poison, and the added advantage of monsters dealing out more experience per kill, this sword serves as one of the most efficient and lethal methods of quickly leveling up during the early portions of the game.

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