[Top 20] The Sims 4 Best Halloween CC For Spooky Fun

Sims 4 Best Halloween CC
Halloween is year round in this list of spooky CC!

Although The Possibilities in The Sims 4 seem to be endless, content creators within the beloved game’s community are always finding new ways to expand upon gameplay even more than before. With the constant release of custom content and mods, anyone can find their interests in this game. Luckily for horror fans such as myself, the collection of spooky custom content online is vast, making it quite easy to add scary Sims that seemingly came from Halloweentown into your game. It’s time to go on a spooky CC downloading spree, because this list has the best creepy content made by fellow Simmers!


20. Botched Blush Collection by Missatan

Sport a set of nasty scars.

Are the Sims in your world just too beautiful and perfect? If you want to add a gruesome bunch of looks into your game, then the Botched Blush Collection is a great CC find. This collection of looks adds a plethora of botched surgery looks for your Sims to sport around town.

In This CC:

  • Surgical Markings
  • Sets of Stitches
  • Botched Surgery Looks

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/316057/botched-by-missatan-sims4 


19. TS4 Werewolf Hunter Set

Supernatural hunters have the craziest things.

If your Sim is a fierce warrior looking to eliminate occult life, the Werewolf Hunter Set is an amazing addition to bring into your home. This dangerously equipped set is full of decor that is made for only the fiercest of werewolf hunters.

In This CC:

  • Silver Bullets
  • Wolfsbane
  • Werewolf Hunter Pistol
  • Silver Dagger
  • Crossbow Box

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/307391/ts4-werewolf-hunter-set-sims4 


18. Scary Movie Night Pose Pack by radioactive

Pose for a movie night photo!

What’s your favorite scary movie? Bring any spooky Sim story to life with this creative pose pack by radioactive. If you are a storyteller trying to capture a moment of peace before calamity strikes, or even if you are just looking to add some fun animations to your gameplay, this pose pack will be fun to play with.

In This CC:

  • Several different poses for a scary movie night

Download from Sims File Share: https://simfileshare.net/download/795008/ 


17. Witchy Makeup by Blahberry-Pancake

Make your look be something magical.

If the witchy makeup looks provided by the Realm of Magic game pack weren’t quite enough for you, this gothic collection will bring you bliss. Providing gothic yet enchanting designs, this makeup pack sparks magic.

In This CC:

  • 16 swatches of different and witchy makeup looks
  • New Eye/Lip makeup
  • New Face Makeup

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/171241/blahberry-pancake-witchy-make...


16. Freddy Krueger’s Outfit by lazyeyelids

Bring the nightmare into your game.

One, two, Fredddy’s coming for you… At least he will be if you have the full Freddy Krueger outfit in your game. Any Sim can become the notorious 1980s horror villain with this creative custom content. To make things even more horrific, use this CC with the Extreme Violence Mod by Sacrificial to truly bring the horrors of Elm Street to your game. 

In This CC:

  • Freddy Krueger Sweater
  • Freddy Krueger Pants
  • Knife Glove

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/174284/freddie-s-outfit-sims4 


15. Cat Magic Pose Pack by Parissimmer

Capture a magical moment with your pet!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch doesn’t have to be the only one with a magical cat anymore. With this adorable and magical pose pack by Parissimmer, your pet cat can now pose with several different objects to make for a fun tale.

In This CC:

  • 7 Adorable Poses for magical pet cats

Download from Tumblr: https://parissimmer-s4.tumblr.com/post/188563734901/just-cat-magic-7-pos...


14. Scary Clown Makeup Set by KareemZiSims

The tragic clown has some competition.

Clowns in The Sims 4 are much more than tragic once you download the Scary Clowns SFX Makeup from KareemZiSims. If you are a fan of Stephen King’s It or the cult classic Killer Klowns From Outer Space, this makeup set will bring the best of chills to all Sims in town.

In This CC:

  • 5 Haunting Clown Makeup Designs

Download from The Sims Resource: https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/KareemZiSims2/downloads/details/...


13. Jason Voorhees Costume and Poses by beverlyallitsims

Summer camp has never seemed so unsafe.

Jason Vorhees is ready to lurk through the woods near your Sims home with this costume and pose pack featuring the infamous summer camp killer. If you are looking to bring chaos to a summer camp near your Sims, this small yet creepy CC pack is ideal.

In This CC:

  • Jason Voorhees Mask and Machete
  • Crystal Lake Killer Outfit
  • Killer Poses

Download from Tumblr: https://beverlyallitsims.tumblr.com/post/141928320109/hey-hey-hey-welcom...


12. Umbar Set by Simspiration Builds

Enchant your home with ancient decorations.

Another way to enhance the amount of witchiness in your game is to download the Umbar Set by Simspiration Builds. This set includes nothing but original content that will be perfect in any spellcasters home. This pack can also be used in a medieval type of gameplay setting to enhance the decor. 

In This CC:

  • 29 new witchcraft inspired objects
  • Creepy new decor

Download from Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/72772548 


11. Valak Eyes & Blush by cuzislay

Any Sim can now have the eyes of our favorite evil nun.

The evil nun is able to summon herself into The Sims 4 with this particularly creepy CC pack that is inspired by the successful horror movies The Conjuring 2 and The Nun. This pack has 4 different contact types as well as 2 ghastly blush types that will make any Sim look like they’re from the other side. 

In This CC:

  • 4 different Spooky, Pale Contacts
  • Undead Blush

Download from SimFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/293045/valak-contacts-blush-sims4 


10. Halloween 2022 Collection by Leosims4cc

Decorate for Halloween like never before.

The options for Halloween decorations in The Sims 4 are rather sparse unless you have every supernatural pack. In this pack by LeoSims, the options for Halloween decorations are expanded to help your outcast Sims spook their homes with style any time of the year.

In This CC:

  • 7 Spooky new decor items

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/315229/halloween-2022-sims4 


9. Funeral Parlor Set by Around The Sims 4

Turn your Sims home into a funeral parlor.

Turn your home into a mortuary with the Funeral Parlor Set. This CC features several different coffin styles in different stances, allowing any home that was once bright and bubbly to become dark and dreary. This pack also comes with decorations and items to hold the coffins on in case you run out of room on the floor.

In This CC:

  • Standing Coffins, Open Coffins, and Closed Coffins
  • Coffin Shelf
  • Coffin Trolley
  • Other Decorations

Download from Around The Sims 4: https://sims4.aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_community_27.shtmlv 


8. Retro Halloween Posters by Lady Kendal Sims

Any Sim can be a retro horror fan!

Some of the best horror is now known as retro, making this Poster pack purely iconic. This pack features 14 classic horror posters, from classics of another time to well known titles like Beetlejuice. If this pack was not enough, Lady Kendal also has 2 more retro horror poster packs available for download on her Tumblr page. 

In This CC:

  • 14 Retro Horror Posters

Download from Tumblr: https://ladykendalsims.tumblr.com/post/633324932026236928/retro-hallowee...


7. Simlish Ouija Board by desert gloom

Add a creepy ouija board to your collection of knick-knacks.

Although it is not functional, this Ouija board decoration is an amazing addition for any reckless teenager or well practiced witch. There are different styles that will fit into most areas and can definitely make for an eerie environment. 

In This CC:

  • 4 swatches of an Ouija board decoration 

Download from Tumblr: https://desertgloom.tumblr.com/post/169378921106/desertgloom-simlish-oui...


6. October 2022 Collection by Senate

Spook with style.

Senate is always releasing fun CC collections that are full of fashion and unique looks. The October collection never fails to excite horror fans and costume lovers alike, and the issue released in 2022 was absolutely astonishing. This set features 10 new items in total, with 8 dresses, a pair of pumps, and bloody new makeup.

In This CC:

  • Chic new halloween outfits
  • Haunting new makeup
  • A pair of rustic pumps

Download from Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/72921384 


5. Pale Secret Ultimate Collection by PralineSims

Make the vampires in your game scarier and bloodier.

The Pale Secret Ultimate Collection is perfect for anyone who is looking to make their vampire Sims more gruesome or deadly looking. This amazing pack adds over 100 items that can be used to give any Sim (teen or older) a bloody makeover.

In This CC:

  • 140 Vampire Inspired Items, from Clothing to Makeup

Download from Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/simblreen-2022-76084995 


4. Arachne Spider Skins by natalia-auditore

Turn your Sims into crawling creatures.

If there is anything more terrifying than regular sized spiders, it would be a half spider/ half person that walks around on 8 legs. With this arachnid induced pack, Sims of all ages can now become half breed spider Sims by simply changing their pants in Create-A-Sim. 

In This CC:

  • Turn any Sim into a half spider

Download from SimsFinds: https://www.simsfinds.com/downloads/249667/arachne-for-all-ages-by-natal...


3. Witchy Brew Cauldron V2 by Icemunmun

Spice up any party with this functional cauldron.

The Witchy Brew Cauldron is here to spice up all of your spooky parties, and it has more to serve than just looks. Although this does make for an amazing decoration, this CC doubles in function as a mod that allows you to create different potions as well. Every potion has a different look and effect on Sims, so proceed with caution!

In This CC:

  • Functional Tabletop Cauldron 
  • Fun Potions that have different effects
  • Spellcasters benefit from using cauldron

Download from Icemunmun Downloads: https://icemunmun.in/2020/10/21/cauldron-potion-transmutation-witchy-bre...


2. Wednesday Addams Bedroom Set by Sixam CC

Embrace the darker side of life.

With Wednesday Addams growing more and more popular as the most loved yet dreadful character, her popularity has finally imprinted on the Sims. Custom Content creator Sixam CC has created an amazing pack inspired by the character show, featuring a circular stained glass window and items such as family pictures and apparent human skulls. 

In This CC:

  • New gothic furniture and decor
  • Wednesday Addams themed build mode items

Download from Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/74669653 


1. The Rainbow Room Stuff Pack by zwhsims

Such a happy place.

Enter the upside down when you download the Rainbow room Pack by zwhsims. If you want to turn the game into a supernatural showdown between two powerful Sims or just want to recreate some scenes from your favorite sci-fi show, The Rainbow Room Pack will fit perfectly into your game. 

In this CC:

  • Bring your Sims to the Rainbow Room from Stranger Things
  • Create an eerie space for children Sims
  • Supernatural new makeup 

Download from Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/sims-tm-4-room-67400310?utm_medium=clipboa...

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