[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Trait Mods

Best Sims 4 Trait Mods
Gone are the days of having to settle for EA's boring traits.

[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Trait Mods

Traits in the Sims 4 are severely lacking any sort of originality. Sure, you get a few new traits with each expansion pack, but they’re not very fun even then. Luckily for us, we have modders! There are a ton of custom traits available for download, so it’s easy to search and find anything specific that you want. This list will count down the 10 best trait mods for the Sims 4.

10. Vicky Sims 100 Base Game Traits Pack

Vicky Sims is the God of custom traits. They have various trait bundles, which I’ll showcase later on. They have such a wide range of traits so that you can make your sims truly unique from one another.

There are 5 separate parts to the bundle and all traits are base game compatible so you don’t need a heap of the expansions for it all to work properly. This mod is a must-have for those of you who are bored of the same old traits, which is everyone at this point.

Why the 100 Base Game Traits Pack is fun:

  • They add tons of personality to your sims! Each separate part of the bundle focuses on a certain aspect of a sims personality, so you can set your sims apart from their boring, old neighbors.
  • Choose between traits that define your sims emotional response, social image, relationships, appearance, and talent. Every little detail of your sim is covered in this pack!
  • Each trait comes with its animation, tailored buffs, and effects to your sims, plus impacts on your sims’ relationships and emotions.

Download Vicky Sims 100 Base Game Traits Pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41969378 

9. Vicky Sims Toddler Traits Bundle


If you thought that adult sims had underdeveloped traits, take a minute to think about the poor toddlers. Vicky Sims to the rescue! She’s created a trait bundled tailored specifically for toddlers!

This mod is great if you love having kids in your families, I really can’t imagine why you would ever love that though. It’s also extremely useful if you’re doing the 100 baby challenge and want to make each baby unique!

Why the Toddler Traits Bundle is fun:

  • It comes with 10 new traits for your toddler! Choose wisely, because some will result in your toddler being even more difficult to take care of! On the flip side, they might be perfect little angels and cause no problems for you.
  • Each trait comes with its own added buff to your toddler, some of which include faster hunger/energy decay, slower skill gain, or faster skill gain. Some traits interfere with each other so that you cannot have both at the same time, which is smart and realistic.

Download Vicky Sims Toddler Traits Bundle here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43371470

8. Snowiii95’s Teen Lifestyle Mod


Plumbella showcases Snowiii95's Teen Lifestyle Mod

Teens are massively underdeveloped in the Sims 4, they have no real distinguishing features and could pass as adults the minute they age up from a child. There are a lot of mods that add features specifically for teens, and the Teen Lifestyle mod is exactly that!

This mod adds 8 new traits for teen sims, allowing them to have a little more individuality from their parents. It also adds new aspirations themed around high school and lots of new social interactions too.

Why the Teen Lifestyle mod is fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mDe3Y_gX6M&ab_channel=Plumbella 

  • 8 new traits mean you can live out those horrible high school cliches! Choose between being a band nerd, emo, a jock, a nerd, a prankster, a heartbreaker, a bully, or innocent
  • There are 4 new aspirations to go along with the new traits! Work your way through the teenage woes of being an athlete, an emo soul, a heartbreaker, or a spoiled brat.
  • Each new trait comes with new social interactions that are unique to them! It makes interactions between teens a little more realistic, for example, you can ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to be your date to prom!

Download Snowiii95’s Teen Lifestyle Mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/teen-lifestyle-43544642 

7. Thepancake1 and MizoreYukii’s More Traits Mod


UrbanSims showcases Thepancake1's More Traits Mod

One of the most missed features from Sims 3 was the ability to give your sims 5 base traits in CAS. Sims 4 took this out, reducing it to only 3 base traits. The More Traits mod fixes this, and bumps it back up to a healthy 5!

The mod is something that should have already been in the base game, it’s a wonder that it’s taken someone so long to develop a mod that adds more trait slots. It’s great for developing your sims and makes it so that they’re a little more human-like.

Why the More Traits mod is fun:

  • Obviously, your sims can now have up to 5 traits! You don’t need to fill every slot, as sims can survive with only 1 trait selected, but it’s nice to have the option! This allows for sims to be more in-depth, gives them a little boost of personality.
  • Teens, Children, and Toddler sims can now have more traits too! They’ve all been increased by 1, which makes a huge difference to children and toddlers! 
  • It’s base-game compatible and works in tandem with other mods to ensure seamless gameplay.

Download Thepancake1 and MizoreYukii’s More Traits mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/48204168 

6. KiaraSims’ Multiple Custom Traits

Downloading custom content for Sims 4 is a process. You need to filter through everything to find just what you’re looking for, and then download it all separately. KiaraSims has made selecting custom traits easy as pie, with a well-compiled list on their website with every trait they’ve created.

It may take some time to read through all the traits created by Kiara, but she’s made a lot, so you’re bound to find some that you like and want in your game. Being able to select the traits manually makes it easier to tailor the game to your liking, some mod packs come with traits you don’t want, or ever use, so this way, you get exactly what you want.

Why the Multiple Custom Traits is fun:

  • There are so many to choose from! KiaraSims has over 74 different traits on her website for you to pick and choose. There are separate menus that include traits for children, hobbies, emotions, lifestyle, lots, and social, so you truly are getting everything.
  • Your sims’ personality is about to get a huge upgrade! Hobby traits make it so that you’re sim is at their happiest when doing what they love, while lifestyle traits add little quirks to your sims! You can be a faithful sim or a girly girl, or maybe they’re shy!

Download KiaraSims’ Custom Traits here: https://kiarasims4mods.home.blog/ 

5. MuvaSimmer’s Various Traits


Nini'sPlanet showcases MuvaSimmer's Various Traits

Like KiaraSims’, Muva is creating individual traits for easy customization of your game! Her traits are more based on urban culture, which is great because you get to see some representation in the game!

Muva has some really great traits on her Patreon, if you’re looking for more X-rated content, then this is definitely the place to go. The traits are both appearance and personality-based so you’re getting the best of both worlds when you visit their Patreon.

Why MuvaSimmer’s Various Traits are fun:

  • They add emotions and interactions to the game that will never be added by EA. Mainly because they’re a little too mature for the age intended for Sims players, but it’s still nice to see some raunchy CC from time to time.
  • Some traits include Scrub, where you think that you can get any guy/gal back to your place and have them falling in love. Or maybe your sim is Needy, you need constant attention and you’re racing to find the love of your life, that one is a little too relatable.

Download MuvaSimmer’s Various Traits here: https://www.patreon.com/muvasimmer/posts?filters%5Btag%5D=ts4cctraits 

4. SkillfulSimmer340’s Zodiac Trait Pack

Astrology is a pretty big part of our personality, and it used to feature pretty heavily in Sims 2 and 3. One of my favorite features in Sims 3 was when your sim went on a date and found out they had a compatible zodiac sign with their date!

SkillfulSimmer340 has added all 12 zodiac traits in this mod, each with its own buffs and effects on relationships. It’s well thought out and adds a little extra something to your sims, it works well with the added traits slot mod I talked about earlier, as it’s an easy thing to pick and fill a space.

Why the Zodiac Trait Pack is fun:

  • If you’re really into astrology, this mod is right up your alley! Whether you want to be a Virgo, or a Cancer, or a Saggitarius, it’s completely up to you! All the traits have their own descriptions that let you know what you’re in for.
  • Each zodiac sign gets a boost to different skills! Capricorns learn logic and creativity quicker, Libras learn comedy and charisma faster. Cancers gain romantic relationships quicker with sims and Geminis relationships are more likely to fluctuate.
  • Your sim will also get tailored Whims depending on what zodiac sign they are. Aries tend to want to lash out and perform mean interactions, while Aquarius sims want to change up their life whenever they feel bored.

Download SkillfulSimmer340’s Zodiac Trait Pack here: https://skillfulsimmer340.tumblr.com/post/176853448859/zodiac-trait-pack 

3. PimpMySims4’s University Trait Pack

Discover University is by far my favorite expansion to play with. The university experience has been greatly improved from Sims 3 and is much more interactive. But, there’s not a lot of features that set students apart from regular sims.

The University Trait Pack adds 5 new traits, that work with the base game, but are better suited for Discover University and pair well with the creator’s University Aspiration pack too. The mod is perfect for those of you who love to send your sims to university and want it to be part of their personality.

Why the University Trait Pack is fun: 

  • It adds 5 new traits that are stereotypes of different university students! It helps with realism in the university setting, you could give the townies these traits too to add to the world-building aspect.
  • Choose between Coffee Addict, Frat Boy, Studious, Sorority Girl, and Cognitively Impaired. Each trait comes with its own interactions, as well as autonomous actions. Coffee Addicts will order and drink coffee without being told, while Frat Boys will flirt autonomously with those around them.

Download PimpMySims4’s University Trait Pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/31908594?fbclid=IwAR10v46jHcW9iUJH9YD6eVJ3mEzxSG_3fftHVGnX1ulYAlzzJ8PPogIlewc 

2. Triplis’ Child Exclusive Trait Pack

We’ve already talked about how children are often overlooked in Sims 4, they don’t have much personality and usually, just work away at their aspirations and school until they age up. This pack gives them a little more depth!

Much like the toddler trait pack, this pack is needed for those of you who like to have lots of kids in your household. It adds 8 new traits that are exclusive to kids, meaning no adults can steal them, and just make them more child-like in general.

Why the Child Exclusive Trait Pack is fun:

  • It gives your children some personality, finally! 8 new traits including Bold, Fretful, Gigglemeister, Rocket, Sensitive, Sleuth, Sweetie, and Tattletale, make excellent additions to the child trait list.
  • Each trait comes with its own interactions and some mood changes. Kids with the Sweetie trait are more likely to become randomly happy and can think happy thoughts. Rocket children are energized randomly, can get hyped, and their energy need decays slower.

Download Triplis’ Child Exclusive Trait Pack here: https://triplis.github.io/mods/child-traits-pack.html#subsection-bold-trait 

1. Kutto’s New Emotional Traits

The traits in the base game usually only affect your sims’ ability to build skills, and their needs. Some affect their mood, like when an Active sim doesn’t work out for a while, and they get stressed. But Kutto has added traits that are specifically to do with emotions.

The pack adds 9 new traits, that are available to children through to elder sims. They’re emotion-based so have a direct effect on whatever mood your sim is in. It makes for more interesting gameplay, and is slightly more realistic.

Why the Emotional Traits Pack is fun:

  • 9 new traits mean your sims are about to get a whole lot more interesting! Traits include Calm, Insecure, Oblivious, Stoic, Arrogant, Restless, Daydreamer, Perky, and Egghead.
  • Each trait, of course, comes with tailored mood changes. Egghead sims get focused randomly and also receive a boost to their mental skills, and debate skills. If your sim has the Oblivious trait, they gain skills slower than everyone else and will become dazed more often.

Download Kutto’s Emotional Trait Pack here: https://kuttoe.itch.io/new-emotional-traits 

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