[Top 15] Sims 4 Best Love Mods for Romance

Sims 4 Best Romance Mods
The true Sims experience is running around town trying to make as many babies and as much drama as possible

For a game that is essentially an incredibly elaborate dollhouse, you would expect the game’s romance features to be well fleshed out and enjoyable. However, sometimes the sims fall short in the romance department, so responsibility has fallen onto the modding community to do what EA should have (and more). Here are some of the finest and, on some occasions, filthiest mods created by the sims community.

15. Wicked Whims

Let’s get the naughty mod out of the way first. This infamous little mod is the ultimate not safe for work add on to complete your sims experience. If you are a tiny child and are reading this article, please understand this mod isn’t for you.

The Wicked Whims mod allows simmers to add fully functioning uncensored sex interactions into the sims by downloading and installing animation packs, custom content, and more. This mod isn’t necessarily about love. However, it is included in this list since it also adds an attraction system, menstrual cycle, abortions, custom romance settings, and much, much more.

Just make sure your grandma isn’t looking over your shoulder once you have installed it.

What makes this mod great:

●    A vast array of romance customization options, including attraction preferences, polyamoury, pregnancy risks, and birth control
●    Saucy times ;)
●    Includes features for increasing realism in your sims love life

Get the wicked whims mod: here

14. Wonderful Whims

I think you are beginning to see a pattern here. From the same creator of Wicked whims, turbodriver comes the safe for work version. Which removes all the sexy times and brings the realism and romance options into your game, all grandma approved.

So if you wanted a realistic romance system with attraction, birth control, miscarriages, abortions, and other customization options but aren’t too fond of the saucy stuff, then this is the mod for you.

What makes this mod great:

●    Realistic features to make romances in the sims feel more involved.
●    Adds more personality to your sims, preventing the game from feeling shallow
●    A nice grandma safe alternative to wicked whims

Get the wonderful whims mod: here

13. Autonomous proposals mod

The sims 4 has an issue with giving players a little too much control over their sim’s lives. In real life, the unexpected can change a person’s life in a matter of seconds. This mod adds some of that much-needed realism to your sim’s love life.

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin: adds autonomous proposals. This mod can give your sims a nice (or maybe not so nice) surprise into their love life and adds a new level of realism into your game.

What makes this mod great:

●    Realistic. Takes control out of the hands of the gamers allowing for the real and unexpected.
●    Spices up your gameplay by allowing the course of your Sims lives to change at a moments notice

Get the Autonomous Proposals mod: here

12. The baby Machine trait

I think we have all done that one playthrough where we try to get our sims family tree as big as we can make it by sleeping with as many townies as you physically can. This trait gives you an excellent excuse for running around making as many babies as physically possible. It would also be perfect for a 100 baby challenge.

What makes this mod great:

●    Running around causing baby chaos is the pinnacle of entertainment.
●    Enhances 100 baby challenge playthroughs
●    Adds variety to your game with a new trait

Get the Baby Machine trait: here

11. The Simda dating app

If you thought the chances of expanding your sims dating pool are slim, then you might want to try out this mod by LittleMsSam. This mod adds a dating app into the game so your sim can organize dates and one night stands from their phone. There is even an add-on that is compatible with wicked whims if you want some… exciting hookups.

What makes this mod great:

●    Allows you to expand your sims social circle
●    Adds hookups into the game
●    Wicked whims compatible
●    Brings back dating app featured which were included in previous sims installments

Get the Simda dating app mod: here

10. MC Woohoo

We already know that MC Command center is a must-have mod for the sims 4, making everyone’s life a little bit easier. But have you checked out their other mod MC Woohoo?

MC Woohoo is somewhat similar to wonderful whims. It adds risky woohoo, no strings woohoo, several birth control options, and an entire woohoo skill. If you feel like your sim’s love life is lacking in the fine details, this mod will bring you a whole new world of realism.

What makes this mod great:

●    Adds realistic woohoo options into the sims
●    Risky woohoo takes the control out of your hands, allowing for surprises.

Get the MC Woohoo mod: here

9.  Passionate Romance

Sacrificial seems like a bit of an odd guy. One moment he is making mods to kill and torture sims through gruesome and gory means, and the next, he is making romantic mods full of love and care. Not that I am complaining, the passionate romance is a godsend for simmers looking for better romance interactions.

This mod is perfect if you are fed up with stacking the flirt interaction into your sims queue. The passionate romance mod adds an array of new romantic interactions to bring some variety to your gameplay. This also comes with a romantic reputation system, an attraction, and crush system, and reintroduces the classic ‘goose’ interaction from the sims 2.

What makes this mod great:

●    One of the few mods which brings a reputation system into the game
●    Expands on the previously limited romance interactions available in the sims
●    We love a good crush system, romance in the sims can feel dry without it.

Get the Passionate Romance Mod: here

8. Slow dance

Here is another romance mod from Sacrificial. This mod adds a much needed romantic interaction to your sims game, the slow dance. A must-have for weddings and dates, such a small interaction will make a big difference to your gameplay.

What makes this mod great:

●    Makes dates and weddings special
●    Why wasn’t this in the sims in the first place?
●    Like seriously, why is this a mod? This should be base game content, EA!

Get the slow dance mod: here

7. Romantic Stargaze

Sacrificial has done it again. This mod adds a romantic stargaze or romantic cloud gaze interaction excellent for a picnic date. The normal stargaze interaction always felt like it should be more romantic, so this mod provides the option for your sims to snuggle up together under the stars.

What makes this mod great:

●    Aw, look, they are cuddling.
●    A cute little interaction to add some variety to your sims dates

Get the Romantic Stargaze mod: here

6. Pillow talk

This mod adds a nice little post woohoo interaction. Usually, sims just roll over and have a quick nap before returning to their everyday lives. Which feels a little anticlimactic (haha, unintentional pun).  Now your sims will chat and cuddle in bed, post woohoo, which feels much more natural than going immediately to sleep as if nothing happened.

What makes this mod great:

●    Adds realism
●    Generally cute and helps the play feel more involved in their sims relationships.
●    The snuggles, the cuddles, the yearning

Get the pillow talk interaction: here

5. Realistic Reactions Mod

This is a must-have for realistic romance interactions. This mod changes how sims react to situations and are especially useful if one of your sims is cheating on the other. The ways in which sims respond to cheating can sometimes feel a bit lacking, so if your game needs some drama and realism.

What makes this mod great:

●    Drama, turn your sims lives into a bad soap opera and watch the resulting chaos.
●    Adds realism to your gameplay and creates better immersion
●    It stops sims from walking around, utterly unbothered by the chaos surrounding them.

Get the Realistic reactions mod: here

4.  IR Divorce

Once you have successfully ruined your sims happy marriage, they might want to get a divorce. Divorce in the sims is a pretty simple process. In the sims, you go up to the other sim and tell them it’s over, and that’s that. But in real life, it’s a lengthy, frustrating, and upsetting legal process.

This mod attempts to emulate that painful experience by making the interactions leading to  divorce much more realistic.

What makes this mod great:

●    Realism
●    No more boring happy couples
●    Oh, we all love a good bit of drama.

Get the IR Divorce Mod: here

3. Slice of life

This is a sort of catch-all realism mod. This mod adds several different new interactions, personality, mood features, and animations to make the game feel much more immersive.

The entire emotion system is overhauled. It comes with a new personality system, sims facial expressions are better, and so many more features that I don’t have time to list. This mod can improve the vanilla games romance features by doing many things listed in some of the mods above, just all in one package.

What makes this mod great:

●    It overhauls and fixes everything.
●    A wide variety of different features to improve all-round gameplay
●    Realism and drama two things the sims often lack

Get the slice of life mod: here

2. Road to romance

The road to romance mod is an all-inclusive pack of romance interactions, moodlets, and even a romance skill. This mod adds features such as extra rabbit hole options to go on several different dates or even couples counseling.

This romance mod overhauls the romance system to bring greater variety and improve realism.

What makes this mod great:

●    Brings variety to your gameplay by creating more realistic scenarios
●    Did I say realistic already?
●    Bored of dates? Rabbit hole dates!

Get the road to romance mod: here

1. Confess to cheating mod

I will finish off this list by stating that romance definitely isn’t one of my favorite aspects of the sims, and I tend to avoid playing happy families. This is why this mod is the number one mod on this list.

The confess to cheating mod allows your sims to come clean about their actions and teach them a lesson about cheating in this darker storyline. I never play happy families; I am here for the drama! Give me the drama!

What makes this mod great:

●    OH, the drama!
●    Realism, again.
●    I just like torturing sims. It really is just that simple.

Get the mod: here

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