[Top 5] The Sims 4 Best Acting Agencies

Sims 4 Best Acting Agencies
Soar to success with the agency that is right for you.

In The Sims 4 Get Famous, The acting career is one of the most entertaining aspects of the game. This career allows your Sims to travel to the movie studio where they can film a variety of media, from commercials and children’s shows to daytime television and big time movies. Everyone in the Acting career needs to have an agency in order to be successful, and there are four to choose from, with the additional option to make your own money by performing skits at venues or on the street for tips.

Each agency offers different qualities to Sims who are employed by each, giving actors a chance to find which one is right for them. Which path will your thespian Sims take on their journey into film, and which agency will accompany them? This list ranks all of the acting agencies in the Sims 4 from worst to best. 


5. (Bonus) Self Employed/ Street Actor

Take your acting skills to the streets and earn tips as an induvidual performer.

If your Sim does not want to be controlled by the likes of a talent agency, it would be wise to take up a career as a street actor. Street actors are not able to get gigs at the movie studio and can only make money through performing for tips, but it is a good side hustle for Sims who are reaching towards their dreams of acting.

They can also perform with other Sims if their skill is high enough, allowing others to join in on the fun. 

Become a Street Actor If: 

  • Your Sim has another job or is in college/ high school. 
  • Your Sim do not mind performing for tips rather than at the movie studio in a controlled environment. 
  • You want to raise your Sims skill before joining them into an agency. 


4. Everyday Extras Talent Agency

Every film needs extras!

Everyday Extras Talent agency is a great agency for actors who are laid back and do not seek big roles, as most roles offered by this agency are small ones. This agency offers gigs for commercials and some children's tv shows.

Once your Sim gets to a higher level in the acting career they may be offered daytime television roles as well, which will help their popularity grow.

Choose Everyday Extras Talent Agency If:

  • Your Sim wants to work on small roles such as commercials or small TV shows, allowing for a chill acting career.
  • Your Sim is okay with a small changing room and low budget meals on set.
  • You are okay with waiting before your Sim starts receiving the option to appear on daytime television. 


3. AI Staffing Talent Agency

Even though it is AI controlled, this staffing agency provides frequent small gigs.

AI Staffing Talent Agency is similar to the Everyday Extras Agency in the way that it offers the same types of gigs at the same payout, but differs in the way that it allows you to advance faster. You will still start off with commercials and childrens shows, but will advance quickly if you fulfill all work needs.

After a few levels in the acting career, your Sim can join daytime television roles and some movie roles as well, helping Sims advance a little more quickly than those using The Everyday Extras Agency. 

Choose AI Staffing Talent Agency If: 

  • You don’t mind receiving reminders about signing up for a gig when your Sim doesn’t have one. 
  • Your Sim wants to get through the beginning levels of the acting career quickly. 
  • Your Sim is looking to propel themselves into daytime television. 


2. G.R.A.N. Talent Agency

Work with familiar faces in romance movies and on daytime television.

The Goldie Ruthfield Acting Network (G.R.A.N.) is known for its formidable roles on daytime television, within historical movies, and also in some musicals. This agency is unlocked after reaching level 4 in the acting career and offers a decent amount of pay for each gig, along with a substantial amount of fame.

Co-stars that are encountered in this agency might be more prominent than others since the agency has been around for a while, So keep your eye out for Judith Ward!

Choose G.R.A.N. Talent Agency if:

  • Your Sim wants to have a wide array of roles to choose from, such as daytime television roles to musicals.
  • Your Sim wants to gain fame and money faster than other agencies. 
  • Your Sim wants to work on large sets and casts of plenty of other Sims while having a full sized dressing room. 
  • Your Sim wants to meet other famous Sims while at work. 


1. Well Suited Talent Agency

Work in the best agency and be offered all types of roles with Well Suited Talent.

The Well Suited Talent Agency is the best of the best; offering gigs of all kinds to prestigious actors. This company is for those in high society who strive to be one the most remembered actors, offering roles in daytime television, action films, historical films, and just about everything else.

Actors in this agency are more likely to be invited to awards ceremonies and to win awards, and they will surely run into other famed actors while they are at work. If all of that weren’t enough, this agency also offers a hefty check and a good amount of gained fame from each role. 

Choose Well Suited Talent Agency if: 

  • Your Sim wants to make connections with high quality actors and actresses in the film industry. 
  • You want to get a big paycheck for the prestigious roles played by your Sims. 
  • You want your Sims to have a wide array of roles to choose from when picking their next job. 
  • You want your Sims to be recognized more by fans, allowing them to get nominated for more rewards. 

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