[Top 5] Sims 4 Best Books To Write

Sims 4 Best Books To Write
All of the interesting book types you can write!

5. Fantasy Books

Check out this link for an overview showcasing the world of fantasy book writing!

Who doesn’t like a good fantasy book? It helps you dive into another reality. It helps you forget all of those bad moodlets (for a few sim minutes). Not to mention it usually brings in some of the higher royalties to help make those fantasies come true.    

What makes fantasy books great!

  • You can boost a sims fun moodlet by taking time to sit down and enjoy a fantasy book
  • The higher your writing skill level the better the royalties will be from this high-level book!

4. Motivational Books

Check out this link for an overview showcasing the world of workout guides writing!

A confident sim has the option to write this motivational book to help other sims better their confidence. This usually comes after your sim completes a successful task or thinks highly of something they have done in the past. 

What makes workout guides great!

  • Helps your sim complete any task with a better outcome, which can give better results for the sims who need to complete an aspiration or job task quickly.
  • Reading motivational books helps the next sim become confident to help out the household!

3. Children’s Books

Check out this link for an overview showcasing the world of children’s book writing!

Children’s books are the first genre of book you will be able to write. As a single sim or one without children, it may seem absurd to write a genre of book that has no meaning to you these books are a great first step to becoming an accomplished author.

What makes children’s books great!

  • It Helps boosts writing skill level to unlock more genres and higher royalties
  • When you do have children you can read your very own books to boost their imagination and reading skills

2. Biographies

Check out this link showcasing the world of biography writing!

Reaching level ten doesn’t only allow you to write the magnificent Book of Life, but it also allows you to write biographies. What a better way to have another sim get to know you!

What makes writing biographies great!

  • Make one of your favorite people last forever by keeping this book in your bookcase for safekeeping and long-lasting memories
  • Publishing this high-level book will award you large royalties

1. Book of Life

Check out this link showcasing the world of The Book of Life.

After your writing loving sim reaches its maxim potential (level 10 and completing the Bestselling Author Aspiration) you can write the Book of Life. This book has the potential to bring back some “memories” and make your sims very focused

What makes writing The Book of Life great!

  • Help your sim achieve the very focused mood easier!
  • Bind the book to your Sim’s life to summon or even bring them back to life!
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