[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Mods for Drama

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[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Mods for Drama

The Sims 4 base game comes with minimal amounts of drama, sure you can cheat on your partner or fight the old lady down the street, but what about when you want really juicy storylines. Drama mods are perfect for creating in-depth storylines and truly fleshing out your characters, it adds a sense of reality to sometimes unrealistic gameplay. This list will countdown the top 10 best drama mods.

10. Roburky’s Meaningful Stories

Let’s be honest, emotions in the Sims 4 are a little bit boring. They’re an interesting and fun system, adding more realism than what was shown in The Sims 3, but they’re not as good as they can be. The Meaningful Stories mod makes the game feel just a little more human.

The mod overhauls the whole mood and emotion system of the game, your sims are more affected by what happens to them, meaning they won’t suddenly be over the death of their spouse in just 2 days. It adds to the challenge of the game too, managing your sims’ emotions can be difficult without this mod, sims are surprisingly emotional, but this mod adds just a small amount of difficulty.

Why the Meaningful Stories is fun:

  • The addition of meaningful moods, which makes the emotion system much more believable and realistic. The mod makes it so that your sims cannot simply flash from intense sadness to intense happiness because they ate some good food, although that is slightly believable. Instead, they work their way through their negative emotions in order to feel better.
  • With emotional inertia enabled, your sims emotions are less predictable, they could be triggered by anything around them. It can be more challenging to get your sims out of their current emotion, if you want them to be happy but they’re filled with intense rage at their neighbors, it will take more than a long shower to relax them.
  • Happiness is no longer your sims’ default emotional state, meaning they rest at just fine when sitting around at home. Your sims will need to have meaningful experiences to feel true happiness, such as getting engaged or outliving one of your enemies.

Download Roburky’s Meaningful Stories mod here: https://roburky.itch.io/sims4-meaningful-stories 


9. Lumpinou’s No Strings Attached Mod


Relationships in the Sims 4 are pretty standard, you can be single, or dating, or married, and that’s pretty much it. It’s easy to build a romantic relationship between sims, which can be changed with other mods. But the No Strings Attached mod adds the ability to have a friend with benefits relationship with other sims.

This mod is excellent for those of you who want to add a little spice to your game. You get all the fun stuff out of a relationship (wink, wink) without having to deal with a clingy partner constantly calling you to hang out. It allows your sims to explore and have fun, without having to commit to anything serious.

Why the No Strings Attached mod is fun:

  • It adds a whole new relationship, the friends with benefits choice allows for a romantic relationship with none of the romance. The romantic relationship will stay at 0 for sims involved, but their romantic interactions will always work. It allows your sims to keep their social and fun needs up, plus no one involved will ever get jealous or upset, so there is no worry of hurting anyone.
  • There’s a whole heap of new interactions added! There is a special friends with benefits social menu that has interactions such as ‘Gauge Relationship Development,’ and, ‘Ask if Seeing Others.’ You can also terminate the relationship at any time, so if you’re not having fun anymore, or maybe you start to catch feelings, it’s an easy fix.
  • An optional feature of the mod is to enable feelings. With this feature enabled, your sims can start to catch feelings for their friend with benefits. Your sim starts to feel sad that they can’t have more, they start to want a relationship. Your sim will need to stay away from their partner for the feelings to go away.

Download Lumpinou’s No Strings Attached mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/no-strings-v1-40325465 

8. Sacrificial’s Life’s Drama Mod


Fantayzia showcases Sacrificial's Life's Drama mod

Looking to add a dash of Mean Girls to your game? Sacrificial’s Life’s Drama mod is the perfect addition for all you drama lovers. Spill secrets, have plastic surgery or fight the townies in this explosive drama mod.

The mod adds a variety of new dramatic interactions and events. Your sim can step in and help sims with their situations or ruin their lives, depending on how you’re feeling that day. It allows your sim to have more realistic relationships with the townies, they come to you, as a friend, seeking advice. Simply enable dramatic situations around your sim and they’ll come flooding in.

Why the Life’s Drama mod is fun:

  • Your sim has to level up their social popularity points, the higher they are, the more situations they can help with. You can send your sims to social events to gain points, and help friends, all while looking after the rest of the sims in your household. These social events include protesting against issues such as animal abuse, bullying, or supporting the LGBTQA+ community.
  • If you want to stir the pot amongst the townies, instead of helping them out, you can expose their dirty secrets. You have to build friendships and gain trust in order for the secrets to be spilled. Secrets are added to The Burn Book, and sent out on little notes for the whole town to read, resulting in public fights, juicy stuff, right?

Download Sacrificial’s Life’s Drama mod here: https://www.sacrificialmods.com/downloads.html 

7. PimpMySims4’s LGBT Mod


Urban Sims showcases PimpMySims4's LGBT Mod

This mod makes the Sims 4 highly inclusive to all sexualities, the base game allows for same-sex relationships between sims, but this mod adds new traits, interactions, and feelings to your LGBT+ sims.

Giving any sim one of the new traits will automatically give them an ‘in the closet trait’ as coming out is a big part of anyone’s journey. The mod is as realistic as it can be, and gives the game a real sense of inclusivity and realism. It’s a must for anyone who wishes to expand their game options and their sims personalities.

Why the LGBT mod is fun:

  • The new traits added are extremely inclusive, with almost all sexualities and gender preferences. What’s important about this mod, is that it lets players truly create themselves, they feel seen and represented. You can also select the ‘Ally’ and ‘LGBT Activist’ if you still want heterosexual sims, but what to support the community and your friends
  • There’s a new range of interactions based on whatever traits you choose, they open up the discourse on social issues, and personal issues that your sim is going through. If the sim you are talking to is not supportive of the LGBT community, it can raise tension between sims and cause your sim to gain negative emotions. But there are options to try and get your sims’ friends to be more open-minded.
  • There are new social events, such as protests, or a coming-out party, which come with goals and make your sim feel special and loved. New lot traits have been added, as well as a new holiday tradition that encourages LGBT interactions, which makes hosting a Pride party easy!

Download PimpMySims4’s LGBT mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/pimpmysims4-lgbt-39834528 

6. Lumpinou’s WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul


Fantayzia showcases Lumpinou's Woohoo Wellness mod

Anyone who’s ever played the sims knows what Woohoo is, and probably knows the fear of your parents walking in while the Sims 2 woohoo cutscenes played. Sims 4 is much more PG, a quick pixelated romp in the bed, or shower, and the deed is done. This mod overhauls the woohoo system to make it a bit more realistic.

The mod comes with several subset mods that fit into the overall mod. These include ‘WooHoo Transmissible Diseases,’ ‘Teen Pregnancy,’ and ‘Alternative Pregnancy.’ With so many options to choose from, the WooHoo world of The Sims has never been more enjoyable.

Why the Woohoo Wellness mod is fun:

  • You have the ability to choose whether your sim will be happy if they get pregnant or not. The default emotion to being pregnant in the Sims is to be happy, but that’s not always how it works in real life. And honestly, I wouldn’t be happy either if I had a Sims baby, they are way too much work.
  • It comes with the very real risk that your teen sims can get pregnant! If your teen is acting out and seeing that mysterious boy from down the street, don’t be too surprised when you get the pregnancy pop up. Parents can choose to be supportive or not with their teens and can kick them out if they’re feeling particularly evil.
  • Cheating is now much more realistic. If you want your sims to go through the pain of being cheated on, there’s now a whole host of options to try and justify yourself. You could lie and try and save your relationship, or tell the truth and let it crumble. You can also confess to cheating if the guilt is eating you alive.

Download Lumpinou’s Woohoo Wellness mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/woohoo-wellness-50741023 

5. Wicked Pixxel’s Losers and Lowlifes Mod


itsmetroi showcases Wicked Pixxel's Losers and Lowlifes mod

While there are traits to make your sims evil, and kinda mean, there’s not anything that makes them really unlikeable. The Losers and Lowlifes mod adds just that, with new traits to choose from, your sims can now be the truly awful, selfish monsters we’ve always wanted.

New traits include ‘Deadbeat,’ ‘Egonmaniacal Scumbag,’ and ‘Master Manipulator,’ charming, right? I’m sure everyone knows someone that could be described as a deadbeat or a scumbag, and now you can recreate them and get revenge through the Sims!

Why the Losers and Lowlifes mod is fun:

  • Sims with the deadbeat trait will always be unemployed, always have an excuse for it, and find ways to beg for money. Some of their interactions include, ‘Beg for Free Stuff,’ ‘Lie About Losing Wallet,’ and ‘Confess you Have Half the Rent.’ Deadbeat sims could be fun when playing a Rags to Riches challenge.
  • Egomaniacal Scumbag sims are, you guess it, extremely egotistical and selfish, usually with their own underlying issues. They can, ‘Change Topics Back to Self,’ ‘Fish for Validation,’ and, ‘Blame for Making Mad.’ They’re the worst of the worst, but can still be fun to play with.
  • If your sim is a Master Manipulator, they are extremely smart and get their own way nearly all of the time. Their interactions include, ‘Gaslight,’ ‘Lovebomb,’ and ‘Threaten with the Silent Treatment.’ Truly, the definition of a loser and a lowlife, if you ask me.

Download Wicked Pixxel’s Losers and Lowlifes mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/losers-and-mod-50110412

4. Shenanigans’ Drama Mod


Urban Sims showcases Shenanigans' Drama mod

It does exactly what it says on the tin, it adds dramatic interactions into the game. It’s not the biggest mod, and it doesn’t add a ton of gameplay but it’s still fun to play with.

It adds a real sense of realism into the game, your sims can argue about petty things, just like real people would. The Sims can get a bit boring and repetitive, so adding lots of small interactions give you lots of different options.

Why the Drama Mod is fun:

  • If your spouse is starting to get on your nerves, there are a few new interactions that can inject some drama into the relationship. You can, ‘Complain about In-laws,’ ‘Argue about Relationship,’ and most importantly, ‘Have the What are we Talk?’
  • There are also interactions for friendly relationships too, you can convince your friends that their partner is cheating on them, even when they’re not. You can also ‘Insult Hygiene,’ or ‘Call them a Simtch.’

​Download Shenanigans’ Drama Mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-drama-39523239 

3. Basemental’s Gangs Mod (Require’s Get to Work)


Wicked Pixxel showcases Basemental's Gangs mod

Basemental is a well-known modder in the Sims community, mainly for their explicit and drama-filled mods. The Gangs mod requires Basemental Drugs to work, along with the Get to Work expansion pack. It adds a whole new career, as well as a whole new lifestyle for your sims to get involved with.

With the Gangs mod, you can run your own gang, develop rivalries with other gangs and use lower gang members to do your dirty work. You need to level up your Gang Leader skill in order to obtain more options, such as hiring high-skilled gang members and when you reach level 10 of the skill, you’re able to oversee huge missions such as drug running and taking over rival gangs’ turf.

Why the Basemental’s Gangs mod is fun:

  • It’s such a detailed mod, it has everything you can think of when it comes to the mafia. The mod focuses mainly on managing your gang and sending them on missions. You can check the progress of missions while they’re ongoing and wait for your members to return with their spoils.
  • It comes with a built-in loyalty system. Everyone knows how important loyalty is when you’re in a gang, snitches get stitches, remember? Gang members earn loyalty points from successfully completing missions and returning to you, and if they fail, you can discipline them.
  • You have a right-hand man, he helps you understand how the gang works and stores all your information for you. Your right-hand man brings you new opportunities which help further your leadership skill, and earn the respect from other leaders.

Download Basemental’s Gangs mod here: https://basementalcc.com/gangs-download/ 

2. LittleMsSam’s SimDa Dating App Mod


Simming Pothead showcases LittleMsSam's Simda Dating App mod

Sort of like the Friends with Benefits mod, the SimDa Dating App is essentially Tinder, but for your sims. Your sims can meet new sims without having to leave their home, which is convenient because leaving the house in the Sims is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.

It makes meetings sims so much easier, and you get to pick who you match with, just like real-life Tinder! Online dating has been sorely missed since the Sims 3, so this mod is perfect for those of you who were left wanting.

Why the SimDa Dating App mod is fun:

  • Your sim can choose between a Specific Date, a Blind Date, and a One Night Stand. Each choice has a different effect on your sim and your sims get new moodlets and feelings depending on what they pick.
  • A one-night stand ensures that your sim will woohoo without being rejected, even if your date is married or in a relationship. You don’t build any romantic relationship with your chosen partner for the night unless you invite them back for a real date.
  • Both of the dates work the same way, apart from a Blind Date sets you up with a random sim, if you like a bit of mystery, while Specific Date allows you to choose who you go out with. If you have a really good date, your sim will get a special relationship with that sim, so you never forget them!

Download’s LittleMsSam’s SimDa Dating App mod here: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175413426238/simda-dating-app-simda-dating-app-can-help-you

1. Ksuihuh’s Sugar Life Mod


itsmetroi showcases Ksuihuh's Sugar Life mod

There has been a boom in the sugar baby lifestyle as of late, and sims modders jumped on the trend as soon as they could.  It allows the option to be a sugar baby or a sugar mommy/daddy.

You choose between three traits to pick who you want to be, and you need to have a base romantic relationship with someone to form a sugar baby/daddy/mommy relationship. Sugar babies can ask those without a trait, but their romantic relationship needs to be extremely high.

Why the Sugar Life mod is fun:

  • Sugar babies are able to ‘Ask for Daily Allowance,’ and, ‘Ask for More Money,’ which grants you 500 Simoleons and 1000 Simoleons respectively. If you are granted the money then you also gain a boost to your romantic relationship.
  • Ending the agreement is easy, you just have to ask. It will affect your relationship though, if you’re very close then you will stay friends, but if it’s a relatively new relationship then you will become enemies.

Download Ksuihuh’s Sugar Life mod here: https://ksuihuh.wixsite.com/corner/sugar-life 

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