[Top 15] Sims 4 Horror Gameplays To Watch

Best Sims 4 Horror Gameplays
Sims can be spooky too!

The Sims 4 has always been a game where players have told stories through their unique variety of Sims. Mods and CC released by fans have grown immensely, making this game one of the most entertaining outlets for creative storytelling for nerds of all tropes. Creators within the Sims community spread far and wide, but a small number of compelling creators have been able to recapture iconic moments in horror while also creating their own haunting content.

There are stories of serial killers, urban legends, creepy Sims lore and much more by Simmers using these vast storytelling tools; So let's check out some of the creepiest ones yet!

15. Mermaid Creature Lab by Merman Simmer

A mysterious sea creature escapes while being researched in a secret lab.

Enter the Mermaid Creature Lab created by Merman Simmer and meet your demise if you aren’t smart enough. This gameplay story is about a man who works in a mysterious lab with a bizarre looking mermaid creature. In its short runtime it leaves you wanting to know what happens next and how the creature got there in the first place.


14. The Cult of Chucky by KyeVisionz

Chucky the killer doll comes to the Sims 4 in this terrifying short.

The Cult of Chucky Sims short is creepy and compelling although it is only 3 minutes long. This mini movie used the disturbing deadly toddlers mod by Sacrificial in a clever fashion to portray Chucky, the evil doll, through a Sims 4 toddler. This “doll” stalks its apparent owner throughout this video. This movie does end on a cliffhanger however; will any storytellers be willing to continue it?


13. The Devil Inside by Story Simmer

Jazmin and her friends find a creepy abandoned house in the middle of the woods.

The Devil Inside by Story Simmer offers an interesting Halloween horror story about a teenager named Jazmin who is attending a party with her friends. This story is mysterious and reels in the viewer from the start by taking the route of a slow burn horror and by using jump scare tactics throughout. The characters are also developed well which gives the movie depth, making it difficult to stop watching.


12. Friday The 13th by scream Sims

Jason Vorhees terrorizes a group of friends on a camping trip.

This take on Friday the 13th loosely follows the 2009 remake of the popular camp slasher film of the same name. Youtube creator scream sims has made an interesting environment for this film while using the extreme violence mod by sacrificial to create an ultimate Sims slasher movie that is sure to be loved by any horror fan. Although the concept of Jason Vorhees is well known, this Sims film will still have you on the edge of your seat with its tense summer slasher atmosphere.


11. Killer Summer Camp by diamonddx

Camp counsellors are stalked by a ruthless serial killer.

The Mystery ensues at this seemingly perfect summer camp created by youtuber diamonddx. The short film Killer Summer Camp offers amazing depth and characters that are reminiscent of classic horror, with the gore being at a minimum. Watchers of this movie will get somewhat of a Camp Sleepaway vibe that leaves them wondering who the mysterious killer is and why they are carrying out their cruel actions on camp counselors who are just trying to have fun.


10. Siren by Luke Production

An evil sea siren lures men to their death with her enchanting voice.

This tale of a sea siren shows a vicious creature who lures men to their death with her beautifully haunting voice. Luke Production has put together a visually exciting mini gameplay movie that includes perfectly dramatic music, bringing the viewer into the fear of the main character Sim. Although this story may be slightly predictable, it would be a fun idea to play out and is definitely a chilling watch.


9. 3 Disturbing Christmas Horror Stories by Just Nikki

Youtuber Just Nikki presents an anthology of holiday horrors.

This anthology of stories by youtuber Just Nikki all revolve around Christmas time. The themes are odd and spooky but are sure to entertain the viewers with the plot twists in the tales. Each story is told from the perspective of a different Sim who is telling a new story, so if you’re up for a holiday haunt, this is the perfect spooky Sims movie to inspire your inner Krampus.


8. Casey Becker’s Death Scene Remade by Behind The Mask

One of the most iconic horror deaths is remade in this Sims 4 remake of Scream;s first scene.

Scream is a classic slasher staple of this generation, all being kicked off with Drew Barrymore’s famous death scene as Casey Becker in the 1996 horror film. Beyond the Mask creates all things Scream, and this homage is unique while it still sticks to the original. Every detail from the original scene was in this unique video, nearly replicating one of Screams most popular death scenes in The Sims 4.


7.  Funeral Home by Goodchills Studio

A little girl finds an odd guest in her grandma's funeral home.

GoodChills Studio offers nothing but quality content Sims gameplay movies, but their short film titled Funeral Home may be the creepiest one yet. This story follows a little girl who lives in a funeral home with her grandma when she encounters a strange guest. The guest doesn’t seem to be completely there, but the little girl can’t seem to recognize that. The film leaves room for viewers to use their imagination by the end, making it even scarier than other Sims short films.


6. Halloween by Vie

Michael Myers lurks through a house filled with unsuspecting teens.

Halloween by John Carpenter is yet another classic slasher film that has inspired Sims 4 horror creators, but the rendition by creator Vie on Youtube is one of the most interesting versions that could be created in the game. The subtitles are interesting but don’t take away from the fact that there is a killer in the house that no one knows about. It can seem goofy at times and will also keep you on the edge of your seat, making it a perfect homage to horror in the 1970’s.


5. Annabelle: The Doll by TwoSimsLight TV

Miranda is haunted by Annabelle's spirits as she tries to get ready for a party.

Annabelle: The Doll is a Sims 4 movie that follows the titular doll into tormenting a Sim named Miranda. Miranda is getting ready for a party when her power goes out and things begin going awry. As she hears mysterious noises and senses someone, or something, may be in her house, panic and fear rise within her. This movie does contain jumpscares and frightening imagery, so do proceed with caution!


4. Bunnyman by omgsims

Bunnyman was only an urban legend until he wasn't.

This short film follows a Sims 4 urban legend known as Bunnyman. In the game, Bunnyman is just a symbol of the spring, but this dark and disturbing story shares a different side of Bunnyman by portraying him as a sad person who came back as a vicious and vengeful ghost. When a group of bored friends play with the dark side of urban legends, they have to pay the price that comes along with doing so.


3. Bloody Mary by asiasimmer

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... what happens next?

Since Bloody Mary has been officially introduced in the game with the High School Years expansion pack, it is all the rave amongst the teenage Sims. The talented creator asiasimmer has brought that urban legend to life with this interesting movie that includes diverse characters who have diverse personalities. By the end of this film, nothing went as planned for these hopeless teenage friends.


2. Evil Imaginary Friend by Hatsy

Imaginary friends are all for fun until they start hurting the ones you love.

The Evil Imaginary friend by Hasty is a disturbing short movie that tells the story of a boy who just wanted to fit in when he was younger but accidentally manifested a creepy monster into his life. When his parents try to encourage him that he needs to let go of his imaginary friend, things seem to spill from the boy's mind as tragic events unfold and leave the main character wondering how the unexplained is happening.


1. Bella Goth Reborn by Remi Marocelli

The fan favorite sim Bella Goth not has a thrilling and emotional backstory.

Bella Goth: Reborn is a masterpiece made by Sims movie creator, Remi Marocelli. The entire film uses no dialogue except for Simlish, making it available for anyone to enjoy. This amazing movie also gives watchers an intense and gripping backstory for Bella Goth, one of the most popular Sims in the franchise. Bella’s journey is one that is relevant to sci-fi-, horror, romance, and heartbreak. Bella Goth: Reborn is the complete and outlandish backstory of the fan favorite Sim that every Sims nerd needs to hear.

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