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Sims 4 Best Traits
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What Are The Best Traits in Sims 4?

Sul Sul Simmers! If you play the Sims 4, you already know that The Sims 4 Trait System allows you to choose 3 Traits for each Sim. These traits are what make each Sim unique and different! The Traits are what determine your Sim’s Whims and Emotions. This list includes traits from the base game as well as traits from other packs to add variety!

10. Good

This is every Simmer’s go-to/safe trait. You can’t go wrong with the Good Trait!

Trait Details:

  • Sims will have the “Good Vibes” moodlet when they are around other Sims with positive moodlets
  • Sims can donate to charity and will receive the “Did Good” moodlet

Cool Perks:

  • Sims will have the “Sad about evilness” moodlet when they interact with evil sims
  • Sims with this trait will refuse to WooHoo in coffins
  • Sims will react in fear when other Sims shout Forbidden Words nearby (TS4 Parenthood Pack)

9. Self-Assured

Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence here and there to get to where we need to be… Confident Sims can perform bold interactions and are less likely to be embarrassed.

Trait Details:

  • Sims will gain the “Feeling Confident” moodlet randomly and more often
  • Sims will have higher performance in their careers when going to work 

Cool Perks:

  • Confident Sims can use “Bold Pick-up Lines” and “Suave Kiss” interactions when flirting (ooh la la!)
  • Sims may have a temporary Confident walk style

8. Erratic (Insane)

Bet you didn’t expect to see this trait make it into this list. Unexpected… just like how your Sims will be with this trait!

Trait Details:

  • Formerly known as the “Insane” trait
  • Sims’ actions will have unpredictable Emotions

Cool Perks:

  • Sims can talk or tell stories to themselves! (Good for refilling the Social Needs when there are no other Sims to socialize with)
  • Sims will sometimes autonomously shower in the rain (TS4 Seasons Expansion Pack)

7. Neat

This Sim is (happily) cleaning a bathtub. Neat Sims are always cleaning and tidying up the lot no matter where they are.

Trait Details:

  • Sims will gain a “Happy” moodlet from cleaning
  • Sims can have a Cleaning Frenzy

Cool Perks:

  • Sims become Uncomfortable around dirty surroundings
  • Sims who do laundry with this trait will always have a pristine quality instead of the usual clean quality laundry

6. Child of the Islands (Island Living)

Participate in Sulani events or else your Sim will face the wrath of the Elementals!

Trait Detail: 

  • Sims with this trait can interact with Sulani Elementals
  • Sims can summon Elementals and either gain approval or disapproval

Cool Perks:

  • Sims will receive a reward if they take part in Island activities
  • Sims can befriend Elementals

5. Perfectionist

Everything HAS to be perfect… even those gyoza dumplings. Perfectionist Sims like everything around them to be perfect.

Trait Details:

  • When crafting items, Sims take longer but will work harder to get high-quality results 

Cool Perks:

  • Sims will gain the “Perfectly Made” moodlet after making something that has a perfect quality
  • Sims become embarrassed and gain the “Imperfect Work” moodlet after making something that has a poor quality

4. Dance Machine  (Get Together)

Break it down on the dance floor with a friend, neighbor, or even someone’s grandma… Dance Machine Sims can show off some cool moves and dance in groups.

Trait Details:

  • Sims that go to the venues: Lounges, Nightclubs, Bar will receive a “Happy” moodlet
  • Sims will level up their dancing skill faster with this trait
  • Sims can use the “Party Time” interaction and receive the “Energized” moodlet

Cool Perks:

  • Sims will receive the “Bored” moodlet if they haven’t danced in a while
  • Sims can take disco naps

3. Cheerful

Cheerful Sims are happy when other Sims are happy! Despite all the ups and downs in life, Cheerful Sims are often happy and are usually in a good mood.

Trait Detail:

  • Sims will gain the “Feeling Happy” moodlet randomly
  • Sims with this trait are happier 

Cool Perks:

  • Sims get the “Songbird Deluxe” moodlet when they sing karaoke perfectly (TS4 City Living)
  • Sims can sometimes get the “Perfect Brew” moodlet when they have a high-quality drink

2. Creative

Get your Sim’s creative juices flowing by viewing artwork or visiting the museum!

Trait Details:

  • Sims will gain the “Feeling Inspired” moodlet randomly 
  • Sims will gain the “Feeling Uncreative” moodlet if they haven’t been creative in a while

Cool Perks:

  • Sims have fun when doing creative activities (e.g. Painting)
  • Sims can share “Creative Ideas” with other Sims

1. Genius

Surpass all other Sims with the Genius Trait! It is guaranteed that your Sim will always be one step ahead; like these two Sims playing chess. (Featuring Rosie the dog)

Trait Details:

  • Sims will gain the “Focused” moodlet randomly
  • Sims will receive the “Unchallenged” moodlet if they haven’t done anything mentally stimulating in a while 

Cool Perks:

  • Sims will learn skills quicker
  • Sims with this trait will have better performance at work in active jobs such as Scientist Career, Doctor Career, Astronaut Career, and Tech Guru Career.

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