[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Baits (And What They're Good For)

Gone fishing.

Needing to know what bait is good to go?

Within Sims 4, you'll find several types of fish you can catch while working on your sim's fishing skill. Some are easier to catch with bait, which you unlock at level three of your sim's skill. 

Figuring out which bait works with efficiency is the difficult part. There are plenty of guides that tell you about the fish, but there is nothing that breaks down the best bait to use. 

What plants, frogs, and fish are the best bait to use to catch the fish that need fishing bait to find? We are going over the top 10 best baits and what they are good for.

10. Guppy

Some of the most common fish are the most colorful.

There are three categories of bait, plants, frogs, and fish. Small fish, in particular, can assist in catching the rare Red-Tailed Black Shark, a guppy being the easiest to find for bait. 

Guppies are known to be in Oasis Springs at the park's pond, but it is extremely easy to find. Even if you are not looking to catch the Red-Tailed Black Shark, this bait is good for more than just that fish. 

The bigger the stack of your Guppy bait, the higher your efficiency with catching fish.  Using guppies as bait, it was not long until my sim caught over three excellent quality fish. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Easy to obtain
  • Very common, small fish
  • Found in the ponds in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek parks

Guppy details: 

  • Small size
  • Common rarity
  • Value of $7-$10

9. Dirt Frog

A little dirt never bothered them anyway.

Known for its great sense of humor, a common bait that is one of the best to use is the Dirt Frog. Frogs, in general, are used to catch the Wolf Eel in Forgotten Grotto.

Catching fish, even with bait, is randomized in the Sims 4 and can have different efficiency in your game. Using the Dirt Frog has many qualities that make it one of the best baits to fish with. 

On top of it being one of the best bait to use, the Dirt Frog is also common enough to find easily any time you look for frogs. You can also breed them with other frogs or with the same kind to keep your bait sustained. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Ideal option to catch the Wolf Eel
  • Easy to find where you can look from frogs
  • Can breed to get other frogs

Dirt Frog details: 

  • Common rarity
  • Value of $10

8. Bluebells

Roses are red. Violets are blue, Bluebells are also blue too.

Plants are another bait that is useful to catch fish, especially Catfish. Bluebells are a common plant that is simple enough to find.

Though it takes time to grow, you can have a sustainable bait resource at your fingertips; well, at your sim’s fingertips. Not only is it effective in catching Catfish, but you can also increase the chances of catching fish a bit quicker. 

That is the mechanic of bait in general, but I look at how easy it is to have more than one in your sim’s inventory. Sometimes it takes more than one bait to catch more fish, like in real-life fishing. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Useful to catch Catfish
  • Easy to find
  • Can be purchased through seed packets

Bluebells details: 

  • Common rarity
  • Harvestable in summer and spring
  • Value of $2
  • Growth at 36 hours in Sims time

7. Catfish

Do you assume that a catfish is like a fluffy cat?

Caught with bait to become bait, that is the life of the Catfish. This fish bait is highly effective for catching Piranha and Anglerfish, not to mention it's really yummy to eat.

You can find Catfish in most rivers by using plants as bait to catch them. With this bait, you will fish for more than just predatory fish. 

Make sure you use fresh Catfish for the best results when fishing for your next big catch. When using fish, period, for bait, freshness affects the effectiveness. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Useful for catching Piranha and Anglerfish
  • Needs to be caught with plant bait, but simple to get

Catfish details: 

  • Uncommon rarity
  • Medium size
  • Value at $43 -$107
  • Found in rivers
  • Plant bait makes it easier to get

6. Bullseye Frog

Let's it the bullseye with this one. 

Wolf Eels are caught with a variety of frog bait, but the Bullseye Frog brings its rarity into the effectiveness factor. Perhaps it is the fact that it has a big bullseye on its back that brings fish to it. 

Though this frog is slightly hard to locate, you can breed other frogs to get them to have more than just one single frog. If you are waiting to find an effective bait that is more than catching Wolf Eels, you’ve got one of the best frogs around. 

Just keep the little guy away from bows and arrows, and all will be fine. Frogs are some of the best bait around due to being able to breed together. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Helps catch a Wolf Eel
  • Can breed with other frogs
  • Even though rare, it is still easy enough to find

Bullseye Frog details: 

  • Rare frog
  • Value of $100

5. Pomegranate

Sometimes you go fishing and you find fruit. 

Ever gone fishing and pulled up a pomegranate? Not exactly what you’d be looking for while fishing though it turns into some of the best bait.

You’ll also be able to find this bait while searching for frogs in various locations. The pomegranate is highly effective in catching Catfish, but Catfish is not the only fish pomegranate can catch. 

Better quality pomegranate can get you a better quality of fish, and perhaps rarer fish too. Even though effectiveness is random, pomegranates are still some of the best bait around. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Can find while fishing
  • Great for fish that need plants as bait
  • Can be found while looking for frogs

Pomegranate details: 

  • Graft apple with a cherry to make one
  • Rare fruit
  • Harvestable during winter
  • Value of $30
  • Growth at 72 hours Sims time

4. Koi

Don't be so Koi.

Munch, munch, the Piranha has yummy, yummy lunch. Koi is a common, medium fish that is amazing for catching Piranhas. 

You can find Koi in the base game parks and turn around to use them as bait. I cannot tell you how many Koi fish I have caught in Willow Creek’s pond. 

It's simple to have a stack of Koi on hand for catching extensive fish efficiently. Piranhas love to munch on fish such as the Koi, so be careful.

What's good about this Bait:

  • Found in base game worlds
  • Simple option for bait to catch Piranhas

Koi details: 

  • Common rarity
  • Medium size
  • Value of $24-$37
  • Found in the ponds in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek parks

3. Leaf Frog

Don't leaf me alone.

With a knack for camouflage, the Leaf Frog will leap onto your hook to bait the Wolf Eel and more. Like the Dirt Frog, the Leaf Frog is simple enough to locate and breed for bait. 

This frog is a base game frog that you can easily find anywhere you can search for frogs. Using it as bait will assist in getting more fish in a shorter time. 

Sims have needs that need to be taken care of, and if your sim is fishing, it needs to be efficient. Don't forget that frogs are more than just for collecting.

What's good about this Bait:

  • Helps catch a Wolf Eel
  • Can breed with other frogs
  • Extremely easy to find

Leaf Frog details: 

  • Common frog
  • Value of $10

2. Apple

The apple of my eye isn't oranges.

Catfish are known to be caught with plant bait, but using plants and fruit can get you more fish than just the one. Apples are one of the best common plant baits to use for fishing. 

Using better quality plants, you will get better quality fish while using that plant as bait. To me, efficiency contributes to the availability to have more than one bait in your inventory. 

Apples come in the basic seed packets when you begin to garden, making these at the top of the best baits to use. Having an army of apples in your sim's inventory can give you ample bait for fishing. 

What's good about this Bait:

  • Can be used to graft on other plants to make different plants
  • Easy to keep on hand for bait
  • Can get from seed packets

Apple details: 

  • Common rarity
  • Harvestable in fall
  • Value at $3
  • Growth at 36 hours Sims time

1. Betta

Known for being brilliant fighters.

Get ready for a fight as you fish for different kinds of fish in various locations. Betta fish are known to be fighting fish in reality, and in the Sims 4, they tend to be uncommon. 

I  keep catching tons of uncommon Betta fish in my game, usually found in Willow Creek's pond in the park. They make for some of the best bait in-game with beautiful efficiency. 

Similar to other small fish, Bettas can help catch Red-Tailed Black Sharks. Not only that, they can and will catch you much more.

What's good about this Bait:

  • Useful to catch some rare fish
  • Very easy to find

Betta details: 

  • Uncommon rarity
  • Small size
  • Value at $11-$20
  • Most commonly found in the pond at Willow Creek park




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