[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Game Packs That Are Fun!

Vampires, Spellcaster, and Aliens. OH MY!

Which Game Pack is the best? 

The sims team keeps working while we all spend hours playing with all the packs they have provided us. There are expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and even kits to purchase for more gameplay. 

With eleven game packs available for purchase, a choice has to be made by each simmer. Which game pack is more fun to play? Take a look at the top 10 Game Packs for the Sims 4 that are fun to play. 

10. Spa Day

Put your feet up and relax while you get pampered. 

Everyone needs a day to themselves, including sims, which Spa Day comes in to save the day. The Spa Day game pack has received a refresh to add more gameplay dynamics. 

Originally Spa Day had saunas, meditation, a wellness skill, and massage chairs. The refresh brought about new nails to CAS, the ability to get manicures or pedicures,  and a new trait to use on your sims. 

There are several new build/buy items and new CAS items too. There is even a new venue called the Perfect Balance Spa. 

Spa Day isn't the worst game pack as it does have some fun gameplay. It feels like it is missing something. Taking a mud bath is fun, but it needs a bit more. 

Spa Day full details: Official Page

Spa Day score: 7/10

9. Outdoor Retreat

Roast some marshmallows over a roaring campfire with your friends.

Let's go into the woods and find a great campsite while hiking towards the river. Explore Granite Falls in the Outdoor Retreat game pack. 

There are a lot of things to do while in Granite Falls. Find the entrance to the Deep woods to meet the Hermit that lives there. 

Mess around with different herbs, or collect bugs from the woods surrounding you. There are strange new fish to catch and perhaps bears.

With all the new CAS items and build mode, you will find that your sims will be ready for camping in Granite Falls. It would be nice to have a residential lot in Granite Falls for those who want to live with nature. 

Outdoor Retreat full details: Official Page

Outdoor Retreat score: 9/10

8. Journey To Batuu

As many say, "May the force be with you."

Fans of the Star Wars movies were excited to hear about the game pack The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. You're able to "vacation" in Batuu for some Star Wars fun. 

While visiting Batuu, you can create a BB-8 or R2D2 unit that will follow you around. Grab your lightsaber or go to the Cantina to play games with fun characters inspired by Star Wars. 

Whether you are with the Resistance or the First Order, we can all agree that having a BB-8 or R2D2 is fun until you go back to the residential world. Instead of the unit following your sim, it becomes a regular item with no personality. 

It would have been ideal to have a choice of living in Batuu. This game pack isn't as horrible as many think it is, but it has a lot of playability if you like to live out of rabbit holes. 

Journey To Batuu full details: Official Page

Journey To Batuu score: 6/10

7. Dine Out

Want to go out to a nice dinner? 

Create a romantic dinner date for your sims with the game pack Dine Out and try out different foods. You'll be able to own a restaurant and put your flare on it. 

In this game pack, you can customize the uniforms for the employees and create a menu to fit your style. Children of all ages can draw on the mat while waiting for their food to be delivered. 

Personally, this game pack isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it is fun to play. You can go on family outings to a nice restaurant or go on dates with your special someone. 

Dine Out full details: Official Page

Dine Out score: 9/10

6. Parenthood

Ground those naughty kids, or teach them some manners. Maybe do both? 

Generations have always played an important role in the Sims games. Providing more depth to the family dynamic for your sims, the Parenthood game pack brings those aspects to the Sims 4. 

You can teach your kids manners, ground them, and even lecture them as they grow into young adults. There is a new parenting skill that can improve the caring of the children in the household. 

Parenthood gives so much gameplay for the family dynamic, making it fun to play. The biggest hope many had was to make babies more than just an object, and that didn't happen. 

Parenthood full details: Official Page

Parenthood score: 8/10

5. Dream Home Decorator

What's your dream home look like? Time to bring it to life. 

Simmers are always looking for game packs that bring new build/buy items and new gameplay to their Sims 4 game. The Dream Home Decorator game pack brings a slew of new build/buy and a new career. 

Your sim can become an interior designer and make their client's dreams become a reality. Your sims can have a custom couch with modular couches, complete with a chaise lounge. 

Despite the glitches, as you climb up the interior designer career, it is fun to makeover the homes of the townies. The CAS items and the modular furniture make this game pack a must-have.  

Dream Home Decorator full details: Official Page

Dream Home Decorator score: 6/10

4. Jungle Adventure

To the jungle! Explore the jungle, but watch out for dangerous creatures. 

Experiencing different cultures is a  fun experience to have. With the Jungle Adventure game pack, your sims can enjoy the world of Selvadorada. 

Beware of what lies in the trees as you explore the ancient temples hidden deep into the jungle. Solve riddles and puzzles to find the treasure in the temples, and then you can sell the artifacts or display them in your home. 

Speak to the locals to learn new songs and try out the local cuisine. Jungle Adventure has amazing gameplay with the beauty and dangers of the jungle that is Selvadorada. 

There is only one complaint that could be solved by a mod, perhaps. More dangers in the jungle are needed, especially when a skeleton blows fire or bugs at you. 

Jungle Adventure full details: Official Page

Jungle Adventure score: 9/10

3. StrangerVille

WIll you solve the problems plaguing StrangeVille?

In the world of StrangerVille, your sims will meet townies who seem a bit off and men in black roaming the streets. Strange plants begin to sprout up everywhere while your sims have to choose to eat the bizarre fruit or to leave it be. 

This game pack brings a story of the strange and weird to life, with zombie-like people roaming the streets at night. You can listen to conversations with any sim you manage to put a bug on. 

StrangerVille brought a mystery to the game but fell flat. Two of the main issues are the world of StrangeVille being too small and the story you unravel losing playability after a while. 

Overall this game pack is fun to play. There are Victorian-style windows for new house designs and so much more. 

StrangerVille full details: Official Page

StrangeVille score: 7/10

2. Vampires

Will you take a bit out of Forgotten Hollow? 

Supernatural things creep around in the shadows with the Vampires game pack. Join Vlad in Forgotten Hollow to experience the supernatural powers of vampires. 

Within this game pack, you will create a vampire with two forms. One is for the mortal sims, and the other is your sims' vampiric form which comes out as they use the vampiric powers. 

Thirst won't kill them, but using too much energy can trigger death by sunlight. Building up ranks in the vampire skill menu can assist in either helping your sim to survive or making it easy to kill in sunlight. 

The Vampires game pack gave players a new occult type and a hauntingly beautiful world to explore even though it is small. With many CAS items and build/buy choices, this pack is fun to play.

Vampires full details: Official Page

Pack score: 8/10

1. Realm Of Magic

Practice your spell casting. Just don't overload.  

In the beautiful small town of GlimmerBrook stands a magical portal near a waterfall. Through this portal, your sim will enter into a world of spellcasters. Welcome to the Realm of Magic game pack. 

If your sim is born a spellcaster, there is a bloodline trait for that sim. With the bloodline trait, you also have familiars that can be cats, dogs or get familiars in what looks like crystal balls. 

Realm of Magic brings the fun of making potions and casting spells to the Sims 4. It would be nice to live in the Magic Realm or have more lots to build on in GlimmerBrook.

Realm Of Magic full details: Official Page

Realm Of Magic score: 10/10

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