[Top 25] Sims 4 Best New Mods and CC Every Player Should Check Out

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Make life more interesting for all your sims and try out some new mods!

25. Better Butler

This mod allows you to hire a live-in butler! Your butler can cook, clean, garden, and more, but you can disable certain actions and stop them from automatically cooking, cleaning, etc.

What’s Great About Better Butler:

  • Hire as many butlers as you like
  • Butler will cook, clean, garden, and more
  • You can disable auto-actions, so you can control what your butler will do

Better Butler details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175405054223/better-butler-and-hire-more-butler-adjusts-the 


24.  More Best Friends

This great mod allows your sims to have more than one best friend, making them a little more realistic and well rounded. 

If you raise your friendship with multiple sims high enough, you can become best friends with any amount of them. The cooldown is only 10 minutes so you can make best friend after best friend.

What’s Great About More Best Friends:

  • Have multiple best friends, as opposed to just one
  • Make your sims more realistic and well rounded
  • Only 10-minute cool down

More Best Friends details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175405985098/more-best-friends-this-tuning-mods-lets-your-sims 


23.  Funeral Mod

With this mod, you’ll be able to throw a realistic funeral event and mourn your lost sims. You can invite other sims to attend, hire a minister, give a eulogy, and everything else that we do at our western funerals. You’ll get a set of goals to complete, too.

What’s Great about Funeral Mod:

  • Mourn lost sims
  • Goaled event
  • Realistic
  • New interactions
  • New buffs

Funeral Mod Details: https://www.sims4studiodownload.com/funeral-mod/ 


22.  Family Therapy

This mod is not a comprehensive mental health mod, but a mod focused on psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. It is specific and niche, but great for storytelling. It’s accurate yet light and not too heavy.

It can improve interpersonal relationships, specifically relating to familial issues including addiction, marital, parental relationships, and issues such as grief. There is couples counseling, support groups, and mood therapies.

What’s great about Family Therapy:

  • Incredibly extensive
  • Realistic
  • Brings tons of new interactions and therapy styles
  • Great for storytelling

Family Therapy details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/family-therapy-58262220 


21.  Ice Cream Truck Mod

This mod does what it says on the tin! You can ride the truck or purchase some ice cream for your sim. This fun mod is perfect for children and adults alike!

What’s Great About Ice Cream Truck Mod:

  • Purchase ice-cream or ride the truck
  • Fun and unique

Ice Cream Truck Mod details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sims-4-ice-cream-46812676


20.  Ownable Cars

We all love The Sims 4, but a lot of players miss the ability for sims to own and drive cars to community lots. This creator decided to bring drivable cars back to the game so that our sims from the newest version of the game can hit the road too!

This mod adds 5 drivable cars to the game, ranging from §10000 to §20000 in price. By simply clicking on the cars that you buy and place, you can use the “Drive to…” interaction. They even gain a +3 emotional moodlet!

What’s Great About Ownable Cars:

  • 9 different colors
  • Options for males (severely lacking)
  • Everyday outfit
  • Looks far better than any in-game clothing for men

Ownable Cars details: https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=558029


19.  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

This exciting mod creates a zombie apocalypse in your Sims 4 world! Your sim can be a survivor, or fight zombies. They can also be a zombie themselves and try to infect as many people as possible!

They can team up with partners, fight powerful zombies called Nemesis, and use guns. Now children can be infected too! This mod is dangerous and exciting, a big change from the otherwise relaxed game.

What’s Great About Zombie Apocalypse Mod:

  • Become a zombie
  • Fight zombies
  • Lots of interactions and new gameplay
  • Changes the entire Sims 4 world

Zombie Apocalypse Mod details: https://sacrificialmods.com/zombie-apocalypse-news.html


18. “Eternal Youth” and “Immortal” buyable traits

This great mod adds two new buyable traits to the game: Eternal Youth (§6000) and Immortal (§8000).

Eternal Youth makes your sims immune to time and aging, but nothing prevents the Grim Reaper from taking them in other ways. The Immortal trait has the name removed from the dreaded Grim Reaper tablet but continues aging until they become elderly.

What’s Great About “Eternal Youth” And “Immortal” Buyable Traits:

  • Stop aging, or never die!
  • Addable traits, so you can choose exactly which sims have these traits
  • affordable

“Eternal Youth” And “Immortal” Buyable Traits details: https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=546211


17.  Become A Sorcerer Mod

The best thing about this mod is that your sim can be a sorcerer even without the Realm of Magic game pack. Your sim will be able to learn different spells from both the white arts and the black arts! They’ll have tons of levels to progress through and lots of things to unlock.

This mod is perfect from anyone who loves fantasy gameplay and detailed, game-changing mods.

What’s Great About Become A Sorcerer Mod:

  • Great for fantasy lovers
  • Perfect for storytelling
  • Works without the Realm of Magic game pack
  • Learn spells from the white and black arts
  • Lots of levels and things to unlock

Become A Sorcerer Mod details: https://triplis.github.io/mods/sorcerer.html


16.  Deadly Toddlers

This spooky mod makes your toddlers dangerous! They will turn into demons the second you let your guard down, making the game far more exciting. You can’t control them, although you can protect yourself!

Your deadly toddlers can be autonomous and can kill you by setting things on fire, picking up deadly weapons, and several other scary interactions.

What’s Great About Deadly Toddlers:

  • Dangerous, demonic toddlers
  • Makes the game far more exciting
  • Protect yourself but can’t control them!
  • Several interactions, and the option of autonomy

Deadly Toddlers details: https://sacrificialmods.com/deadly-toddlers--mod-.html


15. KatVerse’s Backgrounds for CAS Mod

The CAS studio in Sims 4 has a simple blue background. This mod is a great addition that brings an extra dimension to your game. It’s fun to customize the CAS process so you can try out the outfit for whatever event you have!

What’s Great About KatVerse’s Backgrounds for CAS Mod:

  • Extensive choice of backgrounds to choose from
  • Makes the CAS process more engaging
  • If you become bored of one of the backgrounds, you can delete it from the mods folder and then download another one. You can do this as often as you’d like!

KatVerse’s Backgrounds for CAS Mod details: https://katverse.com/category/custom-content/cas-background/


14. Expanded Mermaids

This is a must-have mod for anyone who loves mermaids. It expands on the mermaids available in the base game, and adds many different interactions for a deeper, more exciting experience on the island of Sulani.

The new interactions allow your mermaid sim to dive for edible kelp, catch exotic types of fish and rare items, sleep underwater, and more! It even adds new types of creatures: Kelpies and Sea Witches!

Each new creature comes with new skills, aspirations, and interactions (but I’ll let you find out about those yourself!).

What’s great about Expanded Mermaids:

  • Two new types of creatures (Kelpies and Sea Witches)
  • Tons of new, rare items, interactions, and more!
  • Expands deeply upon mermaids
  • Makes Sulani (Island Living) far more exciting
  • Incredibly in-depth

Expanded Mermaids details: https://modthesims.info/d/630179/expanded-mermaids.html


13. Ultrasound Mod

In the 2nd or 3rd Trimester with this mod, your pregnant sim can visit their gynecologist and do an ultrasound examination! This scan will determine the number and gender of the babies, and they will receive a picture too!

The frame comes with 9 swatches so you can decorate it to suit your house, and your sim will also gain a happy buff when they view it.

What’s Great About Ultrasound Mod:

  • Visit a gynecologist
  • Determine the number and gender of the babies
  • Receive a personalized picture
  • Frame comes with 9 swatches
  • Gain a happy buff when viewing the picture

Ultrasound Mod details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175410620123/ultrasound-scan-visit-a-gynecologist-to-do-a


12. NORMAL Lifespan Mod

The creator of this mod found that they struggled with the short adulthood, so they decided to create their own lifespan mod!

They changed the various ages to what they thought to be more suitable lengths of time. This changes the Maxis Normal Lifespan for any new families added to the game after you download the mod. This allows more time for raising babies, making simoleons, and living life!

What’s Great About NORMAL Lifespan Mod:

  • Changes the Maxis normal lifespan for new families
  • Means you have more time to do the things you want to do in childhood and adulthood
  • More realistic

NORMAL Lifespan Mod details: https://modthesims.info/d/591494/sims-4-normal-lifespan-mod-108-day-lifespan.html


11.  REBELDE School Uniforms Part. 2

This mod is great for teen sims who are attending school, adding a touch of realism to the game. These uniforms go great with the school mod (which allows you to go to school with your children/teens). If you love the drama ‘Rebelede’, you can look just like the characters!

What’s Great About REBELEDE School Uniforms Part. 2:

  • Shirts, jackets, skirts, trousers, socks, and shoes
  • Adds dimension and reality to the game
  • Have your teens dressed correctly for school!
  • Look like the cast of ‘Rebelede!’

REBELEDE School Uniforms Part. 2 details: https://modshost.net/sims4/clothing/rebelde-school-uniforms-part-2/ 


10.  Archive Sims 4 CC Pack by Ridgeport

This CC pack is an archive of Ridgeport’s mods from previous years. It contains hundreds of clothing items so that your sims 

sim will look the best that they can!

What’s Great About Archive Sims 4 CC Pack:

  • Hundreds of clothing options
  • Only download which ones you want
  • Easy to access

Archive Sims 4 CC Pack details: https://ridgeport.tumblr.com/post/629362529310818304/downloads


9.  Simp4Sims Graphics Overhaul

This graphics mod essentially just makes all of the in-game graphics better! It makes Sims 4 look better, run smoother, helps with lag, and fixes visual bugs. The link below will show you everything that this mod brings.

What’s Great about Simp4Sims Graphics Overhaul:

  • Makes the whole game look better quality
  • Improves colors and graphics
  • Great for taking pictures and streaming
  • Reduces lag and bugs

Simp4Sims Graphics Overhaul details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/55891224


8.  Sims 4 Dresses CC Pack by myshunosun

This mod has four (4) different dresses that each come in fourteen (14) different colors. If you find the base game dresses to be untrendy, this pack fixes that.

What’s Great About Sims 4 Dresses CC Pack:

  • Four different dresses
  • Fourteen different swatches/colors for each dress
  • Trendy/modern styles

Sims 4 Dresses CC Pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/2020-cc-updated-48325899?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=postshare&epik=dj0yJnU9NU5HcUdVb2xfNC05SGxJZ1RMLTYtU3VZWmlnRmZBQ0omcD0wJm49c1UyVS1uZzU4bmtPcTcwSUpfUnFkQSZ0PUFBQUFBR0VtUFJV


7.  Foster Family

This heartwarming mod allows you to become a part of the LMS Foster Family Network and take care of a Toddler, Child, Teen, or Pet who needs a foster family!

With lots of new interactions, you can register to foster a child or animal and have them come and live with you! You even get Foster Service Support each week for each you take care of. You can also adopt them if you’d like!

What’s Great About Foster Family:

  • Foster or adopt a sim or pet
  • Lots of new interactions
  • Heartwarming
  • Earn money

Foster Family details: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/176877110693/foster-family-become-a-part-of-the-lms-foster


6.  Kids Can Exercise

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows child sims to exercise! This way you can create an athletic family with high fitness and give your kids a head-start on their future career in the fitness domain.

What’s Great About Kids Can Exercise:

  • Kids can now exercise and use machines
  • Create an athletic family
  • increase fitness skill
  • get a head start on fitness career

Kids Can Exercise details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-mod-kids-65772730


5.  Booster Sweatpants

The Sims 4 base game is definitely lacking when it comes to comfy clothes. These sweatpants bring a number of styles, colors, and patterns so your sim can be comfy and trendy at the same time! Help your sims lounge in style by downloading this.

What’s Great About Booster Sweatpants:

  • 15 swatches
  • Base game compatible
  • Great for lounging while still looking trendy
  • Nothing like what the base game already has

Booster Sweatpants details: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/190075565978/booster-sweatpants-comfy-high-waisted-sweatpants


4.  My Wedding Mod

Although we do see a basic wedding in The Sims 4, we don’t get much free reign over what that looks like. This mod brings improved gameplay for preparing for the wedding and even adds a honeymoon for your sims!

You can see a wedding planner, make wedding reservations, send wedding invitations, buy decorations, and more! It adds new social interactions, and allows you to order a wedding certificate, too! My favorite part is the honeymoon, which is super fun.

What’s Great About My Wedding Mod:

  • Improved gameplay for preparing for the wedding, including hiring a wedding planner, making wedding reservations, order wedding decorations, sending invitations, and more
  • New social interactions
  • Order wedding certificates and control the legalities of the marriage
  • Go on a honeymoon

My Wedding Mod details: https://www.caradriel.com/my-wedding/


3.  Monster Bodysuit

The Sims 4 lacks bodysuit options, but this mod fixes that! These bodysuits are perfect for tucking into jeans or skirts, or even just wearing alone! With several different colors and patterns, these bodysuits will make you look super cool.

What’s Great About Monster Bodysuit:

  • Unique and unlike anything the base game has!
  • Inspired by Seuligi of Red Velvet
  • 20 swatches (15 solids and 5 patterns)
  • Super edgy

Monster Bodysuit details: https://trillyke.tumblr.com/post/624778748883091456/monster-bodysuit-one-sleeve-bodysuit-with-fun


2.  Edible Breakfast Cereal

This detailed, fun mod brings all of your favorite real-life cereals to The Sims 4! This mod isn’t a must-have for gameplay, but definitely adds a realistic element to your sim’s day. 

Each box of cereal contains 8 servings, and your sim will gain a happy buff after eating. It’s not only cereal – you can buy all sorts from the menu!

What’s Great About Edible Breakfast Cereal:

  • Real-life brands
  • Detailed
  • Extensive menu of food
  • Your sim will gain a happy buff after eating

Edible Breakfast Cereal details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/55975001


1.  UI Cheats Extension

This mod will make your life far easier when using cheats! It allows you to use almost all of the cheats for the game by simply clicking. You’ll only need to select the cheat you want – no more typing and enabling cheats! It's definitely a better quality of gameplay and ease of use.

What’s Great About UI Cheats Extension:

  • Makes using cheats far easier
  • Much quicker – no hassle!

UI Cheats Extension details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/ui-cheats-v1-16-26240068


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