Top 10 Sims 3 Best Fantasy Mods (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 has quite several expansions and game packs that add some fantasy features to the game. Players who are fans of fantasy love these features, but they wanted more. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the most fun fantasy mods to spice up your gameplay!

10. Werewolves

the sims 3 werewolves

Many Sims players are big fans of the Supernatural Expansion Pack. This mod creates enhanced werewolves!

  • With this mod, your werewolves can now hunt and detect new information about other sims like what their careers are. 
  • This mod also introduces the new “turn” ability which allows your sims to turn into a werewolf whenever they want. 
  • Werewolves can also emit a special howl that will cause aliens and vampires to faint!
  • This mod enhances any actions that werewolves could perform with the original expansion pack. 

Download this mod here:


9. Glowing Eyes

the sims 3 glowing eyes

If you want to add that extra touch of fantasy to your sim’s appearance, then this mod is a must!

  • The Glowing Eyes mod can be found in Create A Sim in the accessories category.
  • This mod gives your sims an eerie-looking appearance as their eyes appear as two glowing balls!
  • The fun thing about this mod is that your sims will look even more incredible at nighttime, as their glowing eyes will be emphasized even more. 
  • You can even resize the eye shape to make it perfect for your freaky sim. 

Download this mod here:


8. UFO, please!

the sims 3 UFO

Have you ever thought about having your sims arrive in style - fantasy style? Well, with this mod, you can!

  • The Drivable UFO mod allows sims to drive around town in a UFO!
  • Unfortunately, this mod does not allow the UFO to float around high in the sky, but it functions as a normal car on the road while floating a few inches.
  • The UFO is available in 2 colors and it has lights on the dashboard and upper deck that lights up at night. 
  • There is nothing more “fantasy” than cruising around in a UFO, so I suggest installing this mod!

Download this mod here:


7. Not-so-weak mummies

the sims 3 mummies

Traveling might be a little unrealistic in The Sims 3. Who wants an adventure with no danger? Luckily, this mod is here to save us (or kill us). 

  • This mod creates powerful mummies that aren’t as easily defeated as in the base game. 
  • With this mod, collecting treasure becomes much more of a challenge than before. 
  • You will have to gather all your strength to fight these powerful zombies, but when you do win, it will be so much more worth it. 
  • You should be careful with this mod because your sims might be in some actual danger when confronting these powerful creatures. 

Check out this mod here:


6. Alien Babies!

the sims 3 aliens

One of the best features of The Sims 3 is the very rare male pregnancies. Read more to find out how you can increase your chances of getting your male sim pregnant:

  • The Sims 3 includes a feature where aliens can abduct your sim. This is where this mod makes things interesting.
  • This mod allows more frequent alien abductions of your male sim. 
  • When your male sim is abducted, they have a chance of returning to their home impregnated, carrying an alien baby. 
  • This mod will increase the chances of your male sim returning pregnant!
  • You can also use this mod to decrease the chances of your male sim being impregnated after an alien abduction. 

Download this mod here:


5. Cronor

the sims 3 Cronor

Living in the boring old sims towns can become quite a drag, so why don’t you transport your sims to the fantasy world of Cronor? Let me tell you how:

  • The Cronor mod creates a world where sims can reside or visit. 
  • Cronor is an eerie, post-apocalyptic world where everything feels like a completely different universe. 
  • In this world, meteor rock, cockroaches, and a lack of greenery are the new life you’ll be living. It might not be as cheerful as Sunset Valley, but hey, it’s for fantasy’s sake!

Download this mod here:


4. Big Cats

the sims 3 big cats

A fantasy world is not complete without some big cats acting like your personal bodyguards. Fortunately, there’s a mod for every want!

  • The Big Cats mod provides a variety of 4 large cats that you can keep as pets. 
  • This mod is professionally created in such a way that the cats look like real wild cats and not just small house cats that were enlarged. 
  • With this mod, you get a tiger, a lion, a jaguar, and a leopard in their actual sizes. 
  • I would recommend installing this mod if you want your fantasy world to become a reality. 

Look at this mod here:


3. Full Moon

the sims 3 full moon

The Sims 3 Supernatural introduced some pretty cool features, one of them being some emotion surrounding the full moon…

  • With this mod, sims will be even more fearful when a full moon comes around. 
  • A siren will go off when a full moon is starting and it will sound throughout the whole town, alerting sims that trouble is on its way. 
  • This mod is tons of fun if you want to spruce up your supernatural world and create a clear distinction between humans and supernatural beings. 
  • I would suggest installing this mod if you want the full fantasy experience. 

Download this mod here:


2. Sharktail Mermaids - Sharkmaids?

the sims 3 sharkmaids

The Sims 3 Island Paradise has an amazing inclusion of mermaids! Although this feature by itself is tons of fun, players wanted to spice up the fantasy aspects some more.

  • The SharkMaid mod allows you to customize your mermaids and give them a shark tail and a fin. 
  • This mod is available in 2 colors and you can match your sims’ skin tones to the tail and fin. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it is compatible with the actions of a mermaid (this means that there won’t be any weird lags if you decide to turn a mermaid into half a shark). 
  • If mermaids alone aren’t enough fantasy for you, then this mod is just what you need. 

Download this mod here:


1. Lizard People

the sims 3 lizards

I guess the conspiracy is true; lizard people do exist. Well, with this mod anyway. 

  • The Lizard Tails mod allows you to transform any sim into a lizard!
  • This mod can be applied to sims of all age groups, even toddlers. 
  • You even get a variety of lizard tails to choose from. This mod provides a smooth, finned, and spiked tailed and they all look pretty cool. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that the tails are fully recolorable. This means that each sim can have their own tail!

Download this mod here:

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