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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 franchise has many game packs and expansion packs that will guarantee an amazing playing experience, but why not take it to the next level with these amazing mods? Read more to discover why you need mods to have the entire gaming experience.

25. Endless Traits

the sims 3 traits

Traits are used to create your unique sim and it sets them apart from other sims. Let me tell you why you need a mod that unlocks more traits:

  • A sim with a bigger variety of traits will have more opportunities in life. 
  • They will be able to perform special actions and be more diverse.
  • Unlocking new traits means that your sim can be unique compared to other sims. 
  • Sims with as many traits as possible can master more skills than your average sim. 

This mod can be downloaded here:


24. I’ve got my eye on you

the sims 3 watcher

This mod is truly exceptional. Keep reading to find out why:

  • Your sim will be able to view all other sims in Map view. 
  • This is great when you are looking for a specific sim or if you want to get your stalk on and see what sims around you are up to. 
  • You will always know where other sims are and you can easily find them by clicking on Map view and seeing their icon. 
  • Who doesn't want to know about everyone’s whereabouts all the time? 

Click here to download the mod: 


23. Let’s get real

the sims 3 CAS

The Sims 3 franchise is known to create sims that look quite unrealistic. They appear quite rubbery, but luckily for you, there are mods to make your sim appear more realistic. Let me tell you more:

  • Realism mods remove the rubbery look from your sims. 
  • You can add facial texture and different hairstyles to create a more realistic look. 
  • This mod works well with any mods that can add or modify traits. That way you will have a 100% custom-made sim.
  • Realism mods are available for all age groups. 
  • You can even download realistic designer outfits for your sims!

You can look at some realism mods here:


22. Pets galore

the sims 3 pets

The Sims 3 franchise has The Sims 3 Pets expansion pack. Some players were disappointed with the animal included in this pack, so that led to many animal-related mods. Read more to find out why you need animal mods:

  • They allow you to keep a large variety of animals as pets.
  • You can even have a lion or tiger!
  • Animal mods unlock some exotic animals that aren’t included in any of the expansion packs or game packs and they make the game so much more exciting. 
  • Jungle animals are a big hit with animal mods. 

Click on this link to download your own exotic animals with these fun mods:


21. Quick Bite

the sims 3 eating

Something that has frustrated many Sims 3 players over the years is the amount of time that sims take to consume food. Check out this mod to see why speeding up your sim’s food consumption is a must:

  • This mod will allow your sims to have a proper meal in a smaller amount of time. This means that your sim will never go to work hungry!
  • Children can also make use of this mod and it allows them to fill up on fuel much faster so that they can get to school on time. 
  • This mod is a must for players who want to see their sims succeed career-wise, as their sims will go to work with a full tummy and won’t become uncomfortable at work when they are hungry. 
  • I suggest downloading this mod as it is a massive time-saver.

You can download this mod here:


20. Progress

the sims 3 progress

When you are playing with a certain household, the rest of the households in the sims world will be inactive. I have just the mod to fix that:

  • This mod allows the rest of the unplayed households to continue with full autonomy. 
  • While you are taking care of one household, the rest of the households will carry on with their lives as if you are playing them. 
  • They can perform realistic activities such as getting jobs, marrying, and having children. 
  • This mod is perfect if you want a realistic experience when playing The Sims 3. 

To download this mod, click here:


19. I wanna talk

the sims 3 conversation

Some players of The Sims 3 get bored with the everyday social interactions available to sims. They can become quite repetitive, therefore this amazing social mod is perfect if you face the same issue with these players:

  • The Deeper Conversation mod allows your sims to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • It offers an option where you can type a phrase into a dialogue and your sims will say that to the sim they are in conversation with.
  • You can have meaningful conversations with other sims to improve their friendship level faster. 
  • This mod also allows an “Improved Get to Know” option that will enable you to learn other sims' traits much faster. 

Click here to download this mod:


18. Climb the corporate ladder

the sims 3 career

The Sims 3 has very interesting career options, but some ambitious players wanted more. Let me tell you about the mod that unlocks career options:

  • This mod allows your sim to have a career in a variety of options.
  • The most popular careers from this mod are psychologists, designers, and NFL players. 
  • The career mod is perfectly designed with promotions and your sim will have a lot of fun choosing between a variety of career paths. 
  • This mod is perfect for any player who wants to see their sims climb the corporate ladder and succeed in their interesting and realistic careers. 

Check out this mod here:


17. PG 13

the sims 3 romance

The Sims 3 has some realistic features, but players wanted more. Let me tell you about realistic mods that can make your gameplay as close to real life as possible:

  • This mod allows romantic relationships to evolve between different age groups. 
  • There is a more realistic sense of violent interactions.
  • You can even have your sims use illegal substances!
  • This mod also allows the “Woohoo” interaction to have the ability to get your sim pregnant. This way you don’t have to “Try for baby”. 

To download these mods, click here:


16. Cleanup

the sims 3 glitch

Although The Sims 3 is a wonderfully created game, there are some lags that drive players insane. This mod cleans up all lags. Who wouldn't want it?

  • When you are playing with a household, this mod will clean up all lags on other households and sims.
  • It cleans up any bugs that might be causing the game to lag. 
  • Many players have mentioned that they are now unable to play the game without this mod because it creates a much more enjoyable experience. 
  • It allows you to enjoy your gaming experience without any annoying lags and glitches. 

Check out this mod here:


15. Mastermind

the sims 3 mastermind

There are many different sims in The Sims 3 world. Have you ever thought about controlling them? Read more to find out how:

  • The Master Controller mod allows you to control any sim.
  • You can customize them in CAS mode and select new traits. 
  • You can change the physical appearance of any sim around you when this mod is installed. 
  • Pre-existing sims are no exception to this mod. Go ahead and customize Bella Goth to your liking!

Download this mod here:


14. Improved Electronics

the sims 3 electronics

The Sims 3 allows sims to have fun on computers, but players wanted more out of this feature. They created mods that allow more interactions with the computer:

  • This mod will enable you to learn more skills on a computer. 
  • This mod can save you some simoleons because you don’t have to purchase equipment in order to build and master skills. 
  • You can even do online shopping on your home computer with this mod. 
  • You are able to perform many more interactions with the computer than just playing games and adopting babies. It is very broad and very realistic. 

Check out these mods here:


13. Toddler Skills

the sims 3 toddlers

Toddlers in The Sims 3 are quite dependent on adults for walking. Luckily there is a mod to fix this!

  • This mod makes your toddler more independent so that they can walk alone!
  • They won’t need an adult to supervise and help them.
  • This mod saves you a ton of time. Your sim can go about their life while their toddler is learning to walk all by themself. 
  • It also saves you some simoleons on store walker costs. 

Look at this mod here:


12. The Supernatural

the sims 3 supernatural

Many Sims players are big fans of the Supernatural Expansion Pack. This mod creates enhanced werewolves!

  • With this mod, your werewolves can now hunt and detect new information about other sims like what their careers are. 
  • This mod also introduces the new “turn” ability which allows your sims to turn into a werewolf whenever they want. 
  • Werewolves can also emit a special howl that will cause aliens and vampires to faint!
  • This mod enhances any actions that werewolves could perform with the original expansion pack. 

Download this mod here:


11. Court case

the sims 3 court

If you are serious about the law, this mod is for you:

  • This mod allows you to take other sims to court for your own personal gain!
  • You can file for divorce, file for custody, or even become a lawyer.
  • You have to keep in mind that legal trouble goes both ways. Other sims can also sue your sim so it will be best to tread carefully once this mod is installed.
  • You can also sue sims over small arguments. You just have to hope that the odds are in your favor when the judge comes to a decision… 

Check this mod out here:


10. Life-saver

the sims 3 life-saver

This mod might not be as exciting as other mods, but trust me, it is a lifesaver!

  • The Sims 3 does not save your gameplay automatically, but luckily this mod will ensure that you are reminded of saving your gaming frequently. 
  • It gives you reminders from time to time so save your game. 
  • This mod is perfect if you get too carried away with your gameplay and forget to save your game. 
  • Once this mod is installed, you will never have to worry about losing your progress ever again. 

Download this mod here:


9. Register

the sims 3 shop

Are you interested in an easy side job that could make your sim some quick simoleons? Then this mod is perfect for you!

  • This mod unlocks a part-time career that allows your sim to work at the register of the grocery store.
  • The fun thing about this mod is that your sims will be interacting with other sims who are doing their daily shopping and they can build relationships with them. 
  • This mod is also a great way for your sim to get to know new people. 
  • If you want your sim to earn some extra simoleons and make new friends, I would definitely suggest installing this mod. 

Download this mod here: 


8. No-Intro

the sims 3 no-intro

The Sims 3 is known for having quite the intro when you open the game. Although this is quite unique, some players disagreed. 

  • The No-Intro mod is created to remove the introduction scenes when you open the game.
  • This means that you don’t have to wait for the intro to load before playing your game. 
  • Many players mentioned that it improves their gaming experiences.

Click here to download this mod:


7. Get your dream on

the sims 3 aspiration

Have you ever wanted your sims to achieve more than just one dream? Then this mod is for you!

  • This mod increases the number of dreams that your sim can achieve during their lifetime. 
  • You can create “Promises Wishes” for your sims. This is similar to your sim wants. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it allows inactive sims to work on achieving their dreams. This means that the household you are playing with as well as all other households will be hard at work at achieving their dreams. 

Check this mod out here:


6. Alien Babies!

the sims 3 aliens

One of the best features of The Sims 3 is the very rare male pregnancies. Read more to find out how you can increase your chances of getting your male sim pregnant:

  • The Sims 3 includes a feature where aliens can abduct your sim. This is where this mod makes things interesting.
  • This mod allows more frequent alien abductions of your male sim. 
  • When your male sim is abducted, they have a chance of returning to their home impregnated, carrying an alien baby. 
  • This mod will increase the chances of your male sim returning pregnant!
  • You can also use this mod to decrease the chances of your male sim being impregnated after an alien abduction. 

Download this mod here:


5. ‘Lil caretakers

the sims 3 kids

Have you ever wanted some much-needed time off from your toddlers? This mod will give you just that!

  • This mod allows children to take care of babies.
  • They are able to perform all actions that adults and teenagers can perform on babies. 
  • This mod is perfect if your adult sims are busy or need some relaxation. You did not have all of those children for nothing, anyway!

Look at this mod here:


4. Banking

the sims 3 banking

Your sims need some financial management too, you know. 

  • This mod creates a fully-functioning online banking organization.
  • Your sim can now take loans and send money to friends. 
  • You can even set up a direct deposit method for when your sims need to get paid from work. 
  • This mod is very realistic as you can check your balance and even close your account if you’ve had enough. 

Download this mod here:


3. Realistic Living

the sims 3 real house

When sims move into a house, it seems pretty unrealistic when looking at rent and appliances breaking. Luckily there is a mod that creates a more realistic living experience. 

  • This mod makes your sim a proper renter.
  • You will have a landlord and he will be notified when something is broken in the house or apartment. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that you won’t have to pay rent until broken appliances in your home are repaired!
  • This mod also allows your sim to have a career as a landlord. 

Click here to download this mod:


2. Smooth-running Bistro

the sims 3 bistro

Running a bistro or restaurant in The Sims 3 is quite fun, but players who wanted more created this mod. 

  • This mod allows you to run your bistro more realistically.
  • You can set up shifts for your workers.
  • This mod also allows you to split responsibilities between waiters. 
  • Another benefit of this mod is that you will never have to worry about your chef’s cooking skill resetting. You will always have a smooth-running bistro or restaurant. 

Check out this mod here:


1. Functioning Kiddies

the sims 3 kids

Have you ever been annoyed with the limited amount of things that children are able to do? Now you can fix that!

  • This mod allows children to do a whole lot more!
  • They are able to help with gardening and cooking.
  • They are even able to make purchases at the grocery store and other retail stores included in expansion packs. 
  • This mod even allows your children to experiment with magic!

Download this mod here:

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