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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is the perfect place to build a character with all the traits you’ve ever dreamed of. This game allows you to give your sim a wonderful (or not-so-wonderful) personality with many traits to choose from. Keep reading if you want to find out which of these traits are a must for your sim!

10. Charismatic

the sims 3 Charismatic

In a world full of sims, you surely don’t want to be alone. The Charismatic trait is a wonderful tool that will come in extremely handy to all sims in social settings. Let me tell you why:

  • Charismatic sims will make friends much easier than sims without this trait. 
  • You will have no trouble building relationships and your sim's “FUN” mood element will increase when socializing. 
  • This trait will also be very beneficial if you want to make an impression on your boss and climb the career ladder. Your sim will never get exhausted from charming the boss at work!

If you wish for your sim to be a social butterfly and have meaningful relationships with other sims, the Charismatic trait is a necessity!


9. Schmoozer

the sims 3 Shmoozer

The Schmoozer trait is vital to those who want to make a difference in their career. If you think that being Charismatic is a bonus, let me tell you about being a Schmoozer:

  • Schmoozers don’t chat, they schmooze. This instantly improves the relationship between sims and has a much bigger effect than the “chat” option.
  • These sims will instantly see an improvement in their careers when schmoozing their bosses. 
  • This trait will ensure that your sims build relationships at a much faster rate than regular sims. 

If you want to see your sim succeed in their career and become BFFs with their boss, make sure that your sim is a Schmoozer!


8. Over-Emotional

the sims 3 Over-Emotional

This trait might come as a surprise to most of you. Who wants an over-emotional, erratic sim? Let me tell you why this is exactly what you need:

  • The Over-Emotional trait boosts your sim’s mood up to 25%. Now, this might not turn out great if you don’t take proper care of your sim, but it will be amazing if you make sure that your sims needs are taken care of.
  • If your sim is happy, the Over-Emotional trait will boost their happiness and it will last much longer. 
  • Your sim’s positive moods will be in working for a significantly longer time with this amazing trait.

Who doesn’t love constantly happy sims? Try this trait, but remember to keep your sims happy, or else… 


7. Evil

the sims 3 Evil

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Just hear me out:

  • Evil sims can gain positive moodlets from being near sims in distress. I know it’s not ideal, but we all know sims can be dramatic. Being an evil sim can be very beneficial!
  • There are many fun activities included in being Evil. You can have a lot of fun with your evil sim.
  • One thing that I find pretty enjoyable is that your sim can undermine charities when donating by clicking on the mailbox. 

Being evil is not for the faint-hearted. Try having an Evil sim if you are up for the challenge!


6. Brave

the sims 3 Brave

Being brave is one of the most admirable traits to have. Let me tell you why it is so wonderful to have a brave sim:

  • Brave sims will never have the Fear moodlet, no matter what the circumstances are!
  • This trait is extremely beneficial to a great variety of careers in The Sims 3 franchise. 
  • Brave sims will never panic and they are always ready to face dangerous situations. 
  • Being brave allows your sims to put out fires and confront burglars without blinking. 

I would suggest having a brave sim in a family setting. They fear nothing and will be protectors of the household!


5. Artistic

the sims 3 Artistic

Artistic sims are simply top-tier. This trait has many benefits. Let me tell you more:

  • Artistic sims can produce high-quality paintings and they will acquire musical skills faster than average sims.
  • The Artistic trait will make it much easier for sims to follow an artistic career path such as being an artist or musician. 
  • These sims can use the “Talk about art” interaction with other sims. Usually, this interaction is positive, except when performing this action with sims who dislike art, so be careful!

Artistic sims are some of the most fun characters in The Sims 3 franchise and they can make a big buck out of this trait too! Try it out. 


4. Unlucky

the sims 3 Unlucky

This trait came as a massive surprise to me. I realize that being an unlucky sim might not sound too appealing, but let me tell you more about the benefits of luck leaving your side:

  • Unlucky sims can only die of old age!
  • The Grim Reaper will feel too bad to take an Unlucky sim away unless they are dying of old age. 
  • The Sims 3 franchise allows your sims to take an Age Freeze potion. If you let your unlucky sim take this, they will be immortal! 

Being unlucky might not seem like much, but immortality seems pretty lucky to me! Despite the random unlucky mishaps in your sim’s life, this trait is tons of fun!


3. Genius

the sims 3 Genius

This trait speaks for itself. Who wouldn't want a genius sim?

  • Genius sims are excellent writers and they have a massive advantage in some careers such as law enforcement and science paths. 
  • This trait also offers a massive advantage to your sims when they decide to pursue a college degree. 
  • Genius sims can also have deep conversations with other sims, increasing their level of friendship and building a tighter bond. 
  • The genius trait can also make your sim rich! It allows sims to make money from solving mathematical problems on the computer for which your sims will be compensated. 

I guess being smart does pay off!


2. Neat

the sims 3 Neat

We all know that sims can be quite messy from time to time and a messy environment leads to an uncomfortable sim. Let me tell you why you need a Neat sim:

  • Neat sims will automatically clean their environment without you having to order them to do it.
  • The best thing about this trait is that they have fun while cleaning!
  • Neat sims will even clean a dirty environment when they aren’t in the best of moods. No matter what, a Neat sims house will ALWAYS be clean.

If a dirty environment bothers you as much as it bothers me, do yourself a favor and make your sim a neat freak! You’ll thank me later. 


1. Ambitious

the sims 3 Ambitious

The Ambitious trait is my ultimate favorite trait in the entire Sims 3 franchise! Let me tell you why:

  • The promotion bar for Ambitious sims fills twice as fast as normal sims’ bars. 
  • This trait allows your sims to get much more event raises than normal sims. 
  • Ambitious sims can “Ask for a raise” or “Ask for a promotion” from their bosses! I don’t have to elaborate on why that is simply amazing. 
  • Your sim’s fun moodlet won’t decrease as fast as normal sims’ when you select the “work hard” option. 

Ambitious sims have a massive career advantage. If you want your sim to excel in their career, make sure that they are Ambitious!

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