[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Traits To Have

 Sims 4 Best Traits
AKA How to be a better 'you'

What Are The Best Traits in Sims 4?

Well, here’s a list of the best traits to pick while you create your perfect Sim!

Disclaimer: For sake of inclusion, we will only be listing the traits provided in the base Sims 4 game, and none of the expansions.

10. Childish

I think the word you’re searching for is Space Ranger! Become an explorer of the unknown in this infatuating career choice, and get some of the coolest promotion perks in the galaxy!

Trait Details:

  • These Sims are the only adults that are able to interact with childrens' toys without a child present.
  • Gain child-like moodlets to keep your sim a child at heart!

Some awesome perks!

  • Raise your Sim’s social skill by only talking to animals!
  • Gain happy moodlets from treating stuffed animals with kindness.
  • No boredom from watching the Kids Network on TV.

9. Bro

‘Sup bro? Anyone can be a broski with this radical trait, so serve up the crazy game day snacks and chillax, dude!

Trait Details:

  • This is categorized as a social trait
  • Perform actions under this trait to become confident and energized!

Some awesome perks!

  • Receive NO negative moodlet at all from having this trait!
  • Hang with your bros to gain a happy or confident moodlet!

8. Good

Can you manage this job? Of course you can! Take charge of the business world and climb until you reach the top!

Trait Details:

  • With this trait you can donate to charity.
  • These Sims will receive a sad moodlet if they interact with an evil Sim.

Some awesome perks!

  • With the “make a donation” option, you can gain a happy moodlet for being such a good citizen!
  • Gain good vibes by being around positivity!

7. Cheerful

Don’t worry, be happy! A cheerful sim walks through life with a skip in their step and a smile on their face!

Trait Details:

  • You can get a lot more interactions with people and objects with this trait, including:
    • Confess Cheerful Ways in conversation!
    • “Perfect Brew” moodlet when drinking a pleasant drink.

Some awesome perks!

  • Get a random Happy moodlet; perhaps it’ll come right at the perfect time of need!
  • With this trait, your Sim can get the "Perfect Partner" moodlet rather than the "New Partner" moodlet.
  • NO negative moodlet received when having this trait!

6. Romantic

Apparently, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all… But you won’t lose the option to give your Sim the Romantic trait! These Sims tend to have flirty moodlets, and can become sad if they haven’t been romanced in a while.

Trait Details:

  • A “feeling flirty” moodlet will randomly pop up for your sim and will last for four hours.
  • Your Sim can get tense from feeling “lovelorn.”
  • Your Sim will be able to use the “offer rose” and “kiss hands” interactions even without feeling particularly flirty.

Some awesome perks!

  • If your Sim and their desired love are both in flirty moods, you’re much more likely to win their affection!
  • This trait is higher on the list for players who are looking to have their Sim be romantically charming!

5. Bookworm

There’s nothing a good book can’t do! Your Sim will love the ability to gain powerful moodlets by merely reading a book, and the conversational pieces that come with them!

Trait Details:

  • Sims with this trait can "Discuss Favorite Authors" and "Discuss Latest Book."
  • Pairs quite nicely with the “writer” job!

Some awesome perks!

  • Gain more in Fun (under your Sims needs) by reading, which is helpful when you’re just starting out and perhaps can’t afford a tv or computer quite yet!
  • Analyze a book to gain an inspired moodlet for four whole hours!

4. Genius

There is no great genius without some touch of madness! Become the smartest Sim in the room with the Genius trait!

Trait Details:

  • Sims with the genius trait get interaction such as "Share Brilliant Ideas" and "Reveal Brilliant Invention.”
  • These Sims gain the "Unchallenged" moodlet if they haven't interacted with something/someone that helps them unleash their genius.

Some awesome perks!

  • Get a random “Focused” moodlet at any point!
  • “Focused” is the best mood to be in for most careers your Sim can have, so having this trait will most likely feed into them being very successful!

3. Creative

What will your Sim create? A book? A painting? A melody? Whatever it is, give your Sim the Creative trait to help them along the way!

Trait Details:

  • Creative Sims will get the "Feeling Uncreative" moodlet, if they haven't been challenged by a creative project in a while.
  • Gain interactions like "Share Creative Ideas"

Some awesome perks!

  • If your Sim is a painter, they’ll have a rise in “fun” from painting!
  • They can "Propose Crazy Scheme" even when they aren’t particularly inspired or confident!
  • Randomly receive a "Feeling Inspired" moodlet at any time!
  • “Inspired” is another popular mood to be in in order for your Sim to do better in their job!

2. Self-Assured

Confidence is everything! By making your Sim Self-Assured, they're bound to get things done effectively and efficiently!

Trait Details:

  • When your Sim holds this trait they tend to feel confident.
  • Your Sim will get the confident moodlet randomly throughout the day.

Some awesome perks!

  • Receive NO negative moodlets directly from this trait!
  • Your sim can perform the “Propose Crazy Scheme" interaction even when not particularly confident or inspired!
  • Being Confident is one of the absolute best things your Sim can be for any job!

1. Active

Run, lift, box, swim, whatever! Encourage your Sim to stay in shape by granting them the Active moodlet!

Trait Details:

  • Your Sim might get the "Not Enough Exercise" if they haven’t exercised in a bit.
  • Sims with the Active trait tend to be Energized more often than most.
  • With this trait you can use the “Pump Up” interaction and energize other Sims.

Some awesome perks!

  • Randomly get a "Feeling Energized" moodlet at any time!
  • Your Sim can interact with active activities when clicking on the ground, even if they’re not energized at the time!
  • Gain a boost for fun when exercising on equipment!
  • These Sims actually live longer than a non-Active Sim!

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