[Top 15] Sims 4 Best Worlds To Live In

Sims 4 Best Worlds To Live In
Fanmade map of all the sims 4 worlds

15. Brindleton Bay

View of Brindleton Bay, specifically Whiskerman's Warf.

From the Cats and Dogs expansion pack, Brindleton Bay is a peaceful, lovely and charming world. There are multiple things to do and explore. Whiskerman’s Wharf is beautiful. There is a 64x64 lot, and multiple lots with different sizes. You can live near the bay, in the forest or in the countryside.

Things We Love About This World:

  • The lights and view of the bay at night are lovely to look at. Visit the bar, you will not be disappointed.
  • This is the only world where you can see pets and strays spawn, there are adorable cats and dogs everywhere, and you can pet them and play with them as much as you like.
  • There are many secrets to explore and a very romantic woohoo spot for couples looking for fun at Deadgrass Isle.


14. Evergreen Harbor

A fan build in Evergreen Harbor's Port Promise, after changing the eco-footprint to green

This world comes with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. Evergreen Harbor is separated into three distinct neighborhoods, who each have a different eco-footprint. Despite industrial zones Evergreen Harbor is still a good world to live in.  With communities and voting, You can do your part and make Evergreen Harbor but also other worlds, eco-friendly and more green.

Things We Love About This World:

  • Though they’re not like City Living, Evergreen Harbor also has apartments. They are side by side,  adorable, and a great starter for your new sim.
  • If you go onto community spaces’ build mode, you can choose what kind of community space you want it to be, and the build will completely change by itself to fit your choice.
  • Since Evergreen Harbor is near the sea, EA decided to create buildings with containers in some areas. It’s unexpected but really cool to see.


13. Henford-on-Bagley

Beautiful sunset in Henford-on-Bagley

A large and gorgeous world from the Cottage Living expansion pack. There are many residential lots with two community lots: a bar and a park. Many of the NPC sims are farmers or gardeners and might approach you for help. If you love the countryside this is the world to live in.

Things We Love About This World:

  • There are weekly fairs where you can show off your animals or giant crops. It’s a great place to meet Sims too
  • The fairs are fun but to truly feel like a part of the community, talk to the townies, they may ask you for errands, some crops, eggs etc. and they’ll reward you for it with simoleons or produce.
  • Gardening and farming have been completely changed by this pack. Not only can you have cows, llamas, chickens, bunnies, foxes, and birds, you can also grow giant crops, and the pack adds some new harvestables for that! You can then make jam, mayonnaise, and more.


12. Chestnut Ridge

A rainbow that can be seen in Chestnut Ridge

Chestnut Ridge is a world included in the Horse Ranch expansion pack. Though it might seem dry and empty at first, Chestnut Ridge has beautiful rivers and greenery. Chestnut Ridge has many community lots, many residential lots, and even rental lots that are well-built! The mix of feeling at home and at the same time being able to meet new people and see new places makes this a great world to live in.

Things We Love About This World:

  • There’s a great balance of community and residential lots! many sims can live here and can participate in activities included with the pack.
  • The pack adds horses and horse competitions. But not just that, it also has adorable miniature goats and sheep you can take care of (and shear or milk for money).
  • This pack feels like finding an oasis in the desert. The beautiful scenery, and the animals you can connect with make you feel cozy and closer to nature. 


11. Britechester

A fountain from Britechester, with a lovely view of the buildings in the back

In Britechester, from the Discover University expansion pack, there are only 3 small residential lots. The rest are university-related. The world is highly focused on university gameplay in dorms, during parties, or doing assignments from home. Britechester might be best for young adults, but it is beautiful. The perfect place to start adulthood.

Things We Love About This World:

  • With the perfect mix of buildings and nature, the world is gorgeous. How green the grass is and how blue the sky is on sunny days in this world adds to its beauty. Foxbury Commons has a more modern architectural style
  • This pack feels like new beginnings. Going to university, raising your skills, and making important connections to be able to start a new life of adulthood with your sim. It feels like the start of a new life.
  • There are many other sims to befriend on campus, at the library or bar. At parties too. If you’re in Britechester, they will appear. If you live in a dorm, you will definitely have many townies to interact with.


10. Glimmerbrook

Glimmerbrook scenery from  a distance

Included with Realm of Magic game pack, a very enchanting world, full of greenery, waterfalls, and rivers…There are a few lots and a bar. You can go through the portal to the magic realm and become a spellcaster. But the world itself, while it can’t beat the magic realm, is still lovely and cozy to live in.

Things We Love About This World:

  • When you travel to Glimmerbrook in-game,  you can immediately feel the presence of magic, with particle animations, the waterfalls and the way the world is built, the forest in the daylight can remind us of fairytales.
  • As the world is smaller than some others there are some little extra details. However, as we all know the most important location is the waterfall’s portal. 
  • When you have the Seasons expansion, Glimmerbrook shows its beauty no matter the season, especially in winter snow. The lots blend in with the forest and this world has snow often.


9. Willow Creek

The gorgeous swamps in Willow Creek.

Willow Creek is a world that has been with us since the beginning of the Sims 4. A lush neighborhood with pretty rivers. The houses look pretty good, It could be said that Willow Creek is a neutral world, in a good way.

Things We Love About This World:

  • Willow Creek is a good world for new simmers. Simple, but not boring, many residential lots to choose from, iconic townies to meet, many forageables to help make money, and good fishing spots. It has it all.
  • The community and residential lots are in different neighborhoods but the residential lots are not neglected. This world is easy to navigate, which again, makes it the best world for new simmers.
  •  There are so many townies in Willow Creek. Whether you go to the gym, museum, nightclub, library, or park, there will be many townies your sim can talk to and befriend.


8. Windenburg

View of the buildings, rivers, and mountains in Windenburg

This Europe-inspired world from the Get Together expansion pack has so many things to do. Clubs were added to the game, you can visit the pool, nightclubs, cafes, gym, bars, library, or maybe you want to explore the ruins and bluffs. There is even a Castle you can visit with an amazing garden to explore.

Things We Love About This World:

  • The buildings and architectural style give a modern medieval energy. There are many houses in the Fachwerkhaus style. This is what gives Windenburg its charm.
  • Your sim can truly explore! Every lot’s surroundings you can walk far from. You can walk from lot to lot almost everywhere in Windenburg. They’re connected. It helps with the immersion that is somewhat ruined by the loading screen.
  • Windenburg has a great nightlife! Multiple clubs, bars, and dance parties in the ruins or at Von Haunt Estate, take your pick and let your sim party. 


7. San Myshuno

San Myshuno building at night

From the City Living expansion pack, This world has many apartments and even penthouses. The festivals are always fun and full of activities, usually ending with fireworks. There are tourist sims, food stalls, and basketball games during the day. Karaoke competitions are also fun! The art museum is a great way to learn, there’s a gym and even a Park, though it is at a small distance from the city.

Things We Love About This World:

  • There are multiple festivals with different themes and even merch. Each have different activities and some competitions, with simoleons or firework prizes. After every festival, fireworks are set off and you can watch them. It’s beautiful to see the sky light up. 
  • Whichever neighborhood you live in, there’s always townies walking around or selling goods and food. You sim can make friends easily right outside their apartment.
  • There are so many new recipes and so much new food your sims can taste and learn to make. There’s even a spicy food tolerance, which is a great detail. Some sims can eat very spicy meals, but others find it difficult.


6. Copperdale

Copperdale's sea view with a view of the fair and Ferris wheel

Copperdale from the High School Years expansion pack has 7 residential lots, with many activities. The fair has so much to do, and that’s not including high school gameplay.

Things We Love About This World:

  • This is the High School Years pack, so there is high school-focused gameplay. And you can customize it at will. However, we thought it important to mention that Copperdale is the only world where you can have a high school. Making it that much more special.
  • Plumbite Cove has a fair!! It was an unexpected addition and it is still surprising, you can ride a Ferris wheel, go in a haunted house, or the tunnel of love. (These can be woohoo areas for those who were wondering, but you can be banned, so don’t get caught) There is even a photo booth. You can buy ice cream and boba tea.
  • Copperdale also has a thrift boba tea store which is such a cool idea. It’s the perfect place to relax and have fun, especially for teen sims. You can create styles and sell them or show them off online. Of course, you can also drink boba tea.


5. Sulani

Included with Island Living, this world is absolutely stunning, there are many areas to explore and you can enjoy the beach, swim in the water, take in the warm weather, and participate in Sulani traditions. There are two beaches and a bar. There are 12 residential lots. Living in Sulani is very relaxing. If you like chill, laid-back, and aesthetic gameplay  Sulani is the perfect World. 

Things We Love About This World:

  • This world could double as a great destination world, it’s relaxing, beautiful, and has a different lifestyle and culture than other worlds. Families can have fun together, build a sandcastle, go swimming, and snorkeling. Even toddlers can play in the water or build a sandcastle.
  • Every lot in Sulani is a large area for your sim to explore and find some hidden gems, like the waterfall, festivals with cultural food, a hidden cave, and more.
  • At first, the island is not in good shape. There’s some trash and dirty water. But you can dig out trash and try to take care of the island. The more you take care of the island, the more beautiful it becomes. The water becomes clearer, and the plants are greener and healthier.


4. Tartosa

View of Tartosa and the lighthouse


The world of Tartosa comes with the My Wedding Stories game pack. This world is full of nature and very romantic. It's a beautiful place to live, get married, or have your honeymoon. There are about 6 residential lots. This would be a wonderful place to raise a child if there were more community and fun lots. There are quite a few activities but they are geared towards couples.

Things We Love About This World:

  • The world is gorgeous and seems to be Greek-inspired. It’s interactive, you can swim in the water, there’s a lagoon that functions like a beach, waterfalls you can walk over with a bridge…There is an insane amount of detail and hidden areas. Many places to propose or spend a romantic afternoon
  • It seems like a mix of multiple worlds, the interactive beach reminds of Sulani, the fishing spots Brindleton Bay, the paths of Windenburg Olde Platz, and the shops of Copperdale. Yet Tartosa still feels unique and has its own charm. It also has its own history you can learn about through exploring and talking to the locals.
  • There is so much to do for couples, draw in the sand, swim in the lagoon, visit the Lovers’ Tree, buy flowers and wedding bouquets, sample wedding cake, shop at Tartosa’s Boutique, and get married, of course. . 


3. Strangerville

View of a street during sundown in Strangerville

Strangerville from the game pack with the same name, with the same name, has a story. A mystery you need to solve. But once that’s done, it’s almost a cozy town. The world is desert-like but it still has some greenery. After completing the story, it’s beautiful to see.

Things We Love About This World:

  • Despite Strangerville being a story-driven world and game pack, there are still so many things you can do after completing the story. The military career not being linked to the story, you can pursue it like a regular career. You can use the B64 training bot to upgrade your fitness skill. It’s not limited to the military. You can continue gathering evidence to sell, you can plant bugs on anyone, and even decide to blackmail the sim for a bit of money,
  • There is a running joke that the Sims team can’t build well. But the residential lot houses in Shady Acres are really nice, built in a Victorian Architectural style. There’s also our first semblance of a trailer park at Strangerville Plaza.
  • Strangerville lighting and town make you feel warm. It was inspired by states such as Arizona and Nevada. It’s a rural desert town, and yet, the slightly orange lighting makes it look cozy and even more beautiful. The sunset gives everything a sort of glow.


2. Tomarang

An overall view of Tomarang Morensong

This world is Included with the For Rent Expansion Pack. On the world’s map the roads seem well thought out and organized. There is a lounge and a park, no other community lot. However, townies  there are welcoming. They have their own culture to immerse yourself in. There are many residential and rental lots. This is the world you can add many sims to, as their culture is based on community and friendship. Your sims will fit right in.

Things We Love About This World:

  • All the builds have a specific style and use similar colors and it goes all together really well, the shades of red and brown on the roofs, white walls, and the specific rooftop shapes...Mixed with the water,.It looks amazing
  • The view changes from lot to lot. Between each loading screen in this world, the scenery is different and each lot is unique in its own way. This will make this world feel fresh and new every time you travel to or visit lots.
  • The Tomarang Night Market is definitely worth a visit. It has many colorful lights which are very beautiful. There’s a lot of local food and some different shops, fish shop, tomarani items, local attire, and other townies to talk to.



1. Mount Komorebi

Sunset in Mount Komorebi showing the scenery and Asian-inspired architecture

Mount Komorebi is from the expansion pack Snowy Escape. While this world could be considered a vacation world, it can be an amazing place for your sim to live. There are so many things to do, so many things to explore. 

Things We Love About This World:

  • This pack adds a lot of new food, specifically Japanese-inspired meals. They can be found at food stalls, dine-in spots, but they can also be cooked at home. It’s always nice to have more variety and choice on what to eat and to maybe see the food you usually eat and feel seen.
  • There is so much to do, eat, and see in this world,  there is also traditional clothing, a bathhouse, ice caves, some new woohoo locations (because those are always necessary), different types of vending machines, there are also festivals, and nature walks with shrines..so much to do.

  • In Yukimatsu there are new winter sports, some extreme too, such as rock climbing, sledding, snowboarding, skiing…You can plan mountain excursions and enjoy the view from the very top.


Thank you for reading.

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