[Top 5] The Sims 4 Best Aspiration Rewards

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[Top 5] The Sims 4 Best Aspiration Rewards

5. Expressionistic Trait (Painter Extraordinaire)

This allows Sims to create Emotional artworks despite their emotional state. The paintings allow your sim to create an aura in any room chosen, which will affect the mood of other sims in that room. This is done by clicking on the painting and enabling an aura/emotion.

Why Painter Extraordinaire Is Great:

  • Allows you to control sims emotions
  • Your Sim doesn’t need to be in any specific mood for it to work
  • Your sims can make a lot of money from the emotional paintings

Painter Extraordinaire details:

  • Satisfaction points gained -  5000
  • Requirements - Achieve Level 10 Painting Skill. Complete 5 Masterpieces.


4. Poetic (Bestselling Author)

The ability to bring sims back to life. Who knew writing could be so powerful? And what a reward for a few simple words. This trait is super powerful. Not only are you making loads of simoleons, but you also bring Sims back from the dead. Not by writing just any book. No, By writing the “book of life”. When the book is read, needs are fully satisfied and sims are brought back to life.

Why Poetic Is Great:

  • Bring sims back to life!
  • Sim is a bestselling author
  • Stream of passive income

Poetic, details:

  • Satisfaction points gained - 4,925
  • Requirements - Achieve Level 10 Writing Skill. Complete 3 Bestsellers. Have Earned 25,000 in Royalties Publishing Books.


3. Piper (Musical Genius)

Mind control! Well, it isn't mind-control, however, this trait allows you to charm Sims like a snake charmer charms his snakes. Sims with the Piper trait can use a guitar, violin, or piano to perform some cleverly named compositions, which will enable you to make sims in the room perform specific tasks like changing to formal wear and cleaning.

Why Piper Is Great:

  • A fun way of using sims musical skills
  • Ver unique trait
  • Funny

Piper, details:

  • Satisfaction points gained - 4,925
  • Requirements - Reach Level 10 Skill in an Instrument. Have Spent 75 Hours Playing Musical Instruments. Mentor Others in Music for 3 Hours. 


2. Hilarious (Joke Star)

Wouldn't it be nice to just always be funny? Well, the Hilarious trait ensures that your sims are just that. That is when they make a joke. You’ll also get some extra interactions that are just a bunch of great sim jokes. The funny thing is, we’ll never know what’s so funny! 

Why Hilarious Is Great:

  • Sims jokes never fail
  • Extra interactions
  • It’s a hilarious trait (I’m laughing very hard right now)

Hilarious, details:

  • Satisfaction points gained - 4,350
  • Requirements - Perform 3 Comedy Routines. Achieve Level 10 Comedy Skill.


1. A True Master (Master Vampire)

Finally, my favorite! I just adore the idea of vampires aspiring to be masters at their craft and that the reward you get is better control of mind powers and more energy reserves. It’s just such a cool trait, and if you’re like me, who is a sucker for all things vampire, I’m sure you would agree that this is the best trait reward ever. Dracula who? I only know my vampire master sim (sorry-not-sorry).

Why True Master Is Great:

  • Excellent mind powers
  • More energy reserves
  • Extra Powerful

True Master, details:

  • Satisfaction points gained - 7,950
  • Requirements - Become a Grand Master Vampire. Read the Ultimate Vampire Tome. Survive for an Additional 20 Days as a Vampire.


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