[Top 15] Sims 4 Best Skills To Have (Ranked)

Sims 4 Best Skills ranked
Level up your skills with this guide on useful skills in TS4.

In the Sims franchise, the characters known as Sims have always been differentiated by their skills and skill levels, if by no other means. There have always been plenty of skills for Sims to learn, all of which unlock new interactions for your Sims. Skills heavily influence gameplay by changing the lives of your Sim and all of the others around them, and The Sims 4 has a wide variety of skills that help progress the game each in their own unique ways.

Sims can take up basic household skills like handiness and parenting or can even become experienced in complex skills like vampire lore or rocket science. All of these skills are fitting for Sims of different personalities, so find which one looks like fun for you and begin your journey into learning something new by using this list of the best skills for Sims to have, across all packs!


15. Handiness

(Mostly) anything can be fixed!

The handiness skill in The Sims franchise has always been present, with this entry being more fun than the others. In the Sims 4, Sims can upgrade objects in their homes and build objects on the woodworking table in order to increase their handiness skill level. By increasing this skill, Sims will be able to fix household objects with ease and will be able to achieve more and more upgrades for every upgradeable item.

This can allow you to build an unbreakable house! On top of being able to upgrade nearly everything in your home, Sims can also sell items that they have made from the woodworking table or furnish their homes with their creations. Sims who max out their handiness skill can access a secret area in the Oasis Springs neighborhood as well known as the Forgotten Grotto, an area with unique and rare collectibles.

How Handiness impacts gameplay:

  • Fix items all around the house by adding upgrades to most common household items such as toilets, refrigerators, TV’s, and more. 
  • Sell your sculptures made on the woodworking table and gain profit from your passion. 
  • Access the hidden area known as the Forgotten Grotto once your Sim reaches the max skill level. 


14. Rocket Science

Buld yourself a rocket ship and fly out to the cosmos. 

Rocket Science is a skill that is new to the franchise, allowing Sims to build a rocket ship that they can use to travel to outer space. Sims will build their rockets from the ground up until it is ready for flight, where they can then choose to travel to outer space. Rocket ships can be upgraded as Sims increase their rocket science skill, allowing more stable landings and more efficient outer-space adventures.

Sims will likely find fun collectibles when they visit the cosmos, so always be ready for a surprise! Sims who reach the max level of the rocket science skill are able to add a component onto their ship which allows them to travel to the alien planet of Sixam (Get to Work expansion pack required).

How Rocket Science impacts gameplay: 

  • Add upgrades to your rocket ship and make it the ultimate spacecraft, ready for intergalactic adventures.
  • Bring fun collectible items back from space that are from alien planets.
  • Reach the top of the skill and add a device to your ship that brings Sims to the alien world of Sixam.


13. Research & Debate

Increase your other skills while learning a new one. 

The Research & Debate skill comes with The Sims 4 Discover University and allows Sims to become persuasive and smart. This skill is two skills in one, as progressing in it makes debates easier to win and allows research to be more efficient. This is one of the most useful skills in The Sims 4 since it not only allows Sims to gain skill experience in the Research and Debate area but other areas as well, providing small skill boosts when Sims research certain topics.

This skill is riddled with advantages, from influencing other Sims to finishing homework at a progressed rate. Do not study too hard though; as if you contribute too much knowledge to the research machine, your Sim might discover the new death that comes with this expansion pack!

How Research & Debate impacts gameplay:

  • Persuade other Sims more effectively, making it easy to live with roommates while at University. 
  • Debate with other Sims over various topics and hold a professional debate after reaching a high skill level. 
  • Gain multiple skills by using the Research Archive Machine or contribute knowledge to earn simoleons. 


12. Archaeology

Become a renowned jungle explorer by utilizing the archaeology skill. 

The Archaeology skill is a fun addition to the game that comes with the Jungle Adventure game pack. This skill allows Sims to find treasures in the jungle world of Selvadorada which can eventually form a valuable collection while being amazingly decorative, or can even be sold to bring your Sims name to fame. To start your Sims on their archaeological journey, head to the world of Selvadorada and begin looking for dig piles around the world. You can excavate dirt piles to grow your skill before you are able to look for dig piles and establish dig sites.

Dig sites allow multiple people to search for artifacts at once while providing much more recovery, allowing Sims to find plenty of different artifacts. At a higher level, Sims will be able to refine crystals and authenticate artifacts sent by the archaeological society. Sims have a chance of discovering treasures that may bless them or curse them, so always be prepared!

How Archaeology impacts gameplay:

  • Discover plenty of new artifacts in the jungle world of Selvadorada and examine them on the archaeology table. 
  • Make plenty of simoleons, build a historical collection, or gain fame by gaining more knowledge of this skill.
  • Find treasures that are rare or even find ones that hold special powers!


11. Charisma

Being wise with your words can get you anywhere. 

The Charisma skill is a fundamental skill for any successful Sim. This skill revolves around socializing with other Sims and can be helpful in many careers, all while having benefits that will help your Sims build long lasting relationships.

Sims who choose to enhance their charisma skill will be able to introduce themselves in new ways, ask for loans, and even negotiate a raise with your boss. There are plenty of benefits to this skill although it is rather simple, making it an extremely noteworthy one for Sims to have. 

How Charisma impacts gameplay:

  • Socialize with other Sims in new ways and make meaningful connections at a quick rate. 
  • Unlock plenty of new social interactions that allow Sims to fall in love more quickly, become friends with an introduction, or even ask them for a loan. 
  • Unlock the ability to negotiate a raise at the max level of the charisma skill. 


10. Parenting

What kind of parent will your Sim be? 

The Parenting skill was introduced in the Parenthood game pack, which explores being a parent and raising children Sims in different ways. This skill lets parent Sims raise their children as they please, by allowing them to offer a spectrum of solutions during teaching moments while also unlocking new parenting interactions, all of which can influence a child or teen’s growth. As Sims reach higher levels of the parenting skill, they will be able to effectively punish their children and influence them to fulfill their needs.

Successful parents will also succeed in asking their children to take care of chores around the house. Once Sims reach the max level of the parenting skill, they are able to unlock the super efficient baby care interaction, which takes care of all baby needs with one interaction. They will also unlock full parent mode, which allows them to have high needs when they need to care for kids.

How Parenting impacts gameplay:

  • Influence your children to interact differently in situations that they ask advice for and influence them to take care of chores around the house.
  • Help your children grow into successful young adults by influencing their actions properly and by disciplining them when they are wrong. 
  • Unlock super efficient baby care and full parent mode at the max level of this skill and become the ultimate parent.


9. Fitness

Keep your Sims fit and see the positive changes. 

The fitness skill is a rather simple skill that comes with the base game. This skill helps Sims stay fit and live an active lifestyle that is intertwined with many other skills that involve being active, which is why it is one of the best skills for Sims to have.

The fitness skill will not only ensure that your Sims maintain a good form but will also help them unlock new social interactions about fitness as well as new interactions with exercise equipment. Although there isn't much to this skill, it is a great one for any Sim to have. 

How Fitness impacts gameplay: 

  • Keep your Sims fit and in shape by maintaining the fitness skill. 
  • Unlock new social interactions that revolve around fitness as well as new interactions on the workout equipment. 
  • Mentor other Sims in the fitness skill at the max level. 


8. Fabrication

Your Sims don't have to buy furniture anymore, now they can make their own.

The fabrication skill comes with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and allows your Sims to create a wide variety of new items on the fabricator machine. The fabrication skill also covers the candle making activity that comes with this pack, which allows Sims to dip many different shapes and colors of candles. Each level of the fabrication skill brings something different that Sims are able to fabricate, which adds something new to the game every time the skill is upgraded.

This skill pairs well with the Get to Work expansion pack since Sims are able to open retail stores with that pack, allowing players to open either a homemade furniture store or a candle shop. Another skill that is equally as fun as the fabrication skill is the juice fizzing skill, which also comes with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. 

How Fabrication impacts gameplay: 

  • Create plenty of new objects that can be placed in your Sims house, from decorative objects to furniture. 
  • Create a wide array of candles that come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Sell your goods at the marketplace from the Eco Lifestyle expansion or open a retail store using the Get to Work expansion. 


7. Entrepreneurship

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, even Sims!

Another simple skill that is important for successful Sims, the entrepreneurship skill comes with The Sims 4 High School Years. This skill only has 5 levels, but advancement is sparse unless your Sim sells lots of items.

This skill is advanced through ways that all involve business, but reaching higher levels of this skill can be quite beneficial. Sims with a high level entrepreneur skill are able to do several new interactions and are even rewarded a trait once they reach the top. 

How Entrepreneurship impacts gameplay:

  • Sell items (art, outfits, etc.) to grow your skill level, unlocking new interactions that help your Sims become successful. 
  • Reach out to angel investors for funding or appear on a reality TV show at higher levels of the skill. 
  • Gain an additional trait upon reaching the max skill level. 


6. Vampire Lore

Unlock age old secrets by reaching the top of the vampire lore skill. 

  The Vampire Lore skill is an extensive skill that comes with the Vampires game pack. This skill adds plenty of new gameplay for any vampire or mortal Sim who is searching for the cure to vampirism. This skill has 15 levels and can be learned by reading the vampire encyclopedias.

There are 4 of these books that can help Sims reach the maximum level and different advantages that come with each new skill level, all that help Sims understand more about vampires and their history. Sims who reach the top level of the vampire lore skill are able to mix an elixir that cures vampirism at any bar, as long as they have the proper ingredients. 

How Vampire Lore impacts gameplay:

  • Help your Sim find the cure to vampirism as they learn all about vampires by climbing through the skill levels. 
  • Learn different recipes that will either help vampires thrive or will help Sims who are looking for a cure.
  • Find a cure for vampirism at the maximum level of the vampire lore skill. 


5. Rock Climbing

Do your Sims have what it takes to reach the top of Mt. Komorebi?

The Rock Climbing skill came with the Snowy Escape expansion pack and plays a major part in the winter-themed pack. This skill allows Sims to climb giant rock walls, and like many other skills, it unlocks different interactions as your Sim increases their skill level. This skill is a little more unique, however, since there are three different rock wall heights.

There are short, medium, and tall walls that can be climbed, all of which your Sims will have to conquer before they attempt climbing to the peak of the mountain. Leveling up this skill also allows Sims to have new survival-related interactions and new equipment that will help them on their climb, such as crafting energy bars or chalking their hands. Sims who reach the max level of this skill are able to coach others while rock climbing, and they can also offer helpful tips.

How Rock Climbing impacts gameplay:

  • Climb walls of different heights and ultimately climb to the top of Mt. Komorebi with a team of rock climbers. 
  • Get new equipment and learn new survival skills while leveling up the rock climbing skill.  
  • Coach other Sims and teach them how to be a successful rock climber with useful tips once max skill level is reached. 


4. Logic

Keep your Sims generally knowledgable.

The Logic skill in the Sims 4 is one that every Sim should have, as it helps them be successful and smart. This skill is intertwined with many other skills and helps Sims be more successful in their day to day lives, whether that be by winning games that require strategy or by reading books that can only be grasped by the intellectually-minded.

The logic skill can be increased in several ways, making it extremely accessible to players. Sims can play chess or stargaze using a telescope to increase their skill and will unlock new interactions as they progress, all of which make your Sims' lives easier. 

How Logic impacts gameplay:

  • Allow your Sims to become geniuses as they gain a reasoning for logic. Sims who have a higher logic skill are more likely to be successful!
  • Sims who have a higher level logic skill are able to read advanced logic books and analyze different types of crystals and plants, among other things. 
  • Sims who max out their logic skill are able to overcome their angriness with a logical rant.


3. Writing

Earn royalties and write different genres. 

Writing is a skill that is simple but useful, especially for Sims who are family-oriented or technology lovers. This skill is useful for all Sims since it is an easy money maker that allows the player freedom, as Sims can gain large amounts of royalties from selling novels via their mailbox. The player is able to give their Sims book a name and a description and can choose to have their Sims write from an array of different genres, with a different one being unlocked as Sims progress through this skill.

Sims who reach the maximum level of this skill are able to write a biography, but that isn’t the most interesting thing about this skill; those who follow the Bestselling Author aspiration can hone their creative skills to write the book of life, a tool that can be used to resurrect dead Sims. 

How Writing impacts gameplay: 

  • Sims can write a wide variety of books from different genres, all named and given a unique description by the player. 
  • Earn royalties for your novels and never have to work a traditional job again. Gain fame with each book you publish if you have the Get Famous expansion pack. 
  • Write the book of life by following the bestselling author inspiration, a Sim aspiration heavily influenced by writing. 


2. Painting 

Become an artist and sell your materpieces. 

Painting is a useful skill for any Sim to have since it helps in more ways than one. Sims are able to release their emotions while they are painting, they will most of the time have fun while doing so, and they can also make a good amount of profit off of their work. Any Sim who wants to take up painting only needs one tool; an easel. Each canvas costs money, but once your Sim gains experience in the skill, they will be making way more simoleons than they are spending.

Sims will be able to produce different types of painting styles as they learn more about the skill and will produce higher quality work as they progress. All of their works can be hung around the house or sold. Experienced painters have high chances of creating masterpieces, rare works that are worth a large amount of money!

How Painting impacts gameplay:

  • Allow your Sims to unleash their creativity on the canvas and sell their art or use it as decorations for your home. 
  • Produce different works of art from different styles, providing beautiful and imaginative works that will brighten any space. Work hard enough and see if your Sim creates a masterpiece!
  • Earn plenty of simoleons by selling art straight off of the easel. 


1. Cooking

Cook up any Sims favorite recipe.

The cooking skill is the most useful (and perhaps the most simple) skill that every Sim should have. This skill is essential for Sims to have, even if it is for the sole purpose of not burning the house down in attempts to make a grilled cheese. Aside from keeping the oven's temperature reasonable, it is important for Sims to know the cooking skill so they can make recipes that are memorable for other Sims and themselves. No Sim likes poorly made food, but food that is well made will make any Sim happy. Aside from being extremely useful in the world of flavor, Sims can also learn the gourmet cooking skill once they reach the midpoint of the cooking skill. This opens a whole new world of cooking aside from the one they already know, offering plenty of new recipes.

How Cooking impacts gameplay:

  • Make memorable recipes and delicious foods for your Sim as well as all of their friends and family.
  • Learn plenty of new recipes that will send your Sims on a flavorful adventure. 
  • Take on the gourmet cooking skill and learn how to make Ambrosia if your Sim is ambitious enough. 

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