All The Sims 4 Best Stuff Packs (Ranked Worst To Best)

sims 4 stuff packs ranked
Add more life to your game with stuff packs

Have you ever wondered which stuff packs you should buy for The Sims 4 and don't know which ones are the best?

The Sims franchise has become a very popular life simulation game. You can create characters, known as sims, and have them live their lives. From getting jobs to finding love to starting families of their own, The Sims allows for you to explore all of these aspects of life through your sims. Since the launch of The Sims 4 base game in 2014, there have been many packs released to bring more to The Sims 4.

These packs can be divided into expansion packs that can add new worlds and more prominent features to the game, game packs that tend to focus more on life aspects and more specific aspects, such as vampires and occult sims, and stuff packs that tend to add more items to the game. There have been 18 stuff packs released for The Sims 4, but some packs offer more to the game than others.

Here are all of The Sims 4 Stuff Packs ranked from worst to best.

18. My First Pet Stuff

Bring more to your cats and dogs, and the kids can finally have that hamster they've been asking for

The expansion pack many players had been anticipating for The Sims 4 was Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. It was in this pack that pets were finally introduced to The Sims 4, but many players were disappointed that only cats and dogs were added to the list of pets. This opened the door for the My First Pet stuff pack.

My First Pet Stuff added cute outfits for your pets to the game as well as small animal pets, such as hamsters and rats. Although there are these items added to the game, not much furniture is added to the game nor are many clothes for the sims. Another major downside to this game is you have to have the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs in your game already to use this pack.

For these reasons, My First Pet Stuff is one of the least desired stuff packs for the Sims 4.
My First Pet Stuff:

17. Cool Kitchen Stuff

Use this pack to make your kitchens look amazing

Every sim needs a house to live in, and every house needs a kitchen, unless your sims are so rich they can go out to restaurants or bars whenever they want food. The Cool Kitchen stuff packs add many items to your build catalog for your game to spice up your kitchen, but the best, and primarily useful, a new item is the ice cream maker.

While Cool Kitchen stuff does add some new items to go in your sim’s kitchen, it does not add anything that completely changes the game. I have not used Cool Kitchen stuff myself because I have found that my kitchens look fine using stuff from the base game and other packs.

Many of the swatches provided for the items in this pack do not match, so it is difficult to find the proper places to use them when building or dressing your sims. My main reason for not ranking this pack the lowest is because you do get an ice cream maker.
Cool Kitchen Stuff:

16. Moschino Stuff

Be the celebrity you've always wanted to be

Many players criticize the theme surrounding this Moschino collaboration stuff pack. Rather than focusing on furniture for sims’ houses, the Moschino stuff pack focuses more on new clothing for your Sims to wear. This pack ranks lower than others because most of the clothing is very particular for certain outfits and can seem out-of-place to be everyday outfits for sims.

However, this pack is not at the very bottom of the list due to its addition of the Freelance Photography career and its overhaul of the photography skill. This is the first stuff pack to add a new career to the Sims 4, and the pack updates and betters the photography skill as a result of this new career being added.

The Moschino stuff pack also adds new build items which are better suited for homes in Del Sol Valley or San Myshuno. While the clothing is very particular, the build items can help players build homes that look like they belong in these worlds in the Sims 4.
Moschino Stuff:

15. Luxury Party Stuff

Throw parties no one will remember in the morning

Luxury Party helps the most social sims become the life of the party. This pack offers a wide variety of clothing options for sims that are great for house parties and going out. Another amazing feature of this pack is the fountain that can be used for chocolate, drinks, and cheese.

The main downside to this pack is the lack of build mode objects included. While there is a fountain and a buffet table, this pack does not offer a wide variety of build mode objects to help decorate your sim’s home into the perfect party place.
Luxury Party Stuff:

14. Spooky Stuff

Are you ready for spooky season?

If spooks and frights sound like a delight, then the Spooky stuff pack is perfect for your game. The Spooky stuff pack adds new items to your game that are perfect for celebrating holidays, like Halloween. From costumes to a candy bowl that has a hand that reaches out when you grab some candy, the Spooky stuff pack is perfect for a Halloween party or the home of the Addams family.

This pack is very particular to the theme of Halloween, but the main strength of this pack lies in the almost 40 Create-A-Sim items as well as the build mode items available. Sadly, this pack ranks lower on the list because The Sims 4 later came out with another pack that is similar but better.

Spooky Stuff:

13. Romantic Garden Stuff

Have a garden that makes all of your neighbors jealous

Have you ever pictured having a beautiful garden just outside your back door? That can be made possible in The Sims 4 using the Romantic Garden stuff pack. The Romantic Garden stuff pack allows you to create a beautiful garden with flowers, statues, and a wishing well. Be warned, however, the wishing well can sometimes make wishes go bad.

Since this pack focuses mainly on gardens and flowers, the items in the pack as well as clothing can be hit or miss. It is a good pack, but it does not contribute greatly to your overall gameplay unless you are a garden-focused player.
Romantic Garden Stuff:

12. Bowling Night Stuff

Time to brush up on your bowling skill

Is there a better pass time than bowling with friends? I guess it depends on the type of person you are, but many would say that there are many things better. With Bowling Night stuff, your sims could now travel to the bowling alley and work on their bowling game. Some sims will strike out in more than one way if they bring a date to the bowling alley.

While this pack does introduce a new skill and build items to make a bowling alley, this pack ranks lower on the list for a few reasons. First, it takes a long time for sims to build up their bowling skill, and it is not a skill you can build by just hanging out on your home lot. Second, this pack is made to create bowling alleys, so most of the build items are not ones you would use in your sims home.

Bowling Night Stuff:

11. Fitness Stuff

It's time to work those muscles and feel the burn

I will admit that I’m not the person who is most likely to wake up in the morning and go to the gym, but my sims are not me. Some sims love a good workout, and the Fitness stuff pack helps add more to the workouts sims can do.

This pack offers some good items to help your sims achieve their best physical form. First, there are the earbuds that allow for your sim to listen to music while they are working out or just want to be that person who uses music to avoid conversations. The big selling point to this pack is the rock-climbing treadmill that has different challenges to push your sims.

While there are some other good things in this pack, like workout clothes and nature-inspired decor, the best feature of this pack is the rock-climbing treadmill, but that is about it.
Fitness Stuff:

10. Laundry Day Stuff

If we have to do laundry, the sims do too

One of the most interesting things about the Laundry Day stuff pack is that the fans chose for this pack to be created. After six rounds of voting, Laundry Day was chosen to be the next pack The Sims 4 team would create. As named in the pack, this stuff pack focuses on, you guessed it, laundry. The clothes your sims wear can finally get dirty.

 Some interesting features came with the Laundry day stuff pack, including sims noticing freshly scented clothes and your sims fitness skill rising as they do laundry. The rustic design of some of the build mode items is also a plus. This pack ranks lower on this list, however, because of the struggle that comes with doing laundry in The Sims 4, especially since sims change clothes a lot.
Laundry Day Stuff:

9. Perfect Patio Stuff

Create the perfect patio to hang out with friends

It may have taken a little while for The Sims 4 to add pools to the game, but hot tubs came guaranteed with the Perfect Patio stuff pack. This pack offers a variety of items that you are likely to use in your sims’ houses, including grills.

This is the perfect pack for people who love outdoor barbeques and get-togethers. The items are perfect for outdoor hangouts and romantic evenings for your sims at home.
Perfect Patio Stuff:

8. Movie Hangout Stuff

Turn your home into the perfect movie theater

Family movie nights are made perfect with the Movie Hangout stuff pack. From a giant projector screen to a popcorn maker, this pack brings the fun of the movie theater to your sims’ homes. The items are also very bright and colorful, so you can bring color to your sims’ homes as well.

Other than the build items, there is not much added to the gameplay. It does become annoying after a while when all your sims want to do is make popcorn but forget to eat it so it spoils.
Movie Hangout Stuff:

7. Vintage Glamour Stuff

Using those simoleons to make everyone jealous

Do you want your sims to live a life of luxury? If so, then the Vintage Glamour stuff pack is perfect for you. From butlers to gorgeous furnishings, this pack includes everything your sims need to give off the look of being very wealthy.

The items alone in this pack contribute to its high ranking, but the pack is targeted toward more particular gameplay sims. Many of the items in this pack would not be found in the average homes most sims live in.
Vintage Glamour Stuff:

6. Toddler Stuff

It's time the toddlers were given more

It took time for The Sims 4 to add toddlers to the game, so toddlers did not have many items when they were first introduced. It was not until the Toddler stuff pack was released that toddlers finally got a bunch of items that make having toddlers in the game more fun. From slides to ball pits to adorable clothing, toddler sims are given more life using this pack.

Sadly, the graphics for the ball pit are not the most desirable, but the clothing options provided for toddlers allow for this pack to be ranked higher on the list. This pack helps to make the tiniest of sims look adorable.
Toddler Stuff:

5. Kids Room Stuff

The kids' room can finally look like a kid's room

While childhood has been a life stage in The Sims 4 from the very beginning, kids did not have a lot of items to decorate their rooms or many good clothing items until the release of the Kids Room stuff pack. Finally, your kid’s room can look like a child lives there rather than looking like a smaller version of the adult’s room.

One new feature added to the game with this pack is one that, as a Pokemon fan, I love, and that is the introduction of Voidcritters. Children can search for or purchase Voidcritter cards and train up their Voidcritters to battle each other. This pack, in general, just opens the door for children in The Sims 4 to do more than just go to school and do homework.
Kids Room Stuff:

4. Nifty Knitting Stuff

If it's made by the hands, it's made from the heart

The Nifty Knitting stuff pack was another pack that was chosen by the fans of The Sims 4. Like Laundry Day, this pack is very niche in its design. With the new knitting skill, sims can now make clothing for themselves and their pets as well as sell their clothing on Plopsy, the Etsy equivalent for sims.

Now, your sims have a new creative way to make money as well as make clothing more personal because your sim’s child wants to wear that sweater their grandma knitted for them. You can also make clothing for animals in the game, such as pets and farm animals like chickens. Plus, a rocking chair is added to the game which can add a more homey feel to your sims’ houses.
Nifty Knitting Stuff:

3. Tiny Living Stuff

Make tiny homes feel big

Have you ever seen those tiny houses where you wonder how it is that people can fit so much in a little space? Well, the Tiny Living stuff pack for The Sims 4 takes this idea and brings it into the world of the sims. This pack is focused on creating small comfortable homes with the addition of a new lot type, tiny home residential.

With furniture that can serve more than one purpose, you can make your homes tiny and livable, while benefiting from boosted skill and relationship gains for living on a tiny home lot. This pack, however, does appeal more to builders in the Sims community, but regular players can have fun with tiny homes too.
Tiny Living Stuff:

2. Paranormal Stuff

Who are you going to call? The Paranormal Investigators

Has your home been plagued with spooky ghosts that break your appliances and scare your sims? If so, you should make a call to the Ghostbusters, or any paranormal investigator that has been able to have a career thanks to the Paranormal stuff pack.

This pack offers a wide variety of new things to the Sims 4, such as the paranormal investigator career, the medium skill, and the haunted house lot type. This is one stuff pack that, honestly, feels more like a game pack due to everything that is included within it. Plus, the little ghosts you can hunt have an adorable design to them.
Paranormal Stuff:

1. Backyard Stuff

Make your backyard a place where the whole family can have fun

The Backyard stuff pack is one of the best for The Sims 4. This pack is perfect for decorating your backyard to look beautiful and be fun for your sims’ families. The pack radiates a very summery vibe that makes you want to get outside and take a turn on the waterslide.

From enjoying a nice glass of lemonade on the porch to taking a slide down the waterslide, this pack comes loaded with activities for your sims. There is also an amazing variety of flowers and bushes to help give your yard a nice, bright summer feel.
Backyard Stuff:

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