[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Neighborhoods

The Jang family in Newcrest by this beautiful lake!
Explore the beautiful Sims 4 neighborhoods, and choose which one is best for you!

10. Starlight Boulevard, Del Sol Valley

This is the perfect spot for celebrities and regular sims alike. WIth exciting public lots, a great gym, and exclusive VIP areas, this is by far the best neighborhood in Del Sol Valley!

What Makes Starlight Boulevard Great:

  • This neighborhood definitely has the ‘famous’ feel. Everything looks exclusive, making it a great place to send your sims. You have a high chance of meeting someone famous on one of these lots, and if you are famous, there are celeb-only sections to keep out paparazzi. Thank goodness!
  • The lounges and the gym are all fantastic! The museum has the ‘Hottest Spot in Town’ lot trait and can be easily spruced up, so it’s still a good addition to the neighborhood. Judith Ward sitting in a fancy room alone drinking wine to escape the paparazzi is iconic.

9. Crawdad Quarter, Willow Creek

This neighborhood is full of well built, interesting, and useful commercial lots! It comes with the base game, and it’s a great place to meet other sims. Also, the library rocks.

What Makes Neighborhood Name Great:

  • The description is right! This is the “heart of Willow Creek”, and there are usually a ton of townies at these lots. All four of these buildings have different styles, but they’re done extremely well. I visit this area for lots of dates, parties, and outings for my crazy clubs!
  • All of the lots are right next to each other, so it’s easy to go from place to place. Go to the library and then hit the gym, or go on a date to the museum and then get drinks at The Blue Velvet! If you don’t love the commercial lots, you can bulldoze everything and place houses for a cozy neighborhood feel. Move in some families and enjoy the suburban lifestyle!

8. Bedrock Strait

This neighborhood doesn’t look too nice, and it isn’t. That’s why we love it.

What Makes Bedrock Strait Great:

  • These houses and lots are all incredibly affordable! If you’re looking for a good place to start a rags to riches family, this is an awesome place to start. Agave Abode (the one with the orange roof) has a room with a double bed and a room with a single. Plus, Johnny Zest lives in this neighborhood right behind his old mansion, which is some great drama.
  • This neighborhood has kind of a small feel, and it’s great if you want to play a character that grew up in a poorer area. You can move in interesting neighbors with great backstories and create that small town aesthetic. Bedrock Strait is a neighborhood for great storylines and interesting characters!

7. Lani St. Taz, Sulani

This neighborhood has more water than land, and the lots are phenomenal. A great starter home, a pretty beach, two fun households, and a huge empty lot on the water won Lani St. Taz the seventh spot on our list.

What Makes Lani St. Taz Great:

  • The starter home in this neighborhood is huge! There is so much empty space in this house it’s not even funny. It has room for lots of hobby and fun items, so you can really create a starter home tailored to your sims. It’s by far my favorite starter house in the game! Plus, 90% of this house is over the water, which provides some breathtaking views.
  • The empty lot for this neighborhood is absolutely incredible. It’s right on the water and it’s 50x50, so it’s one of the more expensive empty lots in the game ringing in at $11,200. For the amount of room in this lot and the fact that it’s on the water, that’s a fair price. Plus, the other houses in this neighborhood are pretty, and the households are entertaining to play. However, if you love the houses but not the people, you can always evict them and move in Father Winter!

6. Foxbury Institute, Brightchester

The Foxbury campus is one of the best neighborhoods in the game, complete with an open world feel, nice modern lots, and great college activities. Your sim will love hanging here!

What Makes Foxburry Great:

  • The dorms here are nice, and I like the layout of the campus so much better than the University of Britechester! I love playing beer pong in the middle of the campus green!
  • This neighborhood legitimately feels like an open world. If your sims are technically on their dorm lot, they can walk around the field, the spirit event area, the food stand, and go meet other students. There’s even a river you can swim in behind Maritime Manor! If you travel to the commons in the morning, you can get food and meet people all day! Free herb crusted salmon is a great addition. 
  • This neighborhood has more townies walking around because there is so much space between lots! If your sim is playing soccer out on the field, you’ll see anywhere from ten to fifty townies all around the campus. This makes it super easy to meet a lot of people. Plus, if you offer a plate of desert to the statue you can join a cult. Yay for sim cults!

5. Ohan’ali Town, Sulani

This neighborhood is stunningly exotic, has two great starter homes, is right on the water, and has a beach. What more could you ask for?

What Makes Ohan’ali Great:

  • This neighborhood is my favorite of the three island towns for several reasons. It has the most lots, leading with four homes and two commercial lots. The two large homes here are inhabited by fun-to-play townies, and the smaller ones are empty for your sims to begin in. The one on the water is a gorgeous typical beach house, and the one to the right of the road with the green roof has two bedrooms and a nice deck.
  • Out of any neighborhood in the Sims 4, this one is probably the prettiest. The water is crystal blue, the mountains are right nearby, the vegetation is lush and green, and it has such a warm and happy atmosphere. This place looks and feels like paradise!
  • The beach and the bar here are very well done! The bar is called “The Sand Bar” and is fully committed to being the beachiest, most tropical lot in the game. The beach has a long boardwalk over the ocean, water floats, and shaded seating for anyone wanting to avoid the sunny rays. Take one of those precious vacation days and come relax on the beach!

4. Whiskerman’s Wharf, Brindleton Bay

Wow, this neighborhood is beautiful. From lovely lots to gorgeous views to spots so pretty you’d get married there, Whiskerman’s Wharf is a neighborhood you’ll visit often.

What Makes Whiskerman’s Wharf Great:

  • This neighborhood is modeled to be a fisherman/tourist town by the sea, and it does that exceptionally well. There are marinas and boats and docks at every turn, and it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in regards to the scenery! It’s a sweet, cheery little town by the sea, and I appreciate that. 
  • It has four nice lots and one empty lot, which makes it move-in ready, but also customizable. This would be a great neighborhood for a family, a single sim, an elderly couple, or 8 aliens if that’s your cup of tea!
  • This neighborhood has the best lounge in the game. Club Calico is absolutely elegant and truly has it all. Complete with a pool, unforgettable views, a grand entrance, and a spot to get married right by the water, this is somewhere you’ll want to spend a tropical vacation! Getting married in your crusty backyard isn’t cute. This town really has it all!

3. Llama Lagoon, Newcrest

This neighborhood doesn’t have any houses to begin, but it is a fantastic place to house your sims! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all the reasons this neighborhood with no homes utterly slaps.

What Makes Llama Lagoon Great:

  • There is so much potential here! The five lots are completely clear with nice grass and plenty of space. If you look at the Gallery, there are tons of houses you can just plop down in these lots. In other worlds, you can always bulldoze the lots, but oftentimes the lot is a weird size or it’s in a location that’s not ideal. That brings me to the next point… 
  • Location-wise, this place is fantastic! It’s next to a big lake with lots of lovely scenery and you can put whatever store, house, or park you want next door! If that’s not your style, you can also always build some horribly ugly houses and move terrible sims in next door for tea stirring!
  • The areas surrounding the lots are fantastic. The trails are surrounded by trees, and there is playground equipment for young children! If you’re playing with a family, you can easily get some work done in your house while your child sims play on the playground equipment nearby. It’s lovely!

2. Spice Market, San Myshuno

This neighborhood feels like an open world. Everything is very connected, the festivals are held here, and this karaoke bar rocks!

What Makes the Spice Market Great:

  • This neighborhood looks pretty small, but these two apartment complexes have six incredibly affordable lots! The Culpepper apartments are great starter homes, and most simmers with the City Living pack use these frequently. Rags to riches anyone?
  • The festivals are held in this neighborhood! Of anything in the City Living pack, the festivals and apartments are my favorite. The festivals break up the monotony of work and building skills in a way I love, and it’s a great outing for families and friends! 
  • I sincerely miss the open world from the Sims 3. Being able to zoom in on a random stretch of forest and teleport there was loads of fun. The reason this neighborhood is so insanely wonderful is because it really feels like an open world!Go to the karaoke bar ‘Waterside Warble’ and enjoy walking around a lovely park, finding snowglobes, or harassing townie passerbys!

1. Olde Platz, Windenburg

This is the biggest, prettiest, and best neighborhood overall! Its incredible architecture and style paired with the nine well designed lots gives this neighborhood the number one spot.

What Makes Olde Platz Great:

  • This little neighborhood has a library, a cafe, a bar, some ancient ruins, and a nightclub! On top of the non-residential lots, this neighborhood has two great starter homes and two really nice homes with fun households to play! I use these starter homes more than any other in the game, and while the inside furnishing needs a little reno, the exteriors of the homes are sleek and well done. 
  • The style of this neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous. This is the most cohesive neighborhood in the game, and every lot has such an interesting  european style. Everything is carefully thought out and you can tell the developers put so much time and effort into this neighborhood. Just go look at the cafe. 
  • Not only does this neighborhood have amazing style and tons of lots, I use these lots every single time I play. The nightclub and bar are fantastic and I go there for almost every fun night out! Since this world comes from the ‘Get Together’ expansion, there are always clubs and groups out partying. Going and seeing the townies bust down in the club definitely makes this game more interesting.

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