Top 30 Sims 4 Best Family Mods That Are Fun

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The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a wonderful game that offers countless opportunities for you to build your dream life. You could get lost in playing this game for several hours, but with 30 of the best family mods, I guarantee that you will not take your eyes off of your gameplay for a second. Keep reading to find out more about these game-changing mods. 

30. Realistic Childbirth

the sims 4 childbirth

When you are building the dream family life, realistic childbirth is just one of the essentials. The Realistic Childbirth mod is just the solution:

  • This mod gives you a variety of options when it comes to giving birth. 
  • You can choose between having a natural birth, C-section, home birth, or even a water birth!
  • With this mod, you can join in on the beautiful journey of childbirth and watch the process play out. The old process of sims entering a hospital and suddenly exiting with a baby is old news. 
  • This mod is amazing if you want a more immersive approach to your gameplay. 

No more missing out on this beautiful experience. Download this mod here:


29. Miscarriage

the sims 4 miscarriage

Building a family and having children of your own is a great pleasure in The Sims 4, but in real life, there is a big chance of complications occurring. Why wouldn’t you want a realistic pregnancy experience in The Sims 4? 

  • The Miscarriage mod introduces the possibility of your sim having a miscarriage during pregnancy. 
  • Your sims might wake up one morning with cramps and abdominal pain, which would result in them heading to the hospital. 
  • This is where the tension comes into play: your sim might return home with a healthy baby or some seriously dark news… 
  • This mod might even result in your sim becoming completely infertile. 
  • The probability of your sim having a miscarriage also depends on their age, with elders having the highest probability. 

Pregnancy is scary, but download this mod here if you are up to the challenge:


28. Ultrasound Scan

the sims 4 ultrasound

An ultrasound is the best way to find out more about the little one joining your family. The Ultrasound Scan mod gives your sims the privilege to know that too!

  • With this mod, pregnant sims can now visit a doctor to get an ultrasound scan to find out more about their baby. 
  • After the scan, you will know how many babies are expected as well as their genders!
  • The fun thing about this mod is that your sims can even keep the ultrasound scan picture as a keepsake and use it for decorative purposes in their homes.
  • This mod is an extremely creative way to make the process of building a family much more realistic and special. 

We all want to know more about the little one before they arrive, so download this mod here:


27. True Love

the sims 4 love

Romance can be a tricky thing, but in The Sims 4, sims will fall in love with just about anyone! Players wanted some more realism when it comes to romance. You can’t build a family if the connection just isn’t there!

  • The Personality Please mod makes it more challenging for sims to engage in romantic relationships. 
  • Personality will now play a massive role when sims are choosing their partners and if their personalities are not compatible, romance will not be an option. 
  • Traits, aspirations, and even previous life events will affect the romantic relationships between sims. 
  • Another fun aspect of this mod is that it even assigns personalities to cats and dogs (you will require the Pets expansion pack to enable this feature of the mod). 
  • This mod is a must-have if you plan on building a family with connections that will last forever and withstand the test of time. 

Relationships in real life are a different ball game, so install this mod here if you want it to be as tricky in The Sims 4 as in real life:


26. Education

the sims 4 education

The schooling system in The Sims 4 could use some refining. This is an important part of any family’s life. Luckily for you, there’s a mod that will make the educational phase of your children’s life much more bearable!

  • The Education System Bundle mod consists of a couple of mods that will take your schooling experience to the next level!
  • This mod offers preschool for toddlers where they will learn new skills and improve existing ones. 
  • With this mod, more interactions are available at school for both your children and your teens. 
  • You can even decide to revert to homeschooling if that feels like the right option for your sim family. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that once it is installed, your sims will automatically build skills while doing their homework. 

Who said school should be boring? Download this mod here:


25. Let’s get serious

the sims 4 emotions

Sims don’t take life seriously. At all. Your sims might be ecstatic one moment and heartbroken the very next. If you are serious about building a family, then I suggest you start getting serious about emotions. 

  • The Meaningful Stories mod redesigns the moods and emotions of your sims. 
  • This mod aims to allow your sims to feel and appear more human and to make the events in their lives more meaningful. 
  • With this mod, there will be transition times between moods instead of having your sims switch between emotions all the time. 
  • Happiness, sadness, anger, depression, you name it! This mod will enhance your sims’ emotions in a very real sense. 

Life is full of ups and downs, so download this mod here to experience everything deeply with your sim family:


24. Realistic Divorce

the sims 4 divorce

Divorce is a really sad thing and it impacts children heavily. The Sims 4 pays no real attention to  the effects of this traumatizing event on children. The next mod says, “No more!”

  • The More Traumatic Divorce For Children mod brings a realistic aspect to your gameplay. 
  • This mod increases the sadness level of children to +3. 
  • The sad emotion will last up to five days for children. 
  • Since teenagers did not react to divorces in the official gameplay at all, this mod causes them to be sad for four days. 
  • The broadcast of the divorce will also be delivered to all children, not just the ones who witness them. 

If you want to build a family, you should be prepared to deal with the not-so-memorable moments too. Download this mod here:


23. That’s tragic

the sims 4 tragedy

I think we all know that life is not just sunshine and rainbows, so why not include some real tragedy in your families too?

  • The Life’s Tragedies mod adds a variety of tragedies to the game that can creep up on any sim at any time…
  • This mod is quite intense as sims can be run over by a car or randomly killed at any moment. 
  • This mod also introduces illnesses and diseases that will result in your sim needing surgery, and even that can go wrong!
  • This mod can turn your sim’s life into an absolutely hilarious tragedy, but it is most definitely worth every tear (whether that be happy or sad tears). 

Are you and your family up for the tragic challenge? Download this mod here:


22. Baby Life

the sims 4 baby

Babies in The Sims 4 are more objects than they are sims. Families should be able to have a wider variety of interactions with and about babies. 

  • The Baby Life mod allows your sims to have a conversation about diapers. It’s definitely more important than what The Sims 4 gives it credit for…
  • Breastfeeding and the best types of formulas can now be discussed. 
  • This mod also allows your sims to “express love” to babies. 
  • Sims can now “Coo over family”. 

Sims need interaction to build strong family connections, so download this mod here:


21. Chores

the sims 4 chores

Chores are an essential part of any family’s structure. Why not bring this realistic feature to life in your gameplay?

  • The Chores mod allows your sims to set up a schedule, assigning chores to household members. 
  • With this mod, “Cleaning Duty” will be assigned to sims however you like. 
  • The sim on “Cleaning Duty” will then proceed to finish all tasks that would be categorized as cleaning, such as washing dishes or mopping floors. 
  • This mod is a great way for maintaining structure in a household and it is a must-have for families.

Let’s put those little ones to work. Download this mod here:


20. Family Tree 

the sims 4 family tree

Family trees in The Sims 4 are an important way of keeping track of your family and being proud of what you have created. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 loses track of your family heritage and some sims can disappear from the family tree. As we all know, there’s a mod for every problem!

  • With the No Disappearing Relatives mod, sims will no longer disappear from the family tree. 
  • Another fun thing about this mod is that sims will no longer receive a notification stating that the souls of deceased sims are disappearing. 
  • This mod is vital if you want to keep track of your family’s heritage and remember all the sims that had an impact on all generations. 

Let’s keep the memory of the deceased alive. Download this mod here:


19. Memorable Events

the sims 4 memories

When you are building a family, there are some events that you will want to remember forever. 

  • The Memorable Events mod adds 40 events to your gameplay.
  • One of the events is called “A Night Out”. This event allows your sims to break away from the chaos of family life for one night and have all the fun they possibly could have!
  • A beach party is another fun event where your sims could kick back and enjoy sand and sun for a full day. 
  • One of my favorite events included in this mod is camping. This feature allows your sims to enjoy the outdoors for up to 2 whole days. 
  • A fun event that can be enjoyed by the whole family is “The Easter Egg Hunt”. Sims of all ages can take part in this event and enjoy fun prizes. 

If you want to create beautiful memories with your sim family, download this mod here:


18. Go to School

the sims 4 school

As mentioned in a previous mod in this article, the schooling system in The Sims 4 is not the best. Luckily I have another mod for you that will take your schooling experience to the next level. 

  • The Go To School mod allows Sims to attend school and interact with classmates and teachers. Interactions are made available to children and teens so that they can have more fun at school. 
  • This mod also introduces brand new activities for your sims to take part in. Sims can participate in activities such as class presentations, school dances, and sports games. 
  • This mod is a fun and immersive way to experience the school system in the game.

Make school a memorable event for your children and teenagers and download this mod here:


17. Baby Shower 

the sims 4 baby shower

Pregnancy is a short and not very memorable phase in The Sims 4. In reality, this is a very special time in any family’s life. I have just the mod that the pregnancy phase needs.

  • The Baby Shower mod adds the option for Sims to have a baby shower before the birth of their child.
  • This mod includes new interactions, decorations, and gifts for the occasion. This makes the event even more wholesome and realistic. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it helps players create a more authentic and memorable pregnancy experience.

Make your sim’s pregnancy one to remember and download this mod here:


16. Faster Homework

the sims 4 homework

The time that it takes for children and teenagers to complete their homework is something that bothers most players. For families, that is precious time that could be used to bond and have fun together. 

  • The Faster Homework mod reduces the time it takes for Sims to complete their homework.
  • The great thing about this mod is that it allows Sims to spend more time with their family and friends.
  • I would suggest incorporating this mod because it makes it easier for players to manage their Sims' schedules and activities.

Give your children and teenagers more freedom with this mod and download it here:


15. Teen Careers

the sims 4 teen jobs

Teenagers often have to find jobs in order to pay for whatever their wants are. The basic part-time jobs in The Sims 4 are just not that exciting.

  • The Adult Jobs For Teens mod adds new career paths specifically for teenagers, including part-time jobs and internships. 
  • With this mod,  players are offered more opportunities to develop their Sims skills and earn money. 
  • If you have a family, this mod is a great way to make the game more challenging and realistic.

If you have teens in the house that just need way too much, put them to work. Download this mod here:


14. Life’s Drama 

the sims 4 drama

The life events in The Sims 4 are not always that exciting. I have the perfect mod that will spice up your gameplay and create new challenges for maintaining a household. 

  • The Life’s Drama mod adds drama to the game by introducing unexpected events and situations, such as cheating spouses and unplanned pregnancies.
  • The amazing thing about this mod is that it adds a new layer of complexity to the game and makes it more challenging. This is a great feature if you want to have the full experience of family life. 
  • This mod helps players create a more engaging and exciting experience.

If you want a more realistic approach to your family life, download this mod here:


13. Socially Awkward

the sims 4 socially awkward

If you are raising a family, you will know that not all sims are the same. Some sims go through awkward transitional phases that might not make them the best at socializing. I think we need a specific trait for that. 

  • The Socially Awkward Trait mod makes Sims more socially awkward, which can lead to humorous and awkward situations. 
  • This mod introduces us to a whole new world of social interactions gone wrong. It is perfect for teen sims who are struggling through puberty. 
  • This mod also offers players more opportunities to create unique and interesting Sims.

Teenagers are awkward, so let them be with this mod. Download it here:


12. Toddler Must-Haves

the sims 4 toddlers

Considering the fact that toddlers weren’t part of the original The Sims 4 base game, we can safely assume that the content intended for toddlers is not that extensive. As you know, there’s a mod for every problem!

  • The following site will provide you with an entirely new world full of the most adorable toddler content. 
  • These mods add more realistic items for toddlers, including sippy cups, pacifiers, and more.
  • Your toddlers can now attend preschool and you even get to pack a lunch which they can take with them in their own little custom lunch bag. 
  • Some of these mods even include custom traits just for toddlers!
  • Another great mod that this site offers includes more interactions for toddlers. This means that your toddler’s communication skills will increase rapidly. 

If you want your toddler to lead a happier, fuller life, click on this link to explore an entirely new world full of toddler content:


11. Foster Family

the sims 4 foster family

With all these realistic mods, there might be a chance that you will have difficulty building a family. Fret no more, because you can now build an instant family (and stop the process if you find that you don’t like it…)

  • The Foster Family mod adds a foster care system to the game, allowing players to take in and care for foster children.
  • With this mod, your sims can register at a Foster Family network for foster kids and your sims will be contacted if there is a child who is in need of care. 
  • This mod is amazing if you want to try out your roles as parents before taking on the permanent responsibility. 
  • Something I love about this mod is the fact that you can even take pets into foster care!
  • Your sims can deregister from the Foster Care Network at any point. 

Sometimes some practice is needed, so download this mod here:


10. Better Nanny Care

the sims 4 nannies

The Nanny service in The Sims 4 is quite useful, but most of the time you just end up taking care of your kids yourself…

  • The Better Nanny mod enhances the nanny system in the game, including better communication and more attentive care.
  • This mod also allows you to hire a second nanny if you need an extra pair of hands. 
  • You can also choose the age of the nanny that you want to hire. 
  • An option that I enjoy about this mod is that you can ask the nanny to start/stop cooking or baking. Note that if this option is disabled, nannies will continue to feed babies. 

If things just get a bit too much with the little ones at home, I suggest downloading this mod:


9. Drugs…

the sims 4 drugs

Disclaimer: please note that I suggest being at least 21 years of age before using this mod. It can also be triggering to some players, so please proceed with caution. 

Maintaining a family can be quite stressful. In reality, some drug use might come into play (whether it be for relaxation purposes or a rebellious teen…)

  • The Basemental Drug mod adds a new dimension to the gameplay by enabling players to introduce drugs into the game. 
  • It can be used to simulate the effect of addiction or for recreational purposes.
  • The list of drugs includes cannabis, tobacco, cocaine, MDMA, Xanax, Adderall, and more. 
  • This mod brings a very realistic view to your gameplay. Although it might not be the most fun, you can use this mod to simulate real-life experiences. 

Bring your sims’ world to life with the risk of drugs. Download this mod here:


8. Risky Woohoo

the sims 4 woohoo

Woohoo in The Sims 4 is safely controlled. You can “Try for baby” which can result in your sim getting pregnant or you can choose the “Woohoo” option that is completely baby free, but let’s be honest, what is life without a little risk?

  • The Risky Woohoo mod makes a few tweaks in the bedroom and introduces a complex fertility system to increase your chances of getting pregnant when performing any naughty bedroom activities. 
  • With this mod, even teenagers might fall pregnant. This is the perfect add-on if you want to make your experience of maintaining a household more realistic. 
  • The location of where the deed is done will also affect the chances of pregnancy. 
  • This mod can also cause your sim to become infertile, resulting in them needing fertility treatments. 

It doesn’t get more real than this, so check out this mod here:


7.  Explorer

the sims 4 explorer

The Sims 4 includes a ton of fun activities for your sims to do and each expansion and game pack creates a whole new world of adventures, but there is only so much to do with the base games. If you have a family, you might want some new adventures to explore together. 

  • The Explore mod allows your sims to go out and explore the world autonomously. 
  • This mod allows your sims to learn new skills, make friends, and have unforgettable adventures.
  • There is even a variety of new activities included, such as getting your nails done and getting takeout. 
  • My personal favorite aspect of this mod is the brand-new gambling activity! Your sim could win (or lose) some serious bucks!

When family life gets you you down, download the Explore mod here to make it all better:


6. Let’s go for a walk

the sims 4 dog walking

An extremely fun activity that is not included in the base game of The Sims 4 is kids walking pets. You already know that I have a mod for every one of your problems. 

  • The Kids Can Go For a Walk With Dogs mod allows children to walk their pets. 
  • I love this mod because of its capability of promoting responsibility and encouraging companionship between children and their four-legged friends. 
  • This mod also allows your children to have fun and experience a core memory that all kids should have. 

Give your children the gift of building stronger relationships with their furry friends. Download this mod here:


5. Larger than life

the sims 4 large household

The Sims 4 franchise places a limit on the number of sims allowed in the same household. This means that your family is limited to 8 sims. 

  • The Larger Sims Household mod allows players to increase the size of their household.
  • With this mod, your sims are enabled to create large and complex family units.
  • This mod is ideal if you want to build a large, loving household without the restrictions placed upon you by the base game. 
  • An aspect I love about this mod is the fact that you can still play all the sims in your household. None of them are NPC’s.
  • The maximum amount of sims allowed in your household with this mod is 16. 

Start expanding your family and download this mod here:


4. Toddler’s Mess

the sims 4 messy toddlers

Let’s be honest; toddlers are not the cleanest creatures on the planet. The Sims 4 does not really capture the reality of how messy toddlers can be. 

  • The Toddler Mess mod enabled toddlers to act more like toddlers. They will make more messes and interact more realistically. 
  • Toddlers with the Artistic trait will be more likely to create a mess with paint. 
  • Toddlers with the Slob, Insane, or Evil mess will be more likely to make messes in general.
  • When feeding toddlers, the whole process can get quite messy and they might need a bath after their tummies are full. 

If you want to experience the reality of raising a toddler realistically, download this mod here:


3. Better Babies and Toddlers

the sims 3 better babies and toddlers

Babies and toddlers in The Sims 4 aren’t very interactive. Although the toddlers have more interactions than babies, players need more. 

  • The Better Babies mod allows your sims to not only interact more actively with their offspring, but it unlocks new interactions with other sims, including “Talk about babies”, “Complain about baby teething”, “Promote baby breastfeeding”, and many more. 
  • New moodlets are also introduced with this mod. These moodlets include feeling sad/happy about returning to work after giving birth and feeling silly after interacting with their baby. 
  • With this mod, tons of interactions are provided to your sim in order to interact and build stronger relationships with your little ones. 

If you want to build meaningful relationships with your offspring, download this mod here:


2. Nightmares

the sims 4 nightmares

Toddlers and children often have nightmares that keep them out of sleep and prevent them from doing their daily activities the following day. 

  • The Less Nightmares mod decreases the chance of nightmares by 50%. 
  • This mod is great if you do not want your entire household to be disrupted by crying toddlers. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that it enables all the sims in your household to have a proper night’s rest so that they can focus on their goals for the next day. 
  • I would definitely suggest this mod if you have a toddler or two in the household. 

No more nightmares! Download this mod here:


1. Slice of life 

the sims 4 slice of life

The next mod is the perfect mod if you are ready for the challenge of having a family in an extremely realistic simulation. 

  • The Slice of life mod is a realism overhaul that touches on every aspect of a sim’s life. 
  • With this mod, your sims will experience memories of past events that will affect their moods. 
  • Sims will experience reactions when looking at their own bodies. 
  • Menstrual cycles will now be a real thing!
  • Functional alcohol is also included in this mod. 
  • Sims will receive realistic personalities and this will affect how they behave as well as the choices they make. 

I could not suggest a better mod for navigating your way through family life during some realistic, turbulent times. Download this mod here:

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