[Top 15] The Sims 4 Best Toddler Mods Every Player Should Have

It's nap time for them, even on the rocking horse.

What Toddler Mods can make the gameplay more fun?

Toddlers in the Sims 4 are limited at best. Within the modding community, there are many options for giving more gameplay to toddlers. 

When you are playing with a family that includes toddlers, you deserve more gameplay for them. Toddlers can and should be more fun to have in your household.

Here are the top 15 Sims 4 mods that are the best for enhancing gameplay with toddlers. Some make life easier for your sims, and some mods are just adorable to play with. 

15. Child can be Carried by Adults and Child can care for Toddlers MOD

Even big sisters can be caring to their youngers. 

There are many reasons for the child in the family to need to take care of younger siblings. With Child can be Carried by Adults and Child can care for Toddlers MOD, your sim children can now care for toddlers. 

Make sure you choose the most recent download for your mod folder. Children do tend to  stretch when picking up toddlers, don't be alarmed when you see that. 

What's Fun About Child can be Carried by Adults and Child can care for Toddlers MOD:

  • Children can care for toddlers - Children can now assist with caring for toddlers, which includes bathing, changing diapers, and feeding the toddler.
  • Adults can snuggle children - Adults can now carry their children and snuggle them.
  • More storytelling - Sometimes, in a good story, the children are the caregivers to younger siblings.

Child can be Carried by Adults and Child can care for Toddlers MOD details: Download

14. Drink-o-Baby

Variety gives your kiddo a better taste pallet. 

There is more than one flavor of drink that toddlers can drink. Using the mod Drink-o-Baby, your toddlers will have more options to choose from with many flavors. 

With the Drink-o-Baby's electric bottle-warmer, your sims can give their toddlers 16 new drinks. You can pick and choose what to download, but I suggest taking the time to download all the options. 

What's Fun About Drink-o-Baby:

  • Bottle Warmer - Buy your toddler multiple drinks and fruit pouches for use later. 
  • Sippy cups - Your toddler can use sippy cups with different flavored drinks.
  • Pouches - Fruit pouches are now available for your toddler to slurp up at any time. 

Drink-o-Baby details: Download

13. Let Toddlers Swear: Forbidden Words Interaction for Toddlers

Monkey see, monkey do!

Toddlers mimic everything those do around them. The mod, Let Toddlers Swear: Forbidden Words Interaction for Toddlers, gives your toddler sims the ability to mimic the forbidden words of those around them. 

There are two requirements for this mod, XML Injector Version 2 and the Parenthood game pack. This mod does use the animation for "say nonsense" when your toddler repeats the forbidden words. 

What's Fun About Let Toddlers Swear: Forbidden Words Interaction for Toddlers:

  • Realistic - Toddlers repeat everything, and repeating "forbidden" words that adults shout is no exception.
  • New Moodlets - The toddler and those around them will gain a +2 playful moodlet for 4 hours.
  • New interactions - Good-mannered and Good sims will be shocked, and older siblings and other relations can encourage the toddler to repeat forbidden words.

Let Toddlers Swear: Forbidden Words Interaction for Toddlers details: Download

12. Sims 4 Toddler Play Vet Clinic

Do you want to take care of the animals? 

Some believe that while we are toddlers, our play can reflect what we might do later in life. With the Sims 4 Toddler Play Vet Clinic mod, your toddlers can decide early on if they want to be a vet. 

This mod has a pretend computer, kennel, mini puppy clinic table, and two outfits for playing a vet. Just download and add to your mod folder to start playing with the mod.

What's Fun About Sims 4 Toddler Play Vet Clinic:

  • Nurse and doctor outfit - Your toddler sim can dress up as the part while playing vet. 
  • Future vet - With pretend careers play, you can have a storyline where your toddler may want to become a vet. 
  • Cute animations of play - Whether playing with parents, by themselves, or with a sibling, there is no shortage of cute animations. 

Sims 4 Toddler Play Vet Clinic details: Download

11. Sims 4 Toddler Pretend Telephone

Hello? Can you hear me? 

Growing up, most kids had a play telephone that we all played with often. The mod Sims 4 Toddler Pretend Telephone adds a play phone into your game. 

This mod acts like any ordinary toy, and you just need to purchase it from build/buy or the toybox. Choosing the option to play telephone allows your older sims to play with the toddler.

What's Fun About Sims 4 Toddler Pretend Telephone:

  • Call someone - Your toddler can call their favorite cartoon character, imaginary friend, and father winter with the pretend telephone. 
  • Button smash - Feel free to have your toddler just play with the phone, which allows them to smash the buttons and speak into the phone.
  • Skill build - Your toddler can build on the Communication and Imagination skills while playing. 

Sims 4 Toddler Pretend Telephone details: Download

10. Sims 4 Toddler Lunchbox Mod

Lunch has now been served. Enjoy, little one. 

In the decoration category, there's a lunchbox that you can place for typical clutter. The Sims 4 Toddler Lunchbox Mod makes the lunchbox more than clutter and usable by toddlers. 

You can find this mod item in the misc decorations under the title of Toddler Self-Serve Food Spawner. Be assured that the creator Ravasheen keeps the mod up to date. 

What's Fun About Sims 4 Toddler Lunchbox Mod:

  • Makes lunchbox usable - Though it doesn't replace the default decor lunchbox, this mod does give a new purpose to having a lunchbox.
  • Self-serve - As the name suggests, toddlers can get their food and drink on their own. 
  • Instant food spawner - No cooking is required for this mod because it works much like a high chair.

Sims 4 Toddler Lunchbox Mod details: Download

9. Clean up toddler in the sink more hygiene

Bathtub broken? No problem, the sink will work super well.

Sometimes a mod doesn't have to be complex to be the best. Many tuning mods are the best, such as Clean up toddler in the sink more hygiene.

The only requirement for this mod is that your game is up to date. Depending on how you play the Sims 4, this mod fine tunes the amount of hygiene your toddler gains when bathed in the sink. 

What's Fun About Clean up toddler in the sink more hygiene:

  • More hygiene gained - Your toddler gains more than the default +10 hygiene. 
  • Ability to utilize sink more - Ideal for challenges like rags to riches. 
  • Adorable parent-toddler moment - Even though the animation is quick, the moment is still adorable.

Clean up toddler in the sink more hygiene details: Download

8. Inherited Aspiration Bonus

Toddlers are sometimes too much like their parents. 

Genetics are always in talks of the Sims 4 because most want genetics to matter more. Though Sims 4 is finally getting there with genetics, the mod Inherited Aspiration Bonus adds more genetic influence. 

This mod requires the Trait Tracker Injector for the correct function. You also have two options to download, one here you have a chance and the other being 100%. 

What's Fun About Inherited Aspiration Bonus:

  • Inheriting trait - Chance your toddler to inherit the aspiration bonus trait from one of the parents. 
  • Genetics - More chances for your sims to have a better genetic influence on their children. 
  • Storytelling ability - Ideal for those who play with detailed storylines. 

Inherited Aspiration Bonus details: Download

7. Bicycle For Kids and Toddler

Let's learn to ride a tricyle!

With University, adult sims can ride bikes around campus, but there is nothing for kids or toddlers. The mod Bicycle For Kids and Toddler adds bikes into the game for kids and toddlers.

This mod conflicts with pandasama's kids ride bike mod and require Discover University. Place the bike anywhere, not confined by a fence, and watch your toddlers ride their bikes around the neighborhood.

What's Fun About Bicycle For Kids and Toddler:

  • Cars for toddlers and kids - Your kids and toddlers can ride around in toy cars like bicycles.
  • Tricycles for toddlers - You get a few kinds of tricycles, with or without baskets. 
  • Skill gain - Your toddlers will be able to gain the Movement skill while riding around town. 

Bicycle For Kids and Toddler name details: Download

6. Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers

Now let's do it again with meaning!

When the Seasons expansion pack came out, we received kiddie pools so our toddler sims can play in the water too. The kiddie pools didn't do anything but let the toddlers play in the water, but with the Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers mod, kiddie pools give toddlers movement skill gain.

This mod replaces the default kiddie pools; you will need the Seasons expansion pack. The movement skill is gained at the default speed while the toddler plays in the water. 

What's Fun About Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers:

  • Movement Skill gain - This mod gives the kiddie pools from Seasons a chance for your toddler to gain the Movement Skill while playing in the pool. 
  • Gives purpose to the kiddie pools - Instead of your adult sim getting a sunburn for your toddler to play in the water, there is a purpose. 
  • Replaces default - Even though it is a mod, this replaces the default kiddie pools, so you don't have to hunt for it.

Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers details: Download

5. Toddler Stuff Mod Pack

Rocking horses, swings, and a basketball hoop! Oh my!

Sometimes you just want a mod that provides more fun for your toddlers. The Toddler Stuff Mod Pack provides new fun objects to use in the game. 

You can select all four to install or pick and choose what you want in your Sims 4 game. The basketball hoop provides skill gain as well for your toddler. 

What's Fun About Toddler Stuff Mod Pack:

  • New Moodlets - With the objects, you will find that your sims gain new moodlets after use.
  • New toys - Though you get a swing and a sleeping mat, you also get a basketball hoop and a rocking horse for toddlers to play on. 
  • Adorable animations - With the rocking horse and basketball hoop, your toddler will go through adorable animations while the object is in use. 

Toddler Stuff Mod Pack details: Download

4. More Toddler High Chair Foods

New goodlooking highchairs and more options for food. What can go wrong? 

With the typical high chairs, your sims can only give toddlers snacks and drinks. With the More Toddler High Chair Foods mod, you have more options, including meals to feed the toddlers. 

The mod does require the Parenthood pack, and the more packs you have, the more options. These two high chairs come with more swatches than usual. 

What's Fun About More Toddler High Chair Foods:

  • More food options - You have the choice of meals, snacks, treats, and drinks; you can also utilize the full menu of each pack. 
  • New swatches - Each high chair has a total of eight swatches that you will be able to use. 
  • Can give three meals a day - Via the high chair your sims can provide the toddler meals, which vary on the time of day.

More Toddler High Chair Foods details: Download

3. Kids Make Less Mess & Clean Less Mess

Less mess is the best. 

In Sims 4, toddlers tend to make tons of messes for no reason, which makes the entire family spend all day cleaning those messes up. The Kids Make Less Mess & Clean Less Mess mod relieves your sims of the continuous mess-making. 

Place the mod into your mod folder, and make sure you have Parenthood installed. Once you are in the game, you will see fewer messes being made, and depending on your sim's traits, that will affect their autonomy.

What's Fun About Kids Make Less Mess & Clean Less Mess:

  • Fewer messes - Children and toddlers will make fewer messes autonomously. 
  • Autonomy is affected - Traits and age influence the sim's autonomy in making and cleaning messes.
  • Responsibility is affected - The more negative the responsibility, the more messes made, and the more positive influences the amount they clean.

Kids Make Less Mess & Clean Less Mess details: Download

2. Toddler Playpens

Playpens can be great for a party or for controlled chaos.

In Sims 3, we had playpens for toddlers, which were useful when having toddlers in your sims' household. Creator Around the Sims 4 recreated the playpen for use in the Sims 4. 

The Toddler Playpens mod has three options that you place over the toddler or child you want in the playpen. Usage is simple; your adult sim needs to place the playpen of choice around the toddler or child they want to contain. 

What's Fun About Toddler Playpens (bullet points with reason and justification for each point)

  • Three styles of playpens - You can choose between wooden, synthetic, and plastic playpens. The synthetic playpen has five swatches, and the other two have six swatches.
  • No messes made - Toddlers and children can play inside the playpen, but they cannot make messes while inside.
  • Stuck inside until adults let out - You can place the playpens in the inventory of adults to set the toddlers free, and you can take them out of the inventory to use again. 

Toddler Playpens details: Download

1. Mini-chairs & mini-tables for Toddlers Chair boosters

Mini chairs and tables are so adorable!

There are a few choices for high chairs, but sometimes there needs to be another option. With the mod, Mini-chairs & mini-tables for Toddlers Chair boosters, your toddler sims will be able to have a place of their own to sit and eat instead of a high chair.

This mod provides your sims with three types of booster seats to use with the Splat Mat Block. It also comes with two mini tables and two mini chairs, so your toddlers have a plethora of options of where to sit. 

What's Fun About Mini-chairs & mini-tables for Toddlers Chair boosters:

  • Booster seats - These seats allow your toddlers the chance to leave the high chair and join your adult sims at the table.
  • Mini chairs - With these chairs, you can make a kiddy table for those special occasions.
  • Mini tables - Goes along with the mini chairs to give your toddlers a nice place to sit for a decent meal.

Mini-chairs & mini-tables for Toddlers Chair boosters details: Download


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