[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best CC Creators That Are Excellent (2022 Edition)

best sims 4 cc creators
A beautiful sim using content not in the game

Have you ever wanted to make your sims look more like the people around you?

Unlike the previous three installments in The Sims franchise, The Sims 4 took what fans of the franchise loved and made it more cartoony. While this cartoonish style was found new and amusing to veteran players of The Sims, most began to miss some of the more realistic aspects of The Sims and the higher variety of clothing and items that were available. This opened the door for custom content (cc) creators to work their magic and bring more life to The Sims 4.

Here are 10 of the BEST CC Creators for The Sims 4:

10. Simpliciaty

A gorgeous hair with buns

Simpliciaty is an amazing custom content creator who makes various types of clothing, jewelry, and hairs that will make any sim look like they just walked out of the fanciest fashion boutique. Simpliciaty’s custom content adds a feeling of realism that is difficult to find in The Sims 4’s options for clothing, hair, and accessories.

I have found that Simpliciaty’s custom content clothing and hairs help to make sims look amazing. Her designs also prove that the sims in my game will always look better than I do in real life.
Simpiciaty: https://simpliciaty.blogspot.com/search/label/Patreon

9. Madlen

Looking like a girl boss in a beautiful pink suit

Madlen is a custom content creator who creates clothing for your sims as well as items to decorate your sims’ houses. Madlen promotes their custom content as high quality, and they are able to back this claim with a glance at the selection of custom content they provide.

They provide custom content for all ages of sims, and they allow for your sims to enjoy high-quality clothing that looks realistic for a cheaper price than you can find the actual clothes in most retail stores.

Madlen: https://madlensims.tumblr.com/tagged/clothes

8. Serenity

Beautiful clothing that is in style yet retro

Serenity’s custom content tends to portray a more retro style of clothing. From high-waisted pants to puffy coats, Serenity makes sure that your sims look like they jumped out of an advertisement from the 1980s or 1990s. Serenity also provides a variety of clothing types for sims that work well with all sim body types.

I love Serenity’s content because it adds that retro feel to The Sims 4, and the clothing is an amazing addition to the already large catalog you get when playing the sims. Her clothing allows for sims to party like it’s 1990.
Serenity: https://www.patreon.com/serenitycc/posts?filters

7. Jen (The Forest of Talking Trees)

Looks for your inner forest spirit

From flower dresses to plaid pants, Jen, aka The Forest of Talking Trees, offers a wide variety of different styles and color palettes of clothing for your sims.  have found her heatwave collection to be an amazing addition to my game, and many of her other selections of clothing help to bring your sims into different decades and worlds. Also, while most clothing in The Sims 4 is very bright and colorful, Jen’s custom content focused on more muted tones and allows for your eyes to take a break when you’ve been watching your sims for the last three hours.

Her custom content is a great addition to any Sims 4 save. Her clothing takes the cartoony sims we have grown accustomed to over the last few years and gives them a sense of realism.
Jen (The Forest of Talking Trees): https://clumsyalienn.tumblr.com/tagged/downloads

6. Joliebean

Sims look ready for a day in the park

Joliebean is a custom content creator for The Sims 4 that makes very high-quality custom content. Joliebean also will convert clothing from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 into The Sims 4, so players can relive their nostalgia from those games when playing The Sims 4. One of my favorite aspects of Joliebean’s custom content is that it is a very diverse selection of clothing that you can pick from to add to your game to fit the style that you want for your sims.

Joliebean also takes suggestions for custom content to create, so she can cater to fellow players of The Sims. Custom content from Joliebean can help to make your sims look amazing even when you only want them to wear mustard yellow.
Joliebean: https://joliebean.tumblr.com/

5. Marsosims

Hair styled in a beautiful way not provided in game

While most of the previous custom content creators on this list focus on creating clothing for your sims, Marsosims turns their focus more to creating fun hairstyles and colors for your sims. Most players of The Sims can agree that the options for hair in the game are very limited, both in style and in colors. It is with this issue that Marsosims becomes the hairstylist of your sims dreams.

While other custom content creators will try to make your sims look more realistic, Marsosims plays more into the cartoonish style of The Sims 4. It is for this reason that I believe Marsosims is one of the best custom content creators. I have found that Marsosims has some of the best hairstyles to add to your sims game that does not take away the cartoony feeling of The Sims 4.
Marsosims: https://www.patreon.com/marso

4. Storylegacysims

Toddlers ready for a playdate

Storylegacysims is a custom content creator whose custom content looks as though it belongs in The Sims 4. Similar to other custom content creators, Storylegacysims’s custom content can fall under the category of Maxis Match content, which is custom content that is similar to what Maxis creates for The Sims 4. One of the most amazing features of Storylegacysims’s custom content is that they create content for toddler sims as well as older sims. With toddlers being a later addition to the game, it is difficult to find good custom content for them, but Storylegacysims can do justice for toddlers.

I have found Storylegacysims’ custom content to be an amazing addition to my game. During my gameplay, I tend to put my toddlers in the same clothes over and over again, but I have been able to break the mold using custom content from Storylegacysims.
Storylegacysims: https://storylegacysims.tumblr.com/tagged/my_cc

3. Pixelunivairse

Denim jackets for all your denim jacket needs

To start with the top 3 best custom content creators for The Sims 4, I have chosen to rank Pixelunivairse as number 3. Pixelunivairse’s custom content is also considered to be Maxis Match. Their clothing looks like it had come straight out of the game, although it does look better than some of the clothing options in The Sims 4.

Similar to Storylegacysims, Pixelunivairse offers a wide variety of toddler clothing as well as adult clothing. Pixelunivairse brings color and life to the custom content clothing they make. They can help you feel as though your sims are real.

Pixelunivairse: https://pixelunivairse.tumblr.com/

2. SIMcredible!

Plants to give your house that all-natural look

While most custom content for The Sims 4 is either clothing or hair, some creators make furniture for The Sims 4. So far, all of the creators that have been listed create custom content clothing or hair for The Sims 4, but SIMcredible creates custom content furniture that is used to bring life to your houses and builds in the game. SIMcredible’s design style can be described as a more high-end alpha custom content design, so it looks more realistic.

The textures for their items are very detailed. I have not used SIMcredible’s designs in my own game as they do not fit my style for gameplay, but their custom content looks amazing and brings a sense of realism into your sims’ homes.
SIMcredible!: https://sims4.simcredibledesigns.com/

1.  Solistair

Three women ready to take on the town

The number one custom content creator for The Sims 4 goes to Solistair. Solistair has created many custom clothing for The Sims 4, and they have a wide variety to choose from. From clothing more suited for spring looks to very fashionable winter looks, Solistair’s custom content ensures that your sims look amazing at all times.

I rank Solistair as the top custom content creator because their clothing is very detailed, and they offer a wide variety of clothing for players to pick from. They have clothing to fit all sims and all play styles. 
Solistair: https://solistair.tumblr.com/newdownloads

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