[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Fertilizer To Use

A sim gardening in The Sims 4.
A sim bettering their gardening skill by tending to their garden!

10. Trash Fruit

Trash Fruit, while not the best fertiliser available, can be extremely beneficial in your game. They spawn when trash is left on the ground and are extremely easy to obtain. The plant yields quickly, but the fruits are completely useless! 

This is what makes Trash Fruit such an excellent fertiliser. Because the Fruit only sells for one, it is useless to your sim. You could use the harvest to grow some high-quality plants, albeit at a slower rate than some of the others on this list.

Why Trash Fruit Is Great:

  • Really easy to obtain
  • The plant produces Trash Fruit nearly every day, so you can harvest high numbers of it
  • useless other than using as fertilizer, so it’s a good way to make use of trash

Trash Fruit details:

  • Free to obtain
  • Obtain from planting trash, or simply leaving trash on the ground.
  • Only sells for §1, so may as well be used for fertilizer
  • Relatively low-strength, but you can easily obtain it in high numbers


9. Anglerfish

The rare Anglerfish is an intriguing fertiliser option, but when used correctly, it can work exceptionally well. It is a medium strength fertiliser, but when applied fresh, it can cause a significant improvement in plant quality. 

It's not the easiest fish to catch due to its scarcity. Anglerfish can be found in Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade Ponds, and using Bass, Salmon, or Catfish as bait will increase your chances of catching one!

Why Anglerfish is Great:

  • It can be a challenge to catch, but the payoff is worth it!
  • High weight
  • It’s a medium-strength fertilizer, but it works very well when it’s fresh.

Anglerfish details:

  • Free to obtain if you already have the required bait
  • Obtained by fishing in Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade Ponds, using Bass, Salmon, or Catfish as Bait.
  • Select fertilize after clicking on the plant that you wish to fertilize, and then select your Anglerfish from your inventory


8. Rose

The Rose is a rare plant in The Sims 4 that blooms in the spring and fall seasons. Because of its low value (29), it is best used as a fertiliser. It only takes 48 hours to fully mature and can be found in Willow Creek behind Umbridge Manor Mansion. 

It is quite strong as a fertiliser, so give it a shot!

Why Rose is Great:

  • Free and easy to grow
  • It is low value to sell, so its best use is as a fertilizer
  • It’s a high-strength fertilizer that works very well

Rose details:

  • Free to obtain
  • Obtain by growing a rose plant in spring or fall. Rose plants in nature can be found in Willow Creek, behind Umbridge Manor.
  • Select fertilize after clicking on the plant that you wish to fertilize, and then select your harvested Rose from your inventory


7. Tuna

The large tuna is an excellent example of how fish can act as excellent fertilisers. It is extremely common, easy to catch, and extremely effective as a fertiliser. You will not be wasting money if you use tuna as fertiliser because it is very cheap. 

This fish requires the City Living Expansion Pack to obtain, but it is otherwise very easy to catch! Simply go to any fishing spot in San Myshuno or any other fishing spot around the world and catch that tuna.

Why Tuna is Great:

  • Obtained by fishing, which is free
  • Easy to catch as it is very common
  • It’s a high-strength, powerful fertilizer

Tuna details:

  • Free to obtain
  • Obtain by fishing in San Myshuno (City Living Expansion Pack), or any of the other worlds
  • Select fertilize after clicking on your plant, and then select Tuna from your inventory (Just make sure it’s fresh for the best results!)


6. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a high-yielding crop that also works well as a fertiliser! To obtain the Dragon Fruit, graft snapdragons and strawberries together, or simply purchase the buildbuy special rare fruits and veggies seed pack. 

If you don't want to buy or graft this fruit, you can catch one while fishing in Magnolia Promenade or behind Willow Creek Park! This takes a little more time, but it is completely free.

Why Dragon Fruit is Great:

  • Can be obtained in many different ways
  • Obtain for free, or spend a few simoleons to speed up the process and buy a seed pack
  • It’s a high-strength fertilizer that works very quickly

Dragon Fruit details:

  • Free to obtain, or buy the special rare fruit and veg seed pack for §1000
  • Obtain by fishing in Magnolia Promenade or in the Willow Creek Park, grafting Snapdragon and Strawberries together, or by buying the special rare fruit and veg seed pack
  • Then all you need to do is click on a plant, select fertilize, and choose Dragon Fruit


5. Pet Poop

The larger the better when it comes to using pet poop as fertiliser! When your sim picks up pet poop, it is added to their inventory, where it can be retrieved and used as fertiliser whenever they want. 

It is one of the best fertilisers in the game and works even better than rare fish! You'll need the Cats and Dogs expansion pack to get dog poop, but it's well worth it.

Why Pet Poop is Great:

  • Easy - all you have to have is a cat or dog
  • It is completely free and can be obtained every day
  • It’s a high-strength fertilizer, and works very well

Pet Poop details:

  • If you already have a cat or dog, it’s free
  • Obtain by picking up pet poop. Once it’s in your sims’ inventory, you can use it as fertilizer.
  • Then all you need to do is click on a plant, select fertilize, and choose your pet poop.


4. Bees

You can fertilise any plant within 5 squares of Burtie's Bee box, which is included in the Seasons Expansion Pack. This means that if you strategically place your bee boxes, you can cover a larger area of crops with fewer boxes. 

The best part about using bees as fertiliser is that no special interactions are required! It is sufficient to simply place the boxes as long as they are happy and healthy. 

The bee box, which costs only $265, allows sims to pollinate nearby plants with little to no effort!

Why Bees are Great:

  • Easy and cheap!
  • Don’t have to do anything, just let the bees do their job!
  • It’s a high-strength fertilizer

Bees details:

  • Costs only §265.
  • Go to build mode and buy Burtie’s Bee Box. Set the box within 5 feet of as many plants as you can, and the bees will pollinate them. This causes them to evolve quicker!
  • Collect a swarm of bees from the box, go to any location, and select the interaction “Pollinate Nearby Plants” in order to fertilize all of the plants in the vicinity


3. Wolf Eel

The key factor in using fish as fertiliser is the freshness of the fish! The potency of its fertilising ability is directly proportional to its freshness, so make sure your Wolf Eel is as fresh as possible!  

Even when not at its freshest, the Wolf Eel is a large, relatively uncommon fish that is a high-strength fertiliser. It is worth around 108-364 and can be caught or gifted to your sim.  

Head to Forgotten Grotto to catch this fish (with Frog as bait), or you might get one as a random gift during Winterfest!

Why Wolf Eel Is Great:

  • Relatively easy to obtain
  • It isn’t worth much in value, so it isn’t a waste to use as fertilizer
  • It’s a very high-strength fertilizer

Wolf Eel details:

  • Obtain for free!
  • Go fishing at Forgotten Grotto, using a Frog as Bait.
  • You may even recieve a Wolf Eel from a Winterfest gift pile!
  • Then all you need to do is click on a plant, select fertilize, and choose your Wolf Eel.


2.  Fungal Infusion Fertilizer

This plant-based fertiliser increases the rate at which the plant growth metre fills up for whatever plant it is used on, making it a powerful and effective fertiliser! It is definitely worth the effort, but keep in mind that it requires the Outdoor Retreat pack.  

To obtain the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer, go to the Outdoor Retreat in Granite Falls' secret area. You must befriend the hermit before asking him to share the secret recipe. 

The Fungal Infusion Fertilizer recipe requires your sim to gather certain ingredients (1 Blackberry, 1 Dusk Spirit, 2 False Morel, 3 Morel Mushroom).

Why Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Is Great:

  • Super fun to obtain
  • Doesn’t cost much (the main ingredients can be foraged for)
  • It’s a highly effective fertilizer, which boosts the rate that the plant growth meter fills.

Fungal Infusion Fertilizer details:

  • It is possible to achieve this for free, but you first must have the Outdoor Retreats Pack.
  • Befriend the hermit in Granite Falls, ask for the recipe, and forage or buy the items needed for crafting the recipe. 
  • Then all you need to do is click on a plant, select fertilize, and select the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer!


1. Growfruit

Growfruit of high quality can be used to fertilise other plants and is possibly the best plant-based fertiliser in the game! Their seeds can be found in rare seed packets, and all that remains is for you to grow and harvest them. 

Growfruit is an excellent way to fertilise and grow high-quality plants without breaking the bank.

Why Growfruit Is Great:

  • Easy and quick to obtain
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • High quality Growfruit are extremely good fertilizers

Growfruit details:

  • Rare seed packets cost §1000
  • Open a rare seed packet, plant the Growfruit, and harvest.
  • Then all you need to do is click on a plant, select fertilize, and select your high quality Growfruit!


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