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The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a fantastic expansion of The Sims franchise. It introduces many new expansion packs and game packs with tons of fun activities to enjoy with your sims. Although The Sims 4 is beyond impressive, some players wanted to experience more realism. Keep reading to learn more about 15 of the best slice-of-life mods to enhance the realism aspects of your gameplay!

15. Broken Heart

the sims 4 romance

Being cheated on would not be described as the best feeling in the world, even in The Sims 4. Sims can be unfaithful and find love in places they were never supposed to be, but the reactions of sims who were cheated on are not realistic. Luckily, there is a mod for every issue. 

  • The Realistic Reactions mod allows sims who were cheated on to make a much bigger deal out of the situation (as it should be). 
  • Couples will be devastated by the event and their moods will be affected for much longer. 
  • New actions are included in this mod, for example, “Rant about cheating partner online”.
  • If there are children in the household, they will also be affected by a cheating sim and their moods will be affected. 

Cheating is a big deal, so check out this mod here:


14. Miscarriage

the sims 4 miscarriage

Building a family and having children of your own is a great pleasure in The Sims 4, but in real life, there is a big chance of complications occurring. Why wouldn’t you want a realistic pregnancy experience in The Sims 4? 

  • The Miscarriage mod introduces the possibility of your sim having a miscarriage during pregnancy. 
  • Your sims might wake up one morning with cramps and abdominal pain, which would result in them heading to the hospital. 
  • This is where the tension comes into play: your sim might return home with a healthy baby or some seriously dark news… 
  • This mod might even result in your sim becoming completely infertile. 
  • The probability of your sim having a miscarriage also depends on their age, with elders having the highest probability. 

Pregnancy is scary but download this mod here if you are up to the challenge:


13. Risky Woohoo

the sims 4 woohoo

Woohoo in The Sims 4 is safely controlled. You can “Try for baby” which can result in your sim getting pregnant or you can choose the “Woohoo” option that is completely baby free, but let’s be honest, what is life without a little risk?

  • The Risky Woohoo mod makes a few tweaks in the bedroom and introduces a complex fertility system to increase your chances of getting pregnant when performing any naughty bedroom activities. 
  • With this mod, even teenagers might fall pregnant. 
  • The location of where the deed is done will also affect the chances of pregnancy. 
  • This mod can also cause your sim to become infertile, resulting in them needing fertility treatments. 

It doesn’t get more real than this, so check out this mod here:


12. Besties

the sims 4 friends

The Sims 4 only allows sims to have one best friend. If you ask me who my best friend is, I would not be able to name only one person, so why would we expect our sims to do that?

  • The More Best Friends mod takes the pressure off of sims when it comes to picking their BFFs. 
  • With this mod, you can choose more than one sim to be your best friend. 
  • This mod also decreases the cooldown time when you have made a best friend to 10 minutes. This means that after 10 minutes, you are set to make some new best friends. 
  • This mod is ideal if you plan on creating a tight squad of best friends who love each other equally!

Friendship keeps us going, so install this mod here:


11. Banking

the sims 4 banking

Finances in The Sims 4 seems a bit too unrealistic for a game that is supposed to simulate real life. I think we need a banking system!

  • The Sim National Bank mod takes finances in The Sims 4 to a completely new level! 
  • With this mod, your sim can manage bank accounts, take out loans, and pay their bills individually. 
  • This mod acts as a financial overhaul that completely takes control over the financial aspects of the game and adds some realism to your money business. 
  • I would suggest installing this mod if you want your sim to be more in control of their finances. 

Time is money and money is time, so waste no more and check out this mod here:


10. True Love

the sims 4 love

Romance can be a tricky thing, but in The Sims 4, sims will fall in love with just about anyone! Players wanted some more realism when it comes to romance. 

  • The Personality Please mod makes it more challenging for sims to engage in romantic relationships. 
  • Personality will now play a massive role when sims are choosing their partners and if their personalities are not compatible, romance will not be an option. 
  • Traits, aspirations, and even previous life events will affect the romantic relationships between sims. 
  • Another fun aspect of this mod is that it even assigns personalities to cats and dogs (you will require the Pets expansion pack to enable this feature of the mod). 

Relationships in real life are a different ball game, so install this mod here if you want it to be as tricky in The Sims 4 as in real life:


9. Hairy Situation

the sims 4 beards

Life Lesson: beards grow. In The Sims 4, you can choose facial hair for your sim and it will remain that way for the rest of their lives, but real life works a bit differently. 

  • The Automatic Beards mod results in automatically growing beards for all males. 
  • Male sims will start growing beards as young adults and it will keep growing!
  • This mod requires your sims to regularly shave their beards, otherwise, you will end up with a massive Santa Claus beard as an elder. 
  • This mod will even affect your sim's hygiene! If a sim skips a shower for too long, their beards will become itchy and your sim will become uncomfortable. 
  • This mod also includes new beards, even a super-long wizard beard! 

Beard or not, download this mod here:


8. Dating App

the sims 4 dating app

Finding love might not be the easiest task in the world, so why not take on this challenge in your sims’ lives too?

  • The “SimDa” Dating App mod acts as a streamlined version of Tinder where sims could meet the love of their lives!
  • With this mod, your sims can schedule blind dates, meetings, or even quick calls for a one-night stand. 
  • Each interaction included in this mod could lead to different outcomes. Blind dates and scheduled meetings can lead to long-term relationships, whereas one-night stands will occur with no strings attached, but be warned, pregnancy is not off the table… 

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to dating, even your sims. Download this mod here:


7. Extreme Violence

the sims 4 violence

The next mod is most definitely not for the faint of heart, so if you have a weak stomach, I suggest skipping this one! Violence in The Sims 4 is very unrealistic, and let’s be real, violence exists… 

  • The Extreme Violence mod is an extremely popular mod that introduces a variety of violent actions that your sims can commit. 
  • With this mod, sims can harm or even kill each other with machine guns and machetes. 
  • Violent interactions such as cracking a sim’s neck and crushing them with their butt are also included. 
  • The fun thing (I guess?) about this mod is that your sims can acquire the Serial Killer trait. 
  • You can even hire a gang to harm or kill other sims. 

I don’t know what this mod says about your intentions, but hey, download it here anyway:


6. Passionate Romance

the sims 4 romance

The romance system in The Sims 4 is pretty vanilla, to say the least. Players want some more intimate interactions, so the perfect romance mod was created!

  • The Passionate Romance mod spices up the romantic aspect of The Sims 4. 
  • With this mod, sims can now perform more intimate and cute interactions such as snuggling and hugging romantically. 
  • Your sims can also take a romantic selfie which will increase their romantic relationship status. 
  • The cutest thing about this mod that players love the most is the “Grab Butt” interaction that was first introduced in The Sims 2. 
  • With this mod, romantic relationships will feel much more realistic. 

Love is a beautiful thing, so showcase it with this mod:


5. Let’s get serious

the sims 4 moods

Sims don’t take life seriously. At all. Your sims might be ecstatic one moment and heartbroken the very next. 

  • The Meaningful Stories mod redesigns the moods and emotions of your sims. 
  • This mod aims to allow your sims to feel and appear more human and to make the events in their lives more meaningful. 
  • With this mod, there will be transition times between moods instead of having your sims switch between emotions all the time. 
  • Happiness, sadness, anger, depression, you name it! This mod will enhance your sims’ emotions. 

Life is full of ups and downs, so download this mod here to experience everything deeply with your sims:


4. Explorer

the sims 4 explorer

The Sims 4 includes a ton of fun activities for your sims to do and each expansion and game pack creates a whole new world of adventures, but there is only so much to do with the base games. 

  • The Explore mod allows your sims to go out and explore the world autonomously. 
  • This mod allows your sims to learn new skills, make friends, and have unforgettable adventures.
  • There is even a variety of new activities included, such as getting your nails done and getting takeout. 
  • My favorite aspect of this mod is the brand-new gambling activity! Your sim could win (or lose) some serious bucks!

When life gets you you down, download the Explore mod here to make it all better:


3. Height

the sims 4 height

One of the most unrealistic aspects of The Sims 4 is the fact that all sims of the same age group are the exact same height, whether they are male or female. This is a very frustrating issue to most players, but luckily there is a mod to save us from this problem!

  • The Height Slider mod is an amazing mod that allows you to adjust the height of your sims. 
  • This mod is professionally created, therefore everything else about your sim’s body will be in proportion to their height. 
  • This mod even includes a hip shape slider and a neck-length slider. 
  • Your sim will be completely unique and personalized once you have installed this mod. 

Everyone is different, so download this mod here to accentuate that:


2. That’s tragic

the sims 4 tragedy

I think we all know that life is not just sunshine and rainbows, so why not include some real tragedy in your sims’ lives too?

  • The Life’s Tragedies mod adds a variety of tragedies to the game that can creep up on any sim at any time…
  • This mod is quite intense as sims can be run over by a car or randomly killed at any moment. 
  • This mod also introduces illnesses and diseases that will result in your sim needing surgery, and even that can go wrong!
  • This mod can turn your sim’s life into a hilarious tragedy, but it is most definitely worth every tear (whether that be happy or sad tears). 

Are you up for the tragic challenge? Download this mod here:


1. Slice of life 

the sims 4 slice of life

The next mod is the most deserving of the number 1 spot on this list. 

  • The Slice of life mod is a realism overhaul that touches on every aspect of a sim’s life. 
  • With this mod, your sims will experience memories of past events that will affect their moods. 
  • Sims will experience reactions when looking at their bodies. 
  • Menstrual cycles will now be a real thing!
  • Functional alcohol is also included in this mod. 
  • Sims will receive realistic personalities and this will affect how they behave as well as the choices they make. 

There is no better realism mod than this one, so don’t miss out and download it now:

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