[Top 15] The Sims 4 Best Building Mods Everyone Should Use

A beautiful house built by a simmer, using mods.
If you want to create amazing houses like this, you're going to need these mods!

15. VEOX Wood Floor 4

This is the most popular mod from the building category on TheSimsCatalog. It’s a great, textured flooring that comes in 18 different colors, shown above. It’s gorgeous for a rustic home!

What’s Great About Veox Wood Floor 4: 

  • 18 different colors
  • Realistic
  • Not many flooring options originally in-game

Veox Wood Floor 4 details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/build-mode/floors/veox-wood-floor-4/

14. Modern Doors Dream

These wooden doors are very stylish and great for a modern wood home! There are 4 designs, pictured above, and they all come in one file. They are available for the lower height of the walls and look great with lots of different wall designs!

What’s Great About Modern Doors Dream: 

  • 4 different designs
  • Stylish
  • Design for any style of house
  • Not many door options originally in-game

Modern Doors Dream details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/build-mode/doors/modern-doors-dream/

13. Perfect Fit Windows

This great mod adds modern windows to the game! They come in 12 different styles, each of which can have blinds added to them. 3 different blind colors are included in the mod, and there are different heights available for the window designs.

These windows are a perfect addition to any modern house.

What’s Great About Perfect Fit Windows: 

  • 12 styles
  • Blinds or no blinds
  • 3 different blind colors
  • Different heights available

Perfect Fit Windows details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/build-mode/windows/perfect-fit-windows/

12. Marble Tile Floor Set

This modern, glamorous flooring is great for any build! There are 3 floors included, ranging from medium to heavy marbling. Reflective light has also been added to the marble grain to make it stand out from all angles; the attention to detail is astonishing.

All floors in this set are available in 2 colors – both white and black. There are also 2 different tile sizes, so each floor has 4 swatches. This is one of my favorite flooring mods and is a perfect addition to any home.

What’s Great About Marble Floor Set: 

  • 2 colors, white and black
  • 2 tile sizes
  • Medium – heavy marbling
  • Reflective light
  • Very realistic
  • Perfect for a modern home

Marble Tile Floor Set details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/build-mode/floors/marble-tile-floor-set/

11.  Bricks

This wall mod suits any home, rustic or modern. There are 10 different brick designs, each with their own assets. Some are clean, some are grungy, some are in between!

This mod has amazingly high quality and realistic wall designs and works for whatever type of home that you are building, making it a staple.

What’s Great About Bricks: 

  • 10 brick designs
  • Suits any type of home
  • High quality and realistic
  • Designs are clean, grungy, and everything in between

Bricks details: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/downloads/build-mode/wallpapers/bricks-2/


10.  Pavement Terrain Set 4

This mod brings 6 new exterior terrain patterns to the game! Build the perfect pavement using bricks, masonry, and tiles, in any style that suits your home.

These different patterns all look realistic and high definition – a massive improvement from the base-game options!

What’s Great About Pavement Terrain Set 4: 

  • 6 terrain patterns
  • Exterior
  • Different styles and materials
  • Very realistic and high definition
  • Much better than base-game options

Pavement Terrain Set 4 details: https://www.pwrdown.com/gaming/best-sims-4-mods-for-building-design-in-2019/

9.  TS4 Victorian House Exterior Set

This set of house exteriors will bring your home a beautiful Victorian feel! This mod comes with 3 different window styles, an awning, a balcony, a corbel, a window decoration, 2 roof decorations, and a wooden door.

This extensive mod pack brings lots of brilliant exterior decorations and brings a gorgeous Victorian feel to any old-fashioned house.

What’s Great About TS4 Victorian House Exterior Set: 

  • Different style windows, awnings, balconies, corbels, window and roof decorations, and doors
  • Victorian style
  • Great for old-fashions builds
  • Different swatches for every exterior build type

TS4 Victorian House Exterior Set details: https://happylifesims.tumblr.com/post/184105245358/lonelyboy-ts4-victorian-house-exterior-set


8.  Christmas Day

This festive, decorative set has 3 color palettes and 3-6 color variations for each object! It is perfect for any Christmas lover, as the base-game doesn’t include many decorations for the festive seasons.

The 13 items included are a Christmas tree, a decorative fireplace, sleigh table, 3 gifts, decorative accessories in a box, joy decorative sign, a snowman, a doll, 2 kinds of curtains, and a wall light. This extensive mod will brighten up your home in the winter season!

What’s Great About Christmas Day: 

  • 13 items
  • 3 color palettes, 3-6 color variations
  • Includes objects that the base-game doesn’t offer
  • Lots of different objects

Christmas Day details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-sets-objects-decorative/title/christmas-day/id/1397900/


7.  Rustic Romance Stuff

This gorgeous stuff pack will bring some rustic charm to your sim’s wedding day. With over 70 items, you will be able to create your dream wedding venue!

The great thing about this stuff pack is that you can download all items in a zip folder or scroll through the item index and pick the items that you like!

What’s Great About Rustic Romance Stuff: 

  • Wedding items and decorations
  • Over 70 items
  • Can download all or pick select items

Rustic Romance Stuff details: https://plumbobteasociety.tumblr.com/post/170874771645/rustic-romance-stuff-for-sims-4-the-love-child

6.  Royal Décor Set

This opulent set contains elements from the 1500’s to the early 1800’s. It is beautiful and fancy, perfect for a regal home.

This mod set includes a Regency Chaise, a Royal Collect of Tapestries, Elizabethan Paintings, an Upright 16th Century Paintings Canvas Set, an Upright Antique Frames Set, a Large Wide 17th Century Paintings Canvas Set, a Large Wide Antique Frames Set and a Burgundy Red Dream Wall Set. Each item set has 15-40 swatches!

What’s Great About Royal Décor Set: 

  • Items from the 1500’s to the early 1800’s
  • 8 different items
  • Each item has 15-40 different swatches
  • Beautiful and regal

Royal Décor Set details: https://regalsims.blogspot.com/2019/09/royal-decor-set-for-ts4.html


5.  IKEA Home Stuff

This set brings you the ability to decorate your sims’ homes with stylish furniture from IKEA! There are a whopping 68 brand new items, including sofas, beds, dressers, lights, décor, and more! This pack has everything you could ever need to achieve your dream home.

On the download page you can scroll through the catalog to view all of the different items and colors available.

What’s Great About IKEA Home Stuff: 

  • IKEA style furniture
  • Realistic
  • 68 new items
  • All different item types (sofas, beds, dressers, décor, and more)
  • On download page, view the catalog of all items available

IKEA Home Stuff details:  https://modthesims.info/d/624127/the-sims-4-ikea-home-stuff.html


4.  Retail Produce Stands

Found in Retail and Outdoor Activities, this cute, rustic set comes in many different colors and textures. You’ll find different seasonal variations of this produce stand, and the creator even made a mossy overlay which appears when the stand gets a little dirty!

Your sims will be able to shop for fresh produce, and it’s a beautiful decoration for the outdoors.

What’s Great About Retail Produce Stands: 

  • Outdoor decoration
  • Interactive – your sims can shop
  • Lots of different colors and textures
  • Seasonal variations
  • Mossy overlay for when it gets dirty (must be cleaned like other appliances)
  • Have your sims shop for fresh produce

Retail Produce Stands details:  https://www.brazenlotus.com/mods-all/retail-produce-stands


3.  Photographic Memory Photo Spawner

This mod adds a personal touch to any family home! It creates a frameless copy of any of your in-game photos. The prints can be hung on the wall, corkboards, and pegboards!

They come with either tape or pins, making them look realistic and adding a touch of life into your sim’s home. The tape and push pins can be customized at any time from live mod or BB mode.

What’s Great About Photographic Memory Photo Spawner: 

  • Personal
  • Creates a frameless copy of in-game photos
  • Prints can be hung on wall, corkboards, and pegboards
  • Tape or push pins
  • Easily customized

Photographic Memory Photo Spawner details: https://ravasheen.com/download/photographic-memory/

2.  Club Vaidenburger

This vintage style office set pulls inspiration from The Sims 3 – the Earl of Vaidenburger. 16 items have been converted from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4, bringing some well needed class to the game.

The bar and fireplace are fully functional, with a gramophone available as décor! There are several different fabric colors, and also wood tones. 

What’s Great About Club Vaidenburger: 

  • From TS3 to TS4
  • Vintage style
  • Office collection
  • Classy
  • Fully functional items, some décor
  • Several fabric colors and wood tones

Club Vaidenburger details: https://historychallengecc.tumblr.com/post/187470161934/club-vaindenburger-ts3-to-ts4

1.  Better BuildBuy

This mod brings multiple improvements to Build Mode, including organized debug, expandable catalogue, Bulild Mode Light Editor, Build Mode free cam, and better filters.

This totally enhances your build mode experience, making it much quicker to find what you want and improving overall usability.

What’s Great About Better BuildBuy: 

  • Improves Build Mode
  • Brings organized debug, expandable catalog, Build Mode Light Editor, Build Mode free cam, and better filters
  • Improves usability

Better BuildBuy details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/58259532


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