[Top 5] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Best Builds

Best builds of the game.

Today we’ll be exploring the different builds that you can make to amplify your gameplay experience when playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

These builds can help you redefine your immersion of the game ranging from having a Stealth-based play through a loud and action-packed Combat-based playthrough.

Below are some of the most unique builds that you can adapt to enhance your gameplay experience. Scroll down to see which of them would be your best fit!


5. Gadgets Build 

T.R.A.C.K. Suit

First up, just as the name suggests, we have the Gadgets Build. I aptly named that because during your combat or your exploration playthrough, you’ll be able to utilize most of the gadgets that you have in your arsenal that can help you when faced with encounters.

If you want to tinkle around and play with the gadgets? This build is the best bet to go. This would enable you to perform Stealth Takedowns (which would regenerate your Camouflage meter) via the use of gadgets or have some fun combating Underground or Roxxon enemies while “tinkering” with gadgets mid-combat. (Pun-intended)

Use This Build If… :

  • You want to play around with gadgets mid-combat.
  • You want to have a Stealthier Approach during Encounters.
  • You do not want to run out of supplies and keep replenishing them.

Build Details:

  • T.R.A.C.K. Suit is recommended.
  • An Eye for Supplies and Reclaimer Visor Mods are advised.
  • Deep Pockets and Hidden Fury Suit Mods are advised.
  • Increased Drop Rate of Gadgets
  • Get 1 Gadget Ammo Replenished for “Melee” Takedowns
  • All gadgets get +1 ammo
  • Attacks help build the Camouflage Bar faster.
  • Use Webs to get Camouflage, then utilize Melee Takedowns to get 1 Ammo Back. Rinse and Repeat.


4. Maximum Venom Build

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

Next up on the list, we have the Maximum Venom Build, which as the name suggests, focuses on the usage of Venom Powers almost everywhere, even during traversal!

Some opponents will have their guard broken or take damage only by Venom Powers so this build can come in VERY handy to deal with those issues!

Use This Build If…:

  • You want to utilize your Venom Powers to their fullest extent.
  • You want to overwhelm your enemies with everything you’ve got.
  • You want to show off some Venom flair mid-combat.

Build Details:

  • S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit is recommended.
  • Residual Venom and Perfect Sight Visor Mods are advised.
  • Hidden Fury and Power Transfer Suit Mods are recommended.
  • Dependent on the usage of Residual Venom.
  • Increased perfect Dodge Window.
  • Attacks fill the Camo bar faster.
  • Which in turn converts the Camo Bar into Venom Power.
  • Attacks and Webs fill Camo quickly.
  • Trigger Camo then Blinding Light immediately to get a half-bar of Venom.
  • After Venom attacks, collect the orbs to get the Venom back.


3. Anti-Underground Build 

Programmable Matter Suit.

Now, third on the list is the Anti-Underground Build and this will come in handy if you’re looking to whoop some Underground forces ass quickly and in an efficient manner as possible.

Since the Underground has got some highly advanced tech, thanks to The Tinkerer, this can prove all the more deadly to Miles, so this build would act as the perfect counter for all that!

Use This Build If…:

  • You’re overwhelmed by the fast attacks of the Underground forces and you want to counter them.
  • You’re just generally done seeing Underground enemies on the map.
  • You want to dodge their attacks with perfect timing

Build Details:

  • Programmable Matter Suit is advised.
  • Perfect Sight and Threat Sensors Visor Mods are recommended.
  • Venom Momentum and Power Transfer Suit Mods are advised.
  • Increased Perfect Dodge Window.
  • More Perfect Dodge Slowdown.
  • Venom Stun on 6th hit.
  • Convert Camo Bar into Venom.
  • This build would give dodge help against their lightning-fast attacks, more Venom Stun to shatter weapons, and more Venom Bar for Underground Sword/Whip and Brute enemies.


2. Anti-Roxxon Build 

Uptown Pride Suit.

On the 2nd spot, we have the Anti-Roxxon Build which, like the previous build against Underground forces, will prove VERY useful against Roxxon Forces.

Roxxon has the same mechanics as the Underground forces albeit with a different color and a Thermal Scanner. Going with this build will help you with some Roxxon Crowd Control and ingenuity.

Use This Build If …:

  • You want to counter the onslaught of Roxxon forces.
  • You want to prevent being overwhelmed by their Shields and Whip enemies.
  • You’re just as sick of seeing Roxxon forces as the Underground forces.

Build Details:

  • Uptown Pride Suit is advised.
  • Residual Venom and Perfect Sight Visor Mods are recommended.
  • Hidden Fury and Deep Pockets Suit Mods are advised.
  • Residual Venom
  • Increased perfect Dodge Window
  • Attacks fill the Camo bar faster
  • All gadgets get +1 ammo.
  • Extra Gadgets for disarming enemies and crowd control.
  • Use Blinding Light for stunning enemies before Venom Smash to get back more Venom. Rinse and repeat.


1. Combo Freestyle Build 

Miles Morales 2020 Suit

Last but not least, we have the Combo Freestyle Build where you can go ballistic with your combos and extend/rake up that combo meter as well as extend those stylish combat moves.

That is all there is to it, can be used against all types of enemies and give you a significant advantage against a multitude of enemies.

Use This Build If …:

  • You want to be in your A-game in terms of combat.
  • You want to rake up that Combo Meter in every encounter for showing off those moves.
  • You’re a combat-oriented player utilizing a multitude of techniques to overwhelm enemies.

Build Details:

  • Miles Morales 2020 Suit is advised.
  • Perfect Sight and Residual Venom Visor Mods are advised.
  • Hidden Fury and Power Transfer Suit Mods are recommended.
  • Increased Perfect Dodge Window
  • More Perfect Dodge slowdown (or Residual Venom)
  • Attacks fill the Camo bar faster
  • Convert Camo Bar into Venom. Rinse and repeat.


And that’s about it with the best builds! Use it to the best of your abilities. See ya next time.


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