Top 10 Best Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Songs (Ranked)

Top ten best Cyberpunk Edgerunners songs
David and Lucy in Night City

We're all pretty familiar with Netflix's new, out-of-this-world anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.An anime is not afraid to mix real-world scenarios with dreams that we all have at least once in our lives.

What is even more fascinating is the unique choice of songs that have infiltrated Night City and have given it that unique touch of class and aesthetic feel that not many animes have been able to accomplish to this date. With that said, let’s get down to the top 10 Cyberpunk: Edgerunner songs!


10. Who’s Ready for Tomorrow- Rat Boy

Nothing hits best without a really good opening sound track to kick in that feeling of anime. 

Who’s ready for tomorrow by Rat Boy really hits it off in the first episode with its juicy and vibrant theme that makes you want to be a bad boy. 

The lyrics go hand in hand with David Martinez’s current situation where he feels like no one understands him and he has to take matters into his own hands. A phase which almost every teenager has experienced. 

Fun Fact: This song is great because one can visually and mentally understand the anger that is surging inside young David, who just wants his life to be better than it currently is.


9. Health - Major Crimes

Some songs hit you right in the feels, Major crimes does just that. 

This anime had a series of roller coaster moments where at one point you see David being a renegade who feels like he is at the top of the world, and then seconds later David is at his lowest point. 

Messing up at his school and being taken away by his mother who can't hold back tears over her son’s behaviour. This song makes us realise that David feels trapped internally. Always looking for a way out but only ending up making matters worse for himself. 

Sad fact: The song plays moments away before David loses his mother in an awful car accident.


8. This Fffire - Franz Ferdinand 

Small street boy hitting the big city. This song makes you want to do big things despite the impossible circumstances. Not to mention it perfectly protrays the fire that is built inside the members of Maine's group.  

The opening credits for every episode of Cyberpunk, which has that flame that we all have been looking for. 

All the characters of Cyberpunk are not one’s who shy away from trouble but in fact are the cause of trouble. That is why the fire in them is always raging and out of control. With non-stop action and suspense every step of the way, the anime gives us a treat that we could only imagine. 

Fun fact: The raging fire that is out of control in them, does get controlled by the one and only character named Maine.


7. Let you Down - David Podsiadło

The life of every teenager can be heard loud and clear with David Podsiadlo's master piece. 

Another heartache from the first episode which just proves to show that David is human and cannot take the pressure of the world anymore. 

This song plays after David is notified by the doctors that his mother could not survive due to her wounds. An emotionally broken David carries his mother’s ashes all the way back to his home. 

Sad Fact: The words, “Trying so hard to release. You out of the misery”, makes us question, if David will ever get out of the hole of depression?


6. Friday Night Fire Fight - Aligns 

Bringing back nostalgia and good vibes with this classical piece. 

Finally some excitement! The only person to pull David straight out of depression was none other than Lucy. 

In the second episode David is being taken away in an ambulance but the worker isn't interested in saving David but instead is after his implants. Here Lucy takes a leap of fate and jumps out of the van with David on a stretcher. Talk about being psycho!

Fun Fact: It was at this moment David fell in love with Lucy.


5. Just Wine (PAFF remix) by Diego Cichy Don feat PAFF

Talk about a song that brings about a smile on your face. Just Wine talks about friendship and new beginnings. 

Completing his first real heist and showing Maine’s group that he isnt all talk but can play too. David sits with Maine and watches the group celebrate their successful mission. 

What feels like a first real win for David is something that Maine’s group have been doing for quite a while now. The aesthetic background music and the celebrations all feel new. Luckily for David, Maine their leader is there to give him some sound advice about trusting no one, other than himself. 

Fun Fact: This is also the beginning of David and Maine’s friendship.


4. Night City Aliens by The Armed

Most of Cyberpunk songs have that heavy metal feel to it in the very beginning. Night City Aliens are all about bringing the house down. 

Expressing the true spirit of Night City with this classical hit piece by The Armed. 

Loud and strong is what this song describes itself as. Night city life is all about survival; the strongest person survives while the rest either rot or face a gruesome death with no one there to mourn for their demise. At the same time it also showcases to us how fast paced Night City is. 

Fun Fact: If you ever feel like you are the top dog, rest assured there is someone far superior and stronger than you.


3. Żurawie by Ugory

If Zurawie every starts playing and you are a true fan of Maine then guess what? You are in for a world of pain and tears. Nostlagia hits hard when this starts playing in the background. 

A song that has tugged and torn every Cyberpunk fan out there. Nothing can be more painful than seeing your favourite character die. 

This song slowly plays in the background while David watches Maine slipping into the final stages of cyber psychosis. Placing the dead body of Dorio on a bed of explosives, Maine tells David to escape since now it is the end of the line for him. The slow sad tune sends us all into tears over their final farewell. 

Sad Fact: Maine while falling into cyber psychosis, imagined himself as a young child trapped in a desert. Something that every person living in Night City felt; trapped.


2. I Really Want to Stay at Your House by Rosa Walton (Let’s Eat Grandma)

Weird name for a song, am i right? Yet, the emotions bubble out when it starts playing. Love, happiness, sadness, death and an internal feeling of being lost is what this song makes one feel. 

I really want to stay at your house. A deep desire between Lucy and David who just wanted to be away from the fast life of Night City and be alone with each other. 

The song plays in the last episode where after the death of David and every other member of Maine’s group, Lucy is the only survivor. She moves forward to make her dream come true and visit the moon. However, it isn't the same since now she has no family and the love of her life David is dead as well. 

Sad Fact: Lucy, like every other character also feels lost, which is the reason why she imagines David on the moon with her laughing that their dreams have come true.


1. Little Stranger by Dawid Podsiadło and Bogdan Kondrack

Love is in the air and we all perfectly know what this love is about. The slow melody, mixed with a sweet back drop has one praying to get a lover already; where as those lucky ones who do have a lover, consider yourself blessed. 

The perfect song doesn't exis…… Well there you have it, a song that rekindles a flame of love and want in our hearts. 

One of the most special and loved scenes of the series. David and Lucy finally get to kiss each other. A deep passion that shows their want and desire for each other. Both without a family, lost in the fast paced, Night City but in the end, they have each other. 

Sad Fact: Lucy never showed her true feelings to David due to her insecurity of being left alone. However, over time she does which makes it even harder for her to say goodbye to David when he dies.

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