[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Played Legends

Apex Legends Most Played Legends

10. Seer

Seer was once used in basically every team in ranked play, mainly due to his insane combination with Catalyst. However, after a decent amount of nerfs and basically a complete rework, Seer’s pick rate has dropped dramatically. 

The thing is though. Seer is still in the top ten of legends and it makes a lot of sense. He might have changed a lot since his inception, but Seer has some great utility to this day. Not only can he now stun/slow enemies with this tactical, but his passive is still insanely strong. 

His ultimate has seen some pretty big changes, but it's still quite useful with a coordinated team by his side. Overall, Seer is still pretty great but is no surprise why he sits at the bottom of the top ten.

What Makes Seer Popular:

  • His tactical is very impactful in a match due to it's stun, slow and insane radius
  • Seer on a team provides so much information it basically allows his team to hack and see where enemies are at all times.
  • Finally, his utility on a team is still pretty powerful, allowing his team to see where people are, mark enemies from a distance and of course use his new stun for a free kill.


9. Valkyrie

Another character who has dropped from fame is of course Valkyrie, however, she still has some significance in the meta. Not only is Valk still extremely powerful in any match of casual or ranked play, but she also has a dedicated fan base that is never going to stop playing her.

Similarly to Seer, there was once a time where every team in ranked games revolved around a Valkyrie and her abilities, and sadly that isn't true right now. Despite that though, she is still used quite often for her insane movement tools, fantastic stuns and rotational value. Valkyrie is an excellent legend so it's no wonder she still sit's inside the top ten of legends.

What Makes Valkyrie Popular:

  • Her rotational value is one of the best in the game, allowing her and her team to redeploy almost anywhere on the map.
  • Her passive is fun to play with because you can fly up to the higher ground and reposition yourself quite easily.
  • Valk is still a mainstay in ranked because of how easily she can get her team around the map. This is great for moving into the ring, getting into and away from fights, and just playing smarter.


8. Lifeline

One of the most consistently used legends in the game is Lifeline, as she has been pretty popular since the beginning of the game. Throughout her time in the spotlight though, her kit and usability have changed quite a bit. 

Gone are the days of her shielded revive, better healing and terrible ultimate, as nowadays she is a much more well-rounded healer and revive character that brings great utility to her team. Lifeline is used quite a lot in all levels of play mainly because of her medic abilities and general ease of use. She is fantastic, and it makes complete sense why she is in the top percentage of legends.

What Makes Lifeline Popular:

  • Lifeline is a pretty easy legend to wrap your head around so she is great for newer players who want to play the support role.
  • Her healing is fantastic in every situation,  and alongside her ability to revive with her drone, it makes Lifeline the perfect support fighter
  • Lifeline's ultimate allows her to gear up quite quickly and get her team the last few attachments they need for better guns.


7. Bloodhound

Good ol Bloodhound is up next, as this legend has been insanely popular ever since the game was released. Bloodhound does so much in one kit that it's quite insane. After years of buffs, nerfs and changes, Bloodhound is now in a fantastic spot, possibly the best they have ever been in.

Because of this, Bloodhound is used quite often by the community, being one of the most picked legends out of the bunch. This is mainly because of their recon abilities, allowing them to track and scan enemies whilst also boosting their speed and movement to chance down foes in their ultimate. Bloodhound is an easy-to-use, efficient and powerful tracker that makes any team better.

What Makes Bloodhound Popular:

  • Bloodhound is pretty easy to use and gets information for your team through their scan and tracking abilities alongside the ping system.
  • Bloodhound is all about tracking enemies and killing them, which makes them extremely popular for aggressive and kill-hungry players.
  • Finally, Bloodhound is fantastic in ranked situations due to the information they can provide their teammates.


6. Loba

Oh Loba, there’s no surprise you’re this high up on the list. Loba is an extremely powerful character and one of the best in the game, so it's no surprise she is in the top ten picked legends in the game. Disregarding her looks and skins, Loba is mainly used because of her insane looting abilities and built-in movement.

Loba is able to get her team so much loot in a short amount of time, and even see higher tier loot through walls. Fighting is the name of the game in Apex ranked and casuals, but loot comes first. You need good loot to fight at an advantage, so using Loba allows you to get that loot faster and more efficiently.

What Makes Loba Popular:

  • Loba can get so much loot for her team in such a short amount of time, and provide them with a steady supply of ammo.
  • Her tactical is great for getting into and out of engagements. This makes her not only a support but an aggressive legend as well.
  • Finally, her loot abilities are great for players who just want to run around and get as much loot as possible. We all know someone who plays like this, so Loba is a great fit for them.


5. Bangalore

Now we are into the top five legends, and it's pretty obvious who is sitting pretty at the top. One legend that might be a little controversial for some is Bangalore, which many players seem to underestimate. Despite her not seeing much meta relevance recently, Bangalore is used by so many newer players and some of the more dedicated in the community.

Bang does have some utility though as her smokes are fantastic for disguising yourself or using other legends alongside her like Bloodhound for free kills. Her ultimate is great as well and her tactical is super fun to use. It seems like Bangalore is mainly used by the newer player base though, so it's no wonder her pick rate is high.

What Makes Bangalore Popular:

  • Bangalore is super easy to use and has a great impact at the same time, making her the best pick-up and play legend out of them all.
  • Bangalore’s passive means she has some built-in movement, so she is super fun to run around with.
  • Finally, she is great in a coordinated team, meaning she gets used in the ranked scene quite a lot by full teams of 3.


4. Horizon

Another highly picked legend is of course Horizon, one of the most used ranked legends in the game. Ever since she was released, Horizon has been insanely popular, mainly because of her insane movement and her tactical ability. Over the years though, Horizon has been nerfed and changed, making her way less powerful than she was before.

Despite that, her pick rate is still insanely high, showing how powerful her kit can be. Horizon has great movement, fun abilities and insane ways to impact fights with ease. She is just all around a great legend so it's no surprise people use her so much even after all of her changes.

What Makes Horizon Popular:

  • Her passive movement is great for allowing Horizon players the freedom they desire. She can drop from high places and it does not impact her momentum at all.
  • Horizons tactical is fantastic for getting high ground, playing around enemies and overall just being as free as you want in terms of movement.
  • Finally, her ultimate is a great team killer if coordinated, you can wipe out a full team with ease thanks to it.


3. Wraith

Despite Wraith being one of the most popular characters in Apex’s entire history, she isn't the number one most picked. These top three have moved around a lot recent, with our number 2 spot being number one for a while and Wraith reaching that top spot.

As of the writing of this article, these three are still pretty close, but Wraith sit's down here at third over the others. Wraith is a jack-of-all-trades legend, with one of the best tactical abilities in the game. She can phase out of existence, place portals with her ultimate, and move super quick whilst doing so. Wraith is one of the most picked legends for a myriad of reasons, but it's mainly due to the sweaty community that backs her up online.

What Makes Wraith Popular:

  • Her hitbox is pretty small when compared to the other legends, meaning she is harder to hit.
  • Along with her tactical making her impossible to hit, it adds to the playstyle of being sneaky and hard to damage which players love.
  • Finally, the community around this character is pretty dedicated as she is a great legend. She can do so much, so it's no surprise people love playing her.


2. Pathfinder

Pathfinder, the legend who was the most played just a few months ago is up next on this list. it's hard to say anything about this character that hasn't been said already. He is just a perfectly crafted legend, who has an extremely important place in the modern meta game of Apex Legends ranked and casual play.

His tactical allows for some of the best and most fluid plays in the game, and his ultimate is insane for getting him and his team from point A to B. With some recent changes to his kit, Pathfinder shot up in popularity, taking the top spot from the speed demon we will discuss next. However, after a few months, things have settled down and he is still sitting pretty at number 2.

What Makes Pathfinder Popular:

  • His tactical makes for some of the most fun and great plays you can do in Apex Legends. Whether it's pushing a fight or repositioning, it's so much fun.
  • The ultimate is one of the best in the game for getting your team around the map as you can move across it so quickly and get it back instantly thanks to his passive.
  • Finally, Pathfinder is a legend that you can slot into any team no matter what they have. He is just a great legend so he plays well with others.


1. Octane

The speed demon himself is up at the number one spot, being the most picked legend in the game. Honestly, it's not really much of a surprise as to why Octane is at the top of the list. His kit is extremely simple but allows for some of the best plays in the game. His speed on top of that just makes him a blast to play.

Octane is a legend used to move around the map, move in fights and get his team from point A to B. He is just a fantastic legend and one of the most picked for a few reasons. It's rare to go a game without seeing an Octane, let alone have one on your team.

What Makes Octane Popular:

  • Speed is the key with Octane, so it's no surprise as to why people love him so much. You can move around so freely and quickly, it's just a blast to play.
  • His ultimate is great for team fights as you are able to get in and out of fights pretty easily, so Octane is great for ranked play.
  • Finally, his kit is so simple yet so satisfying, so you will feel like a speed demon no matter what is happening.

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