10 Things That Make Apex Legends A Good Game

Things That Make Apex Legends A Good Game

Active Community

One of the best parts of any modern game is an extremely active community, and Apex Legends has one of the best. Despite the many flaws people seem to have with this game, the community is always so active and interactive with developers and other members.

You can head over to Reddit, Twitter and YouTube to see healthy discussions about what the game needs to be in a better state, possible changes for certain legends and a passionate community of artists who love creating content for this game.

Apex has a fantastic community and is one of the best reasons to be a part of this growing game.


Cross-Platform Play

Another aspect of modern gaming that makes games a cut above the rest is Cross-Platform Play. To make it work in this era of modern gaming, cross-platform play is a must. It connects the entirety of your player base and ensures that the game can be healthy for years to come.

Ever since the launch of Apex Legends, Cross-Play has been enabled, which is one of the reasons it did so well upon its release. Whether you have friends on Xbox, Playstation or PC, you can all play together in harmony. It's a great system and one that makes Apex Legends stand out amongst some of the other competition.



Though not many people are super interested in this side of the game, it's an extremely important one and a massive part of the global community. Apex Legends has an insane amount of lore and story behind it that makes the game feel like a living and breathing world.

Each character has their own unique story and connections to certain items in the game or the maps you play on. They have videos on YouTube going through their origins and why they are in the Apex Games in the first place. Every aspect of this game has some sort of story behind it, making the game better off because of it. 

Players feel connected to these characters, especially those that they main. Whether it's Bloodhound’s trial growing up, the loss of Fuse’s Arm or the battle between Rampart and Big Sis, each legend is their own and fans love that.



In the same vein as Lore is of course world world-building. With each Apex Legends update, we get more and more “Stories From The Outlands”. These series of short animated videos are released on Youtube, and detail a portion of the Apex story.

Each one of these builds out the world even further, giving us more information on each of our characters, how the maps are being affected and what is coming next. For example, recently we saw two animated shorts released based around the reveal of Revenant Reborn, and we also got news that Storm Point was receiving insanely aggressive storms, explaining why it's currently out of rotation in-game.

This world-building is fantastic for the community and makes them even more invested than other games. 


Consistent Updates

To keep any game going, you need to release consistent updates, and Apex Legends does just that. Most modern games seem to have an update every other week and that works for most, but sometimes it stops. Look at Fortnite for example. Those early weekly updates were great at the time, but nowadays they don't happen.

Apex on the other hand has consistent updates each month or so that bring massive content, new skins, heirlooms and map changes. Recently it was announced that season 18 would be receiving its mid-season update, featuring World’s Edge After Dark, some balance updates and Fuse’s Heirloom. These updates are massive for the game and keep it afloat. 

It's one of the reasons people love the game so much as there's always something to look forward to or come back to the game and play.


Ping System

One thing that made Apex Legends unique upon launch and changed the Battle Royale genre as a whole was its ping system. This system allows players to give out information with the click of a very convenient button.

For example, you can press this button on an enemy to alert your team of their presence, show loot for them to pick up or even show that you want to move to a new location. This was so great for the battle royale genre that after the early success of Apex Legends, other games like Warzone and Fortnite took this concept and added it to their own experiences.

It's a great system and makes Apex a good game overall as everyone can communicate even without a microphone.


Weapon Variety

Many years after its launch, Apex Legends is still adding more and more guns. Though it's less frequent than it once was to stop diluting the weapon pool, Apex Legends has many guns to choose from.

There are multiple guns in each weapon class, different ammo types and even special ways to get guns. You can also add attachments such as stocks and sights, as well as Hop-Ups that drastically change what a specific gun does. Care Package weapons exist as well, which are suped-up guns that rarely spawn each match, and finally, you can also craft certain guns that aren't part of the floor loot.

This variety makes every game feel unique as you might get a different set-up on the drop and have to make your way through the match, gathering ammo and more attachments to make your favourite guns better.


Team-based Gameplay

The core gameplay of Apex Legends revolves around teammates and communication, which makes the game good and unique. Unlike other Battle Royales where even squads mode just feels like solo, Apex Legends works around its team environment.

Whether that's positioning in a building together, combining your abilities and resources or just communicating to make a play on your enemies. Each aspect of this team system makes Apex feel like a cohesive experience every time you play, which is why it's been so successful.


Unique Characters and Abilities

Another massive part of Apex is of course its various characters to choose from and their specific abilities. Each legend feels like a unique experience to play around with and all have their role. Players gravitate towards certain characters and they become their “mains” as the community calls them.

These mains are why people put so much time into the game as they want to get better at a certain legend or just play around with their unique powers. Whether it's Wraith and her portal/invulnerability or Rampart with her walls and Sheila, each legend plays differently and provides a great and fun experience.


Movement Mechanics

Finally, we have the main reason why Apex Legends is a good game to many, and that's its movement mechanics. Now, I could go on and on into the movement and each specific mechanic, but we would be here all day.

The movement in Apex, even at a basic level, is just fantastic and extremely fluid. You can run around, wall climb, mantle and jump. At a more advanced level, other techniques get you around the battlefield faster and make the game more fun and rewarding.

This is why people love the game so much as the movement is so in-depth it's insane. There is a whole sub-community of Apex that is dedicated to movement and figuring out new techniques. It's fantastic and keeps the game going behind the scenes.

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