Apex Legends Best Sniper Guns, Ranked Worst To Best

Apex Legends Best Sniper Guns
Look at this scoop before you grab a scope

Sick of snipers? Become a sniper!

We’ve all been there at one point or another in a match: You’re running to your next location, you hear the loud crack of a weapon in the distance, and then you’re downed while your brain tries to catch up with what happened.

Sniper weapons can be some of the best tactical weapons in the game to have and the most frustrating to fight against.  Many players find themselves wanting to get better at them, but it may be hard to decide which sniper gun is the best and which maybe isn’t so great. Let’s take a look.

Note: While this list ranks sniper weapons based on expert opinion and statistics in Season 8, remember that what weapons you’ll be good at may not always be whatever is ranked highest. Take your skill and playstyle into account as well!

5. Charge Rifle

They won't call you Charge Rifle Charlie for nothing!

It is an easy-to-find and use sniper; the Charge Rifle was introduced in Season three and still packs a decent punch. If you keep it on your target long enough, you can do about 108 damage; however, this is difficult as most people jump or duck out of the way as soon as they start losing armor or health, causing your full shot not to hit its mark. 

If you find this weapon and are a bit shaky with snipers, it may be worth picking it up just to test out the scope and to help you practice. Youtuber Dazs said, “It’s easy to use...there’s barely any recoil to it.” 
Charge Rifle Review:


  • Long shot time, so your aim can be adjusted during beam for some damage
  • Does moderate damage in the early game
  • Can be used decently well in up-close combat


  • Longest reload time in the game
  • No extended magazines to increase minimum bullet capacity
  • Significant recoil with no chance of improving with add-ons

Charge Rifle Details: https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Charge_Rifle

4. Sentinel

Enemies will know when you have an amped Sentinel! The sound is horrifying!

Called the ‘baby Kraber’ by Youtuber Macro, the Sentinel gun is the second most powerful weapon in the game. If a player knows how to aim and knows how to time out its amped ability, this weapon can be detrimental to enemy squads. However, it can be easy to waste your shield cells if you use them too early.

The Sentinel base does damage that is about on par with the Longbow and Tripletake, but if you can get this gun amped in a fight, you can do a lot of severe damage. It’s not as forgiving as most guns, though, so be careful of that!  Macro says that the “weak fire rate and the fact that disruptors go away for some reason holds this gun back.”

Sentinel Review:


  • An insane amount of damage per shot (140 head and 70 body for base gun)
  • A minor amount of recoil
  • High projectile speed/ Less bullet travel time than most snipers


  • Bad for up-close and mid-range engagements
  • Hard to aim to hit moving targets
  • Requires you to carry a large number of shield cells to use

Sentinel Details: https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Sentinel#Base

3. Longbow DMR

Give your enemies a good surprise with a well-aimed headshot!

The Longbow was released initially in early seasons as a heavy ammo gun, which many players think was better. Whatever the ammo, the Longbow is still a decent gun to pick up for mid to late-game play. This gun has an insane headshot damage rate when it’s hop-up; the Skullpiercer Rifling is attached. The Longbow also holds the most ammo, as it can hold up to 12 shots.

Youtuber Raynday Gaming says that the Longbow may be making a comeback and has a fast fire rate, but guns like the 30-30 repeater steal the same high damage output while being better in mid-range combat.

Longbow DMR Review: 


  • Good for headshots
  • Able to hit multiple enemy legends with one shot
  • Holds the largest default capacity in the sniper category


  • Bad for hip-fire and up-close combat
  • Bad bullet travel time in comparison to other snipers
  • Poor Damage per second 

Longbow DMR Details: https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Longbow_DMR#Base

2. Triple Take

Training wheels sniper! Hard to miss!

If you’ve ever wished you could have an efficient sniper and shotgun all wrapped up into one gun, the Triple Take is it. Able to be used at any range, this gun is perfect for aggressive or passive playstyles. Youtuber TimProVIsion says, “The Triple Take, for me, is an excellent all-around weapon that can be very good at the longest of long ranges and solid even in the close ranges. The Triple Take will be the sniper I use if I still want to be a little more mobile and aggressive.”


  • Has a widespread shot that forgives if your aim is off slightly
  • Able to use up-close like a rifle in close combat
  • Able to hit multiple enemy legends with one shot


  • A small charge up time for maximum damage is required 
  • Damage splits between the three bullets per shots

Triple Take Details: https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Triple_Take

1. Kraber .50-Cal:

It's the Carepack sniper for a reason...

Considered the best weapon in the game, the Kraber is a heavy-hitting headshot machine. If you’re lucky enough to find this weapon, you’re going to want someone on your squad to have it. While the aim and recoil are hard to get used to, the damage possibility alone makes up for its negatives. 

Youtuber Raynday Gaming has said that the Kraber is by far the best gun in the entire game. He goes on to say that the Kraber is the only one-shot kill in the game.

Kraber .50-Cal Review:


  • Highest damage for a sniper in-game
  • Will immediately down the target if a headshot is achieved
  • Able to hit multiple enemy legends with one shot



  • Only found in care packages throughout the game
  • Comes with a heavily limited supply of an ammo type you cannot find elsewhere in the game

Kraber .50-Cal Details: https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Kraber_.50-Cal_Sniper


You’ve now seen every sniper in the game! It’s time to grab a scope and aim for the head because you’re ready to do some significant damage to your enemies! Best of luck out there in the games!

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