Apex Legends: How To Play Mirage Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Mirage Effectively

Mirage is some of the most fun you can have in Apex Legends, but sadly he isn't all that great. He has some really fun mechanics and can be amazing in the right circumstances, but overall he isn't a great legend. 

This guy needs some big changes, but we can work with what we have. Mirage needs some help, and so do some of the people who play him regularly. Let's look at how to play Mirage as effectively as possible.

Mirage is now a support legend in the game thanks to a recent patch. Originally he was a skirmisher legend, but that didn't fit the legend as much as support does. With the support passive, Mirage can craft his teammate's banners from crafters, give that ability to his teammates and also open compartments in support bins for extra medical supplies.

This passive is fantastic and makes Mirage useful on a team.

The next part of Mirage’s kit is his passive ability. When Mirage is downed, he goes invisible, spawning a decoy of himself where he went down. Mirage can then move around as usual, but enemies cannot see where he is.

Another part of his passive is the fact that he can revive his teammates whilst making him and them invisible. This is fantastic for clutch revives in ranked games, whilst also baiting out enemy pushes.

The final part of his passive is the ability to mark enemies who shoot his decoys. This is the bread and butter of his kit as when someone mistakes a decoy for Mirage, he and his team know exactly where they are.

Mirage’s tactical plays even further into the decoy scheme he has going on, as he can send out a decoy in a straight line in front of him. By pressing the mapped button, Mirage can then either set the decoy to keep on its path or copy his exact movements. Whether it's emoting, healing or reloading, his decoy will do it too!

Finally is his ultimate ability, which, you guessed it, sends out even more decoys! With his ultimate, mirage sends out 5 decoys in a circle around him, whilst making himself invisible at the same time for a short duration.  This is mainly for distraction and does nothing else other than that.

Mirage is a very weird legend as he just isn't that good. This guy can be extremely fun and has some niche uses, but overall he isn't great. The best way to get the most out of him is to pair him with other better legends.

Legends like Octane and Pathfinder allow Mirage to move around the map quicker, and others like Rampart and Wattson allow him to play much more defensively if he needs to.

Now that you know everything about Mirage, let's look at how to play him as effectively as possible.


How To Play Mirage Effectively


15. 3 seconds of invisibility after reviving

Reviving with Mirage is key, so remember how long that invisibility lasts for you and your teammate. You both have 3 seconds of invisibility as long as you don't pull out your gun, meaning you can move around and get to a better spot after reviving. This lets you or your teammate heal up and get back into the fight.


14. Gold knockdown is key

Because Mirage should be focused on reviving his teammates, getting the gold knockdown shield is key. We all know people love to take all the best loot in public matches, but where you can, Mirage should be the priority for the golden knockdown. This is unless you have a Newcastle or Lifeline on your team, as it should go to them instead.


13. Bait revives with Mirage

Another way to get the most out of Mirage is to bait fights with his revive. If anyone goes for a revive in Apex, it makes a very distinct sound, and Mirage’s invisible revives are no different. You can use this sound against your enemies as they might push thinking they can stop the revive, but they won't be able to see you.


12. Get an alternate angle after reviving

With that 3 seconds of invisibility, you should be trying to get a better position than you had before. Take this time to get to some high ground nearby or get to a spot the enemy won't think about. It's great to catch them off guard whilst also being pretty safe in the process.


11. Respawn beacon gives you invisibility as well

One thing about his passive that many people forget about is that Mirage is also invisible whilst using a respawn beacon. This makes him ideal for getting those clutch respawns in the middle of no man’s land, so note that down for sweaty-ranked games.


10. Send the decoy out to Bamboozle your enemies

His tactical should mainly be used to mess with your enemies. Sending it out should have the goal of making someone shoot it. This is known as a bamboozle, the thing Mirage is known for. Send your decoy towards an enemy and see what happens. Just make sure to play around with the outcome.


9. Send the decoy into a fight

Decoys should mainly be sent into a fight as they will mess with the enemies. If a pretty intense fight is going down, some players might just shoot the next thing that moves. If that movement is your decoy, then not only do they make sound, but they also get marked by your passive. It's a great and fun way to play.


8. Footstep audio on decoys are loud

One of the craziest things about Mirage’s decoys is that the footstep audio on them is louder than usual. This can be great for baiting enemies as they might think a real player is nearby, but it was your decoy. Woah, Bamboozled.


7. Make the decoy feel like you as possible

Always take control of your decoys if you want someone to shoot them. If you make them act like you as much as possible, then players are more likely to think its a player rather than a random decoy you've sent out.


6. Know what decoys can and cannot do.

Make sure you understand what exactly a decoy can do, as sometimes players forget what animations the decoy will copy. Things like what healing animations the decoy has, how it moves and most importantly what it can't do. For example, Decoys cannot climb over things as they will either get stuck or be right over the ledge.


5. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


4. Use your ultimate when enemies can't see you

Using Mirage’s ultimate can sometimes be hard, but using it when enemies can't see you should eliminate some of its problems. If you weave behind the cover then pop the ultimate, enemies won't have seen where the original Mirage went. This is a great way to mess with your enemies and hopefully get a free kill thanks to the confusion.


3. Don't force a rush with your ultimate

Despite how powerful your ultimate can be in the right situations, don't let it dictate a push. If you run in and pop your ultimate, enemies are going to know which Mirage is you. Take your time, and find the right time whilst fighting to use that ultimate.


2. Open your inventory with a decoy out

A pretty funny strategy you can use on Mirage to mess with your enemies is to open your inventory to act like a decoy. This is because it will play your idle animation, the same as the decoys have when they've finished their pathing. There are so many clips online of this messing with enemies, it's bound to work at some point.

Even if it doesn't, it's nice to have in your arsenal if the time comes to bamboozle.


1. Ultimate reshuffle and circle plays

Finally, you can use a technique called a reshuffle after being found out in the ultimate. If the clones are still following your directions, then run back into the centre of them all so you reshuffle up with the decoys. This should mean that the enemy loses track of you, and Mirage can reset his position. 

Circle plays are similar to this and have the same effect. Just run around in a circle with your clones to confuse your enemies on who the real Mirage is.

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