(Top 10) Apex Legends Best Gibraltar Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Gibraltar Skin
Gibraltar the gentle giant. Here he comes brudda's!

Ready To Throw Your Dome Shield?

Are you a Gibby main? Or not? Well, either way, check out this list of the top 10 Gibraltar skins that’ll be sure to make you proud of throwing some cover for your brothers!  

10. Fiber Optics (Okay)

Fiber Optics has black pants and a black kit vest. It has navy blue padding and pouches. And your shield is also navy blue.

What makes Fiber Optics awesome:

  • You have neon blue squiggles sizzling their way across the surface of your outfit.
  • Black and navy is the same color combination law enforcement wears. Time for justice to be served!
  • The dark colors set a serious mood. If you hate messing around, this is for you!

How to get Fiber Optics:

Go to the Legends tab. Click on Gibraltar. Select Fiber Optics under the Epic section and craft it for 400 crafting metals.

See Fiber Optics in action:

Fiber Optics gameplay.

9. Monster Mashed (Okay)

Monster Mashed features ragged grey long pants. It has a dirty green belt, pouches, right knee pad, and right arm strapping. Your head and shoulder are patched with metal. Your body and face are a sickly grey. Your shield is a bunch of metal pieces hammered together.

What makes Monster Mashed awesome:

  • The scary look along with Gibby’s size is bound to intimidate whoever dares to get in your face.
  • With all that tubing and metal in you, you must be part machine!
  • The face on the shield with x’s for eyes and a straight mouth… Probably the way your enemy’s face is gonna look once you’re done with him!

How to get Monster Mashed:

To get Monster Mashed you had to buy it in the Store during the Fight or Fright event for 1800 Apex coins. Or you could have crafted it for 2400 crafting metals during the event. Alternatively, you could have found it in an event Apex pack, if you were lucky. An event Apex pack costs 700 Apex coins.

See Monster Mashed in action: 

Monster Mashed gameplay.

8. Millennium Tusk (Good)

Millennium Tusk has solid white upper body armor. It has shin pads and boots of the same material. The pants are black and the hinge joints are golden. Your face is painted with traditional war paint.

What makes Millennium Tusk awesome:

  • You get to wear a space-age armored suit.
  • The studs on that shield look like they could really leave a mark in someone… Wouldn’t wanna get hit in the face with that, eh?
  • The war paint adds the security of long-lasting tradition. Not a promising outcome for someone who dares to take you on!

How to get Millennium Tusk:

Go to the Legends tab. Click on Gibraltar. Select Millennium Tusk under the Legendary section and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Millennium Tusk in action: 

Millennium Tusk gameplay.

7. Dark Side (Good)

Dark Side sports pitch black body armor and leg protection. It has neon-yellow hinge joints, as well as a couple of neon yellow stripes and spots. The padding and the fabric layer of the shield are purple.

What makes Dark Side awesome:

  • The dark colors make you seem more menacing than the light colors of Millenium Tusk.
  • Your face is painted white with black lining on the lips, around the eyes and nose and on the forehead. Rather intimidating, right?
  • On the front flap hanging from your waist is a pattern. Somewhat resembles a skull and cross-bones don’t you think?

How to get Dark Side:

Go to the Legends tab. Click on Gibraltar. Select Dark Side under the Legendary section and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Dark Side in action: 

Dark Side gameplay.

6. Call to Arms (Awesome)

Call to Arms sports a bright blue shield, shoulder pad, and neck shield. You are dressed in traditional Samoan dress. You have a beard tied together. And you have white warpaint on your head and beard. You have traditional tattoos on your right arm.

What makes Call to Arms awesome:

  • You go to battle dressed as a traditional Samoan warrior.
  • Those forward-pointing projections where the knee pads usually go… Those are for kneeing your enemies.
  • The tattoos on your arm have meaning. Hopefully good for you and not so good for your enemies!

How to get Call to Arms:

To get Call to Arms you had to go to Store and buy it for 1800 Apex coins during the Iron Crown event. You could also have found it in an event Apex pack if you were lucky. Event Apex packs cost 700 Apex coins each.

See Call to Arms in action: 

Call to Arms gameplay.

5. Hardline (Awesome)

Hardline sports black fabric with red lining and trim. The red front panels of the suit have black and white drawings on them. The pads are metal studded. The thigh protectors also have drawings on them.

What makes Hardline awesome:

  • The main theme of the drawings on the suit is death. Imagine fighting somebody who has death written all over them!
  • The metal studs on the pads look absolutely wicked.
  • The red and black color scheme is very aggressive and intimidating.

How to get Hardline:

To get Hardline you had to go to Store and buy it for 500 Apex coins during the Voidwalker event. You could also have found it in an event Apex pack if you were lucky. Event Apex packs cost 700 Apex coins each.

See Hardline in action:

Hardline gameplay. 

4. Ride or Die (Legendary)

Ride or Die has black leather boots and a black bulletproof vest. It has a metal coal scuttle style helmet and the shield is also metal, with a face carved onto it. The pants are plain brown and the vest under the body armor is bright red.

What makes Ride or Die awesome:

  • The coal scuttle helmet is classic army and looks very similar to those used during WW2.
  • The face carved onto the shield looks similar to the rock faces on Easter Island.
  • The bright red vest adds stark contrast which is bound to grab people’s attention. Always nice if people notice you, isn’t it?

How to get Ride or Die:

Go to the Legends tab. Click on Gibraltar. Select Ride or Die under the Legendary section and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

3. Bunker Buster (Legendary)

Bunker Buster has leather boots, a metal shield, and a bulletproof vest. It has a coal-scuttle helmet, like Ride or Die. All the fabric is camo, even the shield and the body armor are camo. There is a white and black checked scarf around your neck, as well as some orange and black on the shield and armor panels.

What makes Bunker Buster awesome:

  • With all that camo you’ll be much harder to spot than without it. Might just give you the edge you need!
  • There is an orange military star on the top of the shield.
  • The mesh on the helmet matches that of the airborne troops which were landed in France on D-Day. Nice to honor those who fought for a good cause.

How to get Bunker Buster:

Go to the Legends tab. Click on Gibraltar. Select Bunker Buster under the Legendary section and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Bunker Buster in action: 

Bunker Buster gameplay.

2. Redwood Raider

Redwood Raider has solid red body armor and shin pads. It has a red shield with golden studs. The rest of the armor also has golden trim. The pants are maroon.

What makes Redwood Raider awesome:

  • Crimson and gold both happen to be royal colors. Perhaps your buddies will get the hint!
  • The bright red gives this outfit an aggressive personality. Maybe that’ll evoke your inner warrior…
  • That red and gold glove on the right hand looks very much like Iron Man’s glove. Wanna save the Titanfall Universe? Maybe this is for you!

How to get Redwood Raider:

To get Redwood Raider you already had to own Dark Side. Then you could go to Store and buy Redwood Raider for 6500 legend tokens, during the time it was available.

1. Brudda Bear (Legendary)

Brudda Bear has the body of a giant white teddy bear with blue crosses for eyes and a blue nose. It also features a bright red shield on your left arm and a red and blue scarf around your neck.

What makes Brudda Bear awesome:

  • You look like a giant teddy bear.
  • There are Christmas engravings on your backpack and shield.
  • The color combination has a cool meaning. Red for valor, white for innocence. And blue for justice. Ever wonder why cops wear blue? Now you know!

How to get Brudda Bear:

To get Brudda Bear  you need to go to Store. Go to the Holo-Day Bash tab. Select Brudda Bear and buy it for 1800 Apex coins or craft it for 1200 crafting metals. Alternatively, you can find it in an event Apex pack, if you’re lucky. An event Apex pack costs 700 Apex coins.

See Brudda Bear in action: 

Brudda Bear gameplay.

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