Apex Legends Best Legends [Best And Worst Legends Revealed]

When it comes to Apex Legends you would pick your favorite legend. This article contains a list of the worst legends to the best legends to use. Some of these legends are not seen in the game as much as the others. Some of these legends' abilities are not as good as others. 

22. Wattson

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is known for her static electricity. She can be helpful when it comes to barricading a room or building. She is pretty weak in battles due to her shields being useless because they can easily get taken down or an enemy could just walk through it. 

Wattson’s Strengths:

  • Can keep distance between you and the enemy.

    • The enemy cannot walk through the electricity without being stunned for a bit. 
  • Wattson moves fast.
    • Can avoid the enemy quicker.

Wattson’s Weaknesses:

  • Barriers can easily be broken.

    • The defense can’t stay up for long if it becomes broken.
    • Doors can break it.
    • Can shoot through her barrier.
    • Her barrier doesn’t stop the bullets, it just keeps distance which could possibly make you an easier target. 
  • Her shield healing is nerfed.
    • Heals you slower. 

Pick Wattson if:

  • You want to be a defense legend.
  • Want to hear trash talk from an innocent-looking legend.  

Wattson’s Wiki Page

21. Loba

Loba Andrade is a legend that we don’t see being used as much anymore. She can gather any weapon within a range area. Her special doesn’t help out as much because it is completely noticeable and alerts other enemies with a loud noise or seeing the blue streak. She is weak due to her abilities not being that helpful. 

Loba’s Strength:

  • Has a black market.

    • Get whatever weapon or healing that is nearby.
  • Cooldown is quick.
    •  Can teleport.
    • Teleport cooldown is quick.
  • Can see the color of loot.
    • This is helpful if you want better attachments. 

Loba’s Weakness:

  • Her black market can alert enemies.

    • Has a blue streak.
  • Teleporting takes a while to activate.
    • Can get killed while teleporting. 

Pick Loba if:

  • You want to help your teammates get weapons.
  • If you want to hear her smart remarks.

Loba’s Wiki Page


20.  Mirage 

Elliott Witt is a self-centered legend. He is completely full of himself. Mirage is kind of annoying with his comments, but we don’t see him being used as much. He does have some helpful ways, but he is self-centered with a lot of them.  At first, he was powerful, but as seasons went on he started to become weak due to players noticing which one is the real him or where he is reviving at. 

Mirage’s Strengths:

  • Can go invisible.

    • Can make you and himself invisible if revving. 
  • Can make clones.
    • Can be your getaway plan.

Mirage’s Weakness:

  • Can get caught if you go invisible in front of an enemy.
  • It is a hit or miss when you do this.

Pick Mirage if:

  • You know how to easily escape when being attacked or low on health.
  • You know how to move fast and use his advantages to the tea. 

Mirage’s Wiki Page


19. Gibraltar

Makoa Gibraltar is a friendly giant. He is a target and can give up his location easily, when he deploy his shield. That’s where people know that a fight is happening there. He also can deploy bombs to a certian area. He is weak due to his size and enemies being able to walk into his shield, while you are healing up. 


Gibraltar’s Strength:

  • Has a shield to protect his teammates.

    • This is helpful when it comes to reviving teammates or even healing. 
  • Has bombs that drop on enemies. 
    • A great escape if you are not in the area of the deployed bombs. 

Gibraltar’s Weakness:

  • His bombs can affect teammates.

    • Can make teammates disorientated. 
  • Is a big target.
    • He runs slow and is an easy target. 

Pick Gibraltar if:

  • You enjoy being team support.
  • You enjoy him calling everyone “brother.”

Gibraltar’s Wiki Page


18. Mad Maggie 

Margaret Kōhere came in during season 12. She was first mentioned in Season 8. She came in aggressive and her abilities fit her personality. She was Fuse’s friend at first, but turned into his enemy. Maggie is the reason why Fuse is missing an arm. Her abilities are pretty cool and helpful to everyone around her.  She is weak due to her abilities and how you must aim at everything perfectly if you want to hit an enemy. 

Mad Maggie’s Strength:

  • Has “Wrecking balls.”

    • Gives you a boost after they explode. 
  • Has “Riot drills”
    • Burns anyone through a wall.
  • Can highlight enemies.
    • Helpful to see where the enemy went after you hit them. 

Mad Maggie’s Weakness:

  • Anyone can use the speed boost from the balls.

    • The loudness can give away your team locations.

Pick Mad Maggie if:

  • You use a shotgn, since she runs faster with a shotgun.
  • If you enjoy her abilities. 

Mad Maggie’s Wiki Page


17. Crypto 

Tae Joon Park was a most used legend when he first came out, but other legends that can see enemies just like him became a favorite or people were still using Bloodhound. Even though this legend doesn’t speak as much or as harshly as the other legends don’t mean he is not cool to use.  He is weak because you have to sit still while using his drone and that can potentially get you caught. 

Crypto's Strength:

  • Can shock enemies.

    • Takes down some enemies' shields. 
  • Can see where enemies are at. 
    • His drone has a fairly nice range on it.

Crypto’s Weakness:

  • Has to stay still while using his drone.

    • Wouldn’t use this legend in solos, unless you know where good hiding spots are at.

Pick Crypto if:

  • You can easily hide and use his drone.
  • If you can perfectly time when you can use his ability to stun other legends. 

Crypto’s Wiki Page


16. Pathfinder 

MVRN is one of the original legends, he is still highly used to this day. He is as helpful as the other legends since his ability takes some time and consists of aiming to set up. This legend could leave you all alone in the middle of a battle. Pathfinder is weak due to his ability, which can get you caught by other enemies if they see you zip-lining. 

Pathfinder’s Strength:

  • Has a grapple.

    • It is easier to get away from enemies.
    • A great escape plan. 
  • Can put up a zipline.
    • Helpful for teammates. 

Pathfinder’s Weakness:

  • Zipline

    • Can get enemies to follow. 

Pick Pathfinder if:

  • You know how to escape with him. 

Pathfinder’s Wiki Page


15. Fuse

Walter Fitzroy is a legend that is good for defending. This legend can come in handy when you want to keep the enemies in an area and they can’t escape without being a little toasty. He doesn’t move as fast, but can help with bombs. Fuse is weak due to him not being able to jump as high and his abilities can be avoidable, which can’t help out the team as much. 

Fuse’s Strength:

  • Deployable bombs

    • Can help track where the enemies are. 

Fuse’s Weakness:

  • Doesn’t move fast.

    • This means that you are an easy target. 

Pick Fuse’s if: 

  • You know how to use his bombs correctly. 

Fuse’s Wiki Page


14. Rampart

Ramya Parekh is a minigun maniac. She will shred anything in her path. You must stir clear from her when she pulls out a minigun. She has a shield that can play in her favor especially if it is used correctly. Rampart is weak due to enemies being able to easily take down her shield and she can get taken down when using her minigun since she can’t move as fast with it. 

Rampart’s Strength:

  • Minigun

    • Can shred anyone down quickly.
    • Has a pretty decent range.
  • Has a shield
    • Can protect teammates. 

Rampart’s Weakness:

  • Shield the wrong way.

    • Is not as protective and can break easier now.
  • Jumping
    • She doesn’t jump as high or as quickly with the minigun in her hand. 

Pick Rampart if: 

  • You know you can eliminate enemies quickly.
  • You know how to use her minigun successfully. 

Rampart’s Wiki Page 


13. Horizon

Dr. Mary Somers, the sweet lady next door. She loves to manipulate gravity so much that she uses it to her advantage. If you notice she gracefully runs through the map. She is fairly easy to use. Horizon is kind of weak because enemies can follow her when she uses her Gravity lift, but that could also help you if you need to heal up or get to higher ground. 

Horizons’ Strength:

  • Black Hole

    • Easier to trap your enemies.
  • Gravity Lift 
    • Is helpful to get higher ground.

Horizon’s Weakness:

  • Enemies can easily follow you.

    • The gravity lift could have enemies go with you.
  • Doesn’t move fast enough.


Pick Horizon if: 

  • You can use her “Black Hole” to eliminate enemies.
  • Can maneuver with her easily.  

Horizon’s Wiki Page 


12. Newcastle 

Lamont Craig or Jackson Williams is a fairly new apex legend and he is taking over Lifeline’s spot. He is also Bangalore’s older brother. He has a shield and is a better reviver in a way, but he still has his flaws. His shield could be very helpful to your team. He is kind of weak  because enemies can try to walk behind him when he has his shield up. His shield can help get teammates up in enough time to help in battle. 

Newcastle’s Strength:

  • Mobile Shield

    • Is helpful to protect the injured teammate.
    • Helpful to push back the other team a bit.
  •  Retrieve the wounded.
    • Can drag the teammates with a shield to keep them protected. 

Newcastle’s Weakness:

  • Shield is not big enough.

    • Enemies can walk around his shield. 
  • A big target.
    • Can easily be shot.

Pick Newcastle  if: 

  • You are used to being a support legend. 
  • You can successfully get your downed teammates up.


Newcastle’s Wiki Page


11. Lifeline 

Ajay Che is one of the original healers that is a part of the Apex community. She had updates, but then those got taken away. She should’ve kept her shield, but instead they just released another legend with a shield and quick healing. She is kind of weak since his drone doesn't have a shield anymore and it leaves her teammate out in the open, but she is helpful to get her teammates back into battle. 


Lifeline’s Strength:

  • Quick Heals.

    • Has to be in a secure area to revive.
    • Can heal your teammates without using a medkit.
  • Can jump high.
    • Can easily dodge bullets.

Lifeline’s Weakness:

  • No Shield.
  • Leave your teammates out and in the open. 


Pick Lifeline if: 

  • You like being a team healer.
  • You know how to maneuver when using her. 

Lifeline’s Wiki Page


10. Caustic

Alexander Nox is ‘the toxic king’, ‘the stink lord’ he will have you trying to breathe for air. He is a very slow runner, but he can give your team some time to escape if you are in a serious battle. His toxic gas could also take down a whole team if they are not paying attention. Caustic is kind of powerful due to his gas and how much it spreads. If you are caught in it, you will start moving slow. 


Caustic’s Strength:

  • Toxic Gas

    • Can push back the enemies. 

Caustic’s Weakness:

  • Slow

    • Cannot escape that fast.

      • Has very slow movements. 

Pick Caustic if:  

  • You can successfully use his gas.
  • You don’t have a problem with his movement speed.

Caustic’s Wiki Page


9. Octane

Octavio Silva is the crazy daredevil. He blew his legs off with a grenade trying to do a stunt. He is Lifeline’s friend. He is pretty fast due to the drugs that he is putting into his body. Octane moving fast comes with a price. A price that can ultimately cost your health. Octane is kind of powerful if used correctly you can get out of battles using his adrenaline or bounce pads. 


Octane’s Strength:

  • Bounce pads.

    • Can help you escape.
  • Can get extra speed.
    • Can help you avoid the circle. 

Octane’s Weakness:

  • Adrenaline boost= losing health

    • Only use this if you are trying to get to the circle or are escaping an enemy. 

Pick Octane if: 

  • You can successfully use his adrenaline boost.
  • You can put his launchpads down in good positions while moving fast. 

Octane’s Wiki Page



Renee Blasey is basically an alien. She can teleport from the void. She came from another world and got put inside the game. She is a legend that players use if they want to be sweaty.  If you see a bald-headed Wraith, just know you are about to be in a fight for your life.  Wraith is powerful due to her being able to make portals and you could use them to your advantage. Also she can tell when an enemy is nearby and looking at her. 

Wraith’s Strength:

  • Can set up a portal.

    • Helpful to get out of a situation
  • Teleporting.
    • Can get you out of a sticky situation.
  • Voices
    • Is helpful to know that someone is watching you.

Wraith’s Weakness:

  • Enemies can follow.

    • Could hurt your teammates in the end.

Pick Wraith if:  

  • You can get your teammates out of a situation quickly.
  • You can move fast with her. 

Wraith’s Wiki Page 


7. Vangate

Xiomara “Mara” Contreras is the newest Apex legend that has stepped foot in the arena. She is like another Bloodline and Wraith, but with a bat and a sniper. Since she is new, she will be used a lot for a few weeks. She is powerful because she can teleport and mark enemies. As a team you could use that to yall advantage.

Vangate’s Strength:

  • Echo Relocation.
  • Can teleport to your bat.
  • Sniper’s Mark.
  • Can mark enemies with it. 

Vangate’s Weakness:

  • Teleportation
  • Can’t teleport without seeing the bat.
  • Sniping.
  • Not for everyone.

Pick Vangate if:  

  • You can snipe correctly.
  • If you can move correctly with her. 

Vangate’s Wiki Page 


6. Bangalore

Anita Williams is Newcastle’s little sister and is one of the original legends.  She has amazing ways of escaping while in a fight. She has a completely different set of skills than her brother. After her brother left she seemed to be more bitter about things and it is completely understandable. Bangalore is powerful because she can deploy smoke and that could be used for a great escape or reviving a teammate. Also, she has bombs that would stun enemies.

Bangalore’s Strength:

  • Smoke Launcher.

    • Makes it harder for enemies to spot you.
    • A great escape plan.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Stuns nearby enemies.

Bangalore’s Weakness:

  • Smoke

    • Still has a chance of getting shot in the smoke.
    • Doesn’t get as cloudy as it did before.

Pick Bangalore if:

  • You like the original legends.
  • You can use her movements correctly. 

Bangalore’s Wiki Page  


5. Valkyrie

Kairi Imahara is the only legend that can fly in the sky. Her Skyward dive takes some time to start up, but it is a good way to escape. It is also helpful when you need to make enemies. Apex players had some mixed feelings about Valkyrie when she first came into the game, but now she is not used as much anymore.  She is able to mark enemies when using her ALT or jumping out of the dropship. She can also stun enemies. 

Valkyrie’s Strength:

  • Can mark enemies.

    • Only mark them when in the air.
  • Can shoot missiles 
    • Not all missiles are going to hit, but they can stun an enemy. 

Valkyrie’s Weakness:

  • Jet packs is loud.

    • This can get you caught by enemies.

Pick Valkyrie if: 

  • You can successfully use her ‘Skyward Dive’ to escape. 
  • If you can control her flying. 

Valkyrie’s Wiki Page 



His name is unknown, but he is dismayed. He is rude to every legend in the game. Due to his past, he wants anyone in his past to pay for what happened to him. Revenant can put a delay on you using any of your abilities.  He is powerful because he moves really fast and can give teammates an extra life to go push the enemy. 

Revenant’s Strength:

  • Crouch

    • Can crouch walk really fast.
    • Can move really fast.
  • Totem
    • Can give you an extra life basically. 
    • Silence
    • Can make enemies ability temporarily disabled. 
  • Crawl
    • Can climb higher than anyone else.

Revenant’s Weakness:

  • Can get caught by his totem.

    • Enemies can ultimately meet you back at your totem. 
    • Enemies can use your totem.

Pick Revenant if: 

  • You like his sinister ways. 
  • If you can successfully use his abilities.

Revenant’s Wiki Page



Dr. Ashleigh Reid is dead, but she was lucky enough to have her stored to be put in a robot body. She is one of the few legends that has a creepy, distorted voice. She seems as evil as Revenant, but not as heartless as Revenant.  She is powerful because she can make a portal faster than Wraith and make it higher. Her portals can help her team to quickly get out of battle.

Ash’s Strength:

  • Phase Breach.

    • Can open a portal to teleport. 
  • Arc Star
    • Can have an arc shock radius. 
  • Can see death boxes.
    • Marks alive enemies.

Ash’s Weakness:

  • Can get caught from the portal.

    • Have enemies to follow you.
  • Arc Star
    • The arc can get you caught or it can't hit enemies all of the time.

Pick Ash if:

  • You can successfully use her Phase correctly. 

Ash’s Wiki Page  


2. Bloodhound 

Bloodhound is probably one of the most mysterious original legends. We did get an event for him a few seasons back. His voice is really cool and he relies on the birds to get him through a game.  Bloodhound is one of the coolest sounding legends. Bloodhound is powerful because he can scan enemies. Which is helpful to the team to know if you are alone or being watched. 

Bloodhound’s Strength:

  • Eyes of Allfather

    • Can see enemies within the radius. 
  • Track
    • Can track any enemies in the area. 
  • Beats of the Hunt
    • Makes you move quicker and scan faster.

Bloodhound’s Weakness:

  • The beast of the hunt could be used unsuccessfully.

    • This could get you caught in a fight.
  • Doesn’t run as fast without his special ability.

Pick Bloodhound if:  

  • You know how to use his ability correctly.

Bloodhound’s Wiki Page 



Obi Edolasim was called Lil Nas X for a few due to the look-alike similarities. His ability can help you see the enemy and can let your team know when it is the perfect time to attack.  His ability can ultimately help your team win. Seer is the most powerful legend because he can see enemies' health and track enemies within a radius. He is great to use if you like pushing teams. 

Seer’s Strength:

  • Focus of attention.

    • Can reveal enemies.
  • Heart Seeker
    • Can see the amount of health an enemy has.

Seer’s Weakness:

  • Enemies can walk out of his drone radius.

    • This can make you lose sight of the enemy. 

Pick Seer  if: 

  • You know how to use his ability successfully.
  • If you can successfully attack the enemy while using his ability. 
  • If you like pushing teams. 

Seer’s Wiki Page

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