Top 5 Apex Legends Best and Worst Weapons

Octane smashes the competition.
Use the best to be the best.


5. Longbow

The Longbow is one of the most popular Apex weapons.

The Longbow is a long range, semi-automatic, heavy sniper rifle. It can function at essentially any distance, but it’s projectile speed and drop rate make it suited for long range applications.

Weapon Stats

55 Damage Per Shot

30500 Projectile Speed

88 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Longbow Great

110 Damage for a headshot is like it’s own little Christmas morning.

Find a spot on a tower or spire and wreak havoc on any enemy within 400 meters.

Slap a 1x scope on the gun and turn it almost feels like a fully choked Peacekeeper.

Weapon Rating: 95/100


4. R-301

The R301 is a solid all rounder.

The R301 is a medium  range, semi or fully automatic, light assault rifle. It’s predictable recoil and excellent accuracy makes it one of the most reliable weapons in the game.

Weapon Stats

14 Damage Per Shot

29000 Projectile Speed

720 Shots Per Minute

What makes the R301 Great

Run and Gun? Long distance plinking? Spraying and praying against that Pathfinder that just grappled up the side of your building? The R301 has you covered.

Light Ammo is in every nook and cranny of the map, so stock up on 250 rounds and spray all the time.

The R301 has the best skins in the game. Period.

Weapon Rating: 99/100


3. Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper's star pattern is great for close range.

The Peacekeeper is a close range, semi-automatic, shotgun. It’s capable of dealing insane damage at extreme close quarters, even enough to dismantle an entire squad in the right hands.

Weapon Stats

Star shaped pellet pattern

110 Damage Per Shot

58 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Peacekeeper Great

Taking out an entire squad in one magazine feels godly.

The Precision Choke deals an absurd amount of damage if players can land headshots.

Terminator inspired reloads while on zip-lines or in midair.

Weapon Rating: 85/100


2. R99

The R99 sports the highest fire rate in the game.

The R99 is a close range, fully automatic, lightsubmachine gun. It shreds best around 0-75 meters.

Weapon Stats

12 Damage Per Shot

21000 Projectile Speed

1060 Shots Per Minute (!!!)

What Makes the R99 Great

Eliminating someone in less than 3 seconds.

It takes Digital Threat sights.

Having confidence in clearing buildings.

Weapon Rating: 90/100


1. Spitfire

The Spitfire doesn't have a spool-up time like it's cousin, the Devotion.

The Spitfire is a medium to close range, fully automatic, heavy machine gun. Unlike the Devotion, the Spitfire has no spool up process, and unlike Energy Ammo, Heavy Ammo slows targets.

Weapon Stats

20 Damage Per Shot

27500 Projectile Speed

512 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Spitfire Great

Consistently raining damage onto enemies is very confidence ensuring.

All the enemies it shoots slow down.

It’s fun to watch them struggle.

Weapon Rating: 80/100


5 Worst Apex Legends Weapons


5. Alternator

The Alternator is great for early-game. 

The Alternator is a close range, fully automatic, lightsubmachine gun. It features two independent, alternating barrels for a slightly increased fire rate.

Weapon Stats

13 Damage Per Shot

19500 Projectile Speed

640 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Alternator Not So Great

It has the range of the R99, but lacks the fire rate.

13 Damage per shot means players will have to hit an entire clip to take an enemy down.

You can’t even see the cool alternating barrels from a first person perspective.

Weapon Rating: 65/100


4. Triple Take

The Triple Take doesn't do much damage.

The Triple Take is a long range, semi automatic, energysniper rifle. It uses three barrels that shoot projectiles in a horizontal pattern, allowing for less accurate shots to still do damage.

Weapon Stats

69 Damage Per Shot (All 3 Combined)

32000 Projectile Speed

86 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Triple Take not so Great

It’s almost impossible to hit enemies with all three projectiles, meaning players usually do about 27 damage per shot.

Energy Ammo is hard to find.

The gun looks goofy with any type of scope.

Weapon Rating: 60/100


3. RE-45

The RE-45 is just a smaller, less effective R99.

The RE-45 is a close range, fully automatic, lightmachine pistol. It sports an extremely high fire rate and accepts a fairly wide variety of attachments.

Weapon Stats

11 Damage Per Shot

19500 Projectile Speed

750 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the RE-45 not so Great

It boasts a high fire rate, but still falls short of the R99.

Less range than R99 and Alternator.

Small magazine capacity means it’ll take at least two clips to down someone.

Weapon Rating: 65/100


2. P2020

The P2020 isn't good for anything but emergencies.

The P2020 is a close range, semi automatic, lightpistol. It literally isn’t good for anything and players are usually better off using their fists or just saving their inventory space for something that isn’t straight garbage.

Weapon Stats

12 Damage Per Shot

18500 Projectile Speed

430 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the P2020 not so Great


Almost every weapon is better.

The skins aren’t even cool

Weapon Rating: 45/100



The Mozambique isn't good for anything in general.

The Mozambique is a close range, semi automatic, shotgun pistol. It’s worse than the P2020, and players should avoid it at all costs.

Weapon Stats

45 Damage Per Shot

10000 Projectile Speed

180 Shots Per Minute

What Makes the Mozambique not so Great

Everything again.

There is no worse weapon.

The skins are even worse than the P2020.

Weapon Rating: 40/100

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