[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Heavy Weapons

[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Heavy Weapons
Heavy weapons for heavy hitters.

In the Apex Games, heavy weapons pack a punch. Despite their bulkiness and more pronounced projectile drop, heavy weapons make up for their downfalls with their high damage per second (DPS) and large mag sizes. Heavy ammo is distinguished by the color green, making for easy identification during gameplay 

Apex Legends has five heavy weapons. They can all be found randomly throughout the map. Depending on the season, gold heavy weapons rotate into care packages or in high tier loot areas. 

This list breaks down the available heavy weapons by their current stats and utility. Players should consider picking up one of these babies if they want to shred through armor and do some serious damage.   

5. M600 Spitfire

The M600 Spitfire is a submachine gun manufactured by Jaewon Industries. Equipped with a level 3 (purple) extended heavy mag, the Spitfire has the highest magazine capacity of all the weapons in the Apex Games. Although it can be used at short distances, recoil is often unpredictable, making barrel stabilizers a crucial attachment. The Spitfire’s cons sometimes elicit a “spray and pray” mentality among inexperienced players.   

Weapon Stats

Fire-Modes: Auto 

Rate of Fire: 512 RPM

DPS: 154 

Head/Body/Leg DMG: 36/18/14

Mag Size: 30/40/45/55

ADS Movespeed: -60%

What Makes M600 Spitfire Great

  • Huge mag size. 
  • The ability to suppress fire. 
  • High DPS.

4. VK-47 Flatline

A callback to Titanfall 2, the VK-47 Flatline is a well-balanced assault rifle. It has best in class hipfire accuracy and decent recoil at close to medium range. Switch between Automatic and Single-fire modes without a hop-up. 

Weapon Stats

Fire-Modes: Auto, Single

Rate of Fire: 600 RPM

DPS: 190

Head/Body/Leg DMG: 38/19/14

Mag Size: 20/25/28/30

ADS Movespeed: -50%

What Makes VK-47 Great

  • High DPS, ideal for shredding in early game. 
  • Two fire-modes. 

3. Prowler Burst PDW

Based on the real-life P90, the Prowler submachine gun pays tribute to the fictional arms manufacturer from Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed. Pros include excellent hipfire in full-auto mode and the highest SMG magazine capacity with a level 3 extended heavy mag. Players should scour the map for a Selectfire Receiver hop-up as the Prowler is burst-only without it.

Weapon Stats

Fire-Modes: Burst, Auto 

Rate of Fire: 800 RPM

DPS: 200

Head/Body/Legs DMG (Burst): 115/75/60

Head/Body/Legs DMG (Auto): 23/15/12

Mag Size: 20/25/30/35

ADS Movespeed: -15%

What Makes Prowler Burst PDW Great

  • Best in class rate of fire. 
  • High burst damage.
  • Good mobility and hipfire. 

2. Hemlok Burst AR

Debuting in Titanfall 1, the Hemlock has become a Respawn staple. This high accuracy assault rifle has the second-fastest single-shot rate of fire in the game after the P2020. It is ideal for mid to far range combat as players are only limited by how fast they can pull the trigger. 

Weapon Stats

Fire-Modes: Burst, Single

Rate of Fire: 490 RPM (Burst) and 384 RPM (Single)

DPS: 180 (Burst) and 141 (Single)

Head/Body/Legs DMG (Burst): 132/66/51

Head/Body/Legs DMG (Single): 44/22/17

Mag Size: 18/24/27/30

ADS Movespeed: -50%

What Makes Hemlok Burst AR Great

  • Switch between Burst and Single-Fire modes without a hop-up. 
  • Fast single shot rate. 
  • High accuracy and burst damage. 

1. Wingman

Standard issue amongst the pros, the Wingman has made an appearance in all the Titanfall games and isn’t going away anytime soon. Prized for its high damage per shot, this hand cannon is perfect for breaking shields and finishing enemies. It is the only pistol that keeps its headshot multiplier regardless of range. 

Weapon Stats

Fire-Modes: Single

Rate of Fire: 156 RPM

DPS: 117

Head/Body/Legs DMG: 90 (2.0x)/45/41

Mag Size: 5/6/7/8

ADS Movespeed: -0%

What’s Great About Wingman

  • Allows for fast movement while aiming due to its small weapon size. 
  • Very high DPS, ideal for break shields. 
  • Excellent performance at all ranges. 
  • Open doors easily by shooting their handle. 

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