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Even with the introduction of a permanent duos mode in Season 4, Respawn's Apex Legends was designed for teams of three. Maps are sized appropriately, and total squads per match max out at twenty. Unlike most battle royale competitors, each legend has a unique set of abilities. Learning to pair characters based on their tactical, passive, and ultimate traits set apart the noobs from the pros.

Launch onto the island, ready to size up your competition. With some basic knowledge, players can predict enemies' playstyles and movement based on team composition.  

This "Top 5" list will help narrow down your team's character selection and with a little bit of strategizing, hopefully, bring you closer to an Apex Games' victory.  

5. Health Health Baby

Out heal them to beat them. 

This team consists of legends that can heal themselves or prevent serious health damage in the first place. Lifeline, the Apex Games' top medic, is backed up by Octane and Gibraltar. Octane's passive allows him to regenerate HP. Gibraltar's Fortification perk and multiple shield abilities block him from sustaining large chunks of damage from the get-go. 

Team Comp




Team Comp Review 

  • Less healing means more fighting!
  • Lifeline's D.O.C. Drone and Care Packages provide healing, shields, and (hopefully) better gear. 
  • Gibraltar's Dome of Protection dispenses cover for teammates that are receiving damage or trying to heal during a firefight. 
  • Octane is an offensive Legend, ideal for pushing battles before his slower, defensive friends. 

4. Smoke Screen 

Catch them if you can. 

This team will be challenging to track between Bangalore's Smoke Launcher and Caustic's Gas Canisters due to the sheer amount of visual cover they provide. Instead of hindering the team’s line of sight, Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather highlights enemies concealed within the smoke. This team composition is a deadly counter for aggressive enemy teams, especially in tight urban locations. 

Team Comp




Team Comp Review 

  • Smoke provides opportunities to rotate, push, or flee during battle. 
  • Caustic's Gas Canisters deal damage, slow hostiles, and can block doorways to limit enemy movement. 
  • Bangalore's smoke can confuse enemies or provide cover while healing or reviving. 
  • Bloodhound can utilize Eye of the Allfather and Beast of the Hunt to chase down hostiles within the smoke. 

3. All About the Strats

Teams that strategize together stay together. 

Recommended for squads that play together often, this team composition's basis is a pushing strategy that requires some coordination and setup. At a safe distance, place Octane's Launch Pad in the enemy team's direction and deploy Revenant's Death Totem. Meanwhile, use Crypto's ultimate to EMP blast the targets. As the EMP goes off, Revenant and Octane activate the Death Totem and launch towards the weakened enemy. Crypto can catch up afterward to finish off any survivors. 

Team Comp




Team Comp Review 

  • Allows players to pull off an aggressive maneuver with limited consequences. Worst comes to worst—teammates are transported back to the Death Totem for another chance. 
  • Provides some flexibility with character selection. Replace Octane with another mobile legend like Pathfinder or Wraith. 
  • If not destroyed after the EMP, Crypto’s Surveillance Drone can spot enemies during the fight.

2. Beat 'em To It

​Traps make for an intimidating setup.

Use a Survey Beacon with Pathfinder to pinpoint the next Ring's location and beat enemies to it. This strategy allows Caustic and Wattson time to set up traps and transform an innocent-looking building into a living nightmare. For extra fun, bait enemies to a popular vantage point with Pathfinder's Zipline to receive a not-so-welcome greeting of Caustic and Wattson traps.  

Team Comp




Team Comp Review

  • Pathfinder's Insider Knowledge gives Caustic and Wattson teammates sufficient time to set traps. 
  • Wattson's Interception Pylon can catch projectiles, ensuring her teammates and traps are kept safe. Be careful: the Pylon will also grab a friendly Caustic's Gas Grenade. 
  • Caustic's Gas Canisters can block doorways to limit a building's entrances and control enemy movement. 
  • In sticky situations, Pathfinder's Zipline can also be used to transport the team to safety. 

1. The Aggressors 

Push it real good.

Popular among high-level players, this team composition consists of fast-moving, mobile legends like Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane. Each of these characters' abilities makes them excellent for jumping in and out of firefights. Although not the most well-rounded squad, their ultimates have defensive qualities for repositioning or transporting their teammates to hard-to-reach vantage points to gain the advantage. 

Team Comp



Octane (or Loba)

Team Comp Review

  • These legends' abilities demand an aggressive playstyle, making gameplay action-packed and exciting. 
  • Aside from pushing, use Pathfinder and Octane's ultimates to seize the high ground. 
  • Wraith's ultimate, Dimensional Rift, can be used to reposition her team during an overwhelming firefight to regroup and heal. 
  • Pathfinder's ability to locate the next Ring gives teammates the knowledge to get to the area in advance. 

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